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Sexy Cousin Sally


I'm 39 medium built dark hair and brown eyes. I got a few extra pounds but otherwise I'm ok,

I guess, one way of giving you an idea of what I look like is that I look a bit like Tom Cruise,10 to 15 pounds heavier with glasses.

My wife is kind of short, but she's got a body you wouldn't believe, she's got long auburn hair and big blue eyes, oh, by the way she's 36.

She's got an ass that would drive you nuts, not to plump and not too small, just perfectly round.

Her best feature has to be her tits,they're big and I mean big, she's only 5-3 and her tits are 38DD's, which look even bigger because of her size.

She definitely looks like a better version of Rosie Perez.

Well, I guess I could make this short, so I'll describe my cousin and her husband the quickest way possible.

My cousin looks like Angelina Jolie, but with a bigger butt and bigger breasts.

Her husband is kind of like Jerry Orbach but taller and better looking, at least that's what my wife told me.

Their names are Sally and George.

Ok, now that the intros are over with let me tell you what happened last summer.

We decided to spend a weekend at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

After a day at the roulette tables we decided to turn in, the problem was that we had decided to get a room with 2 beds, so we basically had no privacy, but we figured it would be ok.

That night we took turns to go the bathroom to change into our pjs, we ended up talking and then watching a little TV, before we all went to bed.

That same night I woke up around 3am by a sound I had no clue where it came from, then all of a sudden I realized that it was my cousin giving her husband a blowjob, that really got my attention.

Fortunately, my position was to my advantage, since Sara was between me and the other bed., so all I had to do was peek over her shoulder to see the two shapes moving in the dark, well actually at that moment the only shape that was moving was Sally's head bobbing up and down, all I heard was the occasional slurping sound, the occasionally stopped moving for a few seconds, because I guess they were worried bout getting caught.

Anyway this went on for about 5 minutes, all of a sudden Sally's stopped bobbing and change position and just sit on his cock, all of this seemed like it was in slow motion.

The silent fucking didn't last to long, because after a minute or two I heard a sloshing noise, I guess she came so much that her pussy was all wet and the constant in and out of George's dick couldn't help but make that noise.

What surprised me this time was the fact that they didn't bother to stop, and that got me more excited than I already was.

Since Sara was in deep sleep (which she always is) I slowly and quietly took out my cock and started jerking off, it got even better when I heard Sally let out a moan, which I could barely hear but since I was awake my whole attention was on those two.

So as I was whacking away I feel my wife stirring, so I think to myself "shit!! I'm in trouble now!," but fortunately she didn't wake up.

Anyway, I was whacking it like crazy, when all of a sudden I hear "Mark! watcha doin'?"

I thought "shit!" while I was so busy worrying about Sara waking up George and Sally had stopped and Sally was whispering to me

"Mark! are you awake?" I said nothing "Mark, I know you're awake answer me". When I didn't answer again, Sally quickly turned on the night light and that's when I got caught, I closed my eyes as quickly as I could, but I was to slow, as a matter of fact I caught a glimpse of her upper body, including her tits.

Well let me tell you they were not as big as Sara's, but man were they beautiful. Of course I had no choice but to open my eyes , actually they were bulging out. I gotta admit when we were growing up I was always sneaking peaks at her at family gatherings or at the beach.

I finally got to see what they really looked like, she was staring at me too, because it was obvious that she knew I was jerking off.

The strangest thing though, through all of this George's only reaction was a smirk on his face, then he said to Sally "be quiet you'll wake Sara"

Sometimes Sara could sleep through a ruckus, but shaking her because of me jerking off was entirely different, but this time the combination of the night light and me jerking off finally woke her up, she looked at me with my dick in hand and whispered to me "honey not now, Sally and George might hear us", I couldn't believe my luck, she was turned towards me, so she didn't see Sally and George.

I said to her "Ok go back to sleep" she fell asleep even before I finished the sentence.

When Sally realized that Sara had fallen asleep, she whispered something to George, when I saw a nod from George , my heart started beating harder, I think I had an idea about what she had in mind.

She looked at me and positioned her self so I could see her legs spread wide open, then George positioned himself between her legs and plunged into her with his massive cock , it took a couple of minutes for me to come out of my trance, then I said to myself, " why not?"

I continued jerking off for about 10 minutes while George was banging away, man was she sexy , once in a while she would look my way with her tongue sticking out from all the pleasure and wink at me , that got me even more excited and bolder, at this point I decided to slowly get out of bed and take a closer look at the action, I was about 2 feet away when all of a sudden George grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to them, this time I was about 6 inches away, that's when Sally grabbed my cock and put it deep into her mouth , so I started to move back and forth into her mouth, George still had that smirk on him.

I couldn't believe it, George was fucking his wife while she sucked my cock and he just smiled.

While all of this was happening my wife was still asleep, it was incredible, Sally kept staring at me and moaning while she was sucking my cock and being fucked by George.

Once in a while she would take it out of her mouth and make a circular motion with her tongue around the crown of my cock and that's when I got bolder, while she was sucking my cock I played with her tits which had already nipples the size of the tip of my little finger.

What shocked me though was what George told me next, he said " you wanna switch? I'm sure Sally won't mind, I know I don't",. I looked at him with an astonished look and said "yeah sure", so we switched positions, but when I was ready to go in, I was holding her legs apart my hands started trembling. Sally tried to reassure me and said "come on Mark fuck me, I know you want it, just stick it in and do your thing".

Well, that did it for me, I slowly put my 8-inch cock in and she squealed so loudly that what I dreaded the most happened,

Sara woke up and looked at us and rubbed her eyes a few times and had an angry look on her face, George saved the day, he said "look, Sara I know this may look strange , but we got him all worked up and then got him to join us, you had to see him he was as shocked as you are now, but I gotta tell you your hubby is weak!"

She looked at me, I had a serious look on my face, then she looked at Sally and George, they had a big smile on their faces, but then I noticed a smile slowly forming, and that's when I knew she's made up her mind.

Sara shook her head and said" I knew he was weak, but his own cousin?, well, I kinda like this idea, I mean who can resist a piece like that" ,she moved closer, but some how she was more interested in Sally than any of us.

Anyway, she got closer to Sally and went straight for her pussy, George and I had no clue what to do next , we just looked at each other we had these stupid looks on our faces.

Well , it shows you how sometimes us guys don't get it, Sara and Sally had it all figured out, they got busy right away.

We stood there while Sara and Sally were busy with a sixty nine, then George said" hey Mark how about it, you fuck your cousin up the ass while I take your wife, let's see if they're game first and then we can all enjoy these two bitches while they enjoy each other, how about it buddy?", I said" sure, sounds great!" ,well, we got our answer right away, Sara and Sally overheard what we were saying and agreed right away, both had smiles from ear to ear.

Well, it was easier said than done, imagine this, Sara and Sally doing a 69 and George and I trying to fuck them in the ass at the same time.

Sally positioned herself on the edge of the bed so I could have easy access to her asshole, while Sara was licking her pussy she bent over a bit more so George could fuck her shit hole while Sally had her tongue in Sara's pussy.

That was a hell of a night, I'll tell you how it ended next time.

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