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Sexual Myths Busted


Author's Note: This story was inspired in the Story Ideas forum by Normal_Person. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Kari had started to get used to people telling her she was sexy. Ever since she dyed her hair red, she'd gotten noticed more and more by the outside world - not just as a Mythbuster, but as a sex symbol. The FHM shoot was only the beginning, it seemed. Now she was listed as one of the Sexiest Geeks of 2006 according to a poll in Wired. It wasn't something she'd ever thought to strive for, but she definitely wasn't going to complain. If people were going to tune in because they thought she looked hot, that was more than fine by her. The higher the ratings, the higher her paycheck.

When she'd signed on to do the show, she knew it was going to be a good time. She had been hand picked from Jamie's company to come on board as a member of the team and she couldn't have been happier about it. The fact that she got to work with two young guys - Tori and Grant - was just the icing on the proverbial cake. She closed her eyes as the make-up people did their thing, adding foundation and powder to her cheeks so she wouldn't look washed out on camera. This was the first time in a long time she had no idea what was on the filming schedule for the day. The guys were keeping it under wraps and to be honest, she was a little nervous. She trusted the entire team but there was something about the look in their eyes, especially Tori's, that just made her wonder. Luckily, it was just about time to start production for the day, so the cat would have to be out of the bag soon.

Stepping out of the beautification trailer, her red hair pulled back into two braids, she looked around for the rest of the gang. Finding Tori and Grant in what seemed to be a heated discussion she approached, wondering what all the fuss was about.

"You know this is going to be a myth right?" That was Grant. He had his hands on his hips, looking somewhere between defiant and mortified.

Tori just smirked. "Sure it is, little man. We'll see what happens once the ruler comes out."

Kari was more than a little confused now. She moved to stand beside them, one arm around each of their shoulders. "What's up, guys?" she asked. "What are we measuring and why is this so important that you two are acting like you're about to go three rounds in a boxing ring over it?"

They jumped back a little, not realizing Kari had approached them until she spoke. Tori was the first to recover, a slow smirk spreading across his face. "We have the honor of proving or breaking sexual myths this time around. The three of us, I mean. Of course, the cameras can't be involved in some of it, since it means you're going to get the pleasure of testing us out."

"Oh hell no!" Kari exclaimed. "I'm all about taking one for the team and science but that's going a bit too far. Where are Jamie and Adam? I'm going to put an end to this before it starts."

She had started to head off toward the trailers, only to be stopped by Grant's hand on her arm. "Kari, wait. Think about it before you run off." He led her a few yards away, keeping his voice low. "Number one, I know you haven't gotten any lately. The crew has big ears and even bigger mouths. Not saying abstinence is a bad thing, I'm just saying that Tori and I could make you feel really good." Grant was a huge geek but he was trying. "Number two, one of the myths is about masturbation. Tori and I won't even be in the room for that one, we'll just be monitoring you afterward."

Kari looked at Grant for a long moment. She was considering what he'd said. Her last boyfriend had been less than satisfying and she really hadn't been laid in awhile. Besides, she'd always wondered how good either one of them was in bed. They were your typical guys, full of talk - now she'd get to see for herself if they were spreading myths of their own. "Fine," she said finally. "But if I decide to change my mind, that's it. It's over."

Grant grinned and nodded. "That's fine." Then he winked. "Trust me, you'll love it. I promise."

She just shook her head. "Aah the egos of men. Something that never gets dull, although they get more than a little annoying." She nudged Grant with her elbow, heading back over to where they left Tori. "Okay fine. What are these so-called myths that you guys scrounged up just so you could get into my pants?" Kari was good at pretending to be annoyed. The initial shock was fading and truth be told, she was starting to get a little turned on by the whole idea.

"Well, of course there's the issue of size between the races," Tori said, smirking. "Grant thinks it's going to be busted but I have a feeling science is on my side as far as that goes." Grant just rolled his eyes, although he didn't say a word. "Then there's the matter of whether this change is size gives you different amounts of pleasure. And don't feel like you have to spare Grant's feelings, I'm sure he can take it."

Now it was Kari's turn to roll her eyes. "So basically my part is the 'Does Size Matter' question. Grant had said something about a solo myth too. Which one of the hundreds are we trying to prove or disprove?"

Tori grinned. "As many as we can. We're going to see if you get hairy palms, lose your vision and if you have worse gas than usual afterward."

"That could be a little mortifying if any of those proved true," Kari said, although she knew that these had been gone through time and time again by many experts over the years. "But it will definitely be fun for me to go through them all."

"See? What did I tell you?" Grant looked at her, chuckling. "So...where should we start?"

Kari smirked. "You two go measure yourselves. I'm going to do some shopping."


It took Kari a half an hour and two wrong turns to make it to the nearest adult shop. She'd always wanted to experiment with something other than her trusty vibrator - now she could do it and write off the expense as research. Couldn't beat that as far as she was concerned. Wandering through the store, the first thing she grabbed was the infamous Magic Wand. She'd heard so many people rave about it over the years, now it was time to see for herself if it was all hype. Hitting up the vibrators next, she chose one regular one and one G-spot vibe, figuring she could test a couple of myths about female orgasms while working on the others as well.

"Can I help you?" the clerk asked after a few moments. Kari was the only one in the store at this time of day, and the salesperson was bored.

Kari looked at the items in her hands, going to grab a clitoral stimulator that was shaped like a little pink bunny to round things off. "No, I think I have everything." She put the items on the counter, nodding.

"Do you need batteries and lube?"

"Yes, please." She was a little embarrassed that she hadn't thought of it herself, and she waited while the clerk tested all of the products and put them all into paper bags. Kari used her credit card, making sure she got the receipt so she could file it away and gathered the bags, heading back to the car. On the drive back she blasted rock music as loud as it would go, wondering what she was going to find when she got back.

As Kari pulled back onto the lot, she saw Grant and Tori standing alone yet again. She pulled out the bags, making sure that everything was well hidden. These were her toys and they were something she was going to keep to herself. The boys didn't need to know what tools she was going to use to test the greatest masturbation myths of all time. "So guys, what's the verdict?" she asked, smirking as she approached.

"Well," Tori began. "According to the data we compiled by some very kind viewers, and from our own experiences...Caucasian men statistically have larger erections than Asian ones."

Grant's arms were folded over his chest and he looked more than a little pissed about the whole situation. "Okay fine, so that myth may be accurate. We still have others to try so can we please just get on with it?"

Out of instinct, Kari kissed Grant softly. "No worries Grant, you get first dibs on me when we test the myth of penetration." She winked at him and then shot a look at Tori, showing him she wasn't impressed with his lack of tact. "Now, where am I going to be testing the masturbation myth? I'm ready whenever you are."

"Not so fast," Tori said with a laugh. "That's going to have to wait until tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Grant and Kari asked in unison.

"Yes," Tori said. "Tomorrow."


The next day, Kari was alone on a set that had been fitted with a queen bed and a light with a dimmer. She set up her radio on a little table next to the bed, knowing that some tunes would help her relax. She wasn't nervous about masturbating in and of itself - she'd been doing that since she was twelve. It was the fact that there were surveillance cameras posted in two corners of the room that made her heart race. The question was, was it from fear or was the idea of Grant and Tori watching her turning her on?

Once Tori had explained the reason for the delay, Kari had written down everything she had eaten that day and every time she had gas. She was trying to keep this scientific, even though she had a feeling these "experiments" were more for the guys' benefit than anything else. Most of this wasn't going to be on the air, the powers that be wouldn't allow it. She tried to pattern today's movements to the previous day's as much as possible, especially when it came to the food she ate. Everything had been documented, and now it was time for the test.

She was acutely aware that Tori and Grant were probably going to be glued to the monitors watching her every move, so she decided to give them a bit of a show. Pulling her T-shirt over her head, she revealed a black lace bra that allowed just the slightest view of her nipples, which were starting to harden in anticipation of what she was about to do. Her track pants slid off next, the lacy boy-cut panties coming into view as well. Of course, she was going to discard those shortly, but that was a whole other story.

Walking over to the switch on the wall she dimmed the lights just a bit, smiling as she turned the radio on as well. Music filled the room and she nodded, laying down on the bed and taking a few deep breaths. She let her mind drift as she slowly ran her hands over her body, starting with her encased breasts and running her fingers down her stomach and to her center. Up and down, over and over again, until her fingers pressed into the lace of her panties to tease her clit. She gasped then, starting to rub in circles. Her hips rocked up and she bit her lip to keep from moaning, sliding her fingers under the lace to touch herself directly. But the fabric quickly became too binding and she slid them off, showing her completely shaved self to the camera for the first time.

The touching of her clit just wasn't enough. Kari needed to be penetrated and she wanted it right then. She reached over to the table, grabbing the first vibrator she had selected the previous day. It was about seven inches in length and an inch in girth, something she could take easily while getting off at the same time. She used just a touch of lube, knowing she was already wet, then slowly slid the toy inside of her. This time, she couldn't hold back her moan and her back arched, causing the vibrator to slide fully into her wetness. She turned the toy on with her free hand and then returned it to her clit, rubbing it with renewed passion as she started to fuck herself.

This orgasm was going to come on hard and fast and Kari knew it. She could feel the blood slowly leaving the upper half of her body, all of it settling with a pulsing throb between her legs. Her back arched and she groaned, the first shudder of her orgasm racing through her. In the back of her mind she wondered what this looked like on camera but even that thought flew from her head when wave after wave of bliss attacked her senses. She needed to take a break so she could test the other vibrator but she didn't want to stop. Kari could feel the second orgasm approaching and she was going to make sure she rode it out until she was completely spent. She'd just have to catnap before trying the next one, that was all there was to that.


"Well, the G-spot vibe caused me to ejaculate, so it's definitely confirmed that it happens," Kari noted, going over her findings with Tori and Grant the next morning. "And I didn't have any more or less gas than the day before I masturbated so that one's busted."

Tori looked her over, smiling wickedly. "Then we have just one more myth to test, the one that ties in with the findings Grant and I had two days ago."

Kari just smirked. It didn't take a genius to know what he was getting at. "You're such a smooth talker, Tori." Her tone was completely sarcastic. "Just for that, big boy, you're going first."

She blew Grant a kiss and then took Tori's hand, leading him into the "bedroom." "Let's just see if you can live up to the hype you're giving yourself."

The minute the door was shut and latched behind them, Tori wasted no time. He pulled Kari's shirt over her head, unsnapping her bra with one hand while the other slid between her legs, rubbing her through her pants. Kari couldn't help but moan - if nothing else, Tori knew how to get down to business and get her turned on. Once the bra tumbled to the floor Tori pushed her back to the bed until she was laying down, stripping himself of his clothes before joining her. He kissed her then, nipping at her bottom lip until she gasped, then taking the time to explore her mouth. Kari pressed her hips up, wanting contact, and she slid her hands down to squeeze his ass.

"You made me so hot yesterday," Tori murmured as he got Kari's pants off. "I didn't even want to wait until today to fuck you."

Kari wanted to roll her eyes at that but she was distracted by Tori's hand in her panties, his fingers pushing in side her. "I'm glad you enjoyed it," was all she said, and then she shivered as Tori pulled her panties off, the cool air in the room hitting her just right.

Once he got her naked, Tori wasn't interested in foreplay any longer. He wanted to fuck, and he wanted it right now. He locked eyes with her as he slid inside of her, making sure their hips were completely pressed together so she could feel his whole length. "Like that?" he asked, in a tone that told Kari he'd think she was crazy if she said no. She didn't answer him, just rocked her hips, trying to tell him to get to business.

Tori took the hint, pressing her hips down as he started to move into her in fast deep thrusts. She groaned, leaning up to kiss him, wanting more contact besides just him inside of her. He kissed her back for a moment but then pulled away to breathe, pressing his face into her shoulder.

"You feel really fucking good, Kar," he moaned into her ear as he moved.

"So do you," she replied, and she meant it. He filled her up, and that felt really good. She reached her own hand down, rubbing her clit in the same way as she did yesterday. Tori was too focused to notice her getting herself off, working toward his own release. To his credit, he groaned her name when he came, although that was probably the most tender moment of the whole thing. Kari wrapped her legs around him, milking him and rocking against him until she came, a small release that barely just scratched the surface of what she wanted to feel.

Once Tori had gotten off of her to get dressed, Kari sat up, pulling on her own clothes long enough to go into her trailer and wash up. She didn't want Grant to feel like sloppy seconds, and she definitely wanted to freshen up for herself. She washed her face and body, her red hair pulled back in messy pigtails as to not get it wet if it was at all possible. Stepping out of the bathroom she pulled on a robe, heading back to the set for round two. Once it was over, if all else failed, she could grab her purchases from the day before and get herself off. At least, that was her thought at the moment.

Kari was already naked in the bed by the time that Grant came into the little room. His eyes widened when he saw Kari waiting for him, but then he slowly smiled, approaching the bed and never taking his eyes off his co-star. He sat down on the edge of the mattress, leaning over and kissing Kari, chaste at first but deepening it over the next few moments. One hand cupped the back of Kari's neck, the other slowly trailing over her breasts and then down between her thighs, teasing her.

She gasped against his lips, her legs parting a bit more to give in to his explorations. Two fingers slipped inside of her and she moaned, her fingers grazing the hem of Grant's shirt, tugging it up as far as she could under the current circumstances. Grant really didn't want to move his hands or his lips but he did just long enough for Kari to pull the shirt over his head, tossing it aside. Then he returned to Kari, nipping at her neck as his thumb found her clit.

His fingers and his mouth were driving Kari crazy, and she blindly slid her hands to his waist, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She pushed them down until they finally fell down to his ankles, sliding her hand around his erection. Stroking him slowly, she pushed his head up with her other hand so she could look into his eyes.

"Fuck me, Grant," she ordered, nipping at his lower lip. "Now."

He kicked his shoes off so he could get the pants away from his ankles and then climbed over her, lacing their fingers together and pushing her arms above her head. She moaned when he slid inside of her, his hips immediately shifting to find a good angle. Kari looked into his eyes and then tightened herself around him, watching him bite his lip. "Don't be shy," she said, looking at him. "Have your way with me."

Grant realized fast that resistance was futile, and he started to thrust hard and deep inside of her. He kissed and sucked at her neck and collarbone, wanting to leave marks, wanting her to remember this moment. Kari met his thrusts with her own, tugging just a bit at his hands, wanting to be free to touch him. Her hands were released just a few moments later, but only because Grant wanted to slide his hands under Kari's ass, tilting her hips up to change the angle yet again. She cried out when he hit her just right, the flush of complete arousal spreading over her neck and chest.

"Holy shit, Grant," she moaned, rolling her nipples between her fingers.

He nearly smirked as he watched her. At first he'd been a bit insecure about this part, wondering if she'd enjoy it or if it'd give Tori something else to gloat about. But now, seeing her reaction, he felt much, much better. And now he was determined to make her come harder than she had in a long time. Keeping one hand under her ass, his other hand slid along her abdomen and down to the junction between her thighs, his thumb sliding in and finding her erect clit.

She cried out, her hips bucking against his. "Oh God," she whimpered, feeling herself get closer. "Don't stop, Grant. Please don't stop."

"Don't plan to," he replied, kissing her deeply, his tongue sliding into her mouth. She sucked hard on the tongue, only breaking the kiss when she went over the edge, coming with a force that nearly caused her to black out. She gasped and moaned, her body shuddering as two more orgasms ripped through her body, one brought on solely by feeling him reach his own release. She was so drained from her orgasms that she could only whisper his name, leaning up to kiss him softly as their coupling slowed and then finally stopped.

Grant kissed her back, his own breathing ragged as he slowly slid out of her, laying beside her and running a hand along her stomach. After a few moments of laying there like that, he spoke. "So, how was it?"

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