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Sexing the Serpent


They are the creatures of myth and legend. The earliest civilizations -- the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Aztecs, Mayans and a thousand others -- knew them by many names. Names that even today inspire both fascination and dread in the hearts of men. They are the snake women, creatures of unearthly beauty who tempt men to their doom beneath the waves, yet who also offer wisdom, wealth and incredible erotic experiences to those that they deem worthy of such things.

Serpent women -- who seem to be far more easily encountered than their male counterparts -- can be both beautiful and deadly. Some can be quite receptive towards advances by human males, if perhaps a little bemused or curious. Indeed, the author can cite numerous personal experiences to this effect. Others, however, continue to hold themselves aloof from all warm-blooded races. A few can even be downright malicious, using their charms to wantonly manipulate and kill male suitors. For this reason, readers are urged to use their judgment in any given encounter.

Adventurers seeking to make love to snake women must go ever further into the wilderness to find them, for they are an elusive race and the steady advance of man's civilization has pushed them further and further from known lands. Still, they might yet be found in the most distant corners of the globe, such as in the Amazon rainforest, the Congo, and the jungles of India and Southeast Asia. Like their cold-blooded relatives, the snake people prefer a warm tropical climate. They thrive in the jungles and swamps around the equator.

However, unlike normal reptiles, the serpent people are as intelligent as man (if not more intelligent than him) and they possess their own civilization and culture. Some few serpent folk still can be found amongst the cities of man, though this is increasing rare these days. Still others prefer to dwell in cities of their own kind, some few of which are still known to exist in India, Arabia, Egypt and other portions of the Orient. Wise adventurers should show the utmost caution and deference around such sites, as the serpent folk rightly regard most mortals as unwanted interlopers at best.

Furthermore, many races of serpent people exhibit a strange, almost supernatural affinity for water. The most aloof of their race are said to reside beneath rivers, lakes and oceans worldwide, where they can safely resist unwanted incursions from land-dwelling races. Once again, adventurers should be aware that an angry serpent woman could easily drown a mortal with no effort on her part. Most often, those dwelling in freshwater are receptive to mortal contact, while those who dwell in salt water tend to be hostile. Exceptions are known to exist, however.

The various races of serpent people are easily recognizable in their true form, as they generally appear as idealized human specimens, gradually shifting into the body of an immense serpent below the waist. Given their choice of habitat, and the occasional mixing of blood with local humans (and other intelligent races like elves, orcs, fae, etc), most lineages of serpent people exhibit healthy, dark colored skin ranging in tone from olive to dark brown, and they tend towards classical aquiline features. Dark hair, dark eyes, and graceful build are all very common features amongst their kind.

Despite their seemingly unusual appearance, serpent people are very quick and graceful as a whole. Their powerful, snake-like trunks are able to carry them over land at speeds comparable to humans, and given their affinities they tend to be even faster in the water. These powerful muscles make their coils incredibly powerful. They can support themselves in the trees, like serpents, or constrict prey. Many mortal lovers have found that serpent women are quite skilled in this art, with a few unfortunates winding up blissfully a asphyxiating in their lover's coils. There are far worse ways to go.

In terms of material culture, the snake people range from the tribal level to the very advanced. Serpent women in particular are fond of jewelry and silks, as well as tattooing, hennaing, piercing, scarification and other forms of body art, which they use to enhance their natural charms. The serpent races do not hold vanity to be a sin, and it is quite common for the women to leave their breasts exposed or to flirt playfully. Sexual congress is regarded as an interesting diversion, and many can be quite frank about their previous partners.

All manner of art -- including sexuality, naturally -- is highly regarded amongst the serpent races. Most pertinent for our own purposes, however, are the various forms of erotic dancing that they have mastered in order to seduce others. Such dancing often involves complicated movements of the abdomen and tail to better arouse their suitors. Serpent men sometimes participate in these, but more often use music and poetry for the same purposes, charming both the females of their own species and those of other intelligent races. The serpent people also possess an extensive corpus of literature detailing the fine art of pleasing their partners, both male and female.

As mentioned earlier, the serpent races possess a keen intelligence, and many are accomplished in the arts of sorcery and spellcraft. This presents many entirely novel possibilities for sex, as they have been known to use their magical arts in conjunction with natural talents in order to... enhance the act of sexual congress. The author recalls one incident with a serpent woman along the Indus who used her spells to temporarily enlarge both the size and sensitivity of her breasts. Their well-known mastery of illusions and shapeshifting likewise is an asset to the sexually adventurous.

It seems that for every species of serpent, there are corresponding races of serpent people. In India, one finds venomous cobras and kraits counted amongst the learned Brahmin priests of the serpent folk. Some tribes of serpent people in the Sahara desert consist entirely of adders, while in the Pacific Ocean the banded patterns of the sea snake seem to dominate. The bayous of the American South are home to serpent women who proudly display the incandescent black scales of the indigo racer. And in the deepest heart of Africa, various serpent tribes display such diverse species as black mambas, gaboon vipers and pythons.

Most often, one can discern something of a serpent woman's nature by examining what species of serpent she most closely resembles. The author recalls one of his previous lovers, a hot-tempered beauty from the Arizona desert who displayed the black-yellow-and-red bands of a coral snake. She was a slight, petite beauty with small breasts and deep eyes. After traveling in her company for some nights, she finally gave into her lust and allowed the author to penetrate her beneath the night sky. During this incident, she playfully bit the author. Fortunately, she did not inject any venom.

Such behavior actually seems to be quite typical. Those serpent women who have an affinity towards venomous species such as adders, cobras, mambas, rattlesnakes and the various species of viper can indeed choose to inject venom, so adventurers are urged to use caution while copulating with them. An impatient lover who becomes angry or even aroused might inadvertently wind up killing her partner. And venomous snake women do enjoy playfully biting (and scratching) their partners.

Another encounter happened further south, in Brazil, with a very curvy, voluptuous serpent woman whose snake-half seemed to be that of an anaconda. She was the polar opposite of the previous lover, with light caramel colored skin and huge breasts. She was far more aggressive in her sexuality, literally exhausting your beloved author with multiple acts of intercourse each day. Like many of her kind who resemble pythons or boas, she enjoyed coiling her body around her partners, wrapping tightly as she reached orgasm.

The most often encountered race of serpent women in the West are those called lamia. Named for a cursed Libyan queen who angered the gods, all known lamia are female. Unfortunately, they tend to exhibit rather sinister tendencies. Like their great ancestor, lamia (or lamiae as they are sometimes known in plural) display an intense dislike for pregnant mortal women and children. They will, however, gladly seduce men, sometimes killing and eating them, other times siring children of their own. Given their origins, lamia are often found along the Mediterranean in Greece, Egypt, Palestine, Italy, Turkey and elsewhere, and bear the features of that region.

Some stories out of Iberia seem to attribute vampiric abilities to the lamia, claiming that they are able to slowly drain the life from their mortal partners as they drain their seed. The author has tried several times to test such claims, with different lamia partners, but they remain unverified. The last session ended with him being left breathless and tired at in inn in Seville. Clearly more research needs to be conducted in the field.

The naga (or more properly, nagini to use the feminine) of Asia are a far more equitable race. They are believed to have originated in India, but have long since spread out to Ceylon, Tibet, Burma, Malaya, Thailand and other far-flung corners of Asia. Nagini are far more intelligent and cultured than their western kin, with many preferring to reside in their underwater kingdoms. Still, they have often interacted with the mortal civilizations of the East, sharing both their magical and erotic knowledge. Indeed, many rajahs and sultans have claimed descent from a serpent woman.

Even more so than other serpent races, the naga are known for their mastery in the art of shapeshifting. While they can (and do) appear as the familiar half-snake, half-woman, they have also been known to appear as giant snakes or dragons, multi-headed serpents like the hydra, or simply women (and men) of unearthly beauty. If rumors are to be believed, nagini are quite adept at copulating in various forms, regarding it as both pleasurable and utilitarian. Many nagini believe that the form they assume determines their chances of conception, and adjust their forms accordingly.

Given the rather... unique anatomy of the serpent races, some consideration must be given to their reproductive anatomy. Most serpent women do not possess a vagina comparable to that of humans or other mammals. Instead, they tend towards a reptilian cloaca, a simple slit which serves as both genital and waste tract. Located beneath the ventral scales at roughly the same location that one would find a vagina on a human female, a serpent woman's cloaca is just as sensitive, and a human male's anatomy fits quite comfortably.

Furthermore, snake women are able to exert considerably more control over their cloaca than other races can with similar parts of their corresponding anatomy. Used in conjunction with their powerful snake-like coils, they are able to milk every last drop of semen from partners -- human, serpent or other species. The author of this article is able to confirm that having a tight nagini cloaca hugging your manhood is an incredibly wonderful experience, and recommends that all adventurers indulge in the act should the opportunity arise.

Sexual unions between humans and serpent people tend to be pleasurable affairs for both partners. Most serpent people are cold-blooded, which explains their preference for the torrid regions of the earth. Mortal lovers often report their skin being cold to the touch, and find genital contact to be strange but pleasant. Likewise, serpent women often enjoy the warmth that radiates from their lovers body, and many enjoy lovingly coiling beside their partners and drifting to sleep afterwards, the human body providing something that they themselves cannot.

Despite the differences in anatomy, women of the various serpent races are fully capable of reproducing with both humans and males of their own species. As mentioned previous, several prominent dynasties in Asia actually claim descent from naginis who took human lovers. Serpent women tend to have relatively short pregnancies, but display many of the same of the same characteristics as human females, such as sensitive, milk-engorged breasts. The author is proud to inform you that pregnant serpent women become very easily aroused while in the pregnant state.

However, the act of giving birth tends to distinguish the serpent races from humans and indeed most other mammalian races. Some lineages of serpent women, such as those descendant from cobras, pythons and many smaller, non-venomous snakes, lay eggs which must then be hatched. Others, like the authors aforementioned anaconda woman lover, give live birth. In both cases the serpent women tend to have numerous children, like the snakes whom they so closely resemble.

Of course, no such discussion would be complete without giving some words of advice to the newest generation of female adventurers. Much of what this author has said still applies. However, the author would like to remind his female readers that snake men often possess a two-pronged hemipenis like male snakes. This allows them to effectively service two openings at once, but can also come into play during orgies. The potential benefits for female partners should be quite obvious.

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