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Being here at Nancy's house these last couple of days while my back tends to heal has been an enlightening experience. Nancy has become quite the tease as of late and since my movements are limited I am unable to move much let alone reach out or twist.

This has been the perfect forum for Nancy to give me my just rewards as she tells me for having so many sexy women around me all the time. So she's been putting on the tease big time.

Whether it's walking around me with little or nothing on except for a pair of high heels or stopping to stand in front of me but just out of my grasp as she does a slow tease. Dropping her clothes to the floor then turning around and moving back a step or two which is just enough to get my fingertips touching her bare flesh. Sometimes she'll let me slip a finger inside her folds or backside but only as a tease.

But she did manage to give me a slow blowjob lastnight only after teasing me for 3 hours as I sat in the chair watching a X Rated movies she put into the DVD then took the remote and walked away. I could hear her in the bedroom with her boyfriend getting the pounding of her life while I sat there hard as a rock. Only near the end of the movie did she come out of the room with Jack's load coating her breasts before kneeling before me and taking me into her mouth. She bobbed on me maybe a minute before I it started to erupt. She took it all then squeezed me one more time, kissed the head and walked away.

She came back a few minutes later and pinned a a color printout of the attached photo across from me. She then changed the tape to an all female movie and again walked away without saying a word. I went to get up to stop the movie but she came in and grabbed my wrists and handcuffed me to the chair and told me to stay put. She kissed me and walked away again.

My stares went from the movie to the photo and back again. She was slowly torturing me and loved it. I told her I'd get her back but she laughed and said nothing. She went back into her bedroom and remained there for about 30 minutes. She then came out with Jack and Jack said bye to me as she walked him to the door. She then walked into her room then came back out carrying a robe. She dropped her clothes in front of me and said she was going to go take a shower and would be back. She gave my cock a squeeze and giggled then walked away.

I heard her in the shower as the movie played, I kept looking at the photo she put up and thought that that would be nice photo if it were for real. My mind really started going now as I watched some of the movie and thought of both Paula and Maria together.

Nancy had came out of the shower nude and wet. She walked over to me and saw my manhood pointing straight up and asked if I'd been thinking of her. I said no but was thinking of Paula and Maria together. Well she didn't like the answer and yanked the photo from the wall.

She walked back into the bedroom and came a few minutes later dressed in a latex catsuit with some 7 inch high heels. She placed her heel between my thighs and bent over to undo the handcuffs. She told me to lick her knee but I sat there and looking at her. She moved her stiletto heel over my manhood and asked me again. This time I did as I didn't want her to pierce my shaft with her heel.

She then knelt down in front of me and took me into her mouth and began sucking me. Her gloved hand stroking my shaft as she sucked the head. It felt wonderful to be able to feel her tongue against my shaft. Nancy then pulled off my cock and stood up. She asked if I was able to enter her and when I went to move I knew I couldn't as my pain shot thru my back. She laughed and said Paula isn't here to protect your sorry ass now.

She then turned off the movie and went into her bedroom. She came back holding an 18 inch long dildo and told me to hold onto it. As I took it from her. She leaned down and took it into her mouth and began sucking the head. Then she turned around and put her the head against her wet lips and pushed herself down on it. She began pumping herself as I held it in place. She had a good rhythm going as I kept feeding it into her.

Nancy was moaning as she rode the toy. I could only sit there and watch her take this length into her body. Before too long her wet lips were bouncing off my hand as she took the entire length into herself. At one point she she pushed herself down onto it and remained seated on it. She then looked over her shoulder and asked me how I was doing. I smiled and said fine. She then told me to slip a finger into her backside and to move with her. I did so even though it did put me in a awkward position with each up stroke she did. But she was able to orgasm finally as she pumped herself hard and deep onto her toy.

She stood up and slipped the toy from her insides. She then licked the head and the shaft and looking at me said it was my turn to feel the full length. I looked at her and told her if she tried I'd kill her. She then slid down between my legs again and took me back into her mouth and started sucking me again. She sucked hard as her hand pumped my shaft. She told me to slide down on the chair but I wasn't budging. She clamped her teeth around my shaft and pointed downward to which I complied.

She began sucking me again and taking me deep into her throat. When I thought I was about to cum I moaned out and she sucked harder as well as pumped my shaft faster. She pulled her mouth off my cock and told me to cum in her mouth that she wanted to taste me again. She put me back into her mouth and took me deep into her throat again. She flicked her nails over my ball sac and sucked deep.

I felt the first spurt of cum empty from me as she swallowed. By the time the next one quickly followed, she had slid her little finger up my ass and sucked hard on the head. I emptied myself inside her mouth and throat as she kept swallowing and pumping my shaft. I felt alittle pain in my low back but didn't care at the point. She sucked me so good and I came probably as much as before. She pulled her finger from my ass and squeezed my cock again.

She then stood up and fingered herself to another orgasm as she stood in front of me. She then helped me out of the chair and took me into the bathroom were she cleaned me up. She then helped me get ready for bed by stripping me nude and bringing me to her bed. She put me in and got undressed herself. She got into bed on the other side and snuggled up to me. She told me that she was just having fun with me and that nest time Paula comes over, we both can punish her.



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