tagInterracial LoveShades of Black & White Pt. 4

Shades of Black & White Pt. 4


Chapter 7

“Oh, yeah, baby! That’s soooo gooood! C’mon, Honey! Oh yeah! Mmmmmm! Yeah! I’m real juicy for you! You’re gonna love it! Get your horny little tongue up here!” I thought I was dreaming these hotly whispered words, but a sudden shaking of the bed told me otherwise. I opened my eyes blearily to see Wendy kneeling astride Harriet’s face. Her inner thighs were slick with saliva where Harriet had been licking and teasing her. Now Wendy was pulling her naked labia apart with the fingers of both hands and begging Harriet to go to work on her clit. “Aaaaaagh! That…you…are…so…fucking…goooood!” Harriet’s face was now buried right up in the fork of Wendy’s thighs and her tongue was lapping furiously.

The bed shook again as Wendy began to grind her pussy voluptuously on Harriet’s face. She had scooted a pillow beneath Harriet’s head for support, and she was now tugging and rolling her own long, brown-pink nipples in her fingertips. Harriet’s finger, slick with Wendy’s pussy juices, appeared from between the girl’s thighs and plunged smoothly into her ass. “Ooooooh, Harriet, Honey! You certainly know how to please me!” Wendy gasped throatily, arching her back and pushing her butt down onto the invading digit.

Gina’s face and tousled hair emerged from under my duvet, where she had been sleeping with her face resting on my thigh, “Aw fuck! Is it breakfast time already?” she murmured sleepily. “Yummmm!” And she crawled across my legs towards the gyrating pair. She gently raked the inside of her sister’s knee once with her fingernails. This was clearly a private signal between them, because Harriet immediately spread her legs, exposing her wet, dark fringed, pink gash to her sister’s tongue.

This was no faked display for a porno movie; these chicks were really jammin’! I looked on, stroking my hard-on, which was almost busting out of my skin. Gina broke away from her sister’s pussy for a few moments. Her face shone with Harriet’s juices, “Hey, Jon, how about we give that ukuHolo… thing a try?”


“That’s the one…!”

Gina resumed delighting Harriet’s pussy with her tongue while I spooned in behind her and slid my cock into the hot, tight slippery gap at the top of her thighs. Looking over her shoulder, I got to see the action in real time, real close-up. She held my thrusting shaft in position with the palm of her hand, so I was getting pleasurable friction on both sides of my tool.

The four of us continued our sensuous, writhing dance for the next five minutes and more until it became obvious that Harriet and Wendy were rapidly climbing to a mutually ecstatic peak. They broke away in a chorus of loud shuddering screams, leaving Gina and I to our own devices. I felt her fingers press the head of my cock up into her sheath. “That ukuHobonga is kinda nice,” she murmured, “but I like this a lot better!”

I pressed my body against Gina’s back, rolling her onto her front. I moved on top of her. Her firm, resilient buns felt splendid beneath my belly. Supporting myself on my elbows, I speared her hot liquid depths with my full length. She turned her head and said, “Hello,” then flexed her inner muscles three or four times, gripping my shaft in welcome.

We fucked slow and easy for a long time; totally concentrated on each other and the many subtle pleasure thrills we were able to bestow. And when we came, me first with my warm flood triggering Gina’s release, it seemed to last and last forever.

Afterwards, we lay face to face, searching each other’s eyes and gently caressing while our hearts slowed and the sweat cooled on our bodies. “That was more than just fucking, wasn’t it?” Gina asked softly.

“It felt the same way to me…” It was true. I’d never felt that ‘connected’.

“It was wonderful; as if we melted and became one person. I’ve not experienced that before…not even when I first lost my cherry…or even when I’m balling daddy…”

“When did you lose your cherry?”

“I was fourteen. It was at a summer party in Amanagsett. I was dressed to kill and ready to become a woman; looked at least eighteen all made up. Poor Billy, he was twenty-two, a student at Harvard, nearly had a heart attack when he found out my real age. But we’d been to bed several times by then.

“How about you?”

“At Oklahoma State two weeks after I arrived. She was black, a lab technician, in her early forties, married with three kids. I guess I was her last fling before she faced up to menopause. We lasted for nearly a year and she taught me more than I ever imagined.”

“She was a good teacher…”

“Every young virgin male should have someone like Clarice… When was your first time with your da…”

Just then, Harriet and Wendy reaching a noisy, bed-shaking, sixty-nine induced climax shattered the warm, tender moment, and I was unable to finish my question. I resolved to ask it again at a more suitable time.

Chapter 8

Wilson insisted that we play golf before we set off for NYC. I putted like a demon, but couldn’t drive to save my life. So, at the end of the day I still only carded just under the hundred. Wilson wasn’t much better. Gina and Harriet, in the meantime, just blobbed out, whilst Wendy set off to see if she could find her brother, her lesbian lover and their friends.

Midway through the week, Wilson informed me that, “My girls told me you’d better get your black ass down to the beach again this weekend…somethin’ to do with Wendy, but Gina wouldn’t say what. I’ll be staying in Town, so you’ll have them all to yourself…or most likely it’ll be the other way round!”

Harriet drove us to the Island in Wilson’s car. They left me at the house as soon as we arrived, saying that they would pick me up later. It was almost an hour before I heard the beach buggy return. Gina was on her own.

Gina led me through the recreation room at the Tremaine’s to a smaller one at the rear of the complex. I noticed there was no sign that I had been bleeding all over the place just seven days before. Even the spots I had dripped on the billiard table baize when making Wendy my war prize had been cleaned away. When Gina pushed me through the door to the back room, I stopped in my tracks in fascinated horror.

Wendy was suspended, naked and spread-eagled like a starfish in mid air by chains attached to hooks and a pulley system fixed to the ceiling and walls. A black leather mask blindfolded her. Steel-toothed nipple clamps were attached to her teats. Chains attached these, in turn, to other hooks in the ceiling, pulling her breasts tautly upwards. It must have been damned painful!

“Don’t worry,” Gina whispered, putting her arm around my waist and giving me a hug, “she likes it like this.”

Just then, Harriet came into the room. She too was naked, but for high-heeled leather thigh boots, leather gloves and a leather mask. She was carrying a long, bendy, rattan cane. Her eyes glittered fiercely through the slits in her mask.

“Ahhh, Miss Wendy, I see that your stud has arrived. Are you ready to be serviced.”

“Yes ma’am.” Wendy answered in a faint voice.

Harriet turned to me and slapped her boot with the cane, “Come on Stud! Let’s see what you’re made of!”

Gina helped me with my clothes and I was soon as naked as Wendy was. My cock was still semi-flaccid, but Gina helped me with that too.

Harriet moved in behind Wendy and ran the tip of the cane slowly down her spine and in between the spread cheeks of her buttocks. “Jesus, girl!” she growled, “I’ve seen horses with smaller cocks than his one! Do you want it?”

“Yes ma’am, I do.”

“Where do you want it, slut…in your pussy or up in your shitty little ass?”

“Anywhere you say, ma’am…you choose.”

“Or would you rather I fuck you with this cane?”

Harriet jabbed the tip of the cane hard into Wendy’s sphincter, making her jump and cry out from the pain induced by the nipple clamps.

“If you wish, ma’am. I am yours to do what you like with.”

Harriet moved in close and rubbed her erect nipples on Wendy’s back. Putting her lips close to Wendy’s ear, she whispered lasciviously, “Or would you like me to get down on my knees and lick your asshole?”

The suspended girl shivered. Goosebumps stood out all over her body, “Oooooh, Harriet, that would be so wonderful!”

Wendy writhed and screamed sharply as Harriet cracked her across the buttocks with the cane. “Whatever makes you think I would want to do anything as gross as that you dirty bitch?” she growled sternly. Harriet hit her buttocks again. Livid red wheals stood out on the girl’s pale skin. “Where did you get the idea from you perverted little whore?” Whack! Harriet hit Wendy for a third time, “And remember how to address me properly!”

“Forgive me, ma’am, “ Wendy sobbed, “I must have misunderstood what you said.”

“I should think so!” The cane swished through the air, but did not strike. Harriet suddenly became soft and caring. She ran her gloved palm gently over the raised, red slashes on Wendy’s cheeks. “Does it sting, my darling?” she cooed.

“Thank you for your consideration, ma’am,” Wendy answered humbly, “The pain is starting to wear off already.”

The steel came back into Harriet’s tone, “Then, you won’t mind if I punish you again?”

“If you so wish, ma’am.”

“Gooood! Now are you wet and ready for your stud?” Harriet put her hand between Wendy’s legs from the rear and pushed one leather-covered finger up into her snatch. She brought the result to her nose, sniffed at it briefly and then licked it. “Hmmmmm, you are quite tasty…’

“Thank you ma’am…”

“Would you like your stud to lick your pussy while we make his horse cock fully ready?”

“That would be delightful, ma’am.”

“Very well then…”

Harriet motioned to me to kneel on the floor and service Wendy with my tongue. She tapped me on the shoulder with the cane, “Do not make her cum!” she ordered.

Wendy was at just the right height, with her bare, shaved vagina spread open before me. I wriggled the tip of my tongue beneath her hood, right on her clitoris. She squirmed with delight and then yelped with pain as the nipple clamps took effect. Her sweet-salty juices poured from her and ran over my chin. Her woman smell filled my nostrils.

I felt Gina and Harriet strap something to my waist. I tried to look down to see what it was, but Harriet hissed to me to concentrate on what I was doing. Then, I was tapped on the shoulder and told to get back up. When I looked at my crotch I saw that I now had two cocks, one my own and the other, equally as big as mine, made of white-man’s-flesh coloured plastic. And I saw that Gina was now naked and dressed in thigh boots and a mask also. She too had a dildo strapped to her waist, a long slim, black one.

‘Who will have to take that one?’ I wondered, half guessing the truth, ‘Harriet or me?’ A strange new feeling invaded my belly; one of fear mixed with anticipation. ‘Anything can happen with these two,’ I mused. I looked at Gina more closely. The harness appeared to have a secondary cock attached to it, one that nestled up in her snatch. She would get pleasure from this episode as well.

Gina smeared my two cocks liberally with lubricant. Meanwhile, Harriet did the same with Wendy’s ass. The young woman’s gasps of pleasure told me that Harriet was doing more than smear it on the outside of her pucker.

Two pairs of hands led me into position. Gina guided my two prongs into Wendy’s body while Harriet lowered her on the pulleys until I was buried up to the hilt. My cock slid into her well-stretched, well-greased ass like a hot knife into butter. I suppose my artificial appendage did the same into her pussy. Gina’s ‘cock’ banged against my leg while she worked, sending shivers up my spine. Our spread-eagled offering clutched me with her inner muscles and groaned, ‘Jeeesus Chrissst!” Wilson’s cock was big, but mine was bigger and longer. I gripped her ass cheeks in both hands, preparing to fuck her into oblivion. But I felt a light tap across my knuckles from the cane and heard a whisper: “Not I good idea to hold her there, Stud! Hang onto her tits if you need something to hold onto.”

Just then, I felt Gina coating my anal entrance with the lubricating jelly. I clenched my buttocks in an attempt to keep her out, but I felt a finger enter me, and then the burning invasion. It was no use trying to resist. The red-hot poker forced its way deeper and deeper into my rectum. Gina slid her hands over my chest and grasped my nipples, twisting and raking them viciously with her fingernails. One pain alleviated the other. Her tits bored into my back like hard-pointed rocks. I felt her pubic hair rasping my ass cheeks.

Then Harriet began to thrash Wendy’s back and ass with the cane, calling her a filthy slut and a brother-fucking, ass sucking, dirty worthless whore.

I felt every crashing blow through Wendy’s, writhing, shuddering, sobbing body. Almost by instinct, Gina, Wendy and I established a sexual rhythm tuned to the swishing cracks of Harriet’s cane on Wendy’s soft, pliant flesh. Wendy and Gina came within seconds of each other. The turmoil within the orgasming pair tipped me over the brink and I filled Wendy’s gut with my hot sperm.

Under threat of the cane, Harriet forced the three of us to remain tied. She stalked around our perimeter, alternately caressing and then swishing the cane menacingly. She kept us all on edge, taunting, tantalising, terrorising. And in a very short time, we were ready to fuck again. This time she spared Wendy the cane, but the threat was always there. Our second peak was even more climactic than the first. The pain in Wendy’s nipples must have been horrendous as she thrashed and contorted in its wild throes.

Harriet released us, detaching her nipple clamps and lowering Wendy to the carpet, where she lay in a weakly shuddering heap. Harriet brought a wooden chair close to the quivering girl and sat on it with her legs spread wide apart. She tapped Wendy on the shoulder with the cane. “Come here, Slut, and service your mistress in the way she deserves!” she demanded.

Wendy creaked to her knees and, grasping the cane for guidance, crawled between Harriet’s thighs to begin lapping vigorously at her pussy. Her raised ass and back striped with angry looking welts, some of which were seeping bright blood. Harriet looked at Gina and I with hard, glittering eyes. The triumphant smile on her lips held more of a sneering grimace than friendship, amusement or gratitude. “You two may leave now. My Slut and I have unfinished business to attend to!”

Gina gathered our clothes and led me upstairs to a bathroom and into the shower. We hardly exchanged a word while she cleaned us both, although at one point she cupped my genitals tenderly on her palms and gazed into my eyes as though she was on the brink of a major pronouncement. But nothing came of it.

We left the Tremaine’s house to the accompaniment of animal female cries of passion. “Those two will be at it all night,” was all Gina had to say as we drove away in the buggy.

Initially, we went to our own rooms. But after an hour of sleepless staring at the ceiling in the dark, trying to come to terms with the night’s events, I was thoroughly pleased to feel Gina’s warm, lithe form climbing into my bed.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she murmured.

“Nor I,” I replied.

We held each other in silence. And sleep swept over us surprisingly quickly.

Chapter 9

When I woke shortly after 6.20, Gina was gone. She was nowhere to be found in the house, so I made a quiet, lonely breakfast just for me. With a heavy heart, I concluded that she had gone to join Harriet and Wendy.

I cleaned up the kitchen and went to my room to pack my things, which included all the small items of gear that I had started to leave in my ‘second home’. This was my last visit here, I resolved. I still hung around for a while, not wanting to leave the house unlocked, mooching around in the garden kicking pebbles.

It was after midday when she returned. I had just booked a taxi to take me to the train when I heard the buggy pull into the garage. She was alone and carrying a small posy of spring flowers.

“I had to have space to think,” she explained, “I just drove and drove and then I ran out of gas, miles from anywhere.

“By the time I hitched a ride to a gas station and got back to the car, etcetera, etcetera, it was awful late. I wanted to buy you a gift, but I only had a few dollars left after the gas, and no credit card. These flowers are the only beautiful things I could find. They’re for you.” She handed me the posy with a tremulous smile.

Emotion stung the backs of my eyes. I put my arms around her and held her close. We seemed to just meld together. We felt very ‘right’. “They are the most wonderful gift anyone has ever given me,” I told her.

We clung to each other for what seemed like an instant lifetime. I was about to pick her up in my arms and carry her to my room to make long, tender love with her when the taxi I had ordered arrived, spoiling the moment. I paid the driver off, along with an apology and a large tip, and returned to the house. By then, the impetus was gone. Gina had put the flowers into a vase and was making herself a sandwich.

“Want one?” she asked.

“Sure, if it’s no bother.”

Gina pulled a face at me, “I wouldn’t have asked!”

I watched her while she worked, and when we sat close together at the table to eat. Everything she did was done gracefully, with a minimum of fuss and with intense concentration, but also with a joyful zest for life. A product of studying modern dance and drama at Julliard?

“Want anything else to eat?” she asked when I finished my sandwich.

Jonathon was as slow as a carthorse. “No thanks, that was delicious,” I answered, totally misreading the devilish expression in Gina’s eyes. “How about you?”

“Ummmmm…I think I may have some dessert.”

“There’s some icecream in the freezer…”

“Jonathon! I was thinking of something quite a bit more exotic than icecream! Turn and face me…”

In ten seconds flat, Gina had my pants down around my ankles and was on her knees between my legs, getting my rapidly stiffening shaft out of my briefs. Her warm, wet mouth enclosed my cock’s head and her tongue raised me to full, rampant hardness. She took me in her throat with the consummate ease of one who had done it many times before. When I was fully buried in her oesophagus, she traced patterns across and down on my belly with the tip of her nose, sending incredible pleasure sensations throughout my entire penis.

Gina’s blonde head, working enthusiastically between my spread, muscular, black thighs made a picture of stark contrasts. I stroked her soft hair and her cheek with my palm, eliciting a deep groan from her that reverberated around my cock and sent shivers up my spine.

My tide started rising. I told her that I was about to cum and she pulled back from my shaft until just the bulging mushroom, glistening wet with her saliva, rested on her extended tongue. My pearly white jism jetted from my body in electric, gushing spurts, flooding Gina’s tongue and dribbling from the corners of her mouth. Gina closed her mouth around me, gulping and swallowing repeatedly until I was entirely spent. And when I was finished, she licked every last drop of sperm from the corners of her mouth.

“Now that’s what I call delicious!” she announced.

I must have looked thunderstruck at what Gina had just done. I had been blown before, but never like that! I certainly felt as though I had been poleaxed.

“C’mon, Jon,” she smiled brightly, standing and hauling me to my feet. “Pull your pants up and let’s go look at the beach.”

We sat side by side half way up a dune facing the sea. I still felt utterly drained. Huge rollers crashed on the strand making the earth shake. There must have been storms far out in the ocean overnight. A stiff breeze whipped the loose sand up, stinging our bare ankles. Apart from us, the beach was deserted.

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