In all of the years that Jody had followed her father around the world, traveling through the searing heat of a desert, or climbing through the traitorous undergrowth of some tropical jungle looking for the next great archeological discovery, she had never seen anything quite so magnificent. Deep within the uncharted jungles of Peru they had discovered the ruins of what appeared to be a palace, the lower half amazingly well intact. The greatest discovery of all was the baths at the bottom of a long staircase that led down into grown. A large room had been hollowed out, and a pool built over a natural mineral spring. The entire room was lined with marble, the walls covered in pictures of exotic looking women taking part in various activities, many of which were sexual in nature, and large carve marble pillars connected each corner of the pool to the ceiling.

The water in the pool was crystal clear, and although it was warmed but a thermal that ran beneath it, it was still cool enough to be relaxing in the tropical heat of the jungle. Jody had already spent many long hours documenting he pictures on the walls, and photographing every detail of the chamber. She was beginning to know the chamber better than she knew her own room at home, and probably spent more of her life in it.

Stepping out of her tent, Jody looked towards the rocks that marked the entrance to the cavern. A full moon hung brilliantly in the night sky overhead, illuminating the surrounding jungle with an eary glow and making the path to the cavern entrance very easy to follow. The night was hot and sticky, hardly a breeze penetrated the thick jungle canopy, and the mosquitoes seemed to be developing a taste for the repellants she covered her skin with. It was then that she happened upon an idea. As her father and the rest of the camp slept, she collected every candle she could find, and headed towards the cavern.

Shining her torch around the chamber, she made sure she was alone, then began lighting the candles and setting them randomly around the perimeter of the pool. The effect was increadabe. The light of dozens of candles made the water sparkle, ever ripple dancing before her eyes and taking her breath away with their beauty. Shedding her clothing, her long dark hair streaming down her back, she stepped carefully down the ancient steps into the water. Without a sound, she slipped beneath the surface and swam the length of the pool, propping herself up on a step at the other end, leaning back against the edge of the pool and drifting off into a relaxed slumber.

Jody wasn’t sure what it was that brought her attention back to her surroundings. It might have been the sudden cold air the filled the cavern, or might have been the feeling of being watched, but what ever it was, she was glad of it. It the other end of the pool stood a man, his tall, well formed body outlined by the moonlight that stole it’s way through the entrance for the few moments that it passed over just the right point in the sky. Jody dropped back into the water, covering her body with water and watched as the man unwrap the length of cloth from around his lions that was his only clothing, and letting it drop to the floor.

He was not some one she knew, or a member of the expedition, and yet there was something about him that seemed very familiar. Naked, he stepped boldly into the water, his shoulder length black hair pulled back in a tie at the nape of his neck, his well muscled chest and arms shining in the flickering light of the candles as if his skin had been oiled. Closer and closer he came and she watched his every move, feeling a pang of fear building up within her. As silently as she had, he slipped beneath the water and immerged at her side, his dark eyes meeting hers and steeling her breath away with their intensity.

Without a word spoken between them, his muscular arms embraced her midriff and pulled her hard against him, his eyes not breaking the contact they had with hers for even a heartbeat. Breathless and a little dizzy, she felt unable to resist him, her fear of him melting away into a comfortable numbness as his face moved closer to hers. His breath burned hot against her skin and his pounding heart beat strong against her breast. In the light of the candles she could see his face, dark, arrogant and beautiful. There was sureness in his eyes; almost as if he could command her with nothing more than a look and she would fall to her knees before him, ready to obey his every command.

His face drew closer and she parted her lips ever so slightly in anticipation of a kiss. Her lips were left wanting and disappointed, but her neck and throat were more than eager to accept the attentions of his hungry mouth. Biting, sucking, kissing, he left not an inch of her flesh untasted, lifting her higher in the water and sucking her firm young breasts into his mouth. His demanding hands explored her body, squeezing her hips and her ass, parting her thighs and probing her moistened depths.

Jody was helpless in his embrace. There was something about his eyes, about the way he moved and energy that radiated from his body. She felt as though she was in a dream. A wicked, erotic dream, and her blood began to pump faster through her veins. Her arms returned his embrace, her fingers digging hard into the dark skin of his back and her slender legs wrapping around his waist. Gripping her by her shapely hips, he guided himself into her, filling her with his first thrust, groaning in low tones as he took his pleasure. She arched her back, leaning away from him as his strong arms easily manipulated her body to his will, pushing into her with slow, deliberate strokes.

Her head was spinning and her mind was a blur as he turned her around, placing her knees on the step before him. She reached out with her arms, bracing herself against the side of the pool as his long hard shaft entered her again, this time from behind. His moves were slow, controlled, and deliberate, probing her with his full length and yet taking care not to hurt her with his immense size. With one arm still braced against the side of the pool, she reached below the water with her other hand began to stroke her throbbing clit. Her body reacted at once to her knowing touch, her arousal growing quickly to the point of orgasm.

Suddenly he stopped, withdrawing from her silky depths and lifting her into his arms, carrying her from the pool and laying her gently down on the warm tiles. He seemed curious, kneeling between her thighs and spreading her legs wide before him. Running his fingers along her dripping slit, he searched for the place that her stroking fingers had brought her so much pleasure. She was yet to reach her peak and her body screamed for the sweet release of orgasm. Her fingers moved to the place between her thighs that she knew could bring her the fulfillment she needed. He watched her for a moment, then pushed her fingers away, replacing them with his own. Finding her hard little nub he explored it with his touch, rubbing it and working it in small circles, the fingers of his other hand finding her wet opening and pushing deep inside.

Jody’s body was consumed by the shuddering release of orgasm, her virginal walls contracting about his fingers, thick juices flowing freely over his hand. He seems surprised that her body would respond to such tender stimulation, that she could experience such pleasure from touching. Taking his hard, erect shaft in his hand, he moved closer, rubbing the head over her still throbbing clit, watching her every response. Jody wanted more, her arousal still high and her body more than ready. She reached for his member, guiding it into her milky hole and wrapping her legs around him, pulling him hard into her.

He needed no further instruction, lifting his body and pushing deeper into her, filling her feminine center with the full length of his erection. Steadily he increased his speed, driving into her a little more forcefully, watching her reactions before unleashing his full strength upon her. Jody cried out, her fingers digging deep into his solid upper arms, lifting her hips to meet his every thrust. Again and again her body demonstrated the pleasure she was experiencing. Orgasm after sweet orgasm washing over her until at last, she could feel him swelling deep within her.

Throwing back his head with deep groan, he released his seed, emptying his load deep within her welcoming hole. Lowering his body to hers, he looked deep into her eyes and she could see the power within them. Reaching up, digging her fingers into his thick black hair, she pulled his mouth to hers, kissing his lips softly.

There was a noise at the entrance of the cavern and a voice called out to her, asking if she was all right. The strange man lifted from her sweating body and kneeled beside her, smiling at her through eyes that she could only describe as majestic. For just a moment, she looked towards the entrance, calling back that she was fine and would be out soon, but when she looked back to her lover, he was gone. Picking up her torch, she scanned the cavern, but he was no where to be found. In a way, she was not surprised, her torchlight touching upon an image on the wall. There, looking back at her were those very same eyes.

As a cool breeze washed over her naked flesh once more, she smiled, stepping back into the pool and listening to the silence of the cavern, wondering if the stranger would ever come to her again, or if that handsome man was nothing more than a shadow.

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