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I know, I know! This one took a while. I apologize for the wait. I went through a couple periods of 'That sounds fantastic...now what?' while writing this. I'm sorry, but I'm not one of those amazing people who can write a story a day. I'm your average college student who's trying her hardest to finish this for you. Forgive me.


A gentle tickle flowed across her hip, making her body stir. She groaned into her pillow, rolling over to avoid the sensation. The tickling persisted, following the curves of her body until it slid under her belly. There, it traveled down, finally slipping between her thighs. It slid between her legs, now turning its attention to her sex. A soft tingle slid across the lips of her pussy, working hard to wake her up.

It worked. The stimulation of her body brought her quickly out of her sleep. Groaning, Claire's eyes fluttered open as she came around, her mouth twisting into a grimace against the soft pillow. Irritation had begun to settle into her mind. That tickle had interrupted a fantastic dream, which meant she was in no mood to play games.

Damn it. And right when Alexander Skarsgård was about to make out with me.

It took her a moment to realize the tickling that had teased her awake was really the expertly driven fingers of a hand. That hand continued to tease the edges of her sex, slowly feeding the fire in her belly.

She groaned, melting into the soft touch. She loosened her body, letting the hand sink further down between her legs. Its fingers teased her body, slipping into her well-worked pussy and gently stroking her clit. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back, moaning at the sweet feel of such delicious torture.

"Silthos?" she whispered through the growing haze of lust in her mind.

A gentle kiss on her neck drew her farther out of her dreamy state. "How'd you guess?"

She giggled. "Don't know. Guess I'm just good like that."

His fingers sunk deeper into her body, making her squirm.

Another kiss seared the flesh of her throat. "You're better than you give yourself credit for."

She moaned when his fingers twisted inside her, clutching a handful of sheets and twisting against him. She leaned her head back, giving him more access to her neck. Silthos took advantage of her openness, pressing his lips against her throat and sucking on the tender skin. Her hips bucked against his hand, forcing his fingers even deeper. Slowly, he began to pulse them in and out of her body, his thumb massaging her clit in slow circles.

His free hand pressed against her stomach, pulling her flush to his body. She could feel the strong weight of his cock pressing against the curve of her ass, something that sparked a new fireball of lust in her belly. His teasing was wonderful, but her body craved more. It begged for the feel of his mouth, the warmth of his flesh, the pounding of his hips. Her pussy clenched hopelessly, begging her to ask for more.

"That's enough," she groaned into her pillow. "Wake up Thaltos and Darrow."

Hot breath tickled her ear. "You're ready for me, then?"

"Yes," she whispered breathlessly.

He laughed in her ear, pumping his fingers faster. "In a moment. I'll let you finish first."

He pumped his fingers faster and deeper, making her shiver and squeeze her legs tight around his hand. She buried her face in her pillow, her hands gripping the sheets so hard her knuckles ached. Her body, though appreciating the attention it was receiving, still begged for more. Her skin was on fire, a blaze that would take one hell of an orgasm to put out. His fingers simply wouldn't do.

"Please stop. No more teasing, please."

"Are you sure? I can keep this up for days." He kissed her neck, his warm breath tickling her shoulder.

"Silthos!" She groaned into her pillow.

"Very well. As you wish, my dear."

Mercifully, his fingers withdrew from her body, relieving the burning in her belly. Now empty, her body quivered in anticipation. More than just delicious teasing was to come. All she had to do was wait.

She felt the bed shift as Silthos slipped out of bed, heard his soft footsteps as he made his way to one of the other beds.

"Darrow,' he whispered. "Darrow, wake up!"

A groaning sound, then a deep growl. "It's three in the morning! What is it?"

Uh oh. Somebody doesn't like having their beauty sleep disturbed.

She giggled at the thought. Of all of them, Darrow was by far the grumpiest, even on his good days. She hated to imagine what he'd be like with no sleep.

"Claire's ready for me," Silthos responded quietly.

A heartbeat later, Darrow had thrown back the blankets of his bed and bounded onto the floor. "You don't say? Well, that certainly changes things."

"Can you rouse her a bit while I get Thaltos up?" She heard Silthos move around to the opposite bed.
"My pleasure," Darrow purred.
The bed dipped slightly as her new lover sat down beside her. His fingers began to stroke her back, dragging lightly up and down her spine. She giggled at the sensation and writhed under his touch. The bed dipped again as he leaned over, swiping his long tongue along her shoulder and up her neck.

"Wake up, Claire." His deep, rumbling voice made her tremble.

She giggled, squirming under his fingers. "Good morning."

"Silthos has something special planned for you," he hummed in her ear.

She moaned as his touch became firmer. "Does it involve chocolate syrup or a striptease?"

Darrow laughed. "Not quite that, but it will be just as entertaining."

"It had better be," she scolded. "All this time I'd been imagining being teased by topless women while the three of you dance d around in jester costumes and poured honey over me."

He threw back his head, roaring in laughter. "Such an imagination on you!" He leaned closer, licking her neck again. "We'll be sure to make good use of it."

"Good. I expect a group a strippers here by tomorrow," she teased.

"Careful, Silthos," Darrow warned. "I think she's starting to get curious."

Silthos' laughter resounded from the bed beside her. "I hope so. It'd be boring if she had no sense of adventure."

Darrow shifted on the bed, removing his fingers from her skin. His warm hand tapped her on the ass, beckoning her to rise. "Come on, you. Time for Silthos to have his turn."

Claire pushed herself up and sat on the bed, rolling her neck and stretching her arms to wake herself up. She looked over at Silthos and Thaltos, who had now finally climbed out of bed. The old demon smiled down at her, a mixture of anticipation and relaxation in his eyes.

"I hear Silthos woke you up in the most wonderful way." His eyes shined, reflecting his own deviant thoughts.

She shrugged innocently. "He was just teasing." She shot Silthos a withering glare.

He smiled back at her and bowed his head. "Forgive my inability to finish you off."

She giggled and crooked a finger at him. "Get over here and make it up to me."

He grinned. "Yes, ma'am." Quicker than lightening, he rushed over to the bed, peering down at her with fiery eyes.

Expecting to be ravaged, Claire slowly leaned back onto the bedding, spreading her legs wide so he had easy access. Still smiling, Silthos shook his head slowly. She looked up at him with a giant question mark on her face. He twirled one finger, a signal for her to roll over. Claire hesitated a moment, unsure of where the situation was heading. Silthos twisted his finger again, putting a sense of urgency into the spin.

She nodded and rolled over, feeling the softness of the sheets tickle her belly. Silthos' large hands gripped her hips and pulled them backwards, lifting them up until she knelt on the bed with her chest pressing against the bed.

She scoffed at herself for being so foolish. After watching his brethren go so easy on her with the most basic moves, Silthos surely felt the need to spice things up a bit. And what better way to do that than to force her into a position she'd never tried.

He stepped forward, his cock pressing against the warm flesh of her thigh. She whimpered and shifted her hips, trying to find the angle that would force him in.

He growled low in his throat. "Don't do that."

She held completely still, afraid for the first time that she'd upset him. "What?"

"Move your hips like that. I'll never be able to control myself if you keep that up."

She sighed in relief. He wasn't upset, just warning that her motion had made him hot enough to almost break control. She paused, a sly smile creeping onto her face. After weeks of being teased and tormented by the three of them, here was her chance to tease back. They'd brought her to the brink and left her hanging on by a thread so many times. She should have the chance to reciprocate the gesture.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Claire began to sway her hips back and forth, following the slow rhythm of her heartbeat. Her fingers gripped the sheets, holding on in case he really did snap.

It took barely three seconds before Silthos growled again. His hands hardened their grip on her hips, his fingers drilling into her flesh just enough to make her wince. She knew the pain was accidental, that he didn't mean to hurt her, so she continued her rhythmic dance.

"Damn it, woman," he growled. "You're going to make me lose my mind."

She smiled to herself, pleased to know she had the power to drive him insane. Taking a risk, she amped up the tempo slightly, rocking her hips faster and with more force. His groans of frustration made her smile grow. She had him exactly where she wanted him: weak in the knees and completely under her spell.

With a growl of defeat, Silthos locked his arms in place, preventing her from moving. With a single well-placed thrust of his hips, he drove his cock straight into her body, burying it deep inside the walls of her pussy.

Claire buried her face into the sheets, groaning in pleasure. Thank god! She'd been waiting almost an hour for this, nearly screaming in agony from his teasing. Now, finally, she could get some relief.

"Curse you and your teasing. I was hoping this would be a slow, easy working. But no. You had to dance and make me lose control." He leaned forward and placed a hot kiss between her shoulder blades. "Damn you."

She moaned into the bedding. "Sorry."

He pulled back and thrust forward, dragging a low groan from her throat. "Sorry isn't going to cover it. You'll have to think of another way to apologize."

Another thrust made her squirm against the sheets. "Will a blow job do?"

"I'll accept that." Silthos copied her ploy, ratcheting up the speed of his trusts just a little. "Only because I know how good you are."

She smiled in spite of the rising waves of pleasure. He knew exactly how good she was. She'd given him one the first day she'd come down here and he'd raved about it for days. Giving him another good suck should make him forgive her teasing.

Silthos kept his rhythm steady, making sure she got the most out of every thrust. He lifted her hips an inch, helping to drive his cock along the inner wall of her pussy, riding her sweet spot with an expert touch.

For her part, Claire gifted him with a litany of soft moans and sweet requests for more. He obliged willingly, bucking his hips faster and harder to meet her demands. Her hands twisted in the sheets, her moans growing louder and more frantic with every thrust and push of his body. Her thoughts became a cluttered mess as the pleasure he fed her with began to take over.

He tapped one check of her ass with his palm. "How are you doing?"

She swallowed slowly, trying to focus her mind enough to form a response.


"More," she managed to whisper.

He laughed and thrust faster, lifting her hips another inch. She bucked against him, startled by the bolt of lightening that raced down her spine. He was on the fast track to making her explode, and she clung to the bedding to keep from launching off into oblivion.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Right there. That's perfect!"

"As you wish." His playful demeanor had returned, as did his determination. He planted his feet onto the stone floor, holing himself steady as he brought her higher and higher.

Her breathing hitched as her body prepared to detonate. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the movements of his body and the beautiful precision that he was hammering her with. Another minute and she'd be gone. All Silthos had to do was keep he pressure steady.

"Thaltos," he groaned. "I need to know if I can let loose."

"Well," the old demon started, "since this will technically mean that each of us will have had their fair chance at her, I suppose..."

"Just tell me!" Silthos roared.

"Aright, alright. Yes, you can come inside her." She heard Thaltos' soft laughter at his friend's impatience.

"Thank god," he whispered. "Hold on, Claire. This might be something you'll need to get use to."

She groaned and held onto the sheets, waiting for her own climax to come. Her body was on fire. A few more seconds and she'd have the relief she so desperately needed. He pounded her mercilessly, never losing sight of their mutual goal.

One final thrust and she was lost. Burying her face in the blankets, she screamed out her pleasure. Fire roared though her body, searing every nerve and fiber of her being. Her sex pulse as lightening ripped up her spine, delivering one final blast of delight before her body gave out. Behind her, Silthos roared out his own climax, bucking his hips hard against her body. Warm rivers or his demon seed flooded her body, filling her tiny frame until it flowed down her thighs.

Silthos collapsed above her, his hands falling inches away from her head to support his own weight. Panting, he leaned forward and kissed her neck, his hot breath spilling down her back.

"You alright?" he asked

She rolled her head to the side, catching her breath and regaining control of her heartbeat. "God, you're good at that."

He purred in her ear and nuzzled his cheek against her neck. "I'm glad to know you approve."

She relaxed against him, pressing her neck harder to his cheek. "Do you want your blowjob now or later?"

"Mmmm, a tempting question. Should I wait until your strength has returned to better serve my needs? Or should I collect my payment now?" One hand slid down her back to cup her ass cheek, massaging it with his palm. "Decisions, decisions."

She whimpered at his touch, now calmed and utterly compliant. Whatever he chose, she'd be more than happy to go along. He'd proven himself as worthy of a lover as Thaltos or Darrow. If he wanted his prize now, he'd earned it.

Another kiss on her neck brought her out of her daze. "I think I'll let you rest for a bit. Let's get some food in you first before you start devouring me."

"Fair enough," she murmured.

Slowly, Silthos managed to push himself up away from her body, giving her more room to breathe. He pulled his hips back, sliding himself free of her body. His absence made her whimper, the walls of her pussy clenching around his cock to keep him from leaving. He stroked her back, a silent indication that he wasn't leaving for good.

Sighing, she relaxed her body and set him free. He stood and stroked his fingers along her spine, caressing her softly as she recovered from her implosion.

"Darrow, can you bring her something to eat?" He sat down beside her, continuing his soft massage.

"Way ahead of you."

Darrow was already at her side of her bed, kneeling down in front of her and grinning into her face. In his hands were a goblet of wine, her usual plate of beef-covered rice and another plate heaped high with slices of roasted veal. He placed the plates beside her on the bed, picked up a slice of veal and held it to her mouth.

"I thought, since you're being particularly adventurous today, that you might want to try something new," he chimed.

She smiled at him, leaning forward to take a bite of the meat. Smoke and paprika filled her mouth, making her moan from the flavor.

"Is something wrong?" His smiled dropped for an instant.

She shook her head swallowing the food. "It's delicious."

He smiled returned. "Good." He fed her another bite.

"Who makes all this?" she asked quietly.

Darrow smiled knowingly. "It may surprise you to know that we do have jobs here beyond collecting and corrupting souls. Some clean, some patrol the halls. A bit like your world, only here."

She nodded. "That does surprise me a bit."

He jerked his head toward Silthos. "Someone in this group spent some time in the kitchens."

She turned her head to look at Silthos, an expression of complete surprise on her face. He simply smiled proudly and lifted his chin an inch.

"Do you still work there?" She cocked her head.

Silthos shrugged. "We don't really have to. The only real job we have is soul gathering. It's just something to occupy the time."

"I see." She peered over his shoulder, her gaze finding Thaltos. "Did you work somewhere?"

The old demon smiled and nodded. "It was only for century or two, but I rather enjoyed my post as a secondary judge."

Her brows lifted. "What did you do there?"

"I worked in the Salonthi, deciding if a soul was sent here unjustly." He shrugged again. "Every once in a while, there's a mix-up in the paperwork and a soul is sent here by accident. I was one of the judges that either denied their claim or agreed with them and sent them on their way."
She smiled, taking another bite of veal.

Thaltos smiled maliciously. "However, Darrow here had one of the more, shall I say, interesting jobs for his character."

She turned to look at Darrow. "You did?"

The young demon glared at Thaltos. "Don't you dare!"

"What? What did you do?"

"Damn you, old man." He sighed and hung his head. "Sadly, I was head of the finance department for a few decades."

Claire stared at him with a mix of shock and confusion. "The...finance department?"

He snorted. "It's not exactly what you think. No money's exchanged there. It's used to keep track and regulate any deals we make here."

She paused for a moment. "So it's a bit like Wall Street. They keep track and regulate all the international trades that happen back on Earth."

He shot her a wicked smile. "A bit. But our devilish ways don't come close to the evil that happens behind those doors."

She giggled and leaned in to kiss him. "Be nice."

"Well then," Thaltos took a seat on the small bed. "Now that we're all awake, what should we do?"

"Don't know. The lockdown's still in effect, so we can't go anywhere or do anything," Silthos muttered.

Claire reached over and rested a hand on his thigh, running her fingers lightly along his flesh to get his attention. "Don't worry. I still owe you for teasing you like that, so we can kill a few minutes." She added a sly smile for effect.

He stared down at her hungrily. "Yes, you do."

"Easy now," Darrow growled. "I still have plans for her myself."

"Oh?" She eyes him curiously. "And just what did you have planned for me?"

He smiled at her viciously. "Oh, such vile, despicable things, my dear."

She giggled at him, reaching out a hand to cup his face. It had taken a few days, but Claire had learned that Darrow's evil smile and sinister growls were simply his way of expressing desire for her. Nothing he had ever done was meant as an attack or offense. He simply wasn't soft or emotionally stable enough to say it to her face.

"Silthos," she turned to face him. "I think it's only fair that Darrow has a shot at me now. You've already had your chance, and you're the first one to come inside me. I think you're done for a while."

His face dropped. Claire knew he understood her reasoning, though the thought of having to share her after such an explosive encounter certainly didn't make him grin like a fool. Begrudgingly, he nodded and scooted away an inch.

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