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Sexy Revenge


*SLAM* and I knew Mandy was home from her date. But I wondered; why so early? I am partly answered when I hear "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM?! HOW DID I LET MYSELF FALL FOR THAT PILE OF SHIT?!" so I marked the page in my Environmental Design textbook that I'm reading and peek out to my grumpy roommate, pacing back and forth in the living room, her hands crumpling her hair on top of her head. "M, you ok?" I ask, very confused, stepping into the room. "You will never believe what happened!"

She goes on to tell me about how she was excited to the point that she was whistling this afternoon as she got ready for her date with new boyfriend Chaz. They've been dating for about a month now and he told her he wanted to do something special for their first month-iversary so he told her to wear something nice, adding that it wouldn't be hard for her (being the kiss I know from the few times I met him), and some cute comfy shoes, promising there wouldn't be hiking involved but some walking.

Chaz picked her up around 4:30 and took her to an outdoor film festival with an extra surprise of a light picnic basket pre-packed. After the fest, they left, and he took her to dinner at the new Italian place downtown (which is, of course, her favorite kind of food).

Apparently halfway through their entrees some woman barged in the restaurant making some big scene going on about how much she hates her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. Essentially, she saw Chaz, exposed him at cheater, dumped his 'polygamist perverted ass', then told Mandy she's 'a new kind of stupid' if she didn't do the same.

Mandy said she waited for the first ex to storm out then stood up while Chaz was babbling on about something like 'Mandy she's crazy! We broke up already! You have to believe me!' She nodded some them threw her drink in his face and walked out on him also. The first girl had been nice enough to call two cabs when she left so there was a taxi waiting when Mandy stepped outside.

I decide that my roomie needs a good ol' night of guy bashing and she mentions that it should be kicked up a notch so we reach the conclusion that this needs to be a drinking game!

From the bottom drawer I pulled out two glasses while out of the fridge Mandy grabbed some vodka, Kahlua, and 7-up; having recently discovered a drink appropriately named 'Mind Eraser'.

We agreed to take a shot each time that she mentioned a reasonably bad quality of Chaz's and the last round number I legitimately remember is nine and unfortunately that's not when we chose to end the game...

A good number of additional ME shots later, Mandy spontaneously announces, "Oh my God! That's it! I need to get laid!"

With no idea what she's talking about I ask, "What are you talking about Manda?"

"Don't you see!" She says, slurred but enthusiastically, "Chazbert is still one of my friends on my website page so if I get a really lay tonight I can post it and he'd get so jealous!"

I think it over for a second or two then ask, "Can't you just make a post without having to get screwed by some weirdo?"

She considers my suggestion then says, "I don't think my post will be as good if I just try to make it up," and after a long pause, adds, "Why are you so sure the guy would be a weirdo?"

"Be serious Mandy, what kind of guys are still up around campus and would be ready for a booty call at this point?"

Her eyes move back and forth across the top of her eyelids as she reflects on the nocturnal population at our college then admits, "You're right about that one...However!"

"Please just tell me what your crazy idea is since I'm sure I'm somehow involved."

"What I was going to say issss...However! Who says it has to be a guy?"

Putting two and two together in my head; "Are you serious? You really think you can make your ex jealous by having lesbian sex with your non-lesbian roommate?"

"I won't use your name in the post! I won't even mention that I'm going to be with a girl! But let's be real; we both know I'm not good at just making things up! I really really need this to get back at him for what he did to me!"

She begs 'pleeeeease' with her hands clasped, bottom lip pouting, and those sweet puppy dog eyes so with the alcohol degrading the logical portion of my brain, I concede to her request on one condition; "I'm going to need to down plenty more of these babes before 'we' can happen. Why don't you go get everything ready and I'll meet you in there after I've had enough drinks,"


After putting a healthy number more shots in me I see a sheer green lingerie teddy beside a gold and white lace bodysuit I almost forgot I bought for my at-the-time boyfriend almost a year and a half ago. I cross my arms and turn to see my roomie in an equally provocative outfit lighting candles around the room. The air fills with aromas such as Vanilla, Musk, Lavender, and Citrus that dance through the air together with beautiful choreography and she only notices my being in the room when I lean against the bedframe post causing it to squeak.

Turning to face me, Mandy mentions, "I got an outfit ready for you. I should be done with these candles around the time you finish," so I pluck the skimpy wardrobe from the bed, crossing to our small bathroom to change.

I crawl onto the bed with a small chill on my skin, feeling a bit exposed, and thinking 'I'm just being ridiculous. I've let plenty of guys see me like this; why not a girl I've been friends with for who knows how many years?'

Snuggling onto the bed and finding the most comfortable sexy pose. Just as I finish twitching and shifting (having settled on the classic 'bent arm supporting the head with legs outstretched but slightly bent') my beautiful roomie steps in the doorframe. Turning the light out, allowing the flicking candles to be the sole source of illumination in the room, she takes a step forward in her own risqué outfit; thin black straps attaching to small black triangles only big enough to cover her nipples, then two more straps dropping to the small triangle hardly covering her sex. She looks down at herself and tells me, "I really appreciate you helping me tonight, so I thought I would give you as much inspiration as I could,". I can't find any words to respond so she steps towards the bed, mounting it at the opposite end, lightly rubbing my leg.

I look at her hand, then her face, and she whispers, "Are you sure you're ok with this?" I nod and within seconds she begins crawling up, inching closer to me, biting her lip. Turning my face to look away from her as I notice myself feeling warmer, Manda used her finger to lead my face back towards her.

My heart flutters and my palms get clammy as she nears. Half way up my figure she put her delicate hand on my inner thigh and I gasped at the feeling. 'Guys have done this to me several times...why is this any different?' I keep asking myself.

Now even with my face, she gathers my hair in a loose pony, moving it to one shoulder and exposing my neck. Looking into my eyes, I blink my stunned approval and very carefully, cautiously, and seductively she leans down to my neck and gently kissed it, her lips roaming up and down. My eyes close as I cherish the touch of her delicate lips on my skin. I can't even process what's happening, let alone how great it feels! Her kisses are starting to soften me to their magic; disarm me of all thoughts of why society considers this 'wrong". Her smooth tongue made its gradual way up my jawline, then to my cheek, finally landing on my lips.

When our lips connect they synchronize instantly. Our lips squabble playfully for the top spot and I my pulse race throughout me. My thighs even throb as we elicit whimpers and moans from one another.

Softly rubbing my shoulders, she brushes the sparse coat from my arms then began weaving her fingers in the straps of my top. I sit up and reach behind me to loosen the garment from around and meanwhile her lips on my clavicle make it surprisingly difficult to concentrate on what I'm trying to do for us.

Her hands tenderly rub my breasts as I attempt the same stripping method with her, the fact that she's distracted by my ladies allows complete mindless compliance on her part. Her 'suit' lacks the convenience of the single hook of my brazier, so I lightly pull the spaghetti straps from her body then down her arms, permitting it to rest at her hips.

Something in me isn't quite ready to see another young woman's pussy, and it's not because I don't trust that she's hygienic and does routine maintenance down there, but something tells me this isn't the right time.

The feelings I'm getting from her touching my boobs are incredible and I not to quietly gasp over and over again as she gropes them so affectionately, all the while licking and kissing my chest above them!

In a very dainty manner, she tosses my garment from the bed and her kisses began traveling lower. I let a small whimper leave my mouth as I steadily drop my head back and close my eyes to better take in the fantastic sensuality of the moment, encircling her in my arms.

Lightly pressing my shoulders back down and began kissing my tits as they became more aligned with her eyes. Mandy slides her tongue from her and flickers the tip with my nipple and I have another one of 'I can't believe how good this is feeling' experiences where I close my eyes to soak in all the amazing sensations I'm feeling!

A moan slips out as she sucks my tits, always leaving her lips on my nipples and extra second before releasing them with a lewd *POP*. My fingers tangle their way into her hair as her mouth leaves a trail of kisses cascading down my form.

Once low enough she sniffs and gnaws on my vulva through my panties, erotic static buzzing through me. Her tongue reappears and traces over my puss as a gasp. After the tease, she kisses down my left thigh, then back up leaving an affectionate romantic kiss on my mound, down my right thigh and retraces her path with her lips.

Just as the voice in the carnal region of my mind starts screaming 'EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!!' Manda returns to my face level, framing my head with her arm, then kisses the tip of my nose and we resume our naughty make-out activities.

I feel her reach down, setting her hand on my stomach, soon creeping further down to my damp undies. She loosely cups her hand over my pussy and her middle finger coasts along the wettest part of my thong. "Mmmm...I love how wet your underwear is,"

My heart is beating so hard and so fast that it's all I can hear, worrying me that she might hear just how much of an effect she's having on me; how turned on I am right now.

Uncovering me, my hand becomes only her index and middle finger 'tip-toeing' their way to the top of my panties. Her fingers then entwine themselves in the top hem and lower them to my knees. "I've got to say; It's good to know I'm not the only one loving this tonight," she utters, checking in with her eyes before gently petting my exposed clit and lips. I bite hard on my lip in useless effort to muffle my whimpers of desire.

She looks up at me again then says, "I'm getting the feeling that I'm doing this right," a gleam of cheeky confidence in her eyes as I needlessly nod.

Beginning at the hollow of my collar, she kisses down my chest, over my taut stomach, then runs her hands up and down the tops of my thighs. I can't believe what I'm seeing when she lays down, her face now mere inches from my vagina and the realization makes me blush.

Carefully, she widens the space separating my legs, my lips feeling the tip of her nose. I take in a sharp breath when I initially see her tongue peek out. Then she pulls it back and looks up me whispering, "I really really appreciate this, so I want to know what you're liking, wanting, what's feeling good, you got it missy?" Again, I gently nod.

Her tongue laps up and the tips of my folds and I can't help but tremble in ravishing the feel. Then it wags between my lips, spreading them wider, and softly grazes my clit. I moan quietly as my back rises in an arch.

She places her smoothed tongue on my clitoris, glazing every bit in her sensuous saliva. As my moaning grows louder and less deniable her tongue serpentines on my hood, my whole body shaking in pleasure.

When her index reenters my hole, it retraces the perimeter over and over and over again, my hips jerking into the air in response.

"Is this feeling good bae?" She teases. My first response is to take hold of her head and shove it back down to my pussy and say, "Oh, so good...keep rating me hon!" I feel her smiling, whether with excitement or pride; I don't care, and I give her head a little shove to remind to return to the bawdy task at hand, or mouth to be more precise...

Her tongue set back to work pleasuring me. Lips tenderly enclose on my clit and she sucks it ever so slowly! I cry out her name, one of my hands leaving her head as I find myself bunching my own breasts then reaching for the bars of the bed frame behind myself. My head tries to sink deep into the pillows as those fingers strongly draw me into their allurement.

Reaching up, her hands find my pulsating girls and lightly massages them, a desirable undertone of aggression in her touches, and I'm still not understanding why this feels so good! "Own that clit, Mandy...Ohh that she loves being groped like that...Your tongue is amazing girl," I groan to her as my knuckles turn white around the bar.

I feel euphoric when she increases her speed with my trigger nub, sliding her finger into my entrance, twisting and turning it, driving me out of my mind with the amount of whirring thrills resenting their containment in my physical body!

It's almost embarrassing for me to hear how loud I'm moaning.

My breathing becomes more shattered than rhythmic as I sense my arsenal loading. "Mandy, it's about to happen," and she stuns me by answering, "I want everything you can give me, you naughty naughty woman," teasingly but somewhat serious at the same time.

Those seem to be the magic words, the 'open sesame' phrase, the greenlight because no sooner do her words finish than I began quivering, struggling to hold back my explosion. In the same instant her mouth seals on my vulva and every drop of cum I have shoots into her mouth as if it was always meant to be there. She tosses my legs over her shoulders, Mandy pushing as deep into me as she can get. Her thumb replaces her other finger in my hole as her hand shifts to better support the weight she was now wearing.

I wail as my orgasm takes over me. She blew a soft breeze over my fatigued pussy, ending my climax on an exquisite note.

After everything is said and done, I lay there on the bed gasping and panting for breath. I see her gentle smile looking down at me as I settle after my peak. She tenderly grasps my hand, raising it to her lips, and lightly kissing it. Next she kisses the top of my wrist, then an inch above that, and an inch above that. Her mouth traveled up my entire arm and her innocent face hovered over mine, proud but somehow humble at the same time. Feeling so confused about everything that had taken place tonight, so I start, "Mandy I-," "Shhhhhh...Brianne I really want you to know how much tonight has meant to me. I know this type of thing isn't your typical Friday...activity, or your typical bedroom 'thing' but...this, the post, getting back at my good-for-nothing-ex,"


The next morning, I woke up alone in bed, legs sore and almost numb between my thighs, then soon go through the mental screen shots of last night's intoxicated rendezvous. I hear a quiet sound in our common space and throw on some proper underwear, a pair of sleep shorts, and an old concert T before shuffling out to the other room.

Sitting in an arm chair, a steaming mug on the table beside her, and her laptop in her lap, Manda sat with her hair up in a tussled bun, she hears my movement and without looking reaches behind the top of the chair, pointing towards our kitchen behind her and tells me, "Hey there. I made a fresh pot of coffee a bit ago but didn't know when you'd be getting up so there's a mug in the microwave for you so you can heat it to your liking," I mumble a drowsy 'thank you', hit the start button to heat my brew, then take a sip the instant it's ready, and utter a more cognizant "Good morning," to which I'm surprised to hear her chuckle.

Pressing a few keys on her computer and closing it, my roomie sets it aside before getting up from her cup, grabbing her joe, and joining me at the counter. "You haven't checked a clock since you've been up, have you?" I shake my head, so committed to my coffee and Manda pulls her phone out, showing me that it's almost two in the afternoon.

Seeing my raised eyebrows, my lifted mug covering the rest of my stunned expression, she adds, "On a better note; I thought I'd let you read my post before actually...posting it," pulling the paper our printed just finished spitting out next to me.

I read over her recollection of last night and am amazed! Her essay creates a vivid image of two young adults screwing with no regard for any discretion. She managed to leave out certain details out rather casually! I set the writing down beside my now empty mug and gave her a big hug. She offered to take me out for some real food, but I let her know I want to take a rain check as "I'm going to clean myself up then head out to find a guy in need of a blow job to remind myself of what really arouses me! Wish me luck!!"

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