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Shame & Humiliation


Joyce Carter and her daughters Laura & Janice had just finished the lovely lunch that the girls had treated their mother to in celebration of her 49th birthday.

The day had been fabulous, all three laughing & joking, relaxed in each others company and helping each to momentarily hide the turmoil of their own private lives.

Although Mother & daughters, sister & sister, had always been able to talk openly, honestly & very frankly to each other, each had a secret part to them that they preferred to keep privately unto themselves.

Joyce, now at 49, was the picture of health, a stunning brunette who still turned many men's heads. Her daughters ensured that she was always up to date in the manner of her dress, fashionable but always in a chique and mature style.

The three were of similar build, the girls taking after their mother in many ways but again each with their own distinctive individuality. Joyce stood 5'5" in her stockinged feet, her breasts were still firm, on account of her daily gym workout she convinced herself, yes a firm 36c, a little more around her waist than she's like being a 27" and her hips were a very sexy and mature 34".

Joyce always wore stockings when out or dressing up, she enjoyed the sensation of silk French knickers rubbing, caressing her inner thighs as she walked. All in all a very sexy lady particularly for her age.

Her husband, Terry, was a successful banker, the family wanted for nothing. Joyce had married him when they were both 22 years of age and had given birth to Laura a year later and to Janice a further two years on.

Laura & Janice both married at the same age, 22, as their mother, Laura had now been married to Glen for 4 years and Janice to Colin for just about two years.

The secret heartache that Joyce held within her was that despite the fact that Terry was a fantastic husband and father, a good provider and generally all round decent guy, he had not touched Joyce sexually in over four years. At first she told herself that this was little sacrifice for the stability he provided but deep down Joyce was a woman seething with unsatisfied passions.

Laura was now 26 years old, an inch shorter than her mother, standing 5'4", a bubbly curvaceous brunette, taking after her mother in the hair department. Her breasts were similar to her mothers also, perhaps a bit firmer but still a 36c, 25" waist and 33" hips meant that she also attracted much attention from both men and women.

Glen, her husband was a complete Jerk. He provided well enough for her and their twins but preferred the arms and bed of his cheap tart of a secretary rather than that of his wife. Laura knew all about his affair, he didn't exactly try to hide it, often coming home in the small hours wreaking of her cheap perfume and stinking of sex. Laura had long stopped crying herself to sleep over this and concentrated on her twins, Bobbie and Carly. Deep down however smouldered the yearnings of a deeply unloved, unsatisfied woman.

Janice was the younger sister at 24, her breasts were larger than Mother or Sister being a very full 38d, perfectly in proportion were her 26" waist and 35" hips, her hair was very red , from her fathers Irish side and she stood the tallest of the three at 5'6".

Her marriage to Colin was only two years old but was already on very unsteady ground. Janice was pregnant, only two months gone but already was facing the prospect of bringing a child into the world knowing that it's home environs would be far from domestic bliss.

Colin liked sex and lots of it. Janice enjoyed sex but found it all too much one way for her liking. He would simply roll on and roll off having satisfied himself or having spent hours looking at porn on the net, would get Janice to take up some uncomfortable position that he'd taken a fancy to trying out.

Often, of late, Colin had taken to telling her how much he would like to see her have sex with a well endowed black man, he'd describe in vivid detail what the negro could do to her as he would watch and masturbate. The whole thing was very off putting to Janice who now found the man she had loved a total turn off.

The three had another thing in common, being religious they did not agree with divorce and adopted the old fashioned approach of having made their beds they would have to lay in them, each was a good wife and mother who deserved more.

The day was warm, Joyce was wearing a simple white dress pulled in at the waist by a thick black patent leather belt, her sheer stockings were encased in expensive white stiletto's. Her long hair pulled back in a pony tail allowing her neck to take advantage of any breeze.

Laura wore an expensive looking sheer white blouse, her half cup bra thrusting her breasts up and outwards could clearly be seen beneath, this was tucked smartly in to her black tailored trousers and her feet were adorned in a pair of red high heels. Laura's hair was pushed back and held in place by a red plastic band.

The other daughter wore a tiny delicate camisole type top that struggled to contain her breasts, the slight breeze causing her nipples to become very prominent, in fact this young mother to be's body was a torrent of hormonal irrationality. Her skirt was a smart fashionable tartan style, wrap over and held with a pin. It was short, mid thigh and accentuated her long lithe legs that were clad in knee length black boots.

Unbeknown to the three ladies a local thug by the name of Clyde had been watching them intently as they ate lunch, mentally undressing each of them as he enjoyed a beer across the road from where they ate.

Clyde was not long out of prison for various demeanours and his body was coursing with lust.

As the three left the restaurant and headed for Laura's black Audio 100 motor car Clyde followed almost cat like in pursuit. He phoned a few friends and arranged a rather hurried pick up, his lift arriving just in time to follow the ladies car.

As Clyde thought, the Audi left town and was heading out into the countryside, he knew this road well and his plan was to get ahead of the Audi and force it off road about two miles on, at a place where he knew there was an outcrop of derelict farm buildings, a place which would serve his purposes adequately.

The ladies were still laughing and joking and none of them noticed the Mercedes full of black men as it overtook them and sped off ahead.

Laura looked a little startled when two miles on she saw the Mercedes blocking the road and a short thin black guy flagging her down, she assumed that there had been an accident and slowed to a stop to find out what was going on.

The black guy approached the car and confirmed Laura and her family's suspicions, the three stating that they hoped no one was badly hurt.

The negro kept them engaged for a few minutes, seemingly distraught about the horrible scenes that lay ahead of the bend in the road and telling them that it was far to gruesome for him to allow their eyes to befall it.

As the little black guy kept the ladies engrossed with his tails of horror, Clyde and the other five black men were creeping up on the car, all of a sudden and in a whir of action the six forced the three ladies out of their car and four of them frog marched the girls across the field into one of the derelict buildings, the other two drove the cars into an old barn out of sight of the road.

The ladies were shaking visibly, bewildered as to what was going on. No one spoke until all six of the negroes were inside. Joyce and her daughters huddled together on a well worn old brown leather sofa which was the only item of furniture in the room.

"well, good afternoon ladies" Clyde said in a smarmy sort of way.

"so, you what you ladies looking for on a nice day like today? Something special?" he grinned as he lewdly ran his hand over his bulging crotch.

Joyce and the girls new instantly what fate had in store for them.

"please don't hurt us" uttered a petrified Joyce

"please just let my daughters go"

"your daughters!" sneered Clyde

"Mom & two daughters, well I never" he muttered to no one in particular.

"come over here mummy" he ordered Joyce

"NOW" he barked menacingly as Joyce did not respond to his first order.

Joyce moved to ward's him.

Four of the black men, who ranged in size from very large to large moved to surround Laura and Janice blocking any futile attempt they might try to make at breaking free.

Clyde explained to the three that no one would come or hear should they decide to scream, and if they did as they were told they would soon be free to go....unharmed. Anything silly from any one of them and they would all die for sure.

The ladies were terrified.

Clyde put his hand on Joyce's shoulder from behind, Joyce shuddered.

"lets put a little show on for the girls hey mum?" he told her

The three were mortified, unable to speak, each struggling mentally to adapt to this horrific happening.

Clyde moved slightly to the side of Joyce, his fingers gently tugged at the black belt that pulled her white dress into her waist.

Slowly he unbuckled the belt until it fell free. Joyce shuddered again at the prospect of what this big black brute was about to do.

"no" she whispered almost too low for any one too hear, her eyes too the floor.

Clyde ran his finger up the front of the white dress lightly fingering the buttons as he went. At the top of her cleavage he suddenly popped the top button open.

All three ladies gasped almost in unison at this direct sexual act.

Clyde's fingers popped the second and the third and the fourth buttons, each popping being greeted with a further shudder from Joyce's body.

Down down he went until the last button was released.

Clyde whistled low, as did several of his comrades as he pushed the flimsy material of Joyce's dress apart and displayed the sight of her suspender belt around her waist, the silky white French knickers and the stockings that ran down her shapely legs. Her breasts were full and rounded encased in the white bra she wore but Clyde and his fellow cohorts could tell that they would be a real feast to savour.

Laura and Janice were weeping openly at not only their own plight but the humiliation their Mother was being forced to endure.

Clyde took Joyce's trembling tiny hand enclosing it firmly in his massive black one, gently he led her back to the sofa and sat her between her girls.

Laura & Janice immediately tried to comfort their mother, each seeking solace from the others.

Clyde knelt before Joyce and uttered softly

"what a beautiful woman you are"

"sexy too" he went on

"you always dress like this?" he asked idly thumbing her suspender straps.

Joyce didn't answer.

Clyde suddenly turned his attention to Janice

"man, you sure have got some rack there baby" he said looking straight at Janice's heaving chest.

"take it off baby" he commanded as he toyed with the flimsy camisole like top.

Janice was frozen with fear and could not move.

"here, let me help you" Clyde spoke as his fingers gripped the bottom of her top and rose it up over her jutting breasts

"no" Janice sobbed deeply as the garment was tahen over her head and tossed aside

"mmmmmm" hummed Clyde as the half cup bra came into view.

The tops of Janice's nipples were clear for everyone to see as the half cup pushed her breasts up and outwards, the peaks were stiff through a combination of cool air, freight and perhaps a hint of unrequited lust.

Clyde slowly, gently lowered the half cup until her magnificent breasts were fully released, sitting, being supported by the bra which was tight underneath them now.

Her nipples thrust obscenely from her large mammories, stiffening further as Clyde gently blew across her chest.

Laura had begun to stare intently at the erotic scene being played out in front of her, almost forgetting the alarming situation the three were in. Secretly wishing that it were her breasts the men were admiring and not those of her sister, of course she would never have admitted this fact to anyone.

Clyde leaned forward, cupping Janice's left breast as he softly closed his big rubbery lips around the swollen nipple, gently he sucked it into his mouth. Janice's eyes closed as a rush of sexual energy rushed through her.

Laura felt her panties dampen at the sight, the huge stiff nipple of her sister seemed to be attached to her own body and she could almost feel the delicious soft tongue as it swirled around her sisters breast and sucked the stiff bud further into that cavernous black mouth.

Joyce was mortified at the goings on and sat sobbing softly, eyes looking down, not wishing to see nor hear the sexual acts going on around her.

Clyde stopped his arousal of Janice as soon as he had started, turning once again to Joyce.

Janice felt empty, cheated for a moment, her body had started to respond involuntarily and now the bastard had stopped. Her chest heaved under her heavy breathing as she watched the nigger pull her mother forward slightly.

He pushed Joyce's dress from her shoulders and quickly reached round to release her bra catch, it all happened very swiftly. Joyce now sat with her breasts jutting out, firmly, capped by two stiff peaks that were, like her daughters, painfully erect and extending someway from her breast flesh.

Clyde immediately latched his mouth on to first one huge stiff bud and then the other.

Laura squirmed visibly as her crotch felt a tingling excitement at this very sensual sight.

Joyce slumped back as Clyde feasted on her globes, his mouth making obscene loud sucking noises as he plucked at her peaks with his lips, teasing the erect nipple further from her body. His hands ran up her thighs luxuriating in the feel of the silk French knickers, twanging the elastic of her suspenders. His hands ran the length of her stockinged legs, from knee to thigh, thigh to knee.

Laura was mesmerised as her eyes watched transfixed as this giant black man lewdly caressed her mother before her. Her eyes darted to her mothers breast each time Clyde's mouth let out a sucking noise, each time seeing the huge stiff nipple being pulled back into his mouth.

Janice still sobbed, trying to block out the terrible fate that her mother was enduring, knowing deep down that all three would soon be ravished by this big black brutes.

Again Clyde stopped suddenly, and again his attentions returned to the large busted Janice.

Laura was almost besides herself as her body was again ignored by this giant of a man, all her sexual frustrations were now being brought to the fore, her mind in turmoil as she first questioned herself mentally, why was she being ignored, was she really as undesirable as her husband made out, then striking these thoughts as she remembered that this was assault, rape, not what she wanted at all!

Clyde was once more feasting at the breast of Janice, his huge black hands slid her short tartan skirt higher up her thighs.

"Please, no, I'm pregnant" Janice uttered, pleading with her captor to release her from this hell.

Clyde just smiled and looked deep into her eyes, his eyes and hers both filled with lust.

Abruptly he stopped and rose to his feet. The three women looked up at him as he spoke

"Ok ladies now its time to strip" he commanded

None of the women moved.

"NOW" he barked fiercely, jolting the ladies back to realism.

The other men moved menacingly to the front as Clyde pulled the mother to her feet.

Joyce's dress fell completely to the floor, her breasts swayed lightly as she moved, the stiff peaks of her nipples jutted out towards the six black men in front of her. Her lower half in those sheer stockings, the French knickers and suspenders.

"Ok, mum, now drop them panties for my boys" Clyde leered

"Unless you want your girls to suffer some real pain" he added.

" no, no, please...please don't hurt them" she wept

Her hands found the edge of her suspender belt and in one swift movement she pushed the garment, her knickers and stockings down to her knees. Reeling back she landed back on the sofa, knees together as she reached to remove the garments completely.

"open wide" commanded Clyde as his foot pushed gently at her ankles.

Joyce's face flushed deep red with embarrassment as her legs were forced to part.

Several of the black guts whistled softly as her fanny was exposed, her pubic thatch was as brunette in colour as that on her head, the slit of her cunt could just about be seen.

Clyde again knelt before her, this time between her out stretched legs. His huge black finger extended as he parted the hair on her pussy and ran it up the length of her slit.

Joyce's labia parted easily, the juices that involuntarily started to flow from her insides as he'd previously feasted on her breasts, were now very evident.

The black man's fingers probed further, forcing the labia to part further. His thumb rubbed softly over her very prominent clitoris, causing Joyce to inhale deeply.

"nice pussy lady" he quipped before dipping forward to inhale her sexual aroma.

Another huge black man dropped to his knees in front of Janice, his hands going quickly to the button on her skirt which he soon released, Janice lifted her buttocks compliantly as the brute removed the smart garment.

It was plainly evident to all the black men once Janice's skirt was removed and through the sheer front of her white thong, that her pussy was completely bald, the thick hanging lips of her cunt strained against the flimsy material.

Janice's captor pulled her thong tight up against her crotch forcing the material to part her labia, her love juice was flowing as freely as her mothers as the nigger see sawed the material up and down her slit several times before removing the thong completely.

Laura looked across as her Sisters cunt lips protruded obscenely from her body, her inner lips hung down grotesquely puffed up, full of the blood that pumped furiously around her body.

The negro bent forward and explored her cunt with his lips and tongue, lips running wildly up her slit and greedily feeding on her engorged clit. Janice's head went back as she struggled to not thrust her cunt harder onto her attackers face, trying to avoid the hugely tempting urge to impale herself on to his penetrating tongue.

Clyde had released his massive black cock from his trousers and was now rubbing the huge weapon up against Joyce's slit.

Laura watched, eyes filled with lust and wanting, as Clyde's massive organ with its huge bulbous head ran up and down her mothers soaking slit. The cock head was uncircumcised, the huge fold of skin that covered it was stretching further back across his mammoth glans with each stroke, his massive cock length now covered in pre cum and juice from her mothers cunt.

Laura resisted the temptation to drop her hand to her crotch, fighting that urge, that need to satisfy her own lust, she couldn't let her Mother & Sister know how desperate she was for a cock to fill her ravenous cunt.

Clyde continued toying with the Mothers cunt, bringing her feet up to rest on the edge of the sofa, pulling her knees forward then pushing them wide apart. Joyce's pink inner flesh was now completely exposed and extremely wet. As his huge black snake began it's entry into Joyce's body he turned to look deeply into Laura's lust filled eyes.

His hand moved forward to cup Laura's heaving breast through her sheer blouse, finger and thumb tweaking the nipple, pulling, tugging on the peak which strained against the confines of her bra.

"Take it off baby he whispered"

Laura complied, hoping that she wasn't appearing to be too eager.

With out prompting she removed her bra also and slid forward offering her creamy breasts to this monster of a man.

She looked down as several inches of Clyde's huge black cock penetrated her mother, gasping as the angry organ withdrew then plunged back in. Joyce's body was beginning to thrust up to meet his, slowly her mind had given itself over to the pleasure he was inducing inside her.

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