Sexy Waitress


"Thank God it's Friday," I thought to myself. After a long day at work at my restaurant that I manage and I was ready to head off back home.

I thought I was the last one in the building and closed the lights before heading off towards the door when I heard some sounds coming from the bathroom. I hoped nobody was hurt and rushed and pushed the door open.

To my surprise one of my waitresses was there, furiously fingering herself. My eyes popped open as I saw this 24 year old beauty moan and scream "oh yeah, fuck me harder." She was absolutely gorgeous, with long brown hair, luscious pink lips, warm brown eyes, long slender legs that I could see every inch of as her skirt rode up her hips, and big soft breasts that bounced up and down as she frantically jammed her fingers into her pussy.

I stared with wide eyes and managed to cry out "Ms. Johnson, what are you doing? This is absolutely inappropriate behavior and I cannot believe you did not wait till you got home before doing this. This is a family restaurant and I have a reputation. I could have lost my job if somebody had found out what you were doing in here. You are well aware that you have been underperforming for weeks now and I should fire you right now."

"I'm really sorry, boss. Please don't fire me, I just couldn't control myself, and I really need this money to pay for rent; I'll do anything." I felt my anger fade away as I saw her with her mouth open, her lips parted and wet with her spit, and her chest deliciously heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

"Hmmn. Maybe there is a way you we can solve this. Are you really prepared to do anything?"

"Oh yes. Whatever you want I'll do. I'll work overtime for the next two weeks if I have to."

I laughed and said, "It'll be a bit more fun that that. Whatever I do to you, you cannot say anything back or else you'll lose your job and I'll make sure you can never get one again." I walked to her and told to spin around. I took in her beauty as she twirled, her perfect ass pressed out against her skirt.

I smiled to myself and unbuttoned her shirt. I pulled her it apart and watched her perfect boobs bounce out. She started to object to my manhandling and I took my right hand and pinched her left nipple. I grabbed her breast and started to fondle it while my other hand explored her magnificent ass and fingered her pussy. I was delighted at how my Friday night was going on and started kissing her. Her lips were soft and warm and soon my tongue was exploring her mouth. It was delicious and I started to dry hump her as well.

A few minutes later I stopped and stepped back to admire my prize. Her pussy juices were flowing now and I pulled her skirt and top off to see her fully naked. She was as amazing as I had ever imagined with a clean shaved pussy. I knelt to the ground and pulled her close to me and shoved my face in her cunt. It was delicious and I started licking her and she started to moan for me. I placed both my hands on her ass and started squeezing while licking her up good. We both got to the ground and got in the 69 position. She pulled off my clothes and put my cock in her mouth. She must have done this before as I got the best blow job of my life while I gave her head as well. I was in heaven as she squeezed her thighs around my head and I slapped her ass. She started panting and we both got up. I starting sucking on her tits and she groaned in pleasure. She was absolutely wet and got on all fours as I got ready to fuck her from behind.

Her ass was without a blemish and after licking it I put my penis in her pussy from behind. Her legs felt warm and comfortable against in inside of my thigh and I started pumping. My balls slapped against her ass and she moaned with pleasure as her breasts swelled back and forth. I grabbed her boobs and massaged them, feeling her nipples between my fingers, and pleasured them with my fondling and squeezes.

She turned over and sitting on my cock she started thrusting. I didn't even have to work anymore as she grinded on me with her tits pressing against my face. I just enjoyed the moment with my hands on her ass as she trusted with my tongue exploring the gentle curves of her breasts.

I was about to come and she could sense it, but instead of getting off she started fucking me even harder and squeezed my cock with her pussy. We both had an orgasm and I came inside her as she clenched tightly around my delighted penis.

I held her close to me and her nipples pressed against my chest. "Ms Johnson, you performed very well today. I hope that you are able to keep this up as you will be doing this pretty regularly from now on."

She just nodded at me with a great big smile on her face. I buried my face in her tits again and kissed and sucked to my hearts content. After I pleasured myself I told her to report to me Monday and I'd decide what I'd do to her.

Monday came and at the end of the day I called her into my office. She was braless and I planted my hands on her on her firm breasts, her nipples sticking out of her tight fitting shirt and told her that she could keep her job if she would fuck my brains out whenever I asked. He gladly accepted and after taking my pants off she put my stiff cock in her mouth and started sucking. Needless to say, she kept her job and whenever I want I have a beautiful young pussy to fuck and we are both very happy with this situation.

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