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It all started when I accepted an invitation to go over to my friend Dave's house. Dave was a wealthy guy who lived in a large, almost like a mansion, type of house. I had grown up with Dave but I didn't consider him one of my closest friends or anything. He could be kind of spoiled and arrogant but because he was wealthy, he always had the best toys, parties, etc. The summer had started to kick in and it was pretty hot outside so when I received an invitation to come swim in Dave's pool, I eagerly accepted it.

Dave greeted me at his front door wearing only a pair of baggy red swimming trunks. Dave was a bigger guy than me. You could tell from his chest that he worked out but he it wasn't like he was completely ripped or anything. "Finally got here Benny," Dave said to me. "There is beer in the fridge and the pool is in the back." Dave looked me over. "Where is your swimsuit?"

"Swimsuit?" I asked. "Oh yeah," I muttered. I lifted up the bag I had carried in from my car and began to go through it. I found my towel, my sunglasses, a tube of sun tan lotion, but no swim trunks. "Crap," I stated. "I must have left them on my bed. I am going to have to go back."

Dave rolled his eyes at me. "Relax," he said. "I have another suit that you can use in my room." Dave walked over to his fridge and opened up the door. He reached inside and grabbed a beer. "It's the only thing in the bottom drawer in the dresser near the window." Dave opened the beer and took a sip from the can. "I'll see you outside at the pool when you've got your suit on." Dave opened up the sliding glass door leading to his backyard and walked out.

I walked down the hall to Dave's bedroom. Sure enough, I saw a dresser sitting right below a window. I walked over to it and opened the bottom drawer. There was just one swimsuit in there which I picked up. I immediately noticed that it was not like the trunks that Dave was wearing. It was made of a yellow latex material and looked like a speedo. "Are you serious?" I muttered to myself. I opened up the other drawers to try to find a different suit but there weren't any other options. I didn't like the idea of wearing such a revealing swimsuit but I didn't really feel like going back to my house so I ended up undressing and putting on the yellow swimsuit that was in the drawer. It felt tight on me, especially on my backside.

I walked down the hall and opened up the sliding glass door. As I stepped outside, I could feel the hot summer air hit me. It was a hot day outside; perfect weather for being out at the pool. "Hey Dave," I said as I walked over to where he was laying on an inflated raft. I turned my back to him and bent over to set down the bag with my towel and other items.

Dave was laying on his backside on the raft which had a cushion at the end which propped up Dave's head. As soon as Dave saw me walk out, his eyes became focused on my ass. When I bent over to put my stuff down, Dave lifted up the pair of sunglasses he was wearing. "Shit," he said under his breath.

I turned around and noticed Dave staring at me with a weird look on his face. "Is something wrong?" I asked. I bent over again with my ass facing out towards Dave to grab the sun screen out of my bag.

"Holy shit man," Dave said. "You've got a hot girl's ass. I never noticed it before but in that swimsuit; damn."

"What?" I said awkwardly. I shifted my waist and looked at my reflection in the pool water. I immediately noticed my face was blushing red and when I looked down I could see what had gotten Dave's attention. I had always had tight, curvy ass and the tight spandex material of the swim suit really hugged the curves of my ass. If someone were just to see just my butt, they probably would have guessed it belonged to a woman.

"That's crazy," Dave said as he stared me down. "Shake your ass for me, I want to see what it looks like."

I felt uncomfortable with Dave staring me in such a weird, sexual way. "Umm," I stuttered. "No thanks, I am going to go swimming."

Dave slid off of the raft and swam over the edge of the swimming pool near me. He grabbed the side of the pool and lifted himself up. "The water does feel great." He said. "But you should definitely put some sun screen on. Why don't you lean over that chair right there and I can do your back." Before I could say anything, Dave grabbed the sunscreen out of my hand.

"I guess," I said reluctantly. I turned my back to Dave and stepped over to a nearby chair. I crouched over the chair, lifting my ass in the air and leaving my back open and exposed for purposes of sunscreen.

Dave walked up to my slowly. His eyes were completely focused on the edges of my curvy ass which were peeking out the sides of the skimpy suit I was wearing. He squeezed some white creamy sun screen into his hands and bent over me. His hands rubbed the suntan lotion around my back while he stared at my ass.

I felt Dave's hands rubbing back and forth across my back. I then felt something hard press up against the back of my butt. "What the hell?" I asked. I turned around and saw Dave standing there with an enormous tent in his swimtrunks. "Oh my god," I gasped. From the bulge I saw in his swimsuit, Dave must have a huge cock.

"Shit," Dave said. "I am sorry man. Looking at that ass of yours reminded me of a girl I slept with." Dave lowered the sun screen bottle to his waste so it was parallel to his bulging cock. The sun screen bottle looked smaller by comparison. "Here, you rub the rest in." Dave squeezed the bottle and shot a few streams of sun screen towards me. The creamy globs hit me in the face.

I rubbed the sun screen on to my face and chest. "That's gross man," I said staring at the tent in his pants. "You need to get rid of that thing."

"You're right," he said. "Maybe the water will cool me down." Dave walked over to the water, his bulge swinging back and forth with every step. Finally, Dave reached the edge and slid into the pool feet first. Dave paddled around a bit but kept looking at me. "But just do me one favor," Dave asked. "Shake your ass for me. I keep thinking about it so if you do it, I can think about something else.

"I don't know Dave," I debated. "I don't like the way you keep looking at me. I'm your friend and I am straight, I am not some slutty girl you banged." I cleared my throat. "If it'll get you to leave me alone though, I guess I will do it." I turned my ass in his direction and shook my hips back and forth. As a result, my shapely ass cheeks jiggled around. "How's that?" I asked as a stuck my ass out further and shook it around at him.

Dave whistled while he swam excitedly around in the pool. "That's hot," he said. "Chicks pay thousands of dollars for asses like that."

"Ok," I said. "I did it for you so let's just drop this whole thing," I said. I finished rubbing the sun screen on my body and went ahead and jumped into the pool.

Dave paddled over next to me. As he floated in the water, he spoke to me, "I have a crazy idea." Dave continued, "You should sit on my lap. Your ass looks like a girl's but does it feel like one? It can be an experiment."

"That doesn't sound like a good idea to me," I replied. "That sounds really gay... and gross. I saw that huge tent in your pants. I don't want that thing anywhere near my ass."

"Come on," Dave argued. "It's not gay; I am just curious. It has nothing to do with sex or anything like that. We should totally do it though."

"Dave, I really don't want to sit on your lap," I explained. "Please, stop trying to pressure me to do something like that."

Dave swam over to the edge of the pool with steps leading up. He lowered himself down so that he was sitting on one of the steps. "Come on bro, sit on my lap," he commanded. "We both have suits on. It will just be a few seconds of sitting."

"No," I replied sternly. "I am not sitting on it."

"You're a tease," Dave complained. "You were blessed with that ass. You should be showing it off and sharing it with other people."

I look suspiciously at Dave. "I am not gay," I explained. "I don't share my ass with dudes. Seriously, you are grossing me out with all this obsessing over my ass."

"Are you kidding me?" Dave asked indignantly. "I was just joking around. You don't have to get all weird and pissed off about it. It was a joke." Dave swam away from me. "Sheesh, you must be gay if you are so insecure about a joke."

At that point we both swam around the pool quietly for a while. I did not know what else to say so I just let Dave have the last word. The whole situation had gotten kind of awkward. I tried to focus on the pool. The cool water felt very nice. It definitely was an escape from the hot sun. As I swam, I kept thinking about Dave. Maybe he was right and I was just overreacting. Still, the thought of sitting on Dave's lap gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

After swimming for a while in Dave's pool, I decided it was time to go. I swam over to the edge of the pool and placed my hands on the tiles surrounding the edges of the pool. Gently, I pushed down and lifted my torso up and over the edge of the pool. Finally I was able to lift my ass out of the water and I sat down on the edge of the tile. I was able to stand up and began walking towards Dave's house. I turned my head and spotted Dave once again staring at my ass. I blushed and yelled out to him, "Thanks for the swim, Dave. I have to go now. Do you want me to just leave the suit in the room?" I grabbed the towel out of my bag and began drying myself off.

Dave swam over to the edge of the pool. He shook his head at me and spoke, "No, why don't you keep it," Dave said. "You can wear it whenever you come hang out over here."

I couldn't imagine myself ever wearing this suit around Dave again but out of politeness, I responded back to him, "Thanks." When I finished drying myself I walked toward the house. "I will talk to you later," I said to Dave as I opened the sliding glass door.

After getting changed back into regular clothes, I left Dave's house. Over the next week I found myself increasingly bored. My thoughts kept drifting to Dave and whether I did the right thing by refusing to sit on his lap. I kept worrying that I had made things too awkward. Maybe it would have been better if I had just done it. I have known Dave for a while now and he has always expressed interest in girls and only girls.

The next weekened it was especially hot outside. The air conditioning in my apartment could not keep up with this level of heat and I found myself sweating just sitting on the couch and watching the television. I walked over to my fridge and grabbed a cold soda. Instead of opening it, I held it up to my forehead to try and cool off my head. If there was ever a day where I wanted to go swimming, this day was it. I lowered my arm down and put the soda on the end table next to my couch. I grabbed my cell phone from my pocket and sent Dave a text message asking him if I could come over.

I waited for a half hour and received no response. I started thinking he still felt awkward about what happened last time that I was at his house. I tried to think of someway to address it through a text message but every message I could think of to send him that might help alleviate the awkwardness also had the potential to make things worse. Finally, a thought occurred to me. Maybe if I sent him a photograph of myself in Dave's suit, it would let him know things were cool and I was not threatened by him joking around.

I changed into the tight fitting, ass cheek revealing, yellow bathing suit that I had received from Dave. I walked over to a full length mirror I had hanging on the wall of my apartment. Looking at my reflection, I could definitely see why Dave would say that the suit made me look like I had a woman's ass. No wonder he wanted me to sit on his lap, I thought. I stuck my ass out and struck a gratuitous pose. I put a sly smile on my face and lifted up my phone and snapped a photo. I quickly sent the picture I had taken to Dave as an attachment to a text message.

Dave responded to my message very quickly. My phone vibrated and when I opened the text messages, I saw Dave had texted me, "Nice pic. Change of heart?"

I quickly wrote up a text response to Dave. The message read, "Just showing off, like you said that I should."

Dave responded back through a text, "There you go. Embrace it."

A drop of sweat came tumbling off of my eyebrow and landed on the screen of my cell phone. I grabbed my shirt off the floor and used it to wipe off the screen. I figured I better get to the point; I texted back to Dave, "So, can I come over to swim?"

Dave replied to me, "Sure, I will be in the pool in the back."

I quickly slapped some sunscreen on and made my way towards my car. I couldn't wait to be out of my apartment and in Dave's pool. Traffic was light and it did not take me very long to drive to Dave's large house. When I got there, I didn't bother knocking on the door. I went through the unlocked gate to the side of the house and entered the backyard. I noticed Dave, shirtless, sitting on the steps leading into the pool.

"Hey there Benny," Dave shouted to me with a grin on his face. "Get over here and show me that lovely lady ass of yours."

Dave's comment caused me to blush. I walked over toward where he was sitting. I turned around so my butt was facing Dave. I turned my head back so I could see Dave staring at it. I wiggled my waist which caused butt cheeks jiggled around in the suit. The whole time I was beat red from blushing. "It is like a girls, huh?" I asked with a hint of embarrassment coming through in my voice. I could tell Dave was mesmerized by the movement of my ass.

"Yeah, I kept trying to tell you before." Dave commented. "Now come over here and sit on my lap. We never finished last time. I was going to see if it felt like a girl's ass before you got all weird and gay about everything."

"You promise you aren't going to do anything weird if I sit on it?" I asked. "And do you promise you're not going to rub a boner up against my ass or anything gay like that?"

"Fuck no, I am not going to do that" Dave responded. "Look, I am straight, you're straight. We both like women. You sitting on my lap, it's not a sexual thing, just more of a scientific thing."

"Well," I said hesitantly. "I guess, maybe for a little bit then..."

"Hell yeah!" Dave explained "That's the spirit, come sit on Daddy's lap." Dave spread his legs underneath the water and patted the top of the water above his crotch. Dave's lower half was submerged in a sitting position on some steps in the pool but his crotch was only barely below the water.

I slid my body into the pool water. The coolness of the water was a welcome relief from the beating hot sun. Reluctantly I swam over towards Dave and ended up sitting down on the same step he was sitting on. I looked at him intently. I was hoping he would call it off at the last second and call me a faggot but when I looked at his face, I could tell he was eager for this to actually happen and I wouldn't get out of it that easily. I swallowed hard and stood up from the step. I positioned myself in front of Dave with my backside facing him. All I had to do was squat down and I would be sitting on top of his lap. My ass cheeks hung out right in front of Dave's face.

Dave playfully slapped my ass, causing it to jiggle. Dave laughed and then grabbed the sides of the cheeks of my ass and began rubbing them.

"Ugh," I grunted. "What the hell?" I asked. "Get your hands off my ass, Dave." I felt Dave let go of my ass. "Ok, let's get this over with." I lowered myself down until I felt my butt hit the water of the pool. Moving just a little bit further down, I ended up resting my ass up against Dave's crotch.

"Oh wow," Dave commented. "That feels... fantastic." I just had Samantha sitting up on here a few days ago, and I must say, you feel just like her up on my lap like that."

"Samantha?" I asked shocked. Samantha was a classmate of Dave and I when we had been in school. I always had a crush on her. In fact, I remember telling Dave that I liked her when we were in school together. But Samantha always seemed like a classy girl to me. I couldn't imagine her sitting on Dave's lap like some bimbo. "Samantha sat on your lap?"

"Oh yeah," Dave explained. "Your ass feels just like hers. The only difference is, we had been skinny dipping and when she sat on my lap, it was skin against skin."

"No way," I said. "Samantha sat on your lap with her bare ass?"

"Oh yeah," Dave spoke. "Well, there was not much she wouldn't do when she saw what I was packing underneath my suit. Dave shifted his hips a little bit and began rubbing his crotch up against my ass. "Unhm," he grunted as he did so.

I didn't do anything at first. I just figured that Dave was trying to get comfortable. But then I felt something hard and pointy poking into my asscheek. "Dave!" I yelled. "What are you doing!?"

"Take it easy man," Dave said. He grabbed my sides with his strong hands and began moving my body back and forth across his lap. "Oh yeah."

"Ohh, gross man," I complained. "Dave, ugh, you promised you wouldn't rub your cock up against me."

Dave did not stop moving me against his lap. "No," Dave said defiantly. "What I said was I wasn't going to promise anything. You misunderstood me." Dave began grunting and moving his hips along with the way he was moving my body. "I am just getting a feel for this ass. Unh. Nothing... Unh... to worry about."

"I never should have sat on your lap." I complained. I debated trying to fight my way off of him but I decided to just wait and see what ended up happening. Dave's cock felt so hard and big as it rubbed up against my ass.

"Hold on," Dave muttered. "This isn't right." Dave stopped the rubbing and let me rest on top of his lap, in turn causing me to sigh in relief. Dave took his right hand off of me and reached it underneath the water. "Just relax." Dave fiddled with something underneath the water. Suddenly he pulled a red swimsuit out from underneath the water and tossed it aside. "That's better."

"Wait a minute," I gasped as I saw what appeared to be Dave's suit being tossed aside. "Please tell me that wasn't what I thought it was." I started to panic and I tried to pull away from Dave.

Dave quickly grabbed me again with his other hand and held me in place. "I was just thinking about Samantha and," Dave began as he rubbed his bare crotch up against my ass. "Unh," Dave moaned. "I wanted a closer comparison."

I felt Dave's hard erection poke into the side of my ass. It was separated only by the thin material of the swimsuit I was wearing. I felt the hard steel pole slide across my ass. "Oh my god," I gasped.

"Check it out," Dave spoke to me. He lifted me up an above his lap. When he did so, he revealed to me his enormous pulsating cock. It was far bigger than I had ever imagined. The fat mushroom shaped cock head on the end pointed straight up at my ass.

"Holy shit," I commented. "It's huge. No wonder Samantha sat on your lap."

Dave smirked at me. He shook his hips which caused his enormous, rock hard cock to flop around below me. "She did a lot more than sit on my lap," Dave explained. Dave pulled me back up on to the next step behind him so that his lap was no longer submerged beneath the water. As Dave did so, he swung his huge cock back and forth nearby my ass.

I found myself memorized by Dave's cock. His steel rod swung like a pendulum and I was completely hypnotized. I couldn't deny that seeing Dave's big cock swinging around nearby my tight, shapely ass was a hot sight to behold. If the situation wasn't embarrassing enough, I soon realized I was pitching a substantial tent of my own in the front of my suit.

"I can tell that you like what you see," Dave said chuckling. "You should take off your suit and rub your ass up against it. Maybe you can give me a lapdance like Samantha did. It will be really hot." Dave lowered me down so that I was now sitting on his thick cock. "Just think about how hot that would be."

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