tagGroup SexShadows on the Sun Porch

Shadows on the Sun Porch


Most of Matt's friends went to Lauderdale, or Daytona, or somewhere typical for Spring Break, looking to abandon themselves in the slick, sunscreen- and alcohol-laced musk of ten thousand horny college kids in a space too small to contain them. Matt had another plan, though--he'd head down to the smaller towns, along the Atlantic Coast. Just as much sex in the air, but better parking.

I suppose, he thought, I shouldn't complain. The mile markers whipped by as Rachel goosed the accelerator on the old Chevy wagon. It had been her car since high school, and was still going strong. He'd kissed her once, in this car, during an ill-fated fling a few years back. Nothing else had happened, but, looking over at Rachel, he kinda wished it had.

Now, Matt was a good boy, and kept his speculation idle--Rachel was a friend. Besides, Matt had a fairly good, if informal, thing going with Jenny. Jenny and he had been boyfriend and girlfriend, lovers, and everything in between for years. They'd dated early on, broke up, got back together, broke up again--variations on the theme for a long time. Now they were--for lack of a better word--each other's toys. They didn't go to school with each other, and would never have considered themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, but when they did get together, it wasn't long before they found somewhere private to...reacquaint themselves. They'd taught each other about sex and pleasure, mostly through experimentation and a little fumbling, and had left no stone unturned. Matt's mind drifted to the first time he went down on Jenny.

In the interest of full disclosure, Matt thought, it was the first time I'd gone down on anybody. In her room, at her folks' place, they'd been kissing and petting for an hour, half-on and half-off Jenny's bed. Jenny had been stroking Matt's cock with her hand, and Matt's hand had snaked its way into her panties, where he was busy making her short of breath. Matt shifted a bit in his seat, partly for comfort, and partly to hide the bulge in his pants from Rachel.

"You okay," Rachel asked when Matt moved.

"Yeah, no problem. Just getting comfortable." Thinking about giving Jenny head, actually. He cast his mind back to the moment.

He'd suddenly moved, sliding around onto the floor in front of Jenny and working her jeans down over her hips, hooking his fingers through the waistband of her underwear as well. Her jeans were tight, and he was a little frantic--he suddenly wanted to do this very badly--and his tugging made her slide off the bed to the floor.

"What are you doing?" Jenny asked, her voice just a touch hoarse. Matt didn't answer, but instead moved tentatively in, and slowly licked Jenny's slit, working his tongue in between her lips. Jenny immediately sucked in her breath, as Matt worked his tongue around. She tasted...it was difficult to describe how she tasted. Tart. Sweet. Musky. Female. His cock was throbbing at this point, bound up in the tangle of his boxers. Jenny's breath was coming faster and faster, and he stopped for a moment, looking up at her.

"That was amazing," she said. Her mouth was open, and her eyes a little wild. Matt

--'s reverie was broken by the radio as Rachel shifted stations to something playing rock. Alice in Chains, to be exact. He flicked a furtive look toward her, wondering how long he'd been daydreaming. He hoped his hard-on wasn't all that noticeable, because looking at Rachel wasn't helping it go away.

Jenny was Matt's love--they shared a tremendously tight bond--but damn, if Rachel wasn't Matt's fantasy. She was an athlete, trim and muscular, tan, and cute as a button. A brown-eyed brunette, Rachel had small breasts (a feature which she often lamented, to Matt's dismay--he was running out of off-hand jokes to reassure her that he found them enticing), a slim waist, and perfectly proportioned hips and butt. Dressed as she was in jean shorts, a bikini top, and a baseball cap, she looked phenomenal.

The plan was for Matt and Rachel to hit the beach, and then hook up with some other friends. Jenny was going to be there--something Matt was looking forward to--since she'd come down with some friends a few days earlier. Matt had arranged to use his uncle's vacant beach house for the night. It was going to be a good trip.


The beach was perfect. The ocean was cold, but not intolerable, and gentle; the jellyfish had decided to patronize some other section of the shoreline, and Matt was there with Rachel, struggling to keep his eyes from inappropriate ogling of her legs and ass, and the smooth curve of her mound, hidden beneath just a thin swimsuit. He wondered what it would be like to touch her.

Good thing the water's cold, he thought.

Rachel was afraid of the ocean, so Matt coaxed her to come out with him, and stuck by her side while she braved the waves and tried to relax. The cold immediately made her nipples stand out--did the same to Matt, of course, but that was much less interesting to him--providing yet another distraction for Matt to studiously ignore. After a short while, Rachel declared that she was too cold, and that she was heading back up the beach to lie in the sun. Matt followed.

Rachel flopped down on a towel, face-up, covering her face with her hat, and sighing as the sun cured the chill she'd picked up in the ocean. Matt lay down next to her, looking her over slowly, noting the water droplets on her legs and stomach, watching the paths they traced as they rolled over her skin. He shook his head just slightly--been doing that a lot, he thought--and covered his face with a towel as the sun beat down. I want her, he thought. I really, really want her.


The trip to their friend's house was less fun. Both Matt and Rachel had picked up a sunburn, though Rachel got the worst of it, across her back. When they arrived at the house, however, they found they were in good company. Looks like almost everyone had miscalculated just a little bit, and were busy suffering their own burns. This was intriguing, as it left most of the women dressed only in their bras, as they tried to keep clothing off of the burned skin.

Still, people were in good spirits, drinking and joking around. Jenny was looking good--a short, thick, curvy ashe-blonde with shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and a wicked smile, she always looked good. She and Matt cocked eyebrows at each other, but didn't say much beyond "hi." She was with her friends from school, and Matt let her be, grabbing a drink and sitting on the couch next to Rachel.

The party gradually picked up speed, as people mingled more, the drinks flowed a little more freely, and people got to know each other a little better. Matt found some time to talk to Jenny, and she introduced him around.

Eventually, Matt noticed that Rachel didn't seem to be having as much fun--she was a bit innocent, and had never gotten into the party scene at school, so she was a little uncomfortable anyway, and plus, her sunburn wasn't helping. She leaned back against the couch without thinking, and hissed and arched forward again.

Matt walked over to her and bent down near her ear. "Stay here. I have an idea." He went to the freezer and grabbed a handful of ice, dropped it in a cup, and brought it back. He'd had a couple drinks, and was feeling a little bold. He placed his hand against the base of her spine, and pushed her forward slightly.

"Scootch," he said, and Rachel moved to the edge of the cough. Matt slid in behind her, so that she was sitting in between his legs, pressed back against him. He took the edge of her shirt and lifted it up, exposing her back, which was angry red, and the line of her bra, which stood out against the reddened skin. Matt murmured in sympathy at the burn. She laughed.

"Now I'm embarrassed--if I had known you'd be doing this, I'd have worn a nicer bra." Matt only now noticed that her bra was old and a little tattered.

"Not to worry. I'd say take it off, but, then, you probably expected that." He pushed her shirt up a little higher on her shoulders, and she leaned forward, crossing her arms to grip the shirt on opposite sides, holding it up. Matt took a deep breath, realizing that not only was she practically removing her shirt for him, but he could also see the edge of her panties under the waistband of her shorts. For whatever reason, this turned him on immensely, and he was thankful that because his legs were spread, he wouldn't betray his arousal too easily.

Matt fished an ice cube from the cup, and gently pressed it against Rachel's back. She gasped at the contact, and her hot skin immediately began to melt the ice. Droplets raced down her back, soaking her bra strap, tracing patterns on her skin. She made a small "mmm" sound, leaning even farther forward, as Matt traced the ice cube back and forth. Bolder yet, he slid his fingers underneath the straps of her bra, to run the ice cube beneath, and she shivered a little at the touch.

Matt was suddenly aware that people were watching, drawn by the small moan that Rachel had made. Jenny was one of them, and he caught her eye. She said nothing, but again cocked her eyebrow at him. He shrugged.

The ice cubes lasted for about ten minutes, and at the end of them, Rachel didn't move until Matt reached up to pull her shirt back down. She looked over her shoulder at him, and he could see one corner of her mouth pull up as she smiled. He smiled back, and in as gentlemanly a fashion as was possible, extricated himself from the position they were sitting in.


As the party--such as it was--drew to a close, Matt said to Rachel, "We'd better get going." She nodded, and headed off to fetch her sandals and bag. As she walked away, Jenny came over to Matt.

"Listen, there isn't much room here--we're all sharing rooms. Do you think there's room for me at your uncle's place?" She asked, a slight twist of her mouth the only indication that she had something else in mind.

Matt thought it over for a moment or two, but Jenny had a look in her eyes that said say yes, and I'll make you come harder than you've ever come before. Matt felt the blood rush, and said, "Sure, no problem. There are at least two bedrooms."

Neither of them noticed the look on Rachel's face as she overheard.


Matt's uncle's place was a low, pale blue bungalow house built in the late 40's, set a mile or so back from the beach in a tiny little community. The place smelled of pine needles, sand, and sea, a special smell that always made Matt nostalgic. This had been his grandparents' place before they passed on, and he'd spent many summers here.

It looked the same, too--a living room/dining room area, with a short bar. To the left, a hallway led off to the bedrooms and the bathroom, and toward the back--just to the right of the bar--the doorway to the sun porch.

The porch had been an addition to the small house, opening off what was originally the back door. In fact, a window still opened from the living room area into the sun porch, which was convenient for passing food through during family dinners, but most times was covered by a Venetian blind made of bamboo.

It was late by this point, and Matt, Rachel, and Jenny had little energy left to socialize. Matt and Jenny opted for the sun porch, and Matt showed Rachel into the guest bedroom. They exchanged "good nights" and headed off to their respective rooms.

The moon was high that night--not quite full, but close--and although it was late, it was a bright evening. The sun porch was windowed all the way around, with low--and admittedly somewhat uncomfortable--couch/beds built into each wall. There were blinds, but Matt and Jenny figured that it was dark enough not to need them. Besides, the moonlight was exciting--they were cast in shades of silver and blue, their skin showing highlights, and the light flashing from teeth and eyes as the moved and talked.

Matt wasted little time as Jenny dropped her bag in one corner. Stealing up behind her, he kissed the junction of her neck and shoulder, sliding his hands up under her shirt to cup her breasts. She leaned her head back and reached over to run her fingers through his hair, as he carefully teased her nipples. She responded quickly, her nipples getting hard under his hands. He could feel them pressing into his palms as he squeezed her breasts.

Jenny dropped her hands and reached around behind Matt, running her hands across his back and hips, slipping them in front to the button of his shorts. She tugged the hem of his t-shirt out of the way, and quickly unbuttoned his shorts. Undone, they fell to the floor, leaving him only in his boxers. He needed little urging from her, as his cock surged to attention, poking out from his boxer shorts and pressing up against her ass. Her hands were a smooth and cool, and they began to stroke him, lifting him up so that he was pressed full-length against the skin of her back. She moaned at the heat of that touch, and began to flex her knees ever so slightly, sliding up and down against his cock.

Sliding his hand up to her jaw, he turned her head to meet his and kissed her, exploring with his tongue. She moaned again, and turned around to face him, locking her mouth to his. He quickly undid her shorts, shucking them down off of her hips to join his on the floor. His hand slid past the waistband of her panties and found her wet and waiting. Both of them were breathing heavily, through their noses, unwilling to stop the intense kiss even to catch their breath. He parted her lips with his fingers and quickly found her clit, stroking back and forth with short flicks of his fingers.

Jenny pushed her hips forward, trapping his cock against her belly, and as he opened her lips to slide a finger into her, she breathed into his "Oh yes." It took only a few minutes more, Matt steadily pumping his finger inside her, before she tensed up and bent her head down against his shoulder. She let out a long, shuddering breath, and sagged a bit against him. He moved slightly to take her weight, one arm wrapped around her, one hand between her legs. She lifted her head up and smiled at him matter-of-factly.

"Huh. Guess I was waiting for that." She said. "Now, it's your turn." She deftly stripped his shirt from him, unbuttoning with one hand while she held his cock in the other, and stroked him now and again. Matt was shaking, from the intensity of her response to him a moment ago, and from the teasing, occasional strokes Jenny gave him.

"Now, sit back here," she said, guiding him toward one of the couches. Still holding onto him she pressed him back against the cushions. Then, she stood back, stripped off her shirt, and slid her panties down around her ankles. She stepped out of them with one foot, and flicked them at him with the other. He laughed, batting them aside.

"I know you've got Rachel on your mind," she said, slowly running her hands over her breasts and down between her legs, as she sank to her knees in front of him. She gasped a little as she touched herself. "That ice cube trick turned me on, too. But I'm gonna see if I can't bring you back here with me, just for a minute or two." With that, Jenny pushed Matt's knees apart, and slid in between them. She bent forward and ran her tongue up the length of Matt's cock, from the balls to the head, and gave him a little nip with her teeth. Matt cried out in surprise and pleasure, and clapped a hand over his mouth. Jenny just laughed, and shushed him.

"We're not alone here, you know." She said, as she began to lick him again, teasing him.

Matt listened for a moment, trying to hear if Rachel was awake and moving around. He couldn't hear anything, though, and was surprised that he was disappointed at that. As he watched Jenny's mouth move up and down on his shaft, he suddenly wondered what Rachel would think if she was watching.


Rachel, for all her professions of tiredness, couldn't sleep. She was angry at Matt, for bringing Jenny. Rachel had hoped that she would have Matt to herself tonight. She'd noticed him looking at her at the beach, and she knew--since that first, awkward two-week period where they'd tried to date--that he was into her in a big way. She also loved him, as a friend and a confidant, and had really looked forward to this trip with him. She wasn't sure what she'd planned to happen, but the little gig with the ice cube had turned her on, and she'd thought...

Well, she'd thought.

But he'd brought Jenny, now, which had not been part of the plan. She knew that Matt and Jenny had something going--as far as Rachel could determine, their relationship consisted entirely of having sex with each other. That excited Rachel too. She wasn't terrifically experienced--a couple boyfriends, and sex with them had been fun, but the relationships hadn't really been all that serious. The thought of Matt having sex, though, was terribly exciting. She shifted around in bed, crossing her legs, and running her hands over her stomach. She was only wearing a long t-shirt, and trying to move carefully to avoid aggravating the sunburn.

She tried to picture Matt and Jenny together--Jenny was a bit blurry, sort of there but not there, since Rachel was focusing almost entirely on Matt. His arms, his shoulders, his...dick. She rolled back the other way, smiling a little. His cock. She thought about him doing things to Jenny, kissing her, and taking off her clothes. Rachel began to focus a little more on Jenny, wondering what she looked like naked. Actually, they'd been on sports teams together, so Rachel had something of an idea, but the thought of Jenny in this context was quite different.

Rachel's hands slid farther down her stomach.

She pictured Matt on top of Jenny, thrusting himself into her. Maybe holding Jenny's arms down. Rachel imagined she could hear him, breathing hard, grunting a little as he drove himself home. She wriggled a little in bed, and the shirt rode higher, exposing the bottom curve of her ass. She imagined Jenny gasping in rhythm to Matt's thrusts, her breasts bouncing up and down. Finally, Rachel wriggled a little further, rucking the t-shirt up past her hips. She kicked the covers off--it had suddenly grown quite warm. She slid her hand down between her legs, parting her lips and inhaling sharply as the cooler air caressed her tender pussy.

God, Rachel thought, I'm so wet. I have to come...I'll never get any sleep otherwise. She began to quickly, expertly bring herself off, her breath getting shorter and shorter when suddenly, she heard a sound.

That sounded like...Matt, she thought. He sounded like, well, like something really good had happened.

If you'd asked her later, Rachel probably couldn't have explained why she didn't just resume what she was doing and ignore the sound. Maybe she was too turned on. Maybe she wanted whatever of Matt she could have that night. Whatever it was, she immediately rolled out of bed and padded slowly and quietly out to the living room. She winced every time the floor creaked, and moved with exaggerated slowness--made all the more difficult because she was still incredibly aroused--toward the window opening into the sun porch.

The lights were all off in the living room, which was good, since she didn't want to be silhouetted in the window. She slipped up to the window and peeked between the bamboo slats, and what she saw made her slip her left hand between her legs and begin to stroke her clit rapidly.

She slid the slats a tiny bit farther apart for a better view, but she had seen correctly. Matt rested, on his back, on one of the couches, illuminated in the silvery-blue light of the moon. His eyes were half-open, and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. In front of him, her rear pointed at Rachel, knelt Jenny, naked, the shadows and moonlight tracing the arc of her spine, the curve of her buttocks, and leaving a deep shadow in between her legs. Jenny's head bobbed up and down, and Rachel suddenly realized what she was doing. The realization made Rachel's knees weak, and she leaned against the wall, her left hand working quickly between her legs, her eyes racing from Matt's head to Jenny's head to Jenny's ass, and back.

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