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Sex with My Amazing Mother



This is a TRUE story!

Just to set the scene, I am Kyle, a 25 year old man from England. My mother Margaret is 67 and I lived with her since birth. There is often a stigma attached to incest. If it is between two consenting adults and no abuse is involved what is the problem? We are ordinary people, not freaks. I have a university degree and work in a well paid job. I have a great social life with my mates and play a lot of sport. Without being arrogant, I am quite good looking and in my younger days I slept with a lot of attractive young women. My mum looks a lot younger than her 67 years and also enjoys a good social life with her various friends. She retired from work about ten years ago. My father passed away while I was at school. My mother and him and long since broken up, although we all got on well.

Until I was about 18 I had never seriously considered having sexual relations with my mum. It had crossed my mind from time to time, but I ignored it because I suppose I thought it would be wrong. I used to regularly go to nightclubs even from the age of 16 and sleep with a few girls now and then. I had a few girlfriends too. My mum had been single since she broke up with my dad during her pregnancy with me. When I was 19 I was accepted into university. My mum was pleased, but was very upset that I was going. We were always very close and were used to just the two of us living together. My mum made the decision to buy a house in the town I went to university and live with me. My friends all said this was weird and they couldn't wait to break free and live in halls at uni and participate in drinking, casual sex, etc. But for some reason I was really, really excited that I was going with my mum. I couldn't really work out why, because although we were close, I was never a 'mummy's boy' and I used to spend loads of time out with my mates playing football and going out drinking!

Now, time for the fun part! It was about three months until I was due to go to university. Mum and me had got even closer now that we were moving away together to a strange town. We sold my bed as it was broken. Although we are quite well off financially, we decided to not bother buying a new one. I slept in mum's bed with her. At this stage nothing had happened apart from a few cuddles during the night. My mum was invited to a reunion with some of the ladies she used to work with in her office. They were all in their 50s and 60s. My mum invited me along as her date. I was supposed to be going out with a girl that night, but there was no way I was letting my mum down! I can't explain what it is about my mum that I love so much. Although she looks a lot younger than her actual age, she isn't particularly attractive and is very overweight (she weighs about 20 - 21 stone). I had always been attracted to young slim girls before! She always dresses in a jumper or blouse, long skirt with thin tights (pantyhose) and shoes with a slight heel. We were just getting ready for the party with her ex work colleagues when my mum's friend phoned to say it was being postponed until next week. I was gutted! Mum didn't mind because it meant she could try and lose a bit of weight during the next week to fit into her new dress!

Mum and I had a great week together, just relaxing as I was on holiday (I had just finished my A-Level exams). I was embarrassed about being attracted to my mum to be honest. She always told me that I am gorgeous, but I didn't think she wanted anything to happen. On the night of the party mum got upset and said if I want to go out with my friends partying, rather than going out with 'your fat ugly mother' she wouldn't mind. I told her that she was not ugly, she was beautiful and just generally complimented her! I couldn't believe she thought I would be embarrassed to be seen with her at the party! I gave her a huge cuddle. I think this was the moment that I genuinely realised that I wanted her. When mum got dressed she looked amazing. Sher had a tight black dress on, a silk top covering her large arms, very thin black pantyhose and black high heels. She looked so gorgeous to me. She cuddled me when she saw me in my suit and said I looked fantastic. The party was basically a meal with the women she used to work with. A few of them brought their husbands. A pretty waitress asked me for my phone number, I said 'sorry, I'm taken'. I didn't realise that my mum was stood around the corner and she heard this. She looked really happy, but asked what I meant by 'taken'. I felt awkward but said that I love living with her and although she is my mum, I don't want a girlfriend because I will never love anyone the way I love her. Mum looked delighted and told me how important I am to her. It was so weird, mum and I were getting intimate, but it felt so natural. We left the party early in a taxi. We got home and I so desperately wanted to kiss her. We sat on the sofa cuddling. I was really nervous about making a move, but to my delight mum said 'do you think we could be more than mother and son?' I was SO happy! I said that I would love to be with her. She said she couldn't understand why I wanted her, when I had previously pulled with lots of attractive girls of my own age. I reiterated the fact that I love her so much and want to be with her.

W then had our first kiss. It was absolutely amazing! My penis was hard as a rock. Mum let me slide my hand up her skirt and into her pantyhose. She massaged my throbbing penis. She stood up, took me by the hand and led me upstairs towards our bedroom. The sex was incredible. Although I had had sex with about 20 other women at this stage, NOTHING compared to the feeling of being with my mum. Her large body was so soft and tender. I loved having my arms around her. It was the first sex my mum had had since I was born! The next morning when we woke up there was no awkwardness. She woke me up by kissing me, we then made love again.

This happened six years ago, but my mum and me have lived as a couple ever since. We have had sex virtually every single day! I have never been unfaithful to her, even though I have had the chance. The longest we have been apart is a week. It was a nightmare! Mum is so supportive of me, we have moved to another new town because of my job. We have made friends, although none of them know of our sexy secret! The only person who knows is my mum's best friend. They have known each other since they were five years old. At first she was shocked and disgusted, but after a while she accepted it. She told us that she can see how much we love each other. The incest is obviously completely consensual and it didn't happen while I was a child. I was 19 when it started. My mum's friend, Lynn doesn't mind us kissing and cuddling like an ordinary couple in front of her.

Another fantastic development came by chance only about a month into our relationship. We went on holiday together to a cottage in Wales. It was in the middle of nowhere. We had been there as an ordinary mother and son when I was 14. I remember being really bored! In the whole week we were there we had been on several walks and drives and had only see ONE other person (a farmer about three miles away!) I knew that this time I certainly would not be bored! It was ideal, we went for ten days and knew that we would be completely free to walk around holding hands and kissing. We set off on the six hour drive to the cottage, but I forgot my suitcase full of clothes. This meant I only had the shorts and t-shirt I was wearing in the car. When we got to the cottage is was nearly summer, but the weather was very cold for that time of year. Mum said I would have to wear her clothes, there was no other option! I was a bit embarrassed but agreed. This turned out to be amazing! My mum had always loved wearing pantyhose because she said they were really comfortable. I wore a pair of her knickers, thin navy blue pantyhose and a warm navy blue dress. I put on a pair of her Ugg boots when we went out for a walk. Fortunately we didn't see a single person during our trip! The female clothes felt so amazing against my body! From that moment on I could see why mum loves pantyhose so much. She found it so erotic. She was constantly putting her hand up my skirt and playing with me. The holiday was amazing, we had sex about four times every day!

Other than my business suits for work, a few ordinary clothes to wear when I see my friends, plus my football (soccer) kit, I now only wear my mum's clothes! I don't like sexy provocative clothing, my mum doesn't either, as she is now 67 and very overweight! Our life together is amazing. We still make love every day. We have about 150 pairs of pantyhose! We like to wear them around the house with female dressing gowns and slippers! Lynn comes to stay quite often, she is great. She even bought me some pantyhose last time she came!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I know it isn't an erotic story, but one about the love my mother and I have for each other. My mum knows I am typing this story. I am off now to make love to her! I am SO lucky!

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