tagInterracial LoveShades of Black & White Pt. 3

Shades of Black & White Pt. 3


We gathered as much of Gina and Harriet's clothing as we could find and then, partially dressed as well as we could manage, we made a bare-assed Wendy ferry us to the Wilsons' house in the Porsche. I had to give Gina my shorts because we couldn't find either her bikini bottoms or her sarong and she didn't want to wear any of Wendy's stuff. I sat in the front of the car with Wendy and watched my glistening cum seep out of her pussy and stain her seat as she drove.

Wilson was out somewhere, probably playing golf, because the BMW wasn't in the garage. Wendy got out of the car with us and begged me to be allowed to stay. She even dropped to her knees in front of me on the garage floor and pulled my Calvin Klein's down to try to get my cock in her mouth.

"My, my!" Gina murmured, taking Wendy by the hair and rubbing the girl's face into my genitals. "It looks like somebody's fallen in love with Senzangakona's big black dick!"

"Hmmmm!" Harriet mused; pushing Wendy on the shoulder with her foot and making her tumble prostrate onto the concrete. "Let's face it, she is pretty good in bed. And daddy would enjoy her too. Let her stay?" She looked enquiringly at her sister.

Gina shrugged, "Oh sure! I know you can't get enough of her pussy, sister mine! Yep, I say let her stay. What about you?" Gina looked to me.

A curtain was being pulled aside to reveal things about these two that I had never suspected. I wanted to know more. "Yes, let her stay, "I agreed.

We were cleaned up and dressed in fresh clothes when Wilson got back just after dusk. Wendy also driven us down to pick up the beach buggy and to take me to a clinic to get stitches put in the two cuts on the back and side of my head, twenty-eight in all.

"Bart, the guy who was trying the fuck my ass, was the one who sapped you. He hit you for the second time when you were down, " Gina told me as we left the clinic, "we thought he'd killed you."

"No chance, that's all good African bone!" I joked, then winced with the pain from unthinkingly tapping my head near one of the sets of stitches. Nevertheless, I was kind of pleased that the likelihood of Bart ever fathering children, or even getting an erection again was somewhat remote. I gave it everything when I smashed him in the balls.

Wilson was all for calling the cops when he learned of the day's events, but allowed himself to be persuaded against it by his two lovely daughters rubbing sexily against him and generally making themselves irresistible.

"It's not as if Harriet and I hadn't slept with Justin and Wendy and their gang before," Gina told him, sticking her tongue in his ear. "They thought that Jonathon had left us for good when he ran off and just wanted us to party with them this afternoon. They particularly like watching Harriet and me getting it on with Wendy and her dyke friend Jodie before they join in. They only went ballistic when we said 'no' because Jonathon was coming back.

"And our hero turned into a full-on Zulu warrior and took them to pieces big time. You should have seen him; he was awesome! Several of them will be in hospital for days; he hurt them so badly. But they won't make any trouble. Rape is something their families won't want let out in public.

"Besides, sweet daddy, we've got a special present for you…"

Gina told her father to wait where he was, and then she left the room. A few moments later she came back with Wendy, who was utterly naked apart from a wide, steel-studded leather dog collar around her neck attached to a halter. She took the girl right up to her father and made him bend down so that all three of their heads were close together and whispered something that Harriet and I could not catch. Wilson grinned broadly and took the halter from his daughter to lead Wendy from the room.

"What did you say to him?" Harriet asked her sister when the couple had left.

"Only the truth…that Wendy loves it up the ass." She smiled at me, "That's the only thing Harriet and I don't do, and why Bart was so intent on doing it to me this afternoon, I guess. But…" She licked her lips and looked towards my groin, "with a tiny bit of persuasion I might change my mind."

Gina linked her arms with her sister's and mine, "C'mon, daddy should be all lubed up with K-Y by now and ready to rock. Let's go and see!"

Wilson was indeed 'ready to rock', as Gina had put it. He was kneeling naked on his bed behind Wendy, who was poised on her hands and knees awaiting his anal assault. Wilson's long fat cock stuck out all shiny with the lubricating jelly from beneath his pendulous, hairy belly and it looked as though he was about to start pushing it into her equally lubed-up asshole. And The Man didn't bat an eyelid when his two daughters and I trooped into his room to watch!

Harriet pressed her soft pillows against my arm and whispered into my ear, "This is gonna be new territory for Miss Wendy. Bart gives it to her in the ass quite a lot, he can't get a hard-on for 'normal' sex, but his dick is nowhere near as big as daddy's is."

That proved to be the case at first. Wendy whimpered and howled with pain as Wilson forced his way past her sphincter, but soon he was buried deep in her rectum and she was riding his shaft and letting out low, guttural moans of pleasure.

"I told you she loves it up the ass," Gina murmured quietly. She was licking her lips continually. Her eyes shone brightly, transfixed at the sight of the writhing couple. "That is soooo hot!" she sighed.

Wilson pulled at Wendy's collar, forcing her head back. She arched her spine, impaling her body harder on Wilson's thrusting cock. "Aaaaargh, yes, Master!" she groaned, "You're cock is so awesome! Fuck me good, Master! Fill my belly with your cum! But not too soon!"

Gina let out a sobbing sigh and her knees seemed to buckle a little. Harriet moved alongside her utterly distracted sister. For a few moments, she supported Gina with an arm around her waist, but then I saw her free hand dextrously undo the brass button at her waist and slide Gina's zipper down. I fully expected to see Harriet's hand disappear into the front of her sister's panties, but I was wrong. She moved her arm from around Gina's waist and began pushing her jeans and panties down at the back, slowly revealing the top of her firm, white, rounded buns and the deep cleft between them.

I held my breath as Harriet pushed Gina's jeans and panties down further. She slid her hand into Gina's panties, pressing her fingers down and between Gina's cheeks. Harriet's hand moved lower and under. Gina moaned softly. I could see by her position and her movements that Harriet was caressing her sister's anal pucker.

Gina leaned against her taller sibling, "Ohhhh, stop it, Harriet, you're making me so wet!" she sighed.

Harriet smiled, "Your pussy too?" she asked, "'Cos you're getting lovely and juicy right here!"

Gina jumped a little and gasped, making me wonder if Harriet had invaded her asshole with a fingertip.

Harriet motioned me closer. I heard her murmur, "Tell me sister mine, did you mean it when you said downstairs that you might be persuaded to change your mind about taking it up the ass?"

"It looks so hot the way daddy's doing it to Wendy," Gina sighed weakly.

Harriet motioned me with a nod of her head to go and get the open tub of K-Y jelly from where it stood on top of Wilson's bedside cabinet. The Man ignored me as I picked it up. He was too wrapped up in fucking Wendy's anal tunnel to be bothered by anything I might get up to.

When I returned to the sisters, Harriet had already got Gina's nether garments completely off her and had her positioned with her legs apart, leaning across her father's tall chest of drawers. Her bare, white ass was so enticing I almost dropped the K-Y when handing it to Harriet.

"Get out of your clothes quickly, before Gina changes her mind! All of them!" Harriet directed.

I watched Harriet liberally coat her sister's anal opening with the slippery goop while I shucked my shirt, pants and briefs off. When I was completely naked, Harriet turned her attentions to my rock hard cock. Gina turned her head to look.

"Jesus!" she wailed in an awed tone, "I said I might do it with a little persuasion, but that thing is fucking enormous!"

Harriet had me covered in an instant. Impatiently, she positioned my bulging crown at her sister's tiny, tight entrance. "No going back now, sister mine," she ordered.

I pushed steadily into Gina's crack. I made no progress. She was too small. I was afraid of hurting her.

Harriet ran her hand down my spine, right down from the back of my neck and between my clenched buttocks. A finger jabbed into my asshole making me jerk. The head of my cock popped past Gina's sphincter. She hissed under her breath with pain and bit her lower lip until the blood ran. Harriet kissed her sister's cheek. "The worst is over, Hon," she murmured lovingly, "time to have some fun."

We took it real slow. I didn't push into Gina; I grasped her hips and leaned into her. Tenth of an inch by tenth of an inch my shining ebony shaft disappeared between her pale white buttocks, sinking deeper, ever deeper.

Harriet caressed us both all the while, her sister's trembling belly and my anal pucker. When my rough, springy pubic bush finally met up with Gina's ass-crack Harriet slid her hand lower to find her sister's clit. At the same time she slid a finger smoothly into my anus and pumped it gently in there. I was not all that sure I liked her doing that; it was the first time I had ever been penetrated in that way. At least she did not kill my erection.

Gina reacted to her sister's probing fingers. Her rectum moved on my cock, gripping, massaging, and sliding imperceptibly back and forth. I had never been anywhere as hot and tight as this before. I stayed still, allowing her to fuck me with her ass. Her movements got wilder and wilder. She was huffing and panting, and muttering incoherently deep in her throat. A coughing scream of ecstasy rang out behind us followed immediately by a loud shout from Wilson. The pair on the bed had reached their climax.

Their animal cries of pleasure brought Gina to her peak. She arched her back, pressing her ass hard against my belly, "Cum, Jon! Oh Jesus! Fuck! Please cum with me! OOOOOooer! Ah! Ah! Ah! I'mmmmmm! Jesuuuuuus! Aaaaaaaargh!"

The tide of semen had already started to rise in my scrotum, but Gina's sphincter clamped so hard around my shaft with the force of her orgasm all desire to ejaculate left me. Indeed, the pain caused me by her anal ring's fierce spasms made me begin to wonder if she could cut my cock off!

I held still until the turmoil in Gina's innards subsided. It took a long time. Harriet supported her sister to stop her collapsing to the floor when I was finally able to withdraw, then took her gently away to her dad's en suite to recover. With my stiff cock still stuck out in front of me, I started to make my way to 'my own' bathroom. Just as I was about to leave the room, I heard Wilson clear his throat. I turned to look at him. He was sat on the side of his bed with his elbows resting on his knees. Wendy sprawled face down and legs akimbo on the counterpane beside him, apparently still 'out of it.'

"That's one hell of a pecker you got there my friend," he growled. He half-turned and caressed Wendy's curved ass absently, "This one here'll love it when you put it where the sun don't shine…" As if to prove his words, Wendy opened her eyes and stuck out her tongue to wiggle it lasciviously in the direction of my groin. "Harriet too," Wilson continued, "only she'll see you fuck everyone else before she plucks up the courage…always been that way…just don't do any damage, you mind!"

I nodded acknowledgement and left to was Gina's bodily residues from me.

Chapter 5

Wilson was wrong though. Harriet joined me just as I was soaping Gina's ass juices from my shaft.

"How is she?" I asked.

"Oh, she's fine. Whacked out, but can't stop babbling about how fantastic your cock felt up inside her and the enormous orgasm I gave her with my fingers. She's gonna be sore as hell for a couple of days though." Harriet reached out and slid her cupped hand up and down my hard soapy length. She pressed her full pillows against me, "It was amazing you know, watching this big black thing disappear into my sister's peachy little ass. I got so wet my panties are still sticking to me!

"I've got an idea…let's take a bath, just you and me…" Harriet pushed the bathroom door shut with her foot and then locked it. "Just you and me..."

We started off sitting at opposite ends in the warm water, but Harriet soon scooted down the bath on her ass to be closer to me. I devoured her magnificent body with my eyes while she soaped my chest and shoulders. She wouldn't let me touch her though. My cock stuck up out of the water between us like the mast of a sunken ship. When she leaned closer to reach around and soap my back, the undersides of her breasts bumped against my plum coloured crown. Harriet grasped my shaft, then leaning forward slightly, ran the underside of my glans around and over each swollen aureola in turn. Her nipples rose harder, like fat pencil erasers.

"Ummmmmm! That is delicious!" she breathed, looking up into my face. "This is the most wonderful piece of meat I have ever met in my life!" Her eyes sparkled. Her cheeks were flushed. She grinned wickedly, "And I'll bet you didn't know it's a damned fine cure for constipation! The first thing Gina did when I got her to daddy's bathroom was to have a good crap!"

She took hold of her wondrous boobs and, crushing them together and forming a tunnel clasped them around my cock-head. She pressed forward and kissed me. Our tongues twined, I humped my tingling glans on her breastbone, my heart pounded, my sap started rising. Harriet sensed my impending explosion and pulled away. She kissed my throbbing tip, almost sending me over the edge. "Don't be impatient, Lord Senzangakona," she murmured, "it is time for you to do me."

Harriet turned away and got to her knees at her end of the bath. Indicating a large bottle of baby oil she had placed on the floor close by, she told me to, "Oil me all over."

I started at her shoulders and swiftly moved down over her chest. Harriet knelt upright and leaned back against me, tilting her head back with eyes closed to rest on my shoulder. The base of my shaft nestled between the plump, firm cheeks of her ass. The rest of me pressed into her spine. I oiled her breasts, tweaking and rolling her nipples in my slippery fingers.

"Oh, shit, that is sooo beautiful!" Harriet sighed hotly and rubbed her tush back harder against me.

I played with her bust for a little while longer then, taking more oil, I moved down over her belly. Harriet's chest heaved with her deep, ragged breathing. I rubbed another palm-full of oil into her pubic bush. Harriet didn't believe in shaving or trimming her lower crowning glory, and her hairs were wonderfully dense and lush. I oiled the insides of her thighs, teasing her, almost but not quite touching her humid core. Finally I parted her distended labia and pulled back her hood with the fingers of one hand and, with the other, found the hard, erect nubbin of her clit.

Harriet came almost immediately, her rigid body trembling against my chest. "You bastard! That was so mean!" she groaned warmly as her internal convulsions subsided. She licked my cheek, "But, I ain't finished with you yet, Mister!"

I grinned and found her clit once more. Five, six, seven swift butterfly-wing flicks and she was cumming again, not as hard as before, but fiercely enough to draw an anguished squeak of pleasure from between her clenched teeth.

She leaned forward, resting with her hands on the edge of the bath while the latest set of spasms diminished. I couldn't resist her dangling globes, hefting their voluptuous weight, cupping their hard tips in my palms and caressing their full rounded curves in sweeping, swirling twirls. Harriet let out a sobbing groan that resonated around the bathroom walls. She pressed her butt-crack against my erection and rotated her hips enticingly, "This is awesome, Jonathan, but you haven't oiled my back yet!" she reminded me.

I started at her shoulders again, working down her perfectly flawless skin to her narrowing waist and then to the wondrous flare of her hips. I oiled the outsides of her thighs and kneaded it sensually into the muscular flesh of her buttocks. I drizzled oil onto her tailbone. She gasped convulsively at the sensation of the rich liquid sliding down the inside of her crack. I followed it with my fingers, stimulating her anal entrance with insistent circular movements and making her anxiously ready for penetration.

Harriet hissed, "Yessss! Oh! Yessss!" and arched her spine. I slid my index and long middle fingers simultaneously into the welcoming, satin heat of her anus, stretching her ring and oiling her inner entrance. "Oh Godddd! Jon! Give me your cock!" she begged, "Now! Now! Oh, Please! Now!"

I swiftly anointed my shaft with baby oil using my free hand, then placed my cock at her entrance. Withdrawing my fingers, I instantly replaced them with my mushroom crown. I slipped inside her easily, but Harriet still cried out with pain. I gave her a few minutes respite to get used to my presence, then pushed ahead.

With only a third of my length inside, she said, "That's enough! I feel so full! I want us to fuck now, Jon!"

I caressed her lustrous body rocked my hips, almost withdrawing and then re-entering her channel. Almost inevitably, my cock sank deeper and deeper into her body, but Harriet seemed to take no notice. I swooped my fingers down her belly to find her clit. Harriet bucked and squirmed with pleasure against me, forcing me deeper yet into her clinging tunnel.

Suddenly, with only minimal warning, I felt the manic pulsing in my groin that signalled my climax. Harriet sensed my predicament and my imperceptible move to withdraw. "No, Jon! Stay!" she cried. I would have been too late anyway. In an instant I was flooding her gut with a pounding flood that seemed to go on and on and on.

Chapter 6

It was the most incredible bedroom I had ever seen. In total floor area, it was almost as big as Mrs Jerome's entire apartment! In reality, it was three already large rooms in one with three doorways along the hallway wall. Four king size double beds with several multicoloured single duvets and pillows strewn across them stood in a group at the centre of the room. Suspended overhead was a sturdy frame bearing arrangement of spotlights and mirrors and what looked like some Bose Lifestyle hi-fi speakers. Harriet explained: "When they built this house, our parents decided that Gina and I should share a room until we decided to leave home. But they also made sure that we had plenty of space. At first, we had single beds at opposite ends. But, when we grew up and daddy showed us the potential of another arrangement, we got him to set it up like this. If he ever sells the house he'll have the partitions put in."

We crawled into the centre of the complex and snuggled under a couple of the duvets. It was like lying on the deck of an aircraft carrier! Harriet retrieved a remote control from under one of the pillows and adjusted the lighting to a low, rosy glow. Rhythmic music softly began to fill the room. It sounded like St Germaine.

"You see, Gina and I can be as far apart as we like..."

Harriet cuddled up close to me and ran her hand down my belly to the dormant black snake laid between my legs. It began to stir.

"Or, we can get as close to each other as we want..."

Her sensual caresses coaxed me back to full hardness.

"And if daddy or a special friend or two wants to pay a visit there is plenty of room."

I recalled the faint cry that woke me up on the night of my first stay here.

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