tagNovels and NovellasSexual Awakening Ch. 01-05

Sexual Awakening Ch. 01-05

byblack saphire©

Chapter One

It was a warm Saturday night. Susan was restless and was laying in bed. Hot, bothered and tired. She had just moved from the country to her aunts' house and was having difficulty adjusting to life in the city. She looked up at the fan circling round and round and wished she could fall asleep, but sleep wouldn't come. Susan was 24 years old and had moved to the city just two weeks ago, having started work at a law office. She missed home and she thought of her hesitancy in moving to the city, but she needed the job. Her aunt had offered to put her up for as long as she needed and she was thankful to have the support of family, not to mention a place to stay rent free. Aunt Georgia reminded her a lot of her mom, after all they were sisters, except that it was so much easier living with her aunt. Aunt Georgia was reaching 50 but still looked young. She liked to act younger than she was too and people often mistook her as being in her late 30's. She had split up with her husband more than 10 years ago and was now living with a guy called Tim, who was at least 10 years younger than Aunt Georgia. Susan figured this was one reason why she kept herself looking good and acting young.

Susan got out of bed and groggily made her way to the toilet. Lifting up her long t-shirt she sat on the bowl and sighed as her bladder emptied. She undressed and had a long cool shower and felt revitalised. Coming out of the shower, she wrapped herself up in a towel and looked at herself in the long mirror as she tied her hair up. She was 5'7" with dark shoulder length hair which contrasted with the white of her lightly tanned skin. She dropped the towel and picked up a bottle of moisturiser, liberally spreading it all over her body, something her mother had taught her from a very young age. "Always moisturise Susan" her mother would say, "keeps your skin supple and alive. Keeps away the wrinkles when they attack."

She watched herself as she moisturised, her breasts were firm and full and didn't sag, even without a bra. Her stomach was smooth and flat although a slight bulge was beginning to appear. She made a mental note to cut down on desserts. Her hips flared out and tapered down to long slender legs. Her tight ass finished off the package, a result of years of gymnastics. She had lost a lot of her flexibility, but could still do the splits without to much effort.

Susan went to pull on her long t-shirt again. Briefly she sniffed at it. It was damp and smelt of sweat. "Its so darn hot anyway." she thought as she threw the t-shirt aside. Susan turned the fan onto full blast and climbed back into bed with a book. She loved books and always had since she was a young girl. Getting herself comfortable, she lay under the whirling fan, immersing herself in the murder mystery.


It was 3am and Tim woke up with a dry throat.

"Too much whiskey." he smiled to himself.

He had had a night out with the boys and had drunk a lot, as always seemed to happen when the boys got together. He looked over at Georgia sleeping soundly as he climbed out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and guzzled a huge glass of water and felt better. As he was about to return to the bedroom, he noticed a light shining down the corridor.

"Susie cant still be awake can she?" he thought to himself. "Better go check."

Tim walked down the corridor and slowly opened the door. He choked back a gasp as he saw Susan lying naked on the bed, one hand hanging off the edge, still holding a book. Her legs were open and he looked at her trimmed mound. Tim felt his cock throb to life at the sight in front of him. He turned off the light and watched Susan to see if she stirred. His eyes were now accustomed to the dark and with the soft moonlight streaming through the open window, he could see quite clearly. He walked in quietly and knelt at the foot of the bed, watching Susan intently. She was beautiful naked, more beautiful than he had ever imagined. He slowly climbed on the bed and sniffed at her pussy. It smelt fresh. Tentatively he stuck out his tongue and licked lightly at her labia. She didn't stir. Emboldened, he licked harder, tasting her. Tim felt her stir slightly. He didn't want her to wake up and start screaming. Slowly he eased himself of the bed. He made his way to the laundry basket and rummaged through it, finding a pair of panties. He sniffed at it and his cocked jerked in response to the smell of pussy on the panties. He slowly undid his shorts and climbed out of them. As he passed the dressing table, he noticed a long scarf hanging off the mirror and he picked that up to. Tim made his way back to the head of the bed and watched Susan's sleeping form. He was going to fuck this woman but he was going to have to keep her quiet.

Kneeling down, he kissed her softly, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Subconsciously Susan responded, her mouth opening, accepting his probing tongue. He felt her move slightly and a soft moan escaped her still sleeping form. He removed his mouth and her mouth opened as if wanting more. Quickly, he took the panties from his hand and roughly forced it into her mouth.

"Ummpphh." Susan awoke, with the sudden intrusion in her mouth. She looked up and saw Tim hovering above her. Her eyes opened wide as she fully awoke and realised that there was a gag in her mouth. She sat up and tried to remove the gag with her hands as Tim grabbed her.

"Listen!" he said "Don't struggle and don't give me a reason to hurt you. Just be quiet!"

Susan looked at him with a mixture of fear and confusion. She nodded her head slightly, still trying to spit the gag out but without success.

Tim reached down and picked up the scarf. It was about 4 feet long. He twisted it till it became like a rope and he passed the middle across her mouth and pulled it tight behind her head. He pulled one hand roughly above her head and tied one end of the scarf to her hand before pulling the other hand together and tying that too. Now both her hands were tied above her head.

Susan's heart was racing. This couldn't be happening to her. She found it difficult to breathe with the gag and the scarf pulling tight across her mouth. Tim climbed on the bed once again and roughly pulled her legs apart. He pushed his mouth to her crotch and licked at her labia, no longer worried that she would make a noise. He inhaled deeply of her scent as he pulled open the lips of her pussy and found the bud of her clitoris. He teased it lightly, tonguing the sensitive bud gently before sweeping his tongue in one stroke from the clitoris down to just above her anus. Susan pushed her pussy forward involuntarily. She closed her eyes, not wanting to believe this was happening. Tim licked harder and deeper and although she tried to fight it, she couldn't help but feel her body responding to the tongue at her pussy. This was all new to her. Although she was 24 years old, Susan had led a very sheltered and strict upbringing. She had never been licked before. Hell, she had never ever been with a man before except for some kissing and cuddling and that once when she had jerked a guy off in college. But that was all.

The tongue licking persistently at her pussy brought her back to reality. Her mind was buzzing and her stomach had funny butterflies humming. Tim licked harder and deeper, his fingers massaging on her vulva as he licked. Slowly he inserted one finger into her - and felt resistance.

Tim pulled up and said "Hot Damn!" a little too loudly "You cant be a virgin can ya?" he whispered as he realised how loud he had spoken.

Susan nodded weakly, disappointed that the tonguing had stopped.

Tim laughed to himself quietly and climbed on top of her. He licked her breasts lightly, before pulling her by the legs to the edge of the bed. He spread her legs and positioned his cock at her pussy hole.

Susan's eyes grew wide as she realised what was about to happen. She could feel his cock nudging against her pussy hole and a fear gripped her. She started to protest, but the gag muffled her words and almost made them sound like moans. Tim pushed forward gently, allowing his cock to just open her vulva. He could feel her cherry just beyond the mouth of her hole. He leaned forward and took hold of a nipple in his mouth and sucked lightly. Susan shuddered at the new tingling sensations coming from her breasts. She relaxed slightly as Tim tongued one nipple and then the other. She could feel her nipples growing hard and her breasts began to heave slightly. Tim swallowed more of the nipple into his mouth and tongued it hard as he suddenly jerked his hips forward and broke through the thin membrane, ploughing his cock into the depths of her pussy.

Susan screamed. She felt like a knife had cut through her skin and she was being torn. She sobbed quietly into the gag as she realised her virginity had been taken away, and the pain. Although the initial shock was over, she still felt pain. Tim smiled down at her, a look of satisfaction on his face as he slowly began to fuck in and out of her. Her pussy walls clung tightly to his shaft as he moved slowly in and out of her. He lifted her legs higher and quickened his thrusts. Susan's body was beginning to respond. The pain had given way to a dull ache and the butterfly sensations in her stomach had started again. Tim leaned over her, arching her legs back, allowing him deeper access into her. He began to speed up his thrusts. Susan felt his cock moving faster within her, she was almost enjoying being fucked now. She arched her back and she could feel his cock thrusting deep within her. Tim could feel the spunk starting to build in his balls. He didn't want this to stop but her tight virgin pussy was milking him. He grit his teeth and tried to control the sensation as he thrust harder and faster into her.

Susan felt knots in her stomach and her pussy was tingling. There was still the dull ache and she wished that would go away. She began to move her hips back at Tim, meeting each of his thrusts, pulling him deeper into her. She could feel the urgency building within her as she approached the first climax of her life. Faster and faster the cock pumped into her and as her pussy walls suddenly seemed to clamp on the cock. A wave of pleasure washed over her as she moaned into the gag.

"Shit!" cried Tim "Gonna cum, Gonna Cum!" He pulled her tightly to him and rammed his cock deeper, faster and harder into her, feeling her pussy spasm on his cock. He felt the rush of cum churn from his balls and spill out the end of his shaft. Tim quickly pulled his cock out of Susan and stood over her.

Susan looked up wide eyed as the cock spit out at her . Hot white gooey cum splashed over her tits and some on to her face. Susan watched as the cock started to shrink and left a thin white trail of cum from her stomach to the cock head.

Tim reached over her and pulled the scarf of her mouth and untied her hands. He pulled the panties from her mouth and used them to clean up his cock and then wiped the rest of his cum of her.

"I hope you enjoyed that babe," he said "and this better not get out to Georgia or anyone else for that matter. It'll be our secret!" he continued laughing.

Susan didn't know what to say and she couldn't bear to look at him "Just go," she said weakly "Please, just go."

Tim smiled and put his trousers back on. He threw the soiled panties on to her bed, laughing quietly as he left..

Chapter Two

Susan sat up in bed and looked at the panties lying crumpled next to her. She felt repulsed to think that her most private garments - her panties - had been stuffed in her mouth as she was violated. She looked at the panties again and picked it up. They were wet and there was cum all over it as well as streaks of red. Gingerly she put a hand under herself and touched her crotch - she was sore. Susan climbed out of bed slowly. She looked at the bed and saw that there were red smudges all over the bed. Groaning to herself, she tore off the sheets and threw then in the laundry, together with the panties, making a mental note that she would have to wash them without Georgia seeing. She went into the shower and washed herself, making sure that every trace of semen was washed of her. Drying herself,

she dressed in a pair of panties and t-shirt and burying her face in her pillow, thought back at what had happened to her.

Susan felt confused. Betrayed and confused. Betrayed that Tim would rape her. Confused that amid the pain and revulsion that she had felt, she had also felt a stirring of her loins. She had enjoyed being taken, being made to orgasm. She had never experienced such intense feelings in her pussy. At the same time she felt shame. But it wasn't her fault. She hadn't done anything wrong. With her mind in turmoil, she cried herself to sleep.


Susan awoke early on Sunday morning. She wasn't sure if she could look at Tim, much less Georgia so she stayed in her room till she heard the car start up and move out from the house. She hoped that both Georgia and Tim were out and not just one of them. The last two weekends she was here, they had both gone out early and only come back late in the evening. Susan pulled on a pair of baggy shorts and stepped out into the corridor. Listening, she couldn't make out any signs of life in the house. Slowly, she walked out to the kitchen and looked around. Still no sign of anyone. She checked each room before finally making her way to Aunt Georgia's Bedroom. The door was open and she peered inside - no one. So she was alone. She walked into the room and sat on the bed, bouncing on it like a little girl. She was thankful to be alone and not have to answer any questions or look at Tim. The thought of Tim made her remember the soiled panties and bed-sheet were still in her laundry basket and that she had better do something about it. She put the sheets and the panties together with a bunch of other clothes in the washer and went back to Georgia's room. She had never been into Georgia's room before.

She had always respected her privacy as well as the fact that she was her aunt, not to mention that she never had the opportunity before. Susan lay on Georgia's bed, enjoying the space of the King Size bed. The bed had a headboard, over which was a small narrow bookcase. There were also two bedside tables on either end. Across the room, there was a full length mirror and a wardrobe as well as two tall chests of drawers. Susan swung of the bed and made her way to the chest of drawers. She picked the first one and opened the top drawer. This appeared to be filled with Tim's underwear and she closed it quickly. Taking a deep breath, she opened it again and began to sift through his under-things. There were a number of boxer shorts and a number of hi cut underpants. She opened the next drawer and these were filled with Georgia's undies. Susan rifled through the drawer and noticed that Georgia only seemed to wear sexy lacy undies compared to her comfortable cotton ones. To be fair, there were a number of cotton panties but most of the bras and panties were all lacy and very, very sexy.

Susan rummaged further through the underwear drawer and her hand touched a hard long object. Grabbing hold of it she pulled it out and looked at it. It looked like a rubber cock! It was a good 8 inches long and thick. It narrowed at the base and had a red circle, like a knob, underneath. Susan turned the red knob and the cock started to hum and vibrate in her hands. It was a vibrator!!! Susan had never seen a vibrator before although she had heard a lot of her friends talking about them. She turned the knob off and the vibrator stopped. Susan's heart began to beat faster and she felt butterflies in her stomach again. Feeling naughty, she made her way to Georgia's laundry basket and looked inside. She rummaged through and found a pair of Tim's hi cuts. She also found a pair of Georgia's lacy panties. Susan stripped of her shorts and panties and put Georgia's undies on. They felt nice on her and she felt sexy. Holding the vibe in one hand and Tim's hi-cuts in the other, she jumped on to the bed.

Susan turned on the vibe and ran it over her lace covered crotch. The sensations were startling, almost painful but yet not. She played the vibe on the panties, rolling the vibe from side to side over the panties. Reaching under her t-shirt, she rubbed her nipples and they grew hard to her touch. Susan was starting to feel the stirring in the pits of her stomach and her pussy began to tingle. She pulled of the panties and applied the vibe directly on to her vulva and clitoris. She jumped as the vibe hit her clitoris, the sensations somehow too intense. Susan was feeling strange, she was feeling as if her pussy was empty, that it needed to be filled. She was horny!! Susan picked up the vibe and spread her legs, bending them up at the knee. With one hand, she slowly parted her pussy lips and tried to slip the vibrator into her.

It was too thick! It wouldn't go in!!! Susan spread her legs wider. She dipped a finger into her pussy and found that she was wet. She pulled her finger out and realised that the entrance to her pussy was rather dry. Reaching her hand up, she licked her fingers and applied some saliva to her outer lips. Her body was throbbing and aching for satisfaction as she placed the vibrator at her now moist opening. She splayed her legs wider and slowly pushed the vibrator in. This time it slid in easier. Susan's eyes grew wide as she felt the monster vibrator sliding into her, spreading her pussy walls and stretching them. She pushed in slowly till about six inches were inside her and then she pulled it out again. Slowly, she fucked herself with the vibrator, restraining herself to six inches. She could feel the heat building in her and the tingling in her pussy mixed with the fluttering in her tummy. She pushed in again and left it inside her as she turned the knob and the vibrator sprung to life.

"Uuuunnnnhhhh!" she moaned as a new thrill shot through her. She could feel vibrations deep within her sending new sensations in her pussy. She grabbed hold of Tim's undies and sniffed at them. She smelled a musky odour together with a light scent of urine. Surprisingly, she didn't get offended by the smell but rather it started a different kind of flutter within her. She draped the undies over her face so that she could sniff it as she grabbed the vibrator with both hands. She started moving the vibe in and out of her, faster and faster and harder and harder.

"Unnnhh!" she cried "Oh Yes Tim, fuck me, fuck me good!" she moaned as she pounded the vibe in and out of her. She felt a pressure building up from inside of her and she knew she was going to cum. She sucked on the undies as harder and faster she worked the vibe in her pussy, feeling the buzz as it moved within her.

"Yyyeeeeaagggghhh, Tim, Tim!" she moaned " Oh Yessssss!" With one final blow, she rammed the vibrator all the way up her as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. She let the vibrator buzz a little while longer in her as she came down from the climax. Then she quickly pulled it out of her as the sensations became too intense. Susan switched off the vibe and lay on the bed for a little while before she got up and put the vibrator away. She picked up Georgia's panties and Tim's hi-cuts and took them back to her room with a satisfied grin on her face.

Chapter Three

Susan hid the two undies she had stolen in her dresser drawer, under some clothes that she rarely wore. She wasn't sure why she had decided to keep the undies, it just felt like a kind of kinky thing to do. Her pussy was still throbbing from the violation the night before and now from the vibrator fucking she had given herself but there was one thing she had learnt. She loved fucking!!

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