tagIncest/TabooSex with Fiza Ch. 02

Sex with Fiza Ch. 02


Three weeks after my first sex with Fiza one early morning, I went to see my sexy mother-in-law.

She would come to our house that day. When I entered the house I called her and she did not response.

Thus I moved towards her bedroom. As I entered her bedroom I could see her lying on her bed. She was wearing a housecoat that was partially open and displaying her legs and up to her panty.

I sat down to the side of her bed. I put my hand on her leg and began to rub her leg. When she didn't react to my rubbing I got braver and slid my hand up toward the crotch of her panty.

She moved a little and exposed most of her panty. I began to get an erection. So I held my breath and began to fondle the crotch of her panty.

Then Fiza reacted and told me that she is tired now. Uncle Kalim had come yesterday and she had already enjoyed a good fuck with him.

Uncle Kalim is the brother of Fiza's ex-husband. I had come by the information from my wife that he had a relation with her mother.

Fiza told me that she would like to tell me how she had enjoyed sex with Kalim. I said, "He can not make sex like me".

Fiza said, "You can compare your force and strength with him. I am ready to taste both of you at a time".

I was surprised to listen her words. She was desperate to take a taste of both of our dick at a time.

I said, "Please come to our house with Kalim uncle. I will give you a test after midnight". Fiza assured me that she would manage Kalim uncle to do this play.

On that day Fiza and Kalim came to our place. My wife welcomed them very warmly.

In the evening I ripped of my wife's clothes and buried my nut aching cock inside her ass in doggy style and let my load inside her ass.

I asked her that how did she like my cock and she said that she wanted it inside her pussy but was scared of getting pregnant hence she had resisted herself.

I said, "why are you scared? We are husband and wife. It is natural that you will give birth my child".

But she explained that she did not want any baby at present and she did not like to use condom also.

In the night Fiza and uncle Kalim stayed in our guest room. My wife told me that she would like to sleep today. Thus I got the chance to enjoy our pre-planned sex play.

In the midnight when I woke up I saw that it was pretty dark and everything silent. I got up and go to our guest room where Fiza and Kalim had started the game without me.

I saw that Fiza was opening the zip of Kalim and ready to suck his cock. I was watched as she was crouched with her ass swaying in the air all bare and naked.

That's when I broke the silence that I was already there and it was okay with him. In fact it was a first time for both of us.

I slowly spread her legs for Kalim and told him to kiss it. While my cock was buried in her anus.

He did that and shuddered, as it was the first time that she was being fucked by one man and licked by another. I asked him to get oil and suggested that we both give her an oil massage all over her body.

We made her naked and poured oil on her body. I told Kalim to massage Fiza's body while she was lying on my lap and sucking my cock.

I instructed Kalim as to where to apply pressure and how to tease her while Fiza was trembling with pleasure.

I made him sit next to her face while massaging her and I sat on the next side and let her suck two cocks.

I ran my tongue down her stomach to her swollen mound and asked Kalim to do the same. Then asked him to run his hands on her breasts and bunch them up in his hands together and lick her erect tits.

Fiza was moaning like a bitch and begging for more. I was fingering her and also asked Kalim to do the same while my finger was up her ass.

She guided his fingers to all the spots where a woman likes to be felt and also the G-spot.

I turned her around and made her suck my cock meanwhile asked Kalim to pour some more oil into her crack and rub them lightly.

Fiza was on sixth heaven and crying for more. Later on I switched position with Kalim and make Fiza suck his cock while I slapped her butt till they were red and smarting while my finger was buried deep in her ass and pussy.

Kalim cummed again on Fiza's face and she too came long and hard. And collapsed on me. I told him that it was not over yet and he has to fuck Fiza.

To which she spread her pussy and opened the love hole to him. She started playing with his cock, which was ready for more, and erect again.

She made him lie and bury her pussy on his face while 69ing him and my finger up her ass. She sat astride him with her breast in his mouth.

I asked her to shift to missionary position so that I could fuck her ass. We gave her the pleasure of getting fucked by two cocks while being sandwiched between two males.

We both gave her a rhythmic fuck where once he was inside her pussy and then he took out while I entered her ass. And in between we both thrusted it together to fill her up completely.

Fiza started grinding her ass and also milking his cock inside her pussy making us both brings to the brink and releasing it together.

She felt him throb inside her and knew Kalim would throb. I asked her to pull it out and suck him off. Kalim splattered all over her again and lunged for her breast like a hungry baby.

While I shot my load up her ass. Our body was slick with sweat and oil and there Fiza was lying between the two of us like a bitch and enjoying the caresses of her two lovers while holding our dick.

After regaining our strength she wanted to give Kalim the experience of fucking her ass. So she once again aroused him by burying his cock in the chocolate pastry.

She also applied some of the chocolate cream to her anus and breasts and made me suck them off. This gave Kalim another instant hard on.

I prepared her ass by applying some more oily jelly inside her and let him fuck her ass.

The moment he entered her from behind her eyes popped out as he was deeper than her and she buried her nails on my back.

She was thrashing in ecstasy and Kalim went limp shooting his final load inside her. After which we gave her a warm bath and put her to sleep.

Kalim confessed about having sharing Fiza with me and finally makes him feel that his life was worth the years he lived and yearned for sex.

I too confessed that it was something that I wanted to do from a long time but didn't have the comfort of venturing out, as it is a risky proposition.

He asked me whether we could fuck her again later during the early morning. We asked Fiza if she would like to.

She gave us a nod and again in the early morning we three slept in the same bed and shared our sexual desire.

After that great fuck we asked Fiza if we could fuck her once again whenever the opportunity comes out.

In reply Fiza kissed us and said she was looking forward to it eagerly. We also promised to give her the best sexual pleasure whenever the opportunity comes out.

The next day I woke up very late. I asked my wife about Kalim uncle and my mother-in-law.

She said, "Mom demands a shopping programme from Kalim uncle and he has taken her for shopping."

I was jealous about this. After two and half hour Kalim and Fiza returned from shopping. I asked Fiza what she bought from the market.

Fiza replied me with a smile, "Secret my dear. I will show you later."

That evening I requested everyone to go for a dinner. My wife refused to go out side. Kalim uncle was also denied in my proposal. Fiza agreed in my proposal.

At 8.00pm we both went for a dinner. Fiza was looking amazing. Her dress could not manage to take the pressure of her boobs and shape of her big tight ass.

Everyone in the club was looking at her sexy body. I had never seen this dress before.

I whispered, "Darling, when you buy this dress? You are looking so hot!"

She smiled and said, "This is the surprise. I buy it today".

She was showing most of her sexy body, back side, cleavage and her deep naval through this body hugging see through dress. I was enjoying her company.

We started dancing on the floor on her request. Fiza was completely surrender her body in my hand. Suddenly a man came from behind and asked for dancing with Fiza.

I knew this man. He was a businessman and well known for his fucking attitude. He used to fuck his aunt and after the death of his uncle he married her.

Fiza accepted his proposal. They started dancing. I was watching their dance from the bar. The band was playing some romantic tunes.

As the lights were dim he grabbed her ass during the dance. Then he kissed in her glossy, luscious lips. Fiza allowed him to do that. It was the influence of last night incident.

Fiza got the key of freedom to play with different men. Kalim and I were the masters who taught her all these lessons.

Fiza was enjoying every bit of pressure which the man was producing on her body to ignite her sex lamp.

After some time Fiza ended her dance play and came to me. She told me that she would like to go to home. Then we completed our dinner and returned to our house.

We entered the house with a duplicate key. It was 11.30pm.The lights were off and gradually we moved towards the up stairs.

As we approached to my bed room we could hear some moaning sound of my wife.

Fiza said, "Kalim and Minhaz enjoying sex. I believe they will find the door of heaven".

I never had any idea about this. My wife with her uncle Kalim was enjoying sex on my bed! I could not believe that.

As we came closure to the room we both could see the sex play from the halfly opened door. My wife was shacking Kalim's dick slowly and was sucking it.

After sometime uncle was moaning. She sucked his cock and balls for about three minutes. He came on her face and she took it all in her mouth and drank it all and said, "It is too salty and hot".

She loved it. She licked every bit of it. Then she stood and took off her night gown. Now she was in her sheer black bra and panty. She made uncle take out all his clothes and took out her bra.

She laid down and asked him to suck her breast. Kalim was hot and rough now. He was pumping and sucking like a beast.

Minhaz was moaning. After sometime she asked him to remove her panty and suck her pussy. Which he did.

Her pussy was all bald without a single hair on it.I usually trimmed her pussy. Her legs were perfect smooth and she was looking like a sexbomb.

Then she asked Kalim to hand her his tool. She opened her legs and directed his dick with her own hands.

It was huge and she took it all inside her pussy. Uncle was fucking her hard and harder.

She was moaning,"....ahhh...ahhhhh....auch..sss.. ...s.sss...ohhhhhhh..................hhhhh.more..more ...fuck me..fuckkk....harder...harderrrr...."

After a loud moan she was breathing loudly and Kalim cummed in her pussy. Kalim uncle's cum was dripping from her cunt hole.

Then Kalim started pulling his finger in and out of her ass hole. Then he added some cum and stuck two fingers in.

She began to enjoy it. She moaned rhythmically while his finger ass-fucked her. Kalim told her that her ass is ready for some dick.

When he touched his cock in her ass hole she got pretty scared. But Kalim told her it would not hurt. He also told her that she can be on top and control the penetration. She agreed.

Kalim sit on the edge of the bed and she started to lower down her back facing him. He added some cunt juice to his cock and she grabbed it and lined it up with her but.

She started to lower herself to accommodate his dick in her ass hole. She was going really slow. She popped the head in and started complaining that she feels like she is going to shit herself.

Kalim uncle told her that she will not, but she did not listen. He was got pissed of. He grabbed her and pulled her down onto his dick until his whole dick was in her ass.

She yelled out in pain and wanted to get out of his cock. But Kalim uncle kept her there and started fucking her like crazy.

She moaned,"ohhhhhh....fuckkkkkkmmemme......ahaha ohoh ...........ooooooochchch..seseeeseese..ahahahahaha..leave me ....fuck me.. harddd..... "

It took him about 10 minutes to cum. During the time she begged him to stop but for that Kalim fucked her even harder.

After he blew his load into her burning ass hole, he let her stand up. She said, "Uncle, you hurts me, but I have enjoyed it.

I have never done it with my husband". Then they kissed each other passionately.

Fiza and I returned to our dining room. We started chatting on our outing. After some time Kalim and my wife Minhaz joined us.

Kalim asked me, "When have you come?"

Fiza said, "Just now."

We did not use a single word on their sexual game which we had watched in that night.

Next morning Minhaz and her mother got up early in the morning.

Minhaz called me softly," Get up darling, it is time to go to office".

After breakfast I went to office. Uncle Kalim did not get up till that time.

Last night, he might fuck Fiza after her daughter. Because last night after fucking Minhaz when he joined us in the dinning room he was watching Fiza like a fuckungry man. I saw a tent in his shorts.

The whole day passed in hard work. But I could not forget the incident of last night. I returned at 7.30pm in the night. Fiza opened the door and told me that Minhaz went to shopping with her uncle Kalim.

She gave me a drink and told me that today Kalim fucked Minhaz after I had gone for my office.

I asked her, "How? Describe me the whole story."

She started with a smile that when I had to go to work leaving all of them at home the incident took place at that time.

Fiza explained that Minhaz had come out of the upstairs bathroom in her dressing gown and Kalim was at the top of the stairs.

She explained that Minhaz had not tied her gown and that Kalim noticed this and got a full view of Minhaz in just her bra and panties.

Minhaz walked into the bedroom to dry her hair when Kalim followed her in. He said to her that it had been a very good time to enjoy another session with him, with this he put his hand on her shoulders and started to massage her neck.

As he did this he started to pull her gown open exposing her ample breasts still inside her bra.

Minhaz tried to pull away but Kalim held her firmly and began to run his hands over her tits, pulling her bra down at the same time, exposing her nipples.

Again Minhaz tried to get free but Kalim held firm, turning her around and planting a kiss on her lips, at the same time he lifted her of the ground and laid her on the bed.

Minhaz attempted to get away, but Kalim continued. His hands were running over her body. Kalim started to pull at her panties, his strength was too much and Minhaz could feel her panties coming down.

Kalim had watched her fanny, this spurred him on and he pulled her legs apart revealing all of her fanny.

Kalim held Minhaz in this position while he pulled his pants down and revealed his hard cock to Minhaz.

Fiza continued that she thought that Kalim was going to fuck her daughter straight away but was surprised when he knelt down and started to lick her cunt.

This made her clitoris begin to swell and she could feel herself starting to come.

Kalim noticed this and began eating Mihaz even more, as she came, Kalim pushed his erect cock into her and she gave a little scream as he filled her with a very huge cock.

He thrust at her harder and harder until she felt his cock harden to the point where he began to come.

Pushing all his sperm inside her, he pulled his cock out of Minhaz.

He then climbed over Minhaz and said, "Put my cock in your mouth and suck me clean".

Minhaz could not believe he was making her do this but complied with his demand. Minhaz could taste both her Juices and his come on his cock.

She licked him clean. Then Kalim got up and said, "We must do this again and again".

To which Minhaz replied, "Yes we will. But mom is present now. I don't like to disclose our relation before my husband and my mom".

Fiza told me that she saw that Minhaz had relaxed on the bed and Kalim's cum had been running out of her cunt.

I asked Fiza, "Did they see you"?

She said, "No, I am watching them from the keyhole".

It was a shock for me that my wife became an uncle fucker. I could not believe that.

I asked Fiza, "When they will return from shopping?"

Fiza told me that after shopping Minhaz and Kalim will watch a movie and the show will break after 10.00pm.

After listening all these I asked her, "What is your plan now"?

She gave a sexy smile and spread her legs and said, "We can play another session. It is already wet".

Fiza stood up and pushed me back into the couch kissed me full on the mouth and was sucking my tongue.

At the same time she ripped the buttons of my shirt. I undid my pants as fast as I could and was kicking them off.

She took off her panty and bra. I noticed that she jumped to the floor and started so suck my cock like a bitch. I felt the power of her blow job.

I moaned, "This is good Fizaaa, really sucked hard". She was using the roof of her mouth to add friction.

She just went on as I was about to cum. Fiza stopped, giggled and smiled. She got up and ran up the stairs and found my bedroom turned on the light and got on the bed like a dog.

I saw her round ass and her great legs. I could not help but ready for my power play. She was really looking hot.

I jumped on the bed and was behind her as I put my cock head up to her ass she pushed back hard and fast.

"Ohh god!!", she moaned. She was riding my dick I did not even have to move this is great.

Fiza stopped and said, "Come on, fuck........fuck me.....harderrrrrrrr..Fasterrrr....ohhhoohooohoh. Pull my hair".

I grabbed her long dark hair and started to pull as I shoved into her ass.

I pulled her hair back harder she said, "Pull my hair harder".

So I pulled harder. Her head was pulled back and I was lifting her up off the bed. When I pulled she screamed, "Yesss... yesss... oh fuck".

She was cumming and she was cumming hard. She grabbed my pillow and clawed at it and bit it as I slowed. She pulled off and collapsed into the bed panting and twitching from a good orgasm.

When I was done, I asked if she wanted to continue because I could cum again. So she kept sucking my dick and occasionally getting some more cum out.

But my rigid cock didn't go limp. So she laid down and I got on top of her. She was so wet, that my cock slid right in, all the way in.

I started pumping my cock in her pussy and she wrapped her legs around my back, grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her.

My cock was hitting against her cervix, sliding past it. I grabbed her ass and we both pulled each others asses, shoving my cock inside her.

My mouth was on her breasts, sucking them, sliding my tongue across to the other tit and sucking that one.

Soon Fiza could feel the tightening in her groin, and started cumming. Her legs pulled me inside her, trying to push it even farther in.

Her cunt grabbed my cock, wanting to swallow it, her crotch grinding against mine. Before she was done Cumming, I shuddered and she felt my cock throb, squirting my hot semen inside her.

She slid her lips around my cock, and started mouth fucking me again. It was pressing up against the back of her throat and she sucked me off so good that I cum in her mouth again!

She sucked out each and every drop of it. A few minutes later, I opened her legs real wide. I rubbed my cock slowly up and down exposing my big round shiny purple nob end which was lubricated by my cum and Fiza's juice.

I also rubbed her clit round and round for a while then I got on top of her and supported myself on my right hand and guided my cock to her entrance.

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