tagGroup SexSex with My Ex Plus One

Sex with My Ex Plus One


The first time I had a threesome with two guys was back in my early 20s. I found myself in the familiar situation that most girls find themselves in, I chose to be with gorgeous boyfriend who had a hot bod that I couldn't take my hands off of but, had to give up my ex who had a voice that could make me cream every time he spoke. I knew if I could put the combination together, it would be nice to not have to give anything up to get what I wanted. I used to play with myself thinking about what it would be like having them both at the same time! One night we were having a fuck fest and I was really worked up and let it slip that having a three-way was my #1 fantasy, but my Adonis boyfriend didn't seem that into it, so I never brought it up again.

Occasionally we would run into my ex at night clubs and we had always been on friendly terms. One night we were in Century City and it was very crowded so we ran into my ex again and ended up sharing a table and I had already had way too much to drink. They both know how horny I get when I'm drinking a lot and it seems they had come to some kind of agreement about me. When the bar closed, we were having such a blast my boyfriend invited my ex to come by our apt which was just down the street. I was far to out of it to object because I had been asking my boyfriend for the last hour to take me home and fuck me silly!

I was thinking I was not getting fucked until my ex goes and thought I should dress very sexy since that might get my boyfriend to get busy faster! – I was about to be surprised. As I entered the living room I heard their conversation was about me and they went on in detail and even comparing notes as to what I liked sexually. I sat next to my boyfriend on the couch. I was already turned on but I was aroused even more hearing them discuss intimate details about me to each other right in front of me!

Matt said to Dave "Does she still scream real loud when she has an orgasm?"

Dave answered "G-d yes and I am still amazed at how hard her nipples get."

Dave said to Matt "And once her pussy gets wet she can stay wet for hours, I'll bet she's wet right now, listening to us."

Dave said "Matt why don't you come on over here and slide your finger in her pussy right now and check?"

I was shocked! No one bothered to ask me, which for some reason, turned me on even more.

And he was right, I was dripping wet. At first Matt was hesitant and asked if Dave was sure this was ok. Dave said it was a fantasy of mine and Matt would be doing me a favor.

Dave said "As a matter of fact, let's make her beg us for it".

Dave laid me back against the couch, pushed my teddy up and put his hands between my legs, pushing them open; I don't think he knew I had taken my panties off.

I could feel cool air on my pussy so I knew I was fully exposed to them both! Matt kneeled down between my legs and started to lightly run his hands up my inner thighs all the way to my pussy, playing with the little patch of hair at the top of it, but not sticking his finger in – damn him!. I was so fucking hot my hips were already gyrating to get something in my pussy!!!

All around my lips and brushing against my asshole then oh so slowly he finally slid one finger in and slid it back out and then two fingers shoved in and then out until shining wet to show Dave. "She's really dripping." Matt looked me in the eye and took his wet fingers and sucked them into his mouth. "Yummm." He dipped his fingers in me again. This time with two fingers deep inside me he asks me to tell him to play with my clit. I was practically demanding as I said "play with my clit"

Matt started to softly rub his fingers in a circular motion on my clit, and just like that I started to scream and cum against his finger. Both men laughed at me.

Matt said "She's a hot one. It doesn't take much to get her off.

Dave said "Pace yourself babe. This night's just beginning for you"

Dave took off my teddy and I felt like a doll as both the men carried me to the bedroom, and soon I was lying on the bed, legs open, pussy wet and nipples hard. I felt exposed and vulnerable with my body showing such obvious signs of arousal which only turned me on more.

Note to reader: It is at times like this that if the doorbell would have rung and the person was male he would have gotten fucked that night!

Dave and Matt got on the bed and each started to lick my nipples and getting them wet which they know just makes hornier (it really is a great thing to have two guys who know everything about getting the most pleasure out of my body!!). My hips were moving again and I started to moan as each man took a nipple into their mouth and started to lightly tug and suck them. Matt's hand slid down to my pussy and started to roll my clit around. I couldn't stop moaning and gyrating my hips, but I needed more. Dave knew that because he told Matt "Aimee needs another orgasm or she is going to bust"

Dave started to kiss me as Matt knelt between my legs and started to lick my pussy, paying special attention to my clit, his familiar tongue going around and around it. I panted and screamed in Dave's mouth as I shot off another strong orgasm from Matt's talented tongue.

Matt said "You don't need to tell me, she needs to get stuffed with some cock!"

"G-d yes!" I said.

Matt got up on his knees, grabbed my ankles and threw them up on his shoulders and slid his dick in me in one thrust!

"UUmmmppphh!" was all I could manage. You see a "creamy" voice was not all my ex had! He had a very big dick, not as long as Dave's but a little thicker.

He started to slowly move in and out of my vagina which was so wet by this time, you could here the noise it made as he fucked me. He started to breathe harder as he started to move faster and faster. Dave was pulling my nipples and watching Matt fuck me.

He said "that's it Matt. Give it to her. She loves it. Damn! She's cumming again!"

As I came my pussy clenched and pulsed on Matt's cock, causing him to orgasm, shooting his cum into me as he groaned loudly.

I must have zoned out but as I came around to reality Dave had put me on my knees doggie style and while standing at the edge of the bed, slid his dick in me and started to pump with slow hard deep thrusts. That was the feeling I wanted I was "Stuffed" and that started my clit throbbing all over again! Matt knelt in front of my face and I took his soft dick in my mouth and started to suck and lick our cum off it, paying special attention to the slit at the top which I remembered he liked. Pretty soon we all had a good rhythm. Every time Dave thrust into me, it made me deep throat Matt's now fully hard cock and we were all on our way to a well timed mutual orgasm. Dave started cumming which set me off and as I came I sucked Matt's dick so deep, he shot his load right down my throat. Ask them both, I have never done that before for either of them – what a fucking night I was having.

I thought for sure they were spent but I was wrong, I don't remember who said what but here's as best as I can remember....

Grab your tits and squeeze them. Shake your ass for us. Turn around, bend over and touch your toes so we can see that great ass. Now come to the bed and shake your tits in each of our faces. Put your nipples in each mouth. Now sit on Matt's face. Spread your pussy lips open so I can see him eat you. I want to see how his technique differs from mine. So, you like how he flattens his tongue and takes slow licks. His dick is getting hard again. Squat over his dick facing me with your back to him and slowly lower yourself on it. Lick your fingers and wet your nipples. Pinch them. No! Don't cum yet! Just slowly fuck him and keep yourself on the edge. I just kept sliding up and down on his fat cock. I was getting in a nice rhythm and was sure I could cum again.

Dave said "Ok, get off him and come here. Bend over"

I felt Dave's fingers rub something slippery and warm on my ass. His finger pushed inside my ass and I jumped in surprise.

Dave said "I know you're scared to try this, but you're going to get double teamed and you're going to love it."

He tells me to get back on top of Matt riding cowgirl. Relax and slowly lower your upper body like your giving him a kiss, which I did. As I kissed Matt and milked his cock in my pussy Dave was slowly entering my ass. It was uncomfortable at first and like a light switch went on in my body I was covered in goose bumps and I felt so completely stuffed and all my senses were keyed up! As I would pull up on Matt's dick and take a little of Dave's dick out I dropped down and impaled myself on two cocks at the same time – nothing feels better than that!!

I felt so stretched, I didn't think I could take much more, Dave's dick was buried to the hilt. He didn't go in and out, but just grinded into me as did Matt and I felt such a rush hit me; I thought I would pass out. I went out of my head, moaning screaming, begging them not to stop, and they didn't. I rolled my hips and orgasm after orgasm crashed through me. I was crying, it was so intense and as they each came, I could feel the warm cum spill into me.

I was shaking from the intensity of my orgasms and Dave and Matt just held and stroked me until I calmed down. At that point, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed by the experience that I started to fall asleep. As I was drifting off, I started wondering if this was a one time thing or did we just start something?

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