tagMatureSexy Beach Scene

Sexy Beach Scene


Here I am, on an isolated beach laying on the warm sand partly clad with just the bottoms of my bathing suit on.

The sun was beaming down the hot rays on my back while my head laid resting on crossed hands soaking up all the sun as possible for the afternoon was coming to an end.

It was very peaceful and quite except for the ocean waves which was going back and forth lapping up on the shore line and then back out to sea.

I was about to doze off from the rhythm and sounds of water splashing against huge rocks in the area nearby, when there was a shadow of a figure hovering over me.

I quickly turned my head to see who it was, and there stood a tall, well built guy-evenly tanned with tight swimming trunks on. I couldn't help but notice a big bulge protruding and tried not to make it obvious that my blue eyes were darting from his face to the bulge in his swimming trunks.

He stated he was sorry for startling me and introduced himself as Chad. Here I was blushing and trying to cover up my breasts and my nipples were hard and erect at his presence.

Chad asked if he could join me and sit next to me and not to worry about covering my firm rounded breasts. I was somewhat embarrassed and replied okay. I then sit up and crossed my legs all the while glancing into Chad's brown eyes then to his crotch.

He saw the bottle of suntan lotion and said he would be happy to apply some on my back if I wish. Of course, I consented and was very happy to do so. It was nice to feel his hand on my skin rubbing the lotion all over my back and arms. Chad suggested I lay back down and take my swimming suit bottoms off which I complied ecstatically. Once more I was on my stomach feeling Chad's hand going all over my naked body, first my back then down to my ass and to the inner part of my thighs.

Chad had stopped for a moment, long enough to take off his swimming trunks.

I squealed in surprised as I felt the entire length of his body on top of me. Chad's cock was growing hard between my legs. Chad spread my ass cheeks apart and slid his hard 7 inch cock between them sliding up and down as I moaned saying yes, yes.

He turned me over on my back while his legs were on each side of my thighs. Chad leaned over until in a prone position - his hard throbbing cock was pressing against my pelvis. Face to face, lips to lips, Chad slid his strong tongue inside of my mouth, dancing with my tongue. He took his right hand spreading my legs apart, taking his harden cock and put it inside deep into my wanting wet pussy. While pumping his hard cock in and out of my tight hole, Chad cupped my breasts and nibbled, sucked the erected nipples. Teasing and circling with his tongue on my nipples, he never missed a rhythm of pleasing my hot pussy which was overflowing with hot juices from desire which was burning from within.

I began to moan louder as my body was rising up and down meeting Chad's cock with each thrust. He pulled out his cock and rubbed it against my swollen clit, back and forth, up and down with me begging for more. Once again, Chad took his cock and entered my wet pussy, sliding in and out faster and harder while his balls kept slapping my ass. Just as I was about to cum, Chad pulled out his cock and bent over to start licking and sucking my clit, twirling and teasing with his long hard tongue slurping and licking up all my steamy juices. With both of my hands, I pressed his head deeper into my pussy as I screamed with pure delight of each climax, exploding juices into Chad's mouth and then licked me dry.

Afterwards, we ran to the water to cool off from the activity we had both enjoyed immensely. Splashing water at each other laughing and playing. It was then that Chad grabbed me at the waist drew me closer to him, while fondling my breasts and tweaking the erected nipples and pinching them, he make a comment that he was glad he came to beach and met me. I agreed that I had a wonderful time being with him and put my hand inside of his trunks massaging his cock and squeezing his balls. I told Chad that I thought I should go since it was getting late. Chad gave me a quick kiss as we started walking back up the beach. He helped me gather my things and walked me to the car. He gave me one long kiss and stated he hoped to see me again, one day soon.

As I drove away, there was a big smile on my face as I was thinking what a good time we both shared on our isolated part of the beach.

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