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Sex With My Neighbour


I am quite well built with a height of 5ft9inches; this was my first experience when I was 19 years. I was in my first year of Degree College and we shifted our residence to a new flat complex.

I came across the lovely Anjali, she was my neighbor you would be aware that in a flat complex 4 flats are situated on one floor, Anjali's door was opposite to mine with 2 flats between ours, which were next to each other. Anjali has a whitish complexion; more towards the fairer side she is 5.3 with a figure of 34 – 28 – 38, she does not have a great face but has a lovely body.

I am an assman, seeing great buttocks attracts me and Anjali had them, she always wore a sari and one day she was wearing one of those saris which stick to the body and did she have a great ass, I got a hard on immediately, at 19 you can understand how we guys can be, I went to the toiled and immediately masturbated and from that day onwards she was my fantasy and I would jack thinking about her.

She had become a close friend of my mom, my mom already being old in age is quite free and mixes around with younger women very easily and since both were housewives they become great pals.

Anjali and Anil were a great pair and I interacted with Anil quite often, I hardly stay at home I am always with my friends even today I rarely stay at home as I have a lot of friends. Now we stay at the 2nd floor and it's a 2-floor building and we had a terrace above us, our building has 4 diff wings and we have a really huge terrace. I prefer to study in the terrace I had my table and chair placed before the entrance of the terrace door and that was a perfect place for me, the only problem was that when ever someone wanted to come or go to and from terrace I had to move my chair otherwise the person coming up to the terrace would have to brush the place and go. I never had much problem as not many people came up to the terrace.

Anil is a businessman and does do out on tours, approximately 5-6 days in a month at least spread in 1-2 visits. In that period Anjali used to stay with her parents who also stay about 45kms from our place. My interaction with her was not much because I was more content in watching her. She also started observing me watching her but it dint seem to matter much to her and we hardly talked as she did all the talking with my mom. She would sometimes come to the terrace in the evenings and I just looked in her direction from my study chair and those moment I could hardly concentrate, I dint even try to concentrate I just enjoyed whatever part of her lovely body I could see.

I wanted her, I wanted her so badly I had masturbated thinking about her so often that now my hand and my lovely cock dint like the feel of each other my cock wanted a cunt, but I never thought I would ever fuck Anjali. Once when my mom had been to my uncle's place. I was at home and not on the terrace as there was no one at home, at about 11.00am the door bell rang and I saw her in the best possible dress ever, I saw her in a pink gown and black bra and panties I could see her lovely ass. I got a hard on and I dint make any efforts to hide it, she asked where my mom was I told her she had gone to my uncles place I am sure she realized my reaction but she was too decent to react, this happened once more in my moms absence that she came in a more revealing dress, there was no way I could do anything as I was scared that she would tell my mom about it.

I gathered courage and decided to do what she did to me, I decided to show myself to her so in the absence of my mother I used to sit facing her door with shorts and t-shirt without any underwear, the 2 flats between our houses were closed till evening as working couples used them. Without underwear I always got my dick up at 90degrees and the results were great she did look from the door hole, I could easily make out as she has a very bright room and if someone is looking from the door hole one can easily understand it. This kept on happening and finally got the courage to show her my cock I just let my shorts down and let all 7 inches of my cock in air, I have a fairly big head nearly 2 inches which is quite thick as well, I was very nervous and very scared as well dint know what will happen I just took my cock and started shaking it, I was shaking and suddenly I realized that she was no more watching from the door hole, I was a bit disappointed and a little bit scared as well but nothing happened for a few more days as I did not get an opportunity.

After a few days I did get an opportunity and I did it again I saw her coming from outside there was nobody in my house I kept my door open and when she was opening the latch of her door I was feasting the sight of her body, she gave a normal smile and asked whether mom was at home, I said no and she casually closed her door as usual. I was hoping she would come back to the door and see from the door hole, she did come and I just removed my pant, my underpants very slowly and once again my dick came out, I was hoping she would not go away, I started jacking out and I was moving my lips as if I was taking her name. This time she did not go away and after jacking stroking my cock for some time I shot my load on the floor, I came as never before I just kept on shooting my cum, she saw all of it still no reaction from her I put my pants on and washed the floor, I thought she would do something if she was interested but she did not do anything.

That evening I was trying to study in the terrace and I saw Anjali come up, I was staring at her and she smiled and asked me, "Will you let me go to the terrace " I smiled back and just moved the chair so that she could go inside. My eyes were following her wherever she went she was aware, she was watching as well she stayed a little longer then she normally does and then she was coming towards the door, towards me, she smiled so did I, she said, please let me go, I shifted my chair a little but I did not get up, I kept my hand on the chair and smiled, she moved past the chair and brushed my hands with her soft breasts and closed her eyes for a brief second and waited there for a second, I put both my hands on her breasts and pressed them , wow what an electrifying sensation it was, she took both my hands in her hands and kissed them gently and said not now Rahul, let me go I caught her hand she asked me to be patient and said I want you as badly as you want me, but wait tomorrow afternoon your mom is not going to be at home you come to my house tomorrow afternoon and she kissed my hand once again and I took the opportunity to feel her love ass, she smiled and she left. I did not know that mom would be going out but Anjali did as mom had told Anjali about her going.

The wait till the next day afternoon was very long; mom was going to one of my relative's place that was not keeping well, mom went at around 12.00noon, I saw here leaving from my window, I immediately collected our keys locked the door and rang the bell of Anjali's door. She was waiting for the moment as well because she immediately opened the door, I still remember her green sari she smiled as she opened the door, I entered inside and she latched the door, as she was latching the door, Gently I grabbed her from back.

My hands on her belly and chest pressed with her back, my hot breath was on her neck, I gently kissed her on the neck and at the same time I kept on massaging on her belly then placed my middle finger in her navel and start vibrating it. My cock was already hot to be felt by her, I adjusted my self such that my dick was placed right between the valleys of her buttocks. With that I started moving up and down so that my dick started traveling in the channel between two buttocks. And I felt that she unconsciously tried to grab my dick by shrinking her buttocks.

"Aah Rahul" was her response, she turned and smiled and she caught hold of me and kissed me on my lips I started sucking her lower lips and she was sucking my upper lips my hands were now holding her head and hers were holding my head, she put her tongue inside my mouth, I opened it for her tongue and she started sucking my tongue, she was kissing so hard I was in heaven, she was exploring all the corners of my mouth, and I tightened my grip on her I put my arms around her and squeezed her towards me I squeezed her very hard and she kissed even harder, this continued for I don't know how long I was not in the condition nor did I care my hands were roaming all over her body now I had squeezed her round buttocks, which were quite firm and hard, I was getting to enjoy my obsession for her ass and she new it , she released me after some time and took me to her bedroom she went down on her knees and opened my pants, lowered my underpants and took my cock in her hand, she looked at me and said " Since I have seen this lovely cock of yours I wanted it, her hands were like magic, soft but firm and when she licked my precum with the flick of her tongue I thought I would explode there, she took it inside her mouth, she took half of it inside and sucked it, "Aaah, wow Anjali make me cum " I told her she sucked it once to twice and released it.

" cum in my hot pussy Rahul my cunt is burning for your sperms" she said. I pushed her on the bed I wanted to remove all her clothes but she said " fast Rahul I want you inside my pussy " she spread her legs I lifted her sari and removed her panties in a flash. She was clean shaved and quickly I put my finger towards it she was very wet, " aah Rahul take me " she said I removed my pant and underpants completely which were lying till my knee and bent on her, she directed my cock towards her cunt and with little resistance I got my tip inside her cunt. " Aaahhh rahul" she cried out, I could hardly speak anything I pushed forward and I had all my seven inches inside her cunt in a flash, this time she cried loudly and pulled me towards her and kissed my lips I kept on pushing in and out, within 8-10s strokes I came inside her, I just kept on flooding her cunt she hold me towards her and I put my lips on her neck. She held me with her legs circled around me for some times and then released me. I lay next to her in my t-shirt and she was in her clothes with out her panties, I looked in her eyes, she smiled and I removed her sari, her petticoat her blouse and her white bra, I saw perfect round shaped breasts standing like a cone with a brown tit on top. And to kill some one there was a mole on her right boob. The sight of mole made me mad, I started kissing from her forehead with kissing every thing on her face I started down words, from cheeks towards her boobs. With my hands pressing and realizing her buttocks, as I reached in between the two boobs, she pressed her boobs from both sides. Her tits were touching my ears.

I placed my hands on them with my thumb on tit and hand surrounding the whole boob. I pressed so hard that she started shouting. She pulled me towards her and asked me suck her nipples, I got them in my hands and rolled them, she asked me to be slow and asked me to caress them softly she kept on directing me to lick between her breasts, lick just below her breasts, lick her nipples lightly I did exactly like that, she was a great teacher and I was a great learner, then I sucked the boobs and pulled at her nipples with me lips slowly, then she made me hold both her boobs and made me move them in circles, she was directing me and moaning again and again.

She asked me to kiss her pussy, I was very obedient I did as she told me I brought my face between her legs, I started with the insides of her smooth thighs, licking them with my wet tongue. Her flesh was so soft and supple that I decided to move lower down – licking the back of her knees and then down to those muscular, yet soft, calves. I must have spent some ten to fifteen minutes just relishing on her legs. All this time the heat within Anjali was continuously building up. Our juices had trickled down thru the crack of her ass and made a large wet spot on the bed. I licked the entire length of her pussy in a single stroke making her scream with pleasure.

I licked her pussy in this fashion, each time digging deeper with my tongue. She tasted exotic and I couldn't get enough of her. After many such strokes, I held my head still and worked with my tongue, lapping up the insides of her juicy pussy. I had to use my hands to hold her ass down as the rest of her was all over the bed. She must have had at least a few orgasms, and I didn't stop for her to even catch a breath. Then she told me to tongue her clit, the moment I put my tongue on her clit, she jumped of the bed and asked me to continue with licking her clit, within a minute she was gyrating like anything and it was becoming very difficult to maintain contact of my tongue with her clit, she was getting wetter and wetter, she suddenly came and pulled me over to her and pressed me hard towards her body her legs closed now, she was shivering for some time and then kissed me on my lips and lied there for a few minutes.

I laid next to her just watching her, she saw my cock hard again and took it in her mouth and started sucking it, she was doing all possible things to my cock she was licking the lip, she was taking as much part of my cock as she could in her mouth and sucking it, she released it from her mouth and got on top of me and slowly slid my cock inside her cunt, she brought her self down on my cock and started moving up and down, I took her boobs in my hand and started pressing them, rolling the nipple, she had closed her eyes and was moaning softly, she kept doing it and I realized that I will cum in a short time so I switched positions with her and started ramming in and out , she kept on telling me to do it harder, she was biting her lips to avoid from screaming , I told here I was cuming and I came and came and fell on her, she held me to her body and put her fingers in my hairs.

This was the beginning of my sex life; she transferred me from a teen-age boy to a man. We had many such sessions and am an expert now, any of you interested in exchanging experiences feels free to write.

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