tagNonHumanShadow School Ch. 05

Shadow School Ch. 05


Cameron had never showered with a boy before. Er... man. Vampire. Whatever.

With the thrill of her first sexual experience still buzzing through her veins, the nervous energy at seeing a man naked, wet and staring back at her own naked form was electrifying. She was just winging it, knowing nothing of the protocol for showering with someone you just had sex with. Do you wash yourself, giving the guy an eyeful or do you wash each other? Did one or the other imply intimacy? And what do you do when you just met the guy less than an hour ago?

Put that way, Cameron was feeling a bit sluttish. Her cheeks blushed.

Elias reached for a bottle and said, "Lean your head back." Water beating down on his back, he poured shampoo into his hands and brushed his fingers into Cameron's hair, simultaneously working her tresses into a lather and pulling her forward for a gentle kiss. As his tongue entered her mouth and danced with hers, his fingers began doing mesmerizing things to her scalp.

Cameron practically purred against Elais' lip as she braced her hands against his chest; her fingers tracing the grooves of his torso, memorizing the contours of his muscles and brushing lightly over his nipples. She wasn't as nervous as before. There was no hesitation when she caressed Elias' skin, her hands roaming freely.

What her inexperience didn't prepare her for was round two.

Elias stepped closer, pressing his body to hers. She felt his cock press against her abdomen, warm and... was it starting to get hard? Was he...


Oh Hell, why not.

Elias chuckled softly, breaking away from her lips. "You are so innocent," he whispered.

Yeah? "Is that... bad?" She suddenly wished she knew more.

"No... just the opposite." Elias placed soft kisses at her temple, traveling down to her chin. "That I was the first man ever inside you..."he slid a soapy hand from her hair and cupped her breast, "is highly erotic." He began to rock against her, his erection rubbing against her that made her body tingle.

He also continued those soft kissed down past her chin to the nape of her neck. Cameron froze. The last time his lips had been there, he'd bitten her; drinking her blood just before he took her virginity. Surely there were still bite-marks there... was he going to bite her again?

No... Elias just sucked at her skin, his tongue flicking out mischievously, offering something soft and hot rather than sharp and painful. When Cameron relaxed against him, he chuckled softly and grazed her skin with the tips of his fangs. She tensed again before realizing he was just teasing her.

Or at least, she hoped he was.

Elias sucked at her neck again as his hand on her breast trailed down her stomach. Cameron felt his hips leave her, making room to slip a hand between her legs; his fingers delvied deftly between her swollen slit. His hand didn't even slow as he sunk a finger into her, his thumb coming to rest just above her clit.


Cameron gasped and leaned her head back; the way their bodies connected under the hot spray of water doing wonderful things to her nerves. She didn't even care that her opening was still sore from its introduction to sex, or that her nerves were so unused to this form of exercise that they were continuing to sparking at random; the state her pussy was in was making the movements of Elias' hand even more stimulating.

Elias rose from Cameron's neck and turned her, putting her head directly under the water jetting down on them. Good idea... she didn't want soap in her eyes to ruin the mood. Under the flow of water, Elias's free hand caressed her all over... her breasts her stomach, her ass; every inch of her skin made slippery by the cascading water. It made her shudder.

After the water flowing down their bodies ran clear of soap, Elias turned her again, this time pressing her back against the brown tiles lining the shower walls. Cameron gasped when their coolness touched her skin; the temperature a contradiction to her heated flesh. Elias let out a low rumbling sound that was part moan, part growl as his dipped his taller frame and sucked one of her nipples between his lips.

Oh, sweet Jesus... his lips...

As Cameron looked down, she couldn't imagine anything more erotic... and breathtaking. His teeth were a danger... and having such a danger so close to her points of pleasure was arousing her more than she thought possible. Not to mention that while he suckled her, his hand was doing wickedly wonderful things to her pussy.

Elias' fingers were so deft in their touches that it wasn't long before Cameron was panting and whimpering, her hips lightly rocking of their own accord. It was so intense; the pleasure building and building just by his touch. The effect was astounding.

Elias' mouth left her nipple to cover the other one, sucking into his mouth with an almost-painful hunger. He shoved a second finger into her. It was too much.

Cameron choked out a moan of pleasure and began grinding herself onto Elias' hand as the walls of her pussy clenched around his fingers. She wasn't as quiet as before, a sound of pleasure escaping her mouth at a volume Cameron had never allowed herself to release. It wasn't loud, but after silently pleasuring herself in her parent's house, it was exhilarating to release the sounds she had always had to stifle.

As she came down from the third high Elias had brought her to in less than an hour, she felt his fingers leave her. What-

Then they were replaced with something much larger.

Oh yes, yes, yes!

While her inner walls were still clinching in ecstasy, Elias slid his cock up inside her, giving her orgasm a fantastic finish. Cameron would have slumped down the wall if Elias hadn't grabbed her hips and lifted her so he could stand at his own comfortable height. Her feet left the floor, dangling inches from the surface as she was impaled on his hard length.

Cameron clung to Elias' shoulders and bit her lip. Deep did not to begin to describe the reach he had within her. Once inside, Elias had begun to rock against her, sliding in and out, her pussy slick with her juices and probably some of his own from earlier. Cameron wrapped her legs around his waist, her feet propped just above his taut ass, feeling his glutes clench with each thrust. He pressed her against the wall, her body crammed between the tiles and his slick flesh.

God, this was hot.

Remembering his earlier snark about calling him God, Cameron grinned, a soft giggle escaping her lips. Elias gave her a crooked smile, eyes twinkling before kissing her lips softly, his tongue slipping into her mouth to kiss her in earnest.

Despite his soft kiss, his cock began a harder thrust, slamming into her over and over again.

When Cameron had fondled herself in her bed or one of the random places in her home she dared to try on occasion, she'd only ever managed to get off two times. Having a third orgasm, here in the shower after she thought her nerves were good to go, was remarkable enough. Feeling fourth one coming on was just plain startling.

"That's it," Elias grunted into her mouth, "cum for me."

He began pistoning into her, his balls slapping against her ass, her lower back bumping against the tile every time Elias pulled from her then slammed back in. Smacking noises filled the bathroom, the sound loud and clear. She was being thoroughly fucked. If she wasn't so preoccupied with the onslaught of another climax she would have worried about the bruises she would have later.

Cameron grunted and whimpered, stifling a moan as her climax hit her, knowing it would be too loud.

"Don't hold back," Elias grunted, his own voice strained with exertion.

Cameron released the sound from her mouth... part groan, part moan, part scream... the reverberation coursing through her body as her inner walls clamped down on Elias' thrusting cock. He moaned with her, his body tensing then shuddering as he came. His thrusts slowed to a pleasurable grind as her pussy milked him, The sensation almost too much for her now-super-sensitive flesh.

When they finally came to a stop, she collapsed against him, her head buried in his neck. They both remained there against the wall, just out of reach of the spray of water. Cameron was trying to catch her breath. Elias' chest heaved beneath her; he had held her this entire time while doing most of the work... was that normal for a guy? Or was the strength a benefit of being a vampire?

Elias chuckled and kissed the top of her head. "One of the many benefits."

There he went again, answering her thoughts.

Cameron pondered the power of that kind of communication and decided to test it. She wanted to feel the water again.

A chuckling grunt left Elias as he turned them both into the cascading water, his hands grasping her ass, holding Cameron to him. She raised her face to look at him. This man... this vampire... was nothing she expected. He humored her... created feelings within her that would likely haunt her dreams if she never felt them again... yet he was a creature of horror stories. It was like finding out an angel was real then having it slap you. The two things just didn't mix with popular opinion. Her face flushed as she realized he probably heard that; she hoped he wasn't offended.

Elias leaned his forehead against hers and spoke, his warm breath -- warm, also unexpected -- caressing her face as they both were drenched under the spray. "Angels are real. And more active than humans think. You'll find that people believe what they want, despite the truth. This college will educate you on more than just math and literature..."

Cameron simply looked at him. Angels were... and vampires were real... not only real, but undeniably capable of having sex, which went completely against the idea of being undead and needing blood to sustain their life; if you couldn't produce your own blood and needed it from, others... how could he get an erection? It was basically an influx of blood-

Elias laughed and sat Cameron on her feet in front of him. "Let's leave the biology lesson for later... clearly that thought is a myth too." Spinning her to face the water, Elias pressed against her bare back and slid his hands over her breasts, one continuing to slip down her stomach and into her slit to prove his point. Cameron could feel her tenderness as his fingers probed her. Elias was gentle, treating the area with careful strokes, his finger dipping into her lightly, washing her clean of their mingled fluids.

Cameron leaned back against Elias as he grabbed the soap, working up a lather then running it over her skin. Eventually she turned to face him, returning the favor.

They soaped each other, washed their hair, and stepped from the shower. Elias grabbed plush towels from a cabinet and when Cameron emerged from the bathroom, clean and refreshed -- and to be honest, in need of a nap -- she was greeted with the sudden realization that she had nothing with her -- no makeup, a hair dryer, a flat iron... how would this look? She couldn't return to her parents with dripping hair and no makeup. And she had to go to that banquet... in front of everyone.

Panic started to course through her.

Elias emerged from the bathroom, completely naked, his hands scrubbing his towel over his head. "I'll get you some things. What else do you need?"

"Handy" he had said. Yeah. Just thinking of what she needed already gave him a list.

"Just that stuff."

Where would he get it though? And would it be what she needed?

Elias grinned at her. "Don't worry... after centuries living with the opposite sex, I understand the nuances of matching skin tone and all that... I'm sure one of the girls in the dorm will have something." Cameron blanched.

Great... now everyone would know, Cameron thought.

Elias draped the towel around his neck and crossed to the scattered clothing on the floor. "I'll get Aunalita to help me... she probably won't have the things you need but if she borrows it and passes it to me then I doubt anyone will suspect a thing."

Cameron smiled, a little relieved. But then, Aunalita would know...

"She's discreet." Elias pulled up his boxer briefs and grabbed his under shirt. His golden curls were damp and wild on his head from the towel, but Cameron could tell already that he was one of those lucky people who could just let their hair dry naturally. She had to work hard to get hers the way she wanted it.

Cameron stood in the towel and watched Elias dress, making no move to do the same herself.


That's what she'd call herself.

She sat on the couch where just moments before she'd had extremely hot sex. Before the even-hotter shower sex. Cameron could see some remains of their lovemaking starting to dry on the cushion. God... what if someone had come down and found this? Or saw them...

Elias dropped the towel to wipe up the evidence of what they had done. He pushed it to the floor, then scooted it over the hard wood with his shoe, mopping up anything that had drained from her on their way to the bathroom. She was amazed at how quickly he had dressed, but things like this were starting to lose their shock-value.

When he was finished, Elias returned to kneel before Cameron, kissing her on the lips. "No one comes down here unless asked. I wouldn't do this in front of the others... trust me."

Because it was probably against the rules...

"On that note," Elias said, "It would probably be best that you didn't mention this."

Cameron nodded.

Elias smiled at her and leaned in, brushing his lips against hers. "I'll let you get ready... you have a supper to attend in about an hour." He studied her face, his own a mask of seriousness. "Tonight they will announce the names of the seven scholarship recipients at the gala. Yours will be called for Arinson House. I have no doubt that none of the other Houses will challenge my claim after..." He glanced at her neck then raised his eyes to meet hers. "If we are discreet until then, everything after will be simple. No one will question your presence in my company."

He leaned forward and kissed her once more, then stood. "I'll see you at the gala."

Cameron nodded and watched Elias leave the room. He used the door they had come through. She was thankful that the thought she had next came to her after he was gone.

As beautiful as his eyes were... she had seen them change to something that chilled her to the bone.


Melanie Carver sat facing President Arinson, the grandfatherly man sitting behind a huge wooden desk in a room that had absolutely no sunlight.

He had discussed her connection with her faith and her involvement with local charities. Somehow he knew of all the different programs Melanie worked with, and had even asked her if she considered making charity work her profession in life. To be honest, she never thought there was much money in it and had poured herself into her studies, thinking if she could go into the medical field she wouldn't worry about money so much... then she could give to whatever charities she felt like.

Then the President offered her a new option she'd never considered.

Apparently the college was a private benefactor for multiple charities and research organizations. They had a huge operation in New York that focused on blood diseases and possible cures; they had had a hand in helping curtail the AIDS epidemic and were braced for other problems rising in third world countries.

Melanie had to admit that she was impressed. "So if I went this route, coming to your college and pursuing biology..."

"How does Harvard Med sound?" the President stared at her, leaning back in his chair.

Harvard? That sounded incredible... so did their Harvard House have something to do with getting her into that medical program?

She glanced at the others in the room, more specifically the gentleman in his early thirties that had been introduced to her as John Harvard. Looking at him, only briefly, she couldn't help but glance at the young man standing next to him before turning her eyes back to President Arinson.

Gavin was here.

He was really the last person she wanted to see. Especially in such an important interview. What was worse, it turned out that he was the Head of Ovidan House. That made absolutely no sense seeing as he looked like he was her age. Surely the Heads were more like the Harvard guy -- professors or something.


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Harvard!

"It sounds amazing." She couldn't help herself. "But I could never afford it."

"No need to worry Miss Carver," the President said. "If you do extremely well in your time here, we can make it happen for you."

Melanie gawked. "May I ask why? That would be a big expense for the college to place on one girl... if you did it for every girl..." Her voice trailed off as she realized that was what he was getting at.

Every girl under the scholarship got these privileges?


A thrill shot through her bloodstream, perking her up and making her want to sign up immediately. Who cared if Gavin was here... if she wasn't in his House, she would probably never see him. How big was this campus anyway?

President Arinson smiled at her. "Let's say you attend Shacrow Van Meter College and excel in everything, rising to be one of the top in your year. We send you to Harvard through our connections and there you study a course both you and our school agrees on, based on the positions we can place you in later in life. Our blood research for example. You graduate and begin your life, working for a top research facility focusing on charitable efforts.

"You will probably even travel the world, comparing your research to efforts in other countries. We can then not only boast your success as a SVMC student, if we ever needed you for another purpose, we could call on your expertise. Eventually another student with your ability would come to our school and we could do the same for her, sending her to you to apprentice, just as you will apprentice with an alumnus upon graduation."

Melanie had to admit the trade seemed fair on both ends. "But who would you boast to, if your college is a secret?"

"We have sister schools all over the world, each with the same interest."

Melanie struggled a little with the things that she had seen, but she'd heard of strange secret societies before... like how most of the US Presidents were freemasons or whatever... they seemed to make out okay; and here was her chance to be a part of a secret -- if creepy -- society that would propel her to the top.

But was it worth it?

"Do you have any other questions? If not, the Heads would like to ask a few."

Melanie thought for a minute then shook her head. She was really stumped... how do you ask what you really want? Like... is your college a cult of intellectuals or something? Thinking it would be better to keep those thoughts her herself, she turned reluctantly to the people watching her, hoping Gavin wouldn't ask her anything embarrassing.

Instead, the tall blonde, Virginia Roanoke, stepped forward. "Do you have friends, Miss Carver, who would question you about your collegiate choice?"

The young woman was French... Melanie hadn't expected that.

The question brought up a good point... she hadn't thought about how to keep it a secret from her friends. She wasn't social like Cameron Ellis or made a reputation for herself by being rebellious like Kristie MacFarland... before the fiasco at Prom she had flown silently under the radar; one of the kids who was never picked on but who was never recognized either. She was good at biology and chemistry, was okay at literature and math, and sucked at anything performance based like speech or drama.

On the other hand, all of her friends were the same... intelligent girls who would no doubt get PhDs in their fields of study. They wouldn't shrug off a non-committal answer about her school if she gave them one. "I suppose they'll accept whatever I give them if I word it right... my friends may ask more questions..."

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