tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShadow of a Doubt Ch. 10

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 10


Author's Note: Welcome to the final chapter of Shannon's story. Please note, this is not a 'Non-consent' story, it is a 'Reluctance' story. I hope you've enjoyed the ride.

The strong hand withdrew from my upper arm leaving me standing in the middle of the games room. I held my breath. I couldn't believe I was actually there. My mind was reeling with the experience of being naked and blindfolded before men who had never seen me that way. No one said a word. It felt like they were drinking in the sight of me. I tightly held onto the comforting knowledge that Johan was with me. Even though I had no idea what was going to happen, I would be okay. As the seconds ticked by and no one spoke, it became more unsettling and my imagination went into overdrive.

I hoped they wouldn't be too rough with me. Or did I? God, I was so confused. My pussy was wet and my nipples were hard angry little raspberries perched high on my breasts. Tingles and blushes ran over my skin. I was turned on fiercely, excited by the unknown yet filled with trepidation. Leah had spanked me all the way down the hallway to the games room and my ass smarted. Briefly I wondered if it was pink. Instinctively I flexed my butt muscles and clenched the little plug in my ass. I was sure they could see it clearly. In the darkness behind the blindfold, my face felt hot. I bit my lip, determined to be quiet.

Finally Johan's low and intimidating voice broke the unnerving silence, speaking slowly and clearly. "What are you doing standing up?"

"I didn't... S... Sorry!"

Slinking to my knees, I swallowed. I knelt up on the 'heavy wear' carpet, my knees a little apart, clasping my hands behind my back again. I hoped I looked good to him. I hoped I looked good to all of them. Trying to hold my head high, I started to feel uncomfortable in the continuing silence. I gradually let it fall forward, wondering whether it was a good idea to look so proud.

Fingers slid into the hair at the back of my head, tightening almost painfully. A deep, menacing voice took my breath away. "Be a good girl and tell Ernie how much you like sucking big black cocks." In a split second I realised it was Ernie from the strip club. My adrenaline shot from a hundred to a thousand. There weren't three. There were FOUR!

Covering my thudding heart with one of my shaking hands, I gasped, "G... God, Ernie, you nearly gave me a heart attack."

He tightened his grip in my hair. "You didn't answer the question."

My eyes darted around under the blindfold. "I... I... I can't remember it."

"Put your hands behind your back again. I don't want to see them." I did, threading my fingers together as my heart palpitated. "I asked you to tell me how much you like sucking big black cocks," he repeated.

"Ohhh..." I whimpered. What was I supposed to say? My ears felt like they were faintly ringing. "I don't know... I... I never have before..."

"What? A dirty little fucktoy like you hasn't sucked black cock? Well, I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of practice from now on, so you'll be able to form an opinion real soon. Not that it will matter. You'll still be sucking my friends' cocks anyway after I tell them all about your hot little mouth." He pulled my hair back hard, arching my neck. "Won't you, whore?"

"Nooo!" I whimpered. Damn it, Leah! You betrayed me!

I heard Johan's cackle, eagerly joined by the others in the room. God! How many were there? Ernie smelled really good, so I'd be able to recognise him. One had an evil snort. It might have been David, but I hadn't heard him make a noise like that before. He was on my left. Johan was easy to recognise as I knew his voice. His laugh came from in front of me and a little to the right, but a few feet away. I heard a soft tinkle and remembered Allan wore a thick steel-linked bracelet. He had a habit of occasionally shaking it. I always wondered if it meant anything to Debbie. He was standing a bit behind me, also on my right. In my mind I could see him making himself a drink at the bar. I heard the clink-clink of ice and almost smiled.

"What's so fuckin funny?" Ernie asked from an inch away, a mist of hot spit hitting my face on each of the 'effs'. His breath was sweet with a coating of fine liquor. I hoped they hadn't been drinking too much.

"N... Nothing..."

"Typical," said my Johan, causing my jaw to drop. "She always tries to avoid answering."

"We'll see about that," David replied, ominously from my left.

"Look at that wet cunt," someone said and I snapped my head toward him, my jaw dropping. I didn't recognise who it was! Oh, my God! FIVE! The voice came from beside Johan. My mind raced. It was indistinct and it could have been anyone! "What a fuckin whore." A stranger was calling me a whore!

"I knew she'd be like this," Johan said. I could tell he was smiling and I was mortified. "Next time you avoid answering, we are going to spank you, understood?"

I nodded and trembled, grinding my teeth.

Allan surprised me with what he said next. I'd never even heard him swear before. "Look, she can't fuckin wait. She's raring to go. There's cunt juice running down her legs."

"She must be thinkin about suckin black cocks," Ernie teased.

I tried to keep still but only succeeded in shivering harder. Ernie slipped his fingers from my hair and leaned back up. His voice came from right above me. He must have been standing inches away. I breathed through my nose, wondering if I could smell his cock. I caught myself doing it and blushed crimson. I was glad I was blindfolded.

"I'm going to stand behind you so I can watch that tight ass." He seemed to hesitate. "What are you doing?"

"Ohhh..." I didn't want to get spanked!

"Are you trying to smell my cock?" I was caught! My inability to lie got me again and I nodded. "I thought so," he chuckled. His fingers slid around the back of my head and guided my nose into his crotch. Johan laughed and the others did too.

"Get a good whiff, blondie. Yeah, I bet you love the smell of cock."

"Nooooooo..." I protested weakly. My voice was muffled and it sounded like I moaned.

Johan chuckled. "Heh heh. She loves it. She loves everything about cocks. I really should be charging you guys for this."

Ernie let go and pushed my head out of his crotch amid the chuckling. "I'd pay," he said, pinching my nipple and making me gasp. He walked around me and I heard a stool move behind my back. "Man, what an ass. Look at that. Did you put that plug up your ass yourself, Shannon?" he asked.

"Y... Yes," I whispered.

"Dirty little whore loves it up the ass, eh?" the mystery guy commented crudely. I imagined him nudging Johan with his elbow.

"No, I-" I began.

"Answer Steve, Shannon!" Johan hissed. His name was Steve!


My world spun. I imagined I was some nameless wench being taunted by a bunch of half drunk animals in the middle ages. Their voices melded together and the images shifted. They were a pack, a gang, an unruly crowd, acting as one. I was to be consumed. The thought made me shudder right through my body and my cunt clenched.

"Aw man, would you look at that," one of them said, noticing the twin trickles of thin honey making their way to my knees down the insides of each thigh. "Only a slut gets that wet."

"Look at how hard her nipples are," another said. I swallowed, looking around under the blindfold, trying to remember where each man was and feeling faint.

I can't want this... surely I don't WANT this.

Johan was suddenly beside me, hissing in my ear. At the same time he took my right nipple between his finger and thumb and twisted it hard. "You are enjoying yourself... Far. Too. Much." On each enunciated word he pulled my nipple upward. I clenched my teeth and clamped my eyes shut under the blindfold, failing utterly to suppress a loud moan.

"Ohh... Ohh...Oooooofuckkkk!!!" flew out of my mouth.

"You're a dirty whore, aren't you, Shannon?"

He spoke loudly, right in my ear, a parody of a secret. Releasing my nipple, he gripped my hair roughly again. "Please! I don't know what to sa-"

Then he clipped me on my right nipple. He used a downward motion with his fingers loosely together, the tips of them barely snicking my skin. It was the kind of slap that happens so fast you barely see it coming. I'd had them before, but only on my ass and usually while getting fucked. Being smacked while blindfolded was a whole new experience.

Like lightning the nerve endings transmitted a short, shocked pulse to my brain where a wave of pain was triggered. I sucked air through clenched teeth in a rush. Sweet heat flared in my nipple. Air came back out of my open mouth in quiet shudders. I shut my mouth, swallowing moans and breathing hard through my nose. My nipple felt like it was on fire. I held my hands together behind my back as tight as I could. The heat of the snap made my nipple feel heavy and almost bloated on my chest. I shuddered to think how it must have looked.

Before I could protest, he slapped my other breast the same way, only harder! It bounced on my chest and my cunt contracted, pulsing juice. My knees chafed as I squirmed on the carpet, wanting to hold my sore nipples, and willing myself not to protect them.

Tears escaped my eyes and trickled down my nose. I whispered to the floor, "I... I'm not a dirty whore."

"What's that? Did you say something?" asked Johan condescendingly. He took a handful of hair again and twisted it, pulling my face up.

"Slap her again," someone said.

"I'm a not dirty whore!" I whimpered. SNAP! "Oohhhh!"

"I bet your fuckin cunt is sopping," Johan said angrily, twisting my hair tighter. I gasped as the fingers of his other hand slid over my hot slippery pussy. "So you're a lying dirty whore too. You know, lying dirty whores get punished."

"I'm sorry! I'm a dirty whore! Ohh Goddd, please don't punish me!"

Johan released my hair and stepped away. I thought I heard him say, "Too fucking slow," but I wasn't sure.

Someone else took my hair in his hand. This time it hurt as the side of my head was pulled downward. "Hold still, it's just lipstick." It was the mystery man, Steve. He held my hair tight while he wrote things on me. I wasn't sure what it said but I could imagine. He wrote across my forehead and my chest, then on my stomach and the tops of my thighs. Moving behind me, he wrote on my back and across the top of my ass. Various comments came from the guys watching. I just swallowed and let it happen. He finished and I heard him recap the lipstick. "Now you are clearly a dirty whore."

I whispered, "I'm a dirty whore..."

"Stand up."

Sniffling, I rose to my feet again, once more clasping my shaking hands behind my back. He walked around me. I felt like I was being appraised. He prodded me here and there. "Stick your ass out a bit more. Arch your back. That's right, push out your nice red tits. Good girl."

"Th... Thank you," I breathed, before I knew what I was saying.

"What are you thanking me for?"

"F... For praising me, Sir," I said quietly.

He didn't respond. He walked around me again. "You have beautiful tits, whore."

"Th... thank you..."

"Would you rather I slapped your tits or called my friends and told them how beautiful they are?"

"Please... Don't tell them..."

"I might anyway."

"Ohh..." Shivering, I remembered how my breasts felt when Johan slapped me. "S... Slap them, p... please."

Without warning a SNAP! echoed around the room. I inhaled sharply as my breast once again shot across my chest and bounced back. I breathed hard, trying to hold on to my composure. SNAP! From the opposite direction my other breast received the same treatment.

SNAP! "Nngggggg!!!

The slap on the side of my breast was nothing like I had expected. In my fantasy, the slaps were playful compared to this. My jaw was clenched as the heat spread throughout my breasts. Mystery man leaned into me. "You will thank me for everything I do to you, and beg me to do it again. Do you understand?"

SNAP! "Ohhhh! Y... Yes, Sir. Th... Thank you, S... Sir. Again please!" I gasped, gurgling as I felt the moment of hesitation before a new strike landed.

SNAP! "Ohhhhfffffffffff.... Ohh... Ohhhh..." I caught my breath. "P... Please! Again, Sir! Thank y-" SNAP! "OHHH!!!" He left me whimpering for a moment, slowly walking around me again, his voice dripping with cruel intent.

"Ernie and I have been watching you all night, parading around in your thin shirt and short little skirt. That's right, we were watching you through the window, sitting in Ernie's car. Johan told us we'd see a show, and we sure did."

SNAP! "Ohhh.... Oh, please... Th... Thank you... S... Sir..."

"That's right. We saw how you paraded around for all your girlfriends, pretending to be coy. We saw how you came hard when you were tied down, having your cunt eaten and eating that other girl. You're a filthy little sex toy, Shannon, and I can't wait to tell my friends all about you."

"Noooo, pleaaaseee..." He stopped in his tracks when I protested. He was on my right side. He closed the fingers of his left hand around my neck from behind. CRACK! His right palm collected the underside of my right breast. It bounced two or three times before settling, throbbing on my chest. "Oohhh Godddd! Th... Thank you..." I clenched my teeth.

"Look at how hard her nipples are," he said, reaching for each one and pulling at them while still holding me by the neck. "I think you like having your tits slapped, don't you?"

"N... No! I m... mean ohhh... Yes! I mean-"

SNAP! Downward this time, catching my right nipple and the end of the breast. "Ooooonnooo... ohhh Th... Thank you S... Sir... M... More pleaseee..." SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! My left nipple exploded in throbbing pain. "Oohhh, fuckkkkk...nnggggggg.... Ohh... ohhhhhh...."

My whimpering trailed off and my hard breathing filled the room. I shifted my weight from foot to foot and my breasts ached hotly. My fingers were numb from clasping them together tightly. I was sure there were impressions of my fingernails in the backs of each hand. Mystery guy let go of my neck and walked away. I jumped when I heard a clap. At first I thought my breast had been slapped again. I realised someone had just been 'high-fived'. I was trembling all over and my pussy was hot and engorged. Silky fire pulsed from my core and my cheeks burned.

Allan must have gotten the signal, as he was next to advance on me. At first he picked up my chin with a single finger, and I didn't know it was him. I raised my blindfolded eyes, not knowing what to expect. "You didn't thank Steven," he murmured menacingly.

"S... Steven?" I asked, before I remembered it was mystery man's name. "Ohh, I'm sorry!" I said in a panic. "Thank you f... for slapping m... my breasts, Steven!"

Mild-mannered Allan almost spat out, "Too late again." His fingers roughly grabbed my hair and he led me to the side of the room. The tops of my thighs bumped against the pool table. He took my wrists in his hands. "Grip the pockets, I'll help you lean down."

"Ohhh please!"

"She's so eager, guys!" They all laughed.

"I... I don't want this... I don't..."

Allan bent me at the hips and I whimpered pitifully, clutching the pockets tightly. I kept my feet together as he lowered my body until my nipples brushed the rough fabric of the pool table. He held me there in mid-air. He gripped my hair tightly. I was afraid he would let go and I would fall on my face on the hard felt-covered surface. I took some of the strain in my arms as my body was lowered. His free hand roamed over my skin, gentle as a feather. It was maddening. His fingertips caressed along the backs of my thighs and over my ass and my skin twitched.

He brought his palm to rest between the cheeks of my ass, his fingers right against my cunt. They didn't move! They just touched me like it was nothing. He began moving my head to and fro, just a few inches, dragging my nipples from side to side across the felt. The rough softness of the surface was incredible on my engorged nipples. If he had done it much more it would have caused carpet burn. Oh, God, but it felt good. The walls of my pussy fluttered, the flexing spasms pushing the sheen that covered my inner thighs closer to my knees. I groaned.

"Do you like that, fucktoy?" Allan asked.

SMACK! "Yesss!" I hissed. His slap whipped through the air, a resounding spank that filled the air and was followed by chuckles and an 'oooo'. I realised the men had moved closer and I blushed to my toenails. I had flashes of my fantasy fly through my mind. I shuddered. My ass felt like it wobbled. I was feeling hotter and more ashamed by the minute.

"I told you she was fuckin eager," Allan said to the guys watching. They all laughed, agreeing, and I blushed harder. He was right! Allan's large, warm hand felt huge as he caressed over the handprint he had left on me. From then on it was alternate cheeks. "Open your legs," he said, as if he did this every day.

Slowly stepping outward, I gasped as I felt the skin down the insides of my thighs peel apart. In my mind they were catching the light, shiny and covered in my juices. I shuffled my feet slowly wider and wider but I wasn't quick enough.

SLAP! "Ohhh..." He slapped me hard enough to make my body jolt.

"Hurry up. We haven't got all night." I did it. "Yes, that's better. That's pretty. Now stay still." With my ankles two feet apart, he opened each of my ass cheeks, his fingers slowly drawing them apart. "She's fucking sopping," he said, and I blushed even harder. He shoved two fingers in and out of me and I could hear how wet I was. He pulled them out with a slurp.

"She has such a pretty cunt," Johan said from right behind me. I was startled that he had moved and I hadn't heard him. Then it dawned on me. They were all right behind me, watching me, looking right at my wet little cunt and pink asshole. They all agreed my hairless cunt was my best feature. Someone commented on how my clit pushed out, demanding attention. Others thought my asshole looked nice and tight. They were pleased it looked so shiny and lubricated. I trembled in confused lust.

"Look at this," said Allan. In my mind he held up his wet fingers for all to see. "She's so fucking wet," he said matter-of-factly. "She must be a very naughty girl."

"P... Pleaseee..." I breathed, barely managing to protest.


"Ohhh fuckkkk..." Allan had whipped his palm in an upwards arc, connecting where the back of my thighs reach my ass. SLAP! "Ohh!" SLAP!

"You're a naughty little slut, aren't you, Shannon?" He didn't wait for me to respond. SLAP! SLAP! All I could do was moan. "Your sweet little cunt gets so wet when you get spanked, doesn't it?" SLAP! "Wait until I tell the fellas at work."

"Ohhh Goddd... Please, don'-"

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!! "What are you talking about?" SLAP! "They'll love hearing about the whore on Elm Street who loves dancing in strip joints." SLAP! "And how you get excited showing off your body at the beach." SLAP! "I can't wait to tell them how you love sticking dildos and butt plugs in yourself so truck drivers can see!" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

"Ohhh Goddddd..." I moaned, shuddering.

"You fucking love it, admit it! You want the world to know!"



"Tell me you didn't enjoy being molested by your girlfriends. Go on, say it, you fucking slut!" SLAP!

"Noooo..." SLAP!! "Ohhhh..."

"Someone get the paddle," hissed Johan.

"Nooo! I'm sorry! Yes, I loved it! Oh, God... please don't paddle me..."

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