tagRomanceShackled Ch. 13

Shackled Ch. 13


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Emma was tired and a little confused. She certainly wasn't sure what the two men had gone on about, but she instantly liked Finley. That was until he mentioned Bonnie and Laura. A small frown wrinkled her brow as she gave Finley a questioning look, but the older man gave nothing away as Liam gently tugged her through the door again and out into the open.

Home...sounded good. They didn't talk much on the way back, walking swiftly and carefully through the crowds until they finally made it to their small sanctuary. Emma's legs were on fire, sore and ready for a rest, but her mind hadn't stopped working. And her stomach was grumbling for attention. She needed food and strong dose of caffeine.

"Well, that certainly was productive or so it seemed." She murmured, kicking off her sneakers and sighing with relief as she wiggled her sock clad toes. From behind she heard Liam moving, unzipping his jacket and removing his weapons as she padded across the room and straight for the kitchen. "I'll make us something to eat while you unload." She shot over her shoulder and began preparing the coffee before pulling out the fixings for sandwiches. Obviously Finley thought the other two women on the team would have something to say. Obviously, Liam had been involved with both and everyone was waiting for a fight to break out. She wanted to think she was above all that catty stuff, but then again, had never had to worry about these sort of things. Her dating life had been very minimal.

Gnawing on her bottom lip, she busied herself around the tiny kitchen, trying to shove away her worries. What was the point? They had slept together once. They weren't in love...were they? That was silly, they barely knew each other. Had only shared one night of mutual pleasure. They were both consenting adults and had much more to worry and think about.

With plates fixed and mugs of steaming hot coffee finished, she served everything up with a small smile and once again as soon as her eyes fixed themselves on his handsome face, her pulse skittered out of control. "So...what are we discussing?" She asked casually, plopping her bottom down before picking up her food and taking a bite.


She was a willing partner, he thought. They'd done a lot of walking in the past few days and she'd been uncomplaining. She also knew when to stick to him to follow the paths of least resistance and exposure.

Intelligence has a lot to do with it....

....and a fear of dying.

Whatever it was, he didn't care. Emma fit in and the only shame was that in this instance, she was the target.

He was glad to be free of the gun. Walking around with it in his pants for such long periods could get tiresome, but he didn't wear a holster for fear it would be spotted and also because he could get quicker access to it in case of a confrontation. He watched Emma walking around, trying to get some looseness into her muscles.

"That would be good, Irish," he said quietly. "Thanks."

It didn't take her long to be busily preparing sandwiches and coffee. He watched her work. He could really get used to this. He appreciated her effort. She must be tired herself. He would have preferred a beer, but for the moment he was happy to have the sandwich and coffee. She worked effectively, with the bearing of someone who did whatever they did with the greatest care, whether it be working on a drug to cure a virus or making a humble sandwich. Her brown hair hung on her shoulders and her petite hands worked quickly. He didn't regret last night. He hoped that she didn't....

The beer can wait.

Emma put the food down on the bench and then tiredly sat down on one of the stools. He moved over to her. He was absorbed in his thoughts, admittedly mainly of her, and he was enjoying the silence. Of course, it didn't last.

He nearly smiled.

I don't mind so much now, Irish.

He walked over slowly to the bench next to her and sat down. He had a bite of his sandwich and then had a sip of his coffee. Strong, just the way he liked it. Shit, she was nearly making it better for him than he did himself. He slowly finished chewing his small bite of the sandwich and swallowed.

"We're going to try and have Simon here tomorrow," he said. "Between the two of you, you'll be able to let us know what you need. There are facilities we can commandeer in the east, but closer to here I'm not so sure. Bonnie will be able to tell us."

She nodded as he took another bite of his sandwich.

He smiled at her.

"Keep feeding me like this and I'll start looking like Carl," he said.

He kept looking at her. His voice was low.

Shit, mate, she's only a woman you're helping. So what about last night?

For a second he was worried, but then he realized it was his own mind and not The Voice.

"We also really need to disarm the shackles. I can't see how you can do your work and how I can do my work if we have the restriction of them on us. Not that I haven't enjoyed being close to you...." his voice trailed off.

He knew what he wanted to do.

Ah, fuck it.

He placed his coffee cup back on the bench and sat on the edge of his stool so that their knees were barely apart.

"Irish," he whispered. "I never thought I would feel like this again or that I should even be feeling like this now, but...."

He leaned forward and put one hand under her chin to lift it slightly. He looked into her brown eyes and noticed the light dancing on the golden flecks in them. He gently pulled her chin slightly closer and planted a light kiss on her lips. He moved his head back to look at her again. They were both silent for a few moments.


That's better than the beer.


She watched him eat as she waited for his answer and when he finally spoke, she listened intently and processed the info, digesting it silently. Then he smiled and his voice dipped low, making her feel all funny inside.

His eyes took her in and for a long moment she just held his gaze, her heart kicking up again. "Well, maybe a like my men a little beefier." She teased, her eyes sparkling. My men? She worried what he would think of that! It dawned on her that she was slowly staking claim. Thankfully he didn't continue along the lines of that conversation and returned to the problem at hand.

She swallowed another bite and gaze at him, wondering what he was thinking. His eyes were intense as he moved closer, their knees almost brushing.

Her breath hitched gently as he cupped her face and tilted her chin up. She watched with wide eyes as he moved in and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Her fingers trembled as they slid over his chest, feeling the solidness of his body, the warmth of his skin radiating through his shirt. Her tongue came out to swipe her bottom lip, wanting to taste more of him. Scooting her bottom closer, she slid her knees between his and and bumped her nose against his own, wanting to get closer. To crawl into his lap and have him hold her. Forget about explosives and shackles, Bonnie and Laura and the whole damn mess.

"The feeling is mutual." she whispered back, "Although I've never felt like this before...and...well..." She paused and sighed, laughing softly. "This is crazy..." She finally said, unable to put the rest into words. She didn't want to dampen the mood by talking about Bonnie and Laura and whatever other conquests he had under his belt. She knew he wasn't feeding her some line just to get back into her pants. There was no need and Liam was better than that. She knew he wasn't going to bullshit her. So shutting off her worries, she slid her fingers higher, caressing his neck, moving in to press her lips to his again.


He could feel her tongue in her mouth, pushing at her lip, but his couldn't quite find it through all of the things he was trying to do at once. The feeling of her hands over him was strengthening his resolve that he was not ashamed of last night and that tonight would be the same again.

She was laughing softly. In his mind, he agreed. All one could do was laugh. She was a scientist, he was a killer. They were shackled together and they were trying to stop the government and corporations from making a profit by decimating the world's poor. No one could have written this script. If they had, they would have been told it was too far-fetched.

He pulled his mouth back slightly from hers.

"The whole thing is crazy, Irish," he said. "The whole thing."

He pressed his lips to hers and worked his tongue to open her mouth. He wanted to taste her, everywhere, and this was only a sweet beginning. It was still early in the day, not even dark yet, but that meant they now had longer to enjoy each other.

His tongue found hers and he ran his arms around her waist, his hands sliding down to her butt to pull her closer. She was right on the edge of her seat, so he moved himself closer as well.

It was like he had known her for years, not days.

And all he could think of was kissing her.

Kissing her and holding her.

Just make sure she lives.

He nearly panicked, but then relaxed. It wasn't The Voice, it was him.

His mind went blank as the physical took over. Her hands were small and soft, but they were enough for him. More than enough. They felt cool on the back of his neck, but he knew he'd want them everywhere. He'd want to feel her everywhere.

For now, this was a delicious entrée.

It almost felt like the first time. Last night he had been under the influence of the Palanozol and there had been an urgency to their lovemaking due to their tiredness. Tonight they had as long as they needed or wanted.



This time he was going to have main and dessert.

And enjoy it.


The kissing seemed to go on and on, both of them shifting and moving until she was literally sitting in his lap, her thighs straddling his lap and bottom fitting snugly against the tops of his thighs as he caressed her slender back and tight ass.

She lost herself in the taste of him, his mouth firm, but gentle, meeting her kiss for kiss as she tugged at his short hair and busily slid her fingers over his neck, back and shoulders while she rocked ever so slightly against him.

He was making her ache again, the feeling sharp and throbbing, begging to be sated. But while her panties were becoming wetter by the minute, she pushed the urges aside. She wanted to linger, wanted to remember every detail. The way his tongue slid against her own and how they played, nipping and sucking, nibbling in turn on warm skin.

Her head dropped back as he trailed his mouth over the smooth column of her neck and then jerked slightly and giggled as he breathed against her ear and nipped her earlobe. "Ah! Tickles!" She gasped, but a delicious shiver of pleasure raced down her spine all the same and made her shudder, her hips grinding against his lap as she turned her face again and captured his mouth in a hot, wet kiss.


Feeling her against him made him forget everything else. He was standing now, the stools not allowing him the contact his body craved. Their mouths were locked together and their tongues slowly felt out each other.

He grabbed her butt cheeks more tightly and then pulled her towards him, sliding her off her stool so that she was standing in front of him. He pressed her firmly towards him, grinding her into his groin, making no effort to hide how aroused she made him feel.

Now he could run his hands up higher, so that one was running up and down her back slowly, and the other was lightly wrapped in her hair and forcing her face towards him, giving him better access to her sweet mouth.

He ground himself into Emma, almost trying to fuse himself into her. He could feel her body responding.

He pulled his mouth away for a few moments.

"No regrets...." He whispered lightly in her ear and then went back to kissing her.

Her breasts pressed into his chest through her t shirt and it was all he could do to not rip her clothes off right there at the kitchen bench. He knew he'd felt like this before, but it was different too.

They didn't know each other that well, but it meant nothing. Only now meant something and they had all night to work out what that something was.

But for now, he just had to feel her, explore her, use her, fuck her....

"I....think....we....should....move....to....the....bed....Emma...." he panted.

He pushed himself into her one final time and then lifted her up by grabbing her ass in his hand and lifting her off the ground a few inches while pressed against him. She had hardly any weight at all, but the tightness of her body against his only inflamed him further. Plus, this way they could keep kissing as he walked her to the bed.

The bed.

Yes, that would be a good idea.


Emma gasped as he lifted her, his hands firmly lifting her ass. With the first step towards the bed had Emma pulling her legs up and wrapping them around his waist with a soft moan that was muffled between their mouths. She was just as hungry as he was, her hands exploring, touching, groping, wanting him...naked.

He made her feel so small and delicate and his kisses alone inflame her need. She'd never felt so ready, so quickly. The ache was frustrating and brought out her shameless side. She rubbed her breasts against his chest as her mouth sucked on his lower lip and bite down, tugging at it before swiping it with her tongue to sooth the pain. Something about him made her want to mark him, brand him as hers. Which was insane, because he wasn't hers apart from in that moment.

Each step to the bed made her shift her weight slightly, grinding against his hardness, the heat between their jeans and friction was fast making her whimper and arch against him. He mumbled against her mouth, something that sounded like 'hold on'. She yelped in surprise as he leaned forward and instinctively clung to him, her arms and legs tightening. Her soft laughter fill the room as he crawled onto the bed, with her holding on for dear life. The sound sweet, pure and happy, but swiftly changing to another moan as he pressed down into her body and covered her with his weight.

Once again her mouth got busy, her breaths soft and panting as well as she licked the length of his neck and then nibbled on his skin, her nipples painfully hard as she pushed them against his hard unyielding chest.


Emma pressed herself hard against him and wrapped her legs around his waist so that his hardness was shoved into her. His pants were becoming uncomfortable as he became stiffer.

Plenty of time for that.

She was becoming hotter herself and she lightly bit his bottom lip and then ran her tongue along it to soothe it. The walk forced his cock to rub against her through their clothing and it did little to reduce the ache he felt down there. He needed to cum so badly and he thought he might need to satisfy his immediate urges so that he could relax into a long slow rhythm for her.

He moved along the bed with her clinging on underneath him and then he let his arms down slowly as they finally collapsed onto the mattress. She was laughing at the whole situation and it made him feel like this was the right thing to be doing.

You're a good one, Irish.

He let his weight fall onto her and he lay between her legs as they splayed out to accommodate him. He could feel her hard nipples pressing into his chest through their t shirts. He enjoyed feeling her pleasure and it only made him harder than he thought possible.

Her mouth was all over him, licking his neck and then lightly nibbling the same places. He pressed down onto her, dry humping her crotch while running his hands through her soft brown hair. He kissed her on the forehead and then pressed his arms up so that his chest was off hers. He pushed back a little and then was kneeling between her legs. He missed the touch of her mouth on him, but he had to get his t shirt off.

He ran his hands along the bottom of the shirt and then pulled it up quickly in one motion and it was off. He threw it onto the floor and looked down at her.

"I don't think I'll be needing that," he said with a smile.

Then he dropped himself back down so that his bare chest was on her. She still had her shirt on, but he could feel her better and her soft hands on his body were making him feel like he was going to melt from the heat.

His mouth found hers. He gently pushed his tongue to pry open her mouth and look for hers.

There was nothing else in his mind.

Just her.



He felt so good to hear and his smile made her smile. She sighed as his warm skin was bared, her hands moving over the smooth warmth of it as he captured her mouth with his own. Her tongue snuck out to meet his, slowly stroking against his own in a timeless dance that had them both shivering with pleasure. It amazed her how his kisses could be so sweet and sensual, while the rest of him was hard and obviously just as eager as her.

Gently her nails scored his skin and then fingers smoothed over the marks as they kissed and he rocked between her thighs. The ache was unbearable and her panties were becoming increasingly wet with growing desire. His name slipped from her lips as they parted for a breath, her pretty face flushed, eyes bright and lips swollen and moist. She made a pretty picture, glowing and ready for him as her fingers messed up his hair and slid down his spine as far as she could reach. Then slowly they journey back up , over his shoulders and down his chest.

The way his muscles tensed and rippled under her fingers was fascinating to her as he responded to her touch. "There might be other things you could get rid of." She suggested playfully, her soft mouth playing along his chin and jaw, inhaling his scent as she pressed her face to the side of his neck. Everything about him inflamed her from the inside out and her nimble fingers were making fast tracks to hook into the waist of his jeans. She heard his breath hitch ever so slightly, just as her teeth grazed his shoulder and her fingers popped the button loose, then went for the zipper.

"I hope you don't mind..." She whispered, feeling bold and wanton as she slid a cool soft hand against his hard heated flesh.


He couldn't keep up with the feeling of her small, soft hands. They were on his back, then his ribs, then his head, ruffling his short hair. When she ran them over his bare chest and nipples, he thought once again that he wouldn't be able to hold out. Her mouth was all over his face and neck, sweet caresses with her lips while her hands were now running down his body, slowly and softly down towards his cock....

The contrast of her cool, soft hands on his hard belly made him draw breath as he waited for them. Lower. Slowly lower. He felt like he was going to burst. She slid her fingers between the top of his jeans and his skin. Her fingers undid the top button and then started to work on the zip. Then he felt her hand slide over his hard cock.

He shook his head slowly, looking at her.

"Emma...." was all he could say, all he wanted to say.

He lifted his hips so that her hand could get in there. He could feel the cool air on the end his released cock. The end of it was wet with precum. All he could think of was her soft hand on his cock. There was nothing else to think of.

He raised his hips higher again and a little to the side so that she could fully grasp him. He nuzzled in the crook of her neck, soft kisses to her ear and the side of her neck, smelling her, tasting her. Now he was on his side with her hand around his cock and his started to work on her jeans.

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