Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 09


“My father just lay there about a minute before he opened his eyes and saw me. He was so embarrassed but I wasn’t much and felt a thrill at seeing my first man masturbating.”

My dad covered himself up and beckoned me to his bedside and said that he was sorry that his daughter had seen him doing that. He said, “But my dear one I get so horny that I have to do myself when I do not have a woman around to make love to.”

I said to him, “Well dad I masturbate a lot too. I know that I could not replace one of your girlfriends but I would sure like to try. How about you and I getting together and masturbating each other. Or even better yet father, you could be my first. I still have my virginity you know. Oh father I love you so. Couldn’t you put your big penis that I just saw up into my vagina and make me into a real woman?”

“Oh June dear, he said to me, we can not do that. It would really be bad if you father committed incest sex with his own girl child, his daughter.”

I said to him, “But dad, a father and daughter masturbating together is not incest, is it? Beside I am not a girl anymore, I am a woman now.”

“I think it is incest dear, he said to me. Beside we are not going to find out.”

“So that was that for now,” June said to me.

Then June raised my curiosity even more by saying, “Then eight months later I got my dad to think differently and we two started to do something the we are still doing about six time year here almost 9 years later.”

I thought to myself, well, well my sweet new sexy secretary also committed incest sex with her dear old dad. How hot is that?

Then June went on there at our table, “Not until the day my dad caught me jacking that young boyfriend of mine in the special finger up his ass it came up again about father and daughter having some kind of sex together.”

“So after I sent my boyfriend home I put on my robe over my naked body to go find my father and confront him about me having sex now. We both sat down together and really had a heart to heart talk about sex and me doing it with guys.”

“Ever since I had become of age I had a strong sexual attraction to my father. He is an extremely attractive man and that time I had seen his hard on in the tent when we were camping then later I saw stroking his big thick one over seven-inches long in his bedroom.”

June said to me, “Many a night after I first saw him masturbating that time in his bedroom, I went to bed and jilling myself off to the fantasize of my dad’s big hard cock in my hot little pussy.”

“I thought that now that my dad knew that I was making it with the guys that just maybe I could talk him into giving his daughter his big meat. And besides I had not climaxed with my boyfriend and was really still so much aroused so maybe I could get my farther to do it with me.”

“After my boyfriend had left, I went downstairs to the kitchen and found my dad poring himself a cup of coffee.”

She then told me what she said to her father, “Dad I did not know you would be home this soon. I am sorry that you had to see us like that. No I guess that I am not sorry. Now that I think about it I am glad that you know that I am sexually active Dad and I have been having oral sex and intercourse with two guys that are my classmates at school.”

“But June my dear,” he said, “couldn’t you just relive you sexual tensions and desires by just masturbating. You told me months ago that you did a lot of that. I think that you are too young to be doing the real think with the boys now. What if you get pregnant?”

“Oh dad I know all about having protection and the guys using a prophylactic,” June said to her father. I insisted that my young man have them when we do it and he wares one every time we couple. But beside dad we do more oral on each other than having intercourse.”

“Oh how I like my young man to give me a big climax by suck and licking on my clit and cunt. And oh how grand it is when I suck his dick and then he blowout all that good tasting creamy gooey cum into my mouth.”

“Good god girl, where did you learn to talk so dirty mouthed. And for real you are truly sucking off your boyfriend. And are you really letting him go off in your mouth? Oh daughter dear, do you swallow his cum too?”

“Yes, yes father,” I answered my dad and then said to him. And he gives me back a great climaxes by doing the same thing to my pussy. Don’t you think dad that it is about time I use my mouth on you big dick too? I bet you really taste good father?”

“When I said that to him he let out a small animal grown and started to rub his pecker in his crotch through his pants.”

“So I add to his lust by standing up and open up my robe and showed him my naked body,” June told me. Then she said, “I cupped under my breast and shook then at him and said to him, Oh dad get naked here for me and show me your big cock.”

“He said back to me, Oh daughter, daughter you are so young and I am so old. I have wanted and thought of having sex with you many time since you became a teenager but you are my daughter, my little girl. Your mother if she were alive would never allow me to have incest relations with you even now that you are almost a grown up woman and 18 and all.”

I fired right back at him, “Mom is gone and I am here and I want you so bad daddy. I have wanted your hard cock ever since that time in the tent when you woke up with a big boner and we talk about it. You remember a couple years ago I came to you and asked you to be my first and take my cherry. Well daddy it is gone now and my hot wet runny cunt can take all of you big cock way down inside of me.”

The June told me, “As I said this to him I moved right up to him and straddled his legs as he sat there at the kitchen table chair. Then holding my breast up to his face I rubbed my nipples on his mouth and said to him, Oh daddy suck my big nipples. And at the same time I put my hand back behind my naked ass and groped and found his hardening prick getting erect there in his pants.”

June told me, “Michael I could not have planned to wipe out my father’s reluctance to have sex with me any better if I tried to.”

“He just devoured and pigged out on my hard long nipples. And Michael way back when I was that young I could have small but intense climaxes when a boyfriend suck hard on my nipples so when my dear sweet dad did it I really had a rather big hard climax. I fell or set back on his legs and just shock with my pleasure.”

“Not a word was spoken between us as I got down on my knees and stated to unzip his trousers. But he offered no resistance to me pulling his pants off his legs. His erection was already up hard in his jockey shorts and sticking through the elastic waist band out and held up against his lower stomach. I then pulled down his shorts as well.”

“My daddies cock stood up to it’s over seven-inch attention and his pre-cum was already flowing. I did not waste any time as I put my mouth over his big circumcised end and started my tongue dance on his big purple helmeted end. And at the same time I stuck my index finger up his asshole and applied pressure to his prostrate.”

“The he said, no girl we should not be doing this. But dad was really getting in to me sucking on his big hard cock. For he said to me, oh baby, oh daughter, you do that so well. And then his voice trailed off into a low growl as he started to erupt in to the back of my mouth three big ropes of his man seed. I took it all down my throat in big swallowing gulps.”

“Then we kissed and then he said to me, I am going to do your pussy with my mouth you hot little daughter of mine and then set me up on the kitchen table and spread my legs.”

“By then my pussy was all a blossom and spread open and running. Dad said, Oh you sweet , sweet, young dear, your slit looks exactly as I remember how your mother look when she got aroused. And you have a great big clit just like she did too.”

“Then he started to mouth me by sticking his tongue in me as far as he could get it went to sucking and pulling with his lips on my big swelled up clitoris. This put me into a rousing wanted orgasm.”

“So stared a sexual relation ship with my father Michael,” June said to me. It has lasted for seven years now. We get together six or seven times a year and perform oral sex on each other. But no intercourse as my dad just absolutely refused to have the real kind of sex with me to this day.”

“Through these years I have told him about most of my relations with my other men but I have never told him about have any kind of sex with that old man of mine and Sally.” She went on to say to me, “Mike he never found that out about that old grandpa that had fucked me, took my virginity and how I was so well schooled by him in having about grown up sex. And I do not want him to know about my time with him either, so don’t you ever repeat to my father anything that I tell you.”

“Oh June sweet thing, I said, how could I tell him anything about your old man lover as you will not tell me anything either about that guy.”

So then June started into more about her first man lover and their sexual time together. She said, “Well back to my white haired old man first love and great teacher. Early on in his teaching he put a hand mirror between my legs so I could look at my vagina area. He taught me about all of the special parts to my pussy and what they were biologically called.”

“Then he taught me the nice but so nasty names of all the male and female parts too. He educated me on how these parts of the human body gave both sexes so much pleasure and satisfaction when they were stimulated.”

“He spent a good amount of time schooling me about my clitoris and how its sole purpose was to give me pleasure, not like his dick which had the other function of peeing.”

“He told me about my Garfenberg spot and then gave me my most intense climaxes to date with his fingers up in my twat pressing hard on my G spot. I do not know where he got the knowledge about women, but he sure did know a lot about what and where we girls got our pleasure from.”

June went on about her sex education by her old man teacher. “He spent a good deal of time teaching me about the male sex equipment. He was circumcised and had a big mushroom head on his cock, just like yours is, Michael. His glans helmet would get all deep red or purple when erect just like yours does also.”

“He explained how some men who were not circumcised or been cut as they call it, had a lot of foreskin covering their pecker end. He said that he like being circumcised, because he thought that having an exposed end made his cock so much better looking when he was soft and flaccid.”

“He said that he especially liked to show his big member at the local Y in the shower and locker rooms. I do not think he was gay, but he sure did not have any qualms about parading around in the nude in front of other men. How about you, Michael? Do you like it that you are circumcised?”

“You bet, darling, but I am not gay, not even a little bit,” I said to her. “I just love that my mom wanted her little baby boy to have all his foreskin cut away. I like to parade around in the nude too, but not in front of men. Only in front of you hot women. Preferably with a big hard on while I jack-off and spray you gals down with my sticky cum.”

“I’m sure that you like to really do that to women don’t you, you sexy pervert you,” June said with a little laugh.

“Mike,” she said, “I have never had a man who was not circumcised Mike. I have only seen uncut men in porno magazine’s pictures. And I think an uncircumcised soft pecker looks a little bit ugly with its covering skin over its lovely helmeted head.”

Then June went on, “Above all else, I am indebted to this old lover of mine, because he gave me my very first man fuck. His was the first cock that was ever in my cunt. He could have hurt me very much with that big prick of his.”

She said, “It was not that he just shoved that big thing in me, but it was the kind, gentle way that he did it. He was so slow and easy going with me for my first time that his cock never hurt me, not even a little bit. Also I had lost my hymen membrane earlier to my hairbrush handle when I tried it up my pussy when I was masturbating.”

“He was such good a teacher to me during my early learning years,” June said. He taught me all about a man penis or cock if you will,” she said. He told me how it fills with blood and gets hard when you guys get aroused. He told me all about semen, how sperm is produced in your testicles, and goes up through your prostate gland where it picks up most of its fluid mass.”

“He showed me where that spot is, under and just behind your prick head; where you men feel the most, because of so many nerve endings there. He taught me all about protection and how my boyfriends or men should always wear a condom.”

“He even gave Sally and me some prophylactic so we could have them ready for our boyfriends and in case we got really serious and were going to fuck big time.”

We just sat there talking in the dim light of the table candle. We were holding hands and staring longingly at each other. I said, “June dearest, do you think that something is happening here between us, more than the outstanding sex we had today, because I sure do.”

She said, “Oh Michael, I feel it too. Michael, something very special is happening between us. I am very excited to be here with you. How else do you explain why I am going into detail about my past sex experiences? But, I think we have to take it easy for now and see where this leads.”

I then said to her, “I know it is corny to say, but I think it was love at first sight, that day you were in my office the first time for your interview.”

June squeezed my hand and said, “I do not think it is insignificant or old fashion at all, because I felt something when we first meet too. Your handsomeness just blew me away in that first meeting of ours, Michael.” Then, she once again kissed me with a full open mouth. God, she so very good at full mouth French tongue kissing.

We broke apart and I said, "Well, the one thing I do know for sure is that they are going to kick us out of here, because they want to close. Look at the time; it is almost one o’clock in the morning. Let’s get you back to your car so you and I can go home.”

I said to her, “I think that we should go our separate ways tonight, even if I do want so much to share a bed with you. Oh I so want to feel your naked body next to mine as we drift off to dreamland. But maybe next time.”

I told June, “I am so new to this serious love thing that is happening between us that right now I have to be alone to think.” I then drove her back to our company’s parking lot.

I stood next to her at her car. I held her very tightly. Her beautiful pointy tits were poking into my chest. My cock started to stir as she twisted her groin into mine. She broke our kiss, reached down with her hand, and stroked my still soft but awaking pecker through my pants. She said, “Hey baby, I think that big tool of yours is coming alive again.”

I just brushed her hand away and said, “Darling, it will have to wait until a later time, because you and I have to get to bed and get some sleep after all we have been through.”

I put her in her car and stood at her open driver side window and said, “June, don’t come into work tomorrow or I should say today as it is almost dawn. You take all day off. You and I have earned a day off after what we did with these last hours. And remember, I am going out of town late this afternoon for my jobsite inspection out in LA the next morning, so I will not see you until Saturday.”

I then gave her a peck on her mouth, reached in through her rolled down window, and got one last squeeze on one of her most enchanting tits. “Oh my,” she said, “That feels so good, pinch my nipples more.”

I drew away my hand and said to her, “Serves you right, you hot little vixen, for trying to make my cock hard again just a moment ago. I will probably have to jack off before I go to sleep when I hit my bed in a little while.”

June said, “Guess what. I am horny again too. I will bet I have to play with my pussy and masturbate when I get in my bed too. I will be thinking of you lover with your great mouth and big meat when I do myself.”

I finally said good night and turned and walked back to my car with a big smile on my face and the most contented feeling I think I had ever had. Was this feeling I was having true love? God I hope so. I felt so giddy and so very, very right with myself in that early morning hour.


To be continued in the next chapter.

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