tagMatureSexy Trailer Park Teen Ch. 02

Sexy Trailer Park Teen Ch. 02


How a knockout eighteen year old becomes obsessed with older men of wealth and power, but especially a lust for men with enormous cocks.

The day I discovered my red-neck stepdaddy had a gargantuan cock.

I came home early from school because of some half-day for some teachers workshop. As I walked up the dirt road to the trailer I saw two black girls my age walk out of the side door. Our trailer was set-back the farthest in the mobile park and was really isolated from all the others, so being curious I snuck behind the row of bushes and got close to the trailer.

I couldn't believe it, but standing in the doorway I saw one of the black girls bend forward with her tongue flicking wildly across my stepdads. She was moaning like crazy in this twisted kiss while the other black teen stood on the other side of him running one hand across his scrawny chest while her other hand was rubbing the huge bulge in the front of his crotch. Because he is really short and the girls were wearing high heel pumps they each towered over him. This in itself made the scene totally trailer park trashy.

Both girls were pitch- black which was a total contrast to his pale, white skin. One was as skinny a toothpick and stood about five feet six inches tall. She was so skinny that she couldn't have weighed more than seventy five pounds. She wore black pumps with a see through white blouse and it was obvious by the outline of her dark nipples and areolas and nipples that she was braless.

The other was thin but had huge breasts and wore white pumps. Also being braless, with a sheer blouse I could easily make out that she had huge nipples and real dark areolas. She stood about five feet four inches tall and I guess weighed about 110 pounds. Her ass was small and her waist was tiny, but her breasts were enormous and had to be 44DD They defied her body type as they sat high on her narrow chest. Her huge nipples popped off the ends like shotgun casings.

Both had on tight, frayed shorts, and when they were leaning down to kiss him you could easily see their ass cheeks poking out at the bottom. The high heel pumps made them look like total trailer trash which was exactly what they were.

At one point my stepdaddy was playing with the shorter ones huge tits as her tongue shot out of her mouth and her feet lifted out of the backs of her white high heel pumps. I heard her moan in a hot voice,

"Oh fuck baby, you got me goin' again lover."

His grimy hands were all over her tits, and she was groaning like crazy. As he was rubbing her tits the other black teen leaned in and they started kissing as she kept rubbing his crotch.

"Oh fuck baby, lets go back inside and fuck again. "I needs me one more fuck from this huge-ass cock of yours baby," the one with the huge tits said out loud.

I couldn't believe that she was pleading with my seventy year old, red-neck stapdad to fuck her as he played with her huge tits through her blouse.

" Please baby. I wants this big-ass cock of yours one more time lover...need to fuck it bad," she said desperately.

It was then that I saw what looked like a massive log pushing against the front of my stepdaddies pants. It looked obscene even from where I was standing. I could tell by the way he was kissing her and playing with her tits that he was about to take her back inside.

"Yo bitch there's no time," the skinny one said then added, "Nigga you're boyfriends gonna be at my trailer in half an hour and we haves to change."

"He can fuckin wait, or you can fuck him," she said in a heated voice then added," I ain't missin the chance to get this huge-assed cock back inside my pussy again. Who knows when or even if we'll fuck again, with his in demand cock fucking constantly, and now he's livin with this new white bitch," she said as she leaned over to kiss him.

The skinny one said in an amazed voice, " Don't knows how you done it. That horse cock fucked me so fuckin deep and so fuckin hard I wonts be able to fuck or walk straight fo a month".

She just ignored her friend and took his hand and rushed back inside. As quickly as she ran in she ran back to the door and said," Call my boyfriend and tell him we's runnin late from school and to meet us in another hour," she said, then slammed the door.

I wanted to sneak around the house to watch my stepdaddy fuck the young black teen in the worst way, but couldn't because I would have been seen by the skinny black teen who was waiting on the porch. As I stayed hidden in the bushes I could hear the shrieks from the black teen in the trailer, shouting at the top of her lungs about how much she loved his huge cock and how deep he was fucking her.

For an hour straight she kept yelling that she couldn't stop cumming. At one point I heard my stepdaddy rage at her.

"Slam that black fuckin cunt back down on his big cock."

"Oh fuck yeah lover...Love your huge fuckin cock...neva fucked anything so fuckin big," she screamed in a high pitched voice.

I then heard him snarl that he was about to cum.

" Gonna fill your pussy with another load," he yelled out in what sounded like a man that had become enraged.

"Nut me lover...flood my pussy with another one of big-ass load" she screamed.

I was so pissed I couldn't get to watch the action inside, but like I said the skinny black teen was sitting right on the steps, smoking cigarette after cigarette, while she talked to someone on her cell phone.

"Yeah that's right, that's fuckin Kerri you hear screamin."

"Yeah she's getting the shit fucked outa her by Wardel," she said to the person on her cell.

"Yeah tell me bouts it. He fucked the life outa me today. I'll be sore for a month because of that huge pussy stretcher of his."

The girl on the other end, I assume it was because the skinny one added after a long pause, "Shit Nigga, I don't know how you were able to take that monster dick. You ain't anything but my size and I couldn't git no more than a few inches of that fat thing of his up inside me."

It became obvious to me that my stepdaddy had a reputation which came from having a huge cock.

After an hour, the shrieks of her screaming about his huge cock and her cumming the skinny teen opened the door and yelled inside.

"Yo nigga, we gots to get the fuck outa here...You're fuckin boyfriend just texted and she he be here in ten minutes."

Five minutes later they came to the door and as soon as my stepdad opened it she instantly leaned down and met his tongue for one last kiss.

It was then that I nearly died. Standing in her pumps she towered over him by more than six inches. She was dressed but my stepdaddy was totally naked and it was that very second I knew what all the shrieking was about and the shrikes that came from my mothers bedroom.

Hanging way down between his boney legs was the fattest, longest cock I had ever seen. It was so huge that it looked like a giant log. It was so long that it hung down just a few inches above his knee. It wasn't even hard, but it was still enormous.

His massive cock was as fat around as a can of beer and had a wild maze of blue veins that ran all around it which made it look terrifying. Just the sight of it made my pussy soaking wet and almost cum. It was at that very second that I felt a rush of jealously shoot trough me. The wetter my pussy got the more I wanted to be his.

"Fuck. I won't be able to fuck for a month thanks to you and your big-ass cock lover," the big titted teen said as their tongues met for one last high-speed flicking kiss.

He just grinned slyly before they went back to this untamed kissing. After they stopped she said in a lust-filled voice,

"Please baby, please tell me we gonna fuck again? "ain't no way I'm givin up this huge assed cock," she said as she lifted it in her hand.

" Don't you have a boyfriend," my new stepdad said in a sarcastic voice as she continued to run her palm across the freakish length of his cock.

"Fuck, I gots lots of boyfriends baby. I even gots my boyfriends daddy and my own daddy, but I wanna be yours so fuckin bad...I wants to be your only fuck," she said in a throaty voice as her tongue flew out to meet his.

My stepfather kissed her hard, but didn't say a word. He then pushed off and closed the door as they started walking down the dirt road. I stayed hidden in the bushes as they walked away and waited for a car to pick them up. I couldn't move because they would have seen me so I continued to listen to their conversation until they got picked up.

The skinny black teen was annoyed.

"Fuck bitch. You had me waitin and listenin to all your fucking for over an hour Nigga."

"Fuck, when we went back in, we were so revved-up that we kissed hard for a few minutes. I was groaning like crazy and was so hot and he knews it. My pussy was so worked up that I was cumming just from kissin him."

"Yeah, cuz you was thinkin bout that huge, white red-neck cock of his," the skinny teen said still annoyed.

"Fuck yeah, I wanted to fuck him so bad," she said in a low groan the added, "My tongue was flickin across the tip of his like a propeller on a plane. As we kissed, my hands were busy jackin on that monster dick and as soon as I gots that huge fucker hard I squatted and kissed all over that huge white cock just to let him know I wanted to worship every inch of it. Fuck, I even titty fucked that huge fucking thing from bein so fuckin horny. Fuckin' thing felt like a baseball bat fuckin between my titties. He was fuckin my titty's like a wild man till that fuckin thing shot across the room. I couldn't believe it, cuz that fucker shot off more than ten times from fuckin both of us, already."

"Yeah, I heard you out here nigga, in fact the whole fuckin trailer park heard you. We all knews what you's was doin," the skinny teen said.

"His huge-assed cock was so stored-up with load that it fired more thans twenty bursts before it stopped," she said heatedly.

"Yeah Nigga I heard you goin crazy and tell him to keep on cumin for you."

"Yeah, I just kept on jackin on that huge fuckin thing as it kept firin off. Never saw so much fuckin cum...And that old fucker can cum for days."

"No shit. That dick of his reminded me of a fuckin fire hydrant when it shot off," the skinny teen said in disbelief.

"Fuck girl, I couldn't believe it, but, as soon as he finished poppin his load he stayed rock hard and took me by my hair and bent me over the kitchen table and fucked me like some freak-assed wild-man...fuckin me non-stop," she said as she shook her head from side to side.

"At one point he pulled my leg against his side and took hold of my pump and held onto the heel and fucked me like a freight-train. I fuckin couldn't stop cummin, and from the second his huge cock split the opening of my pussy I was gone and couldn't stop," she said in a lust filled voice.

"Yeah Nigga you let this whole fuckin trailer park know that you were cumin from that big-assed cock."

"That redneck mutha fucka dropped two more big-ass loads in my pussy, and was just about to pop a third, when you came a knockin and broke-up our fuck," she said with an annoyed tone in her voice.

"Shit Nigga, we fucked him for six hours straight, and that was before you went back inside for mo' cock bitch, and if it wasn't fo me, you'd neva got da chance to fuck on that huge-assed redneck cock," she said in a heated voice.

"Ok, Ok, I gots you," she said in a less aggravated tone of voice.

"Fuck bitch, I could hear you two fuckin from down the road. You were getting off so hard cuz of that big assed cock that I almost came back in to get a little more of that huge fucker myself, and would have if my pussy wasn't so fuckin tore-up from that huge-assed cock. Fuck it hurts to just sit," she said as she stood and they started walking down the dirt road with their high heel pumps kicking up sand with every step.

As they walked past me I stayed hidden in the bushes and continued to listen to them go on and on about my stepdads huge, tireless cock.

"Fuck, you weren't lyin when you said he had the biggest cock you ever seen or fucked. I ain't neva' fucked anything nowhere near as big as that huge-assed dick. That huge-assed fucker made me see stars. You Knows I love my niggas, especially my own daddy, but that skinny-as-shit redneck shames every brother up in this mutha fuckin trailer park. That monster dick of his is ten times bigger then all em' mutha fuckers," the big titted one said.

"No shit...I fuckin' told you how big it was, and that he split my pussy in a hundred different directions when he fucked me."

"Fuck, when I first saw that skinny, short old redneck, missin all those teeth and shit I almost ran out da door, but when you pulled that huge-assed, white cock outa his pants I nearly my pussy instantly lit-up. Do yo knows my pussy actually came when I saw it?"

"Fuck yeah I do. I remember us kissin and while I was stroking it my pussy flooded and busted a wild-ass-nut."

" Shit. That monster cock was the scariest shit I ever saw, and when you and I was on both sides of that huge fuckin log, just runnin our tongues up against it, I felt like you's and I was two feet apart."

"Shit, and when you and I tried to stroke him off, our fuckin fingers didn't come close to touchin," the huge titted one said in a low voice.

"Yeah, that fuckin was tellin me what my pussy was in store to fuck," the skinny teen said then added in a hot voice, " fuck, when he finally did fuck me and bottomed out in my pussy, I thought my big, hard- assed nipples were gonna fly off my tiny titties. I ain't neva felt somethin' so fuckin' huge inside me," the skinny black teen answered.

"I told your ass he was gonna make yoy cum harder than your boyfriend, or yo' boyfriends daddy for that matter," the skinny teen added, bringing up the fact that she knew her friend was fucking her boyfriends father too.

"Shit, I used to think Tyrell's daddy's dick was huge and he was ten inches, but that redneck's was at least five times bigger, and fuckin ten times wider around too," she said in disbelief. "Shit, you know a cock be huge when you can't get your fingers no more than half way around it, and can't even git that cockhead in yo' mouth," she said hotly. "Fuck, I ain't never cum so hard either, and when I saw you fuckin' down on him and then you shakin' like you was having some kind of convulsion, I got real scared. Then seein your pussy squirt all over the room like a fire hydrant been opened, I nearly passed out myself," the big titted black teen said in a stunned voice."

"Yeah, and I ain't never seen someone's eyes roll all the way back in their head like yours did when he was slammin that huge-assed cock into you from behind. Fucked you so hard that your titties was slappin against yo' chin."

"Fuck, he was so ragged once he finally got that huge muta fuckka burried in me, that he had me cummin non-stop for an hour," she said hotly. "And once he finally hit bottom, he pounded me into the next fuckin county."

"Damm, as soon as you fell off a him and grabbed yo pussy it squirted all over the place, then he grabbed on me and forced me to fuck down on that angry-assed cock while he sat in that chair, till I exploded all over him," the skinny teen said.

"Fuck when I saw him sittin back and saw that huge fuckin dick stick off his body like a flagpole, I thought it was gonna surelly snap yo pussy in half."

"Fuck, I know. When I took hold of it and squatted over it, and felt it against my pussy, I was freakin out, cuz I knews what I was gonna git next," she said in a terrified voice.

"But you's was lucky that you knew what that monster cock fucked liked cuz you's got to fuck it twice before."

"Yeah, but even if I fucked that huge dick a hundred times in a row, it stills scares the fuck outa me when I see it and then start fuckin down on it."

"Shit I know whats you mean, and when I saw him snarl and then put his hands on your shoulders and yell for you to drop your black pussy down on it, I knews you was gonna get a fuck whether you wanted it or not," she said with a sly laugh.

"And I knows you could tell that I was lovin every fuckin second of that huge, white pussy stretcher, as I came like a fuckin fire truck all over it, like a hundred times," she said slyly.

"And talk about a load of cum...Fuck Nigga I ain't neva seen so much cum shoot out of a guys dick before," she said in disbelief.

"I fuckin told you, and just when you thought you could catch yo' breath, the fuckin guy is as hard as steel again, and ready to fuck all over again."

"Shit, and you tellin me that mutha fucka is sixty eight years old? Shit, he's got more cum up in those huge- assed-hangin balls than all the dudes I fucked combined, even way mo' then my own daddy.

"How'd you fuck that redneck again?" the big titted teen asked.

"I told you Nigga, I went over to Emily's one night and when I heard these sounds of screaming I looked in the window and saw her and her mother dressed in thigh high stockings and high heels and garter belts in the living room and sittin on the couch was Wardell and his giant cock layin over his thigh and touchin the fuckin couch. It looked like a wild porn movie in there."

" I heard Emily's mother say that she ain't never seen so much cum, and Emily then snuggled up to him and took hold of his huge cock and started kissin him while she stroked him hard again. In a minute he was huge, and she just said how she couldn't believe he could be so huge and hard again from having cum the third time already. Wardell laughed and said, "He was just gettin started and that he was gonna fuck her sexy pussy all night." She kissed him hard as her mom came back into the room with two beers. As Wardell kicked back drinking his first beer, Emily and her mom worked on both sides of his huge cock, until he had Emily sit on it."

"I watched for almost three hours as they both sucked him off four times then watched him go from fuckin Emily's pussy to her mom's with that huge-assed cock. I was glued to the window, watchin the biggest cock I eva seen in my life tearing up Emily and her mom's pussy's, and watched them all cum all over the place. I anin't neva saws anything like it. That fuckin cock wouldn't quit. He kept rechargin and rechargin after every huge load he done popped. It was almost like they both was competin for his huge cock, as one would fuck him while the other would be watchin or kissin on him. It looked so wild to see Emily and her mom dressed up so sexy in those stockings and heels and garter belts while they fucked this scraggily lookin redneck."

The skinny black teen went on saying, "Two days later I was with Emily after school and Wardel was picking her up in his old-assed pickup truck. She asked if I wanted a ride and of course I said yes. I was sittin between them in his truck and after a minute he barked at Emily to play with my tits. Before I knew it Emily was playin with my little tittiess and kissing me. All I's kept thinkin bout was his huge-assed cock and whens I looked over there was this huge fuckin tent in his pants. He was grinning like crazy as I just groaned and said, Fuck," from the sight of that huge-assed dick.

She then said she caught me watchin her and her mom fuck Wardell and asked if I wanted to fuck him too. The next thing I knew was that we were back at her house and on her bed fucking for the next three hours straight. I remember that the only thing we had on were the high heel pumps we wore to school in. We never took em off during our fuck, cuz we wanted to keep it real sexy for him, and his huge-assed cock."

"I never forgot how my pussy ain't never cum so hard and so good, and I remember Wardell sayin he loved fucking my tight, black pussy. When Emily was in the bathroom I gave him my number and told him I'd fuck him anytime. Two weeks later he called sayin he wanted to fuck me again. I didn't think twice about it. We arranged to fuck the next day and I skipped school."

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