tagRomanceShackled Ch. 18

Shackled Ch. 18


It was done.

Laura and Hansen had what they wanted. Hansen was now in the SPF's uniform and Laura had the small bag in her hands with the rest of what they'd gotten from the cop.

He wouldn't be needing them anymore.

See? That wasn't so hard, was it?

Hansen felt like throwing up. As soon as this was over, he needed the pills. He didn't care if they fried his brain, he'd be better off anyway, or at least the world would be. He couldn't keep doing this much longer and it was only going to get worse.

Much worse.

"You look good in that," said Laura with a wink. "Ever think of signing up?"

Hansen shook his head. He held the helmet in his hand. He'd have to put it on when they entered the SPF building. He was still deciding who to take with him. Emma had to come because of the shackles. He would have preferred to take Carl, but the big man would be too obvious and, besides Hansen, he was probably the most recognizable of the group. It wouldn't be wise to take him into an SPF building.

Bonnie or Laura?

He didn't trust Bonnie with Emma. It was natural for her to feel dislike towards her and there was no way she would let him down, but even a second's hesitation could see the effort fail.

Laura was more pliable. She'd follow orders and do anything he wanted without a moment's hesitation. She was probably also the best in their group at hand to hand combat except for himself. He smirked. She probably was better than him although he would never admit it. However, Laura did tend to spoil for a fight. She reveled in combat and confrontation even when a fight might not be the best course of action.


It was Laura.

He raised his head from his thoughts. He looked at the doctor. Short blonde hair and blue eyes in a package nearly as tall as him. She looked like a homecoming queen....if you went to school with assassins. A black widow wouldn't stand a chance....

But she looked so beautiful.

Because she's your type of girl.

Yeah, that's what I want, romance advice from a voice in my head.

Well, you don't seem to be doing such a great job.

Why don't you help me get out of this first and then we can talk about match making?

I will, but you better not end up with the scientist. I can see it already – white picket fence, kids....ugh.

Hansen smiled to himself.

Now that would be funny.

Don't even joke about it. Anyway, stop procrastinating. Take Laura with you.

"Liam? Are you ok?"

It was Laura again.

"Yeah," he said. "Sorry. I was talking to Him."

She nodded. There were some things between them that no one else would understand.

"And what did He say?"

"He said I should take you. You ok with that?"

She smiled.

"As if I would have let you take anyone else," she said. "I've nearly lost you a few times. I'm not risking it again."

"Laura, I didn't mean to...."

She put her hand up and shook her head.

"I know, I know. Let's just get this done."

They looked at each other for a few moments and then they got back in the car.

Carl looked over at Hansen in the passenger seat, admiring his uniform.

"Nice. I always thought you'd make a good SPF."

Hansen snorted at him.

"Yeah," said Laura, "and I was the lucky one who watched him change into it. Love the blue underwear, Liam."

Hansen rolled his eyes.

"It doesn't really work if the leader of the mission is the butt of everyone's humor...."

"But it's such a nice butt," interrupted Laura again.

Hansen turned in the seat and looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"Ok," he said. "It's decided. It will be Emma, Laura and I to get into the building and disable the shackles."

He heard Bonnie snort.

He turned to her. Her eyes were slitted and her lips pursed. She was really pissed.

"Bonnie and Carl will stay in the car. I have a comms unit. Anything funny starts to go down, then buzz me."

Bonnie inhaled loudly.

"Only thing going down here has been...."

"Enough!" snapped Hansen at her. "We have to do this before we can really get underway. So let's focus and get the job done. Understand?"

He was losing patience and some of the old Hansen came out. He looked at Bonnie with a hard stare. She held his gaze and then nodded.

"Good," he said, softening his voice again.

He reached into the glove box and pulled out his glock. He turned and passed the gun to Laura.

"It's old, but good. Know how to use it?"

"Well, it's like everything else in your pants and I seem to be able to get everything else in there to work...."

Carl started laughing. Hansen shook his head and hit him on the shoulder.

The big man turned to him.

"Well, you have to admit it was funny," he said, still chuckling.

"Yeah, sure," muttered Hansen.

He knew the signs. Some of his team reacted with humor when a major action was about to start, while others became sullen and withdrawn. It was all part of the territory for a military leader.

Military? With this bunch?

A figure of speech mate. You're talkative today.

Just trying to stop you getting killed.

Oh, thanks.

It was time.

"Laura? You've got the bag?" he asked.

She patted the plastic bag on her lap.

"Yes," she said, serious again.

"Ok, then. Irish, we're going to play computer games. Let's get to work and clock the machine and then get the fuck out of here."

He opened the door and stepped out of the car. It was nearly dark now. That would help them. There would be less activity in the building and they'd be able to negotiate the security measures without looking so obvious. Emma and Laura came to stand next to him.

He took a set of cuffs from the belt of the SPF's uniform and tossed them to Laura.

"Oh, Liam," she said in a mock little girl voice. "Do we have time?"

He shook his head and sighed.

"Cuff yourself and Irish. If anyone asks, then I'm bringing you in."

"Woo. Two of us. I like the new Liam," she said with a giggle. "Yes I do."

She took the cuffs and snapped one onto her wrist and the other onto Emma's. She made sure to not set them too tightly. In fact, both of the women would be able to slip out of them without the key should they need to quickly escape.

Hansen looked at Emma. He smiled at her, a small smile, but enough to let her know he was relaxed.

"Well, this is it, Irish," he said. "You up for it?"

He didn't wait for her answer. They started to walk toward the building a couple of hundred metres away, the women in front and Hansen with his hand on Emma's back. He looked down at the bag Laura was carrying.

I hope the biometric security works with a dead man's eye.

Don't worry, it'll work. The iris won't deteriorate for at least an hour. Trust me, eye know. Hehehe.

Fuck me. Even you. Even you....




Emma's stomach rolled with nerves. Even the tall statuesque model next to her or Liam's reassuring look could make the onslaught of butterflies in her stomach go away. Numbly she watched Laura handcuff them, her eyes slowly taking in Liam's dark uniform and helmet. He certainly looked the part and it did suit him, although the job itself was all wrong.

As the cool metal slid across her wrists, she almost flinched, but kept herself steady and forced her shoulders to relax. Her pulse pounded in her ears as she watched Liam give a slight nod and slip on the helmet, closing the visor. A shiver ran down her spine, reminding her of all they had been running from and trying to avoid. This was it.

To her surprise Laura tugged at the handcuffs, catching her attention and smiled, giving her a wink as Liam moved around them, placing a large warm hand against her back. She felt herself lean back, ever so slightly against his touch, needing his strength.

There was no faking her fear. If they got caught in this act, things would be over. People she was growing to care for would die. "Don't look so damn nervous." Laura prodded gently.

Emma glanced up at her briefly, "Easy for you to say blondie. You know how to kick ass. I know how to formulate drugs."

Laura let out a small chuckle, "Good point. Stick with us and you'll be fine."

"Can't say I have a choice or we all go boom." She muttered, feeling Liam's fingers flex against her back. The small gesture soothed her a fraction, but that fraction was just enough.

Staring ahead, Emma forced her feet to move, watching the distance grow smaller and smaller until they finally reached the entrance. The moment of truth. A man had died for this or at least been brutally mutilated so that they could get in and out in one piece.

Liam crowded them, pressing their bodies together together and looking big and touch. A bag rustled and Emma glanced down at what Laura was holding, feeling a wave of nausea roll over her as she saw the contents. Groaning softly, she looked away and blew out a long breath. "Something tells me you guys have done this before."




They were at the security pad. Hansen looked down at it. It was a palm reader.


He'd need the whole hand.

"Now act suitably contrite and captured girls," he whispered.

"Always for you," whispered back Laura with a grin.

"Captured criminals don't normally smile," he said, "now pass me the hand."

Laura reached into the bag, their bodies shielding the grim-looking appendage that came out. Hansen quickly glanced at Emma - she looked like she was going to be ill, but this was no time for sensitivities.

He smiled weakly and placed it on the reader and the pad lit up and started to run through the algorithm. The pad changed color from red to green and the Access Granted message came up as the large glass doors hissed open. He dropped the hand back into the bag quickly.

"Good," he said. "Now we have to find a terminal."

He pushed them through the entrance and they walked at a normal pace into a large foyer. He had his helmet on so he was unidentifiable. He also had the cop's uniform with incorporated armor, so he had some defense if shit started to go down. The facial recognition software would be taking images from all the SPF buildings and surveillance cameras the government had and processing them for people of interest. There would be some time before Laura and Emma came up and were flagged by the security systems.

I hope.

Laura grabbed his elbow lightly and motioned with her head to a large hallway running off the foyer. In front of the hallway was a desk with two cops on it, both of them without a helmet. The area they were in was not busy, but there were enough cops walking around, both helmeted and without helmets, so he knew they wouldn't stand out.

"Alright, Laura, time for a show."

She batted her eyes in mock subservience.

"I always put on a show for you, honey," she said in a low voice.

He grimaced and turned to Emma. "Irish, I'm going to act like a cop and talk like a cop. Just react. I know you can."

He gave her hand a squeeze and started walking towards the desk pushing them along in front of him.

"Shit girls," he said loudly, "I can't believe you were soliciting like that and the sun hadn't even gone down yet...."

"Come on Mister," said Laura, shuffling in front of him, "if we both give you a show, you'll let us off wontcha?"

He knew it would be playing with fire giving Laura carte blanche with her "character", but it was the best way to do it.

"Hey, just keep quiet. I'm gonna book ya and then we'll see what happens next."

"Aww, come on, Mister," she said. "One little let off for two nice little ladies...."

He sighed at one of the cops on the desk.

"Fucking whores," he said.

"Hey," cried Laura, "who you callin' a whore?"

Hansen sighed again and spoke to the desk jockey.

"I'm from the south precinct. Picked up these two lovelies on the way to work there," he said. "Gotta desk here with a machine? Then I can book 'em and leave 'em to you. Commander down south won't want me hanging around here long helping you guys out."

The cop nodded and turned his head down the corridor.

"Down there. Any empty ones will be fine. Use your own details and it will automatically file it in under your sig."

"Aww, come on," said Laura, "you don't have to book us...."

Hansen shook his head.

"Thanks. Great start to the day," he said to the cop. "Great start to the day...."

He pushed Laura and Emma lightly.

"Let's go ladies. The quicker I get this done, the quicker I can get outta here and leave you to these boys."

Both of the cops on the desk smirked.

Laura turned to them.

"You'll help us, won't you?" she said in her most trampy voice.

"I'd certainly help you, little lady," said one of the cops.

"Shut up and come on," said Hansen, pushing them both roughly in the back.

They got a few meters down the hall when Laura whispered in his ear. "I love it when you play rough."

Hansen rolled his eyes even though no one could see them through the dark visor of the helmet.

The quicker I get this done, then the quicker I can get outta here.

Ain't that the truth.

For once we agree.

Yeah, for once.




The guard were so taken by Laura's brazen act, that in all reality all Emma had to do was lean into Liam's body, spreading her fingers over his chest and batting her eyes, smiling sweetly and occasionally batting them over to the other guards. It seemed to do the trick and before long he was shoving both of the women down the corridor again.

With one strong hand under each other their upper arms, Liam tried to strong arm them a little. He almost lifted Emma off her toes, jostling her a little. She protested loudly and gave him a bit of an elbow, glaring at the black helmet until he set her down a little and she was able to walk. "Careful hun. You might bruise the goods and then she won't be able to perform." Laura said with a throaty laugh, earning her a glare as heat rose and flushed Emma's cheeks.

He let out a grunt and moved them in the direction that the others had pointed. Low laughter filtered behind them and then dissipated as they found exactly what they were searching for. Lined up against a white wall with one long blue stripe down the middle sat several terminals, all of them free and open. "Must be a slow day for crime..." She muttered softly. "Is this what we're looking for?"

"Yep...and probably is. They are all occupied trying to find us. Sort of funny if you ask me. They have us and don't even know it."

Emma didn't find it at all amusing, feeling Liam's grip tighten as she bustled them forward. Laura took a glance at the system. "Well we're in luck...we thought right. It's iris biometric security."

The word iris sent a shiver down Emma's spine and then made her skin crawl. She'd already witnessed the dead man's hand being used...the thought of his eyes being plucked out of his skull made the familiar acid fill her throat, making her gag. "I'll be glad when this is over with."

Laura beamed her a smile. "Oh come on now! The fun has only begun!" She quipped and without blinking her own eyes, removed the prize she held in the bag. Emma turned her face away and blew out a breath.




Hansen stood at one of the terminals with Laura and Emma. They'd been bantering together and he felt comfortable with his decision of pairing them. There would have been little banter with Bonnie....

The terminals were set on small stands, each with with two spartan-looking plastic chairs. These were not private terminals, but it didn't matter to him. Once he was logged on and they were into the system, then they would be able to access anything they wanted. He looked at the blue strip running along the wall. There were small clear holes in it to the left of each computer. They were covered with blue glass and a small black rubber cradle directed the user to the correct spot so that their eye could be scanned. It was the iris security system....

Hansen's comms unit made a small beep.

What the fuck is taking you so long? It's not a date. Get in and out. Now!

He pursed his lips and looked at the women. Laura raised her eyebrow knowingly, making sure that Emma didn't see her. Bonnie? He nodded back.

He was going to have to deal with her at some stage. She had always been stubborn and difficult, but he wouldn't stand for anything that risked the plan being compromised. He had to put her back in her place.

He quickly tapped in his response - Yep - and sent it.

Wow. That'll show her.

The Voice.

Look, I don't have time for this now.

No, you don't, but you need to sort her out. You need her on your side. In fact, you just need her.


Ok, but a good commander sorts things out before they fester and cause problems.


Talkative today aren't we?

Fuck off.

Coughing brought him back. It was Laura. She'd noticed him looking at the comms unit blankly.

"Oh, sorry," he said. "The security. Is it a lefty or a righty?"

Laura looked at the rubber cradle on the wall.

"Righty," said Laura.

Emma looked at her as if to say something, but Laura continued after glancing at her quickly.

"I'm a doctor after all and the shape of the cradle suggests that. Also, the device is on the left hand side of each terminal. That suggests it's a righty."

"Suggests?" said Hansen.

Laura looked quickly at him.

"Don't be pedantic," she snapped. "I'm certain. I've got it here."

Hansen looked down at her hand. She'd had the eye in her hand during all their time at the terminal. Hansen had done a lot of distasteful things in his time, but walking around casually with a dead man's eyeball in his hand was not one of them.

What a girl, eh?

He rolled his eyes and reached into his pocket. He drew out a small thin cable with a plug on each end.

"You're so old fashioned," said Laura. "A cable? Surely the comms unit doesn't need a cable."

"That's because I am old," he said with a smile. "This is so Victor can access the main computer once we're logged in. He can see everything and there'll be no signal picked up"

Laura nodded, drawing in some breath.

"Hey, smart move. No one looks for physical cable anymore...."

Hansen tapped the side of his temple with his forefinger.

"That's why I'm the boss...."

He put his hand out and Laura dropped the eye into it just as a couple of SPFs walked past.

"Get your hands off me!" she shrieked at him.

The SPFs stopped. They were without helmets and smiled at him.

"Need a hand?" one of them said.

"Nah, boys," said Hansen, his helmet still on. "You know, hookers."

They smiled more widely.

"Well, if you want us to take them off your hands...."

"Soon as I book them in, they're all yours," he said with a laugh. "I'll let you know. They're trouble though."

Laura pouted and they didn't seem to worry that he was helmeted. He was never surprised at how distracting attractive women could be.

"Good looking hookers," said the other SPF, "you've got all the luck. We just brought back some squatters. Students thinking they're rebels."

He rolled his eyes.

Hansen laughed.

"Give me a hooker any day..."

Hansen felt a small punch to his side. He didn't know it was Emma or Laura.

The SPFs kept walking on without further conversation.

"Now stand around me," he said with a whisper to the women. He could feel Emma at his back. They'd be separated soon.

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