tagLoving WivesSharing Karen Again

Sharing Karen Again


Now after several times sharing Karen. She has become some what restless at home. Each night she walks in our front door, she has this look on her face. The look that says, "okay what do you have planned for me tonight." But for the last three weeks, its just been me and Karen. And the sex has never been better.

Karen is so sexy. She stand 5ft6, weighs 127 pounds, has blonde hair that is long and silky. But I guess the two things that really stand out the most on Karen are her legs and her tits. Karen has killer legs and she loves to show them off. Her tits are firm and her nipples are always rock hard. the kind of nipples that always say suck on me. If you check out my profile, I have posted a picture of her and you can see for yourself.

Two days ago I was visiting Karen at her work. Of course she was very busy. So I just stayed in the back ground and watched as she worked. Karen is the second in charge where she works. Her boss is another lady named Cindy. Cindy is a fox in waiting. Cindy stands about 5 foot 5 and weighs about 130. Cindy has the nicest tits next to Karen's. I would say they are a 38c.

Cindy has just gone thru a real nasty divorce with her hubby. She caught him cheating on her. She was working late one night and let herself into her home quietly and caught him in bed with her best friend. Cindy did not take it to well either. It crushed her. She was a basket case for 2 months. And since then she has gotten a small apartment by herself and goes no where but work and home. As far as looks go, Cindy is a 8.5 on a scale of one to ten.

Cindy has noticed me standing there watching her and Karen working. Cindy walked over to me and said hello. I couldn't help but to stare at her nice tits. She has on one of those V-neck sweaters. I think Cindy noticed me staring at her tits. So Bob, what are you doing here tonight she asked. I told her that I just stopped by to see if Karen wanted to go out for dinner after she was done work and maybe out for a few drinks afterwards. God, Karen is so lucky to have you she answered. You spoil her to much. I wish my hubby was like you. I would of never left him, she said as she laughed.

I couldn't help myself, as I talked to Cindy, I just couldn't take my eyes off of her tits. They were just a size bigger that Karen's tits. Nice and firm like Karen's too. I then asked Cindy what her plans were tonight and if she would like to join us. Of course she started making some kind of excuse. But I cut her short and told her that she should go out with us. After a few minutes, she said that she could use a night out. Only if we could stop by her house so she could change.

Karen saw us talking and walked over to where we were standing. So what are you two up to, she asked. Not much I told her. I came by to see if you and Cindy would like to go out for some dinner and drinks after work. Karen smiled and gave me a hug. Cindy then told her how she would have to go home to change first. Karen told Cindy, why don't you go home now and change and I will hold down the store until you get back. Have Bob drive you and you can just leave your car her at the store and pick it up later.

Cindy said that's a great idea and went for her coat. Karen told me to be a good boy and to hurry right back. Minutes later, Cindy and I were on our way to her place. After getting to her place. Cindy told me to have seat and to relax, that she would only be a few minutes. And off she went towards the bedroom. But what surprised me was that she failed to close the bedroom door behind her. She went to her closet and started to lay out some dresses on her bed.

Her bedroom was only about ten feet away from where I was sitting. I could see her clearly.

Cindy then took off her shirt and pants and was standing there in her bra and panties. Black bra and black panties. I stared at her and I kept wondering why her husband was so stupid. This lady was a knock out and a half. Then Cindy unhook her bra and let it drop to the floor. There she stood with those great tits clearly in my view. God, they looked so nice. Cindy then got her dress and slipped it on over her ripe body. Then she sat on the bed and put on her stockings. She had on a red dress with back stocking and black shoes. When she stood up, she looked like something from Playboy. My dick was getting harder by the minute.

Cindy went into the bathroom. She brushed her hair and came walking into the living room where I was sitting. I am ready she told me. I got up and talked to the front door and off we went back to the store where Karen was waiting. Once at the store, Cindy and I walked in and there was Karen waiting for us. Every one else had gone already. Karen looked at us with a weird look and then smiled. Wow, you look great, she told Cindy. We locked the stores doors and went to the car.

We drove to this nice club here in New Hampshire. They serve dinner and drinks. Karen and Cindy ordered drinks. I decided that I better not drink and to be the driver tonight. It took about 30 minutes for the dinner to come to our table. Cindy and Karen had about 4 drinks each by then. They were laughing and joking around. We eat our dinner and it was great. Cindy said that she had to use the ladies room and excused herself.

No sooner than she was up from the table, Karen began asking me 100 questions. So Bob, you like how Cindy looks, don't you...Of course I do, she is a knock out I told her. Well don't get any ideas, she is off limits. Work and play never mix, Karen told me. I told her to relax and lets just enjoy the night. After the dinner we moved into the dancing part of this club. There was a DJ there and he was pretty good too.

We ordered drinks and just sat there listening to the music and talking. It was mostly Karen and Cindy doing most of the talking. I could barely hear them because of the music. Karen asked me to dance with her. I am one of those guys that needs to have a few drinks before I can go any where near a dance floor. So I told her to go up and to take Cindy with her. Karen loves dancing. And I knew that she was dying to dance tonight. She reached over and grabbed Cindy by the hand and pulled her up to the dance floor.

It was a fast song and they were going pretty good and enjoying themselves. But no as much as I was seeing two pretty ladies dancing and their tits bouncing like mad. They danced like five songs in a row before coming back to the table. Once there they noticed that I had ordered them two more drinks each. Karen was downing hers like crazy. Cindy had one drink gone already and was working on the second one too.

They sat there talking for around another hour. By now each of them had at least 15 drinks each. Neither of them was feeling any pain at all.

This one slow song came on and Cindy started to cry. I guess it use to be her song to her hubby. Karen reached over and gave her a big hug and told her to relax. Cindy smiled and said you are right. Dance with me to this song she told Karen.

She didn't have to ask twice. Her and Karen were on the dance floor and dancing away to this slow song. They sure looked good dancing together. And talk about being close to each other. They were wrapped tight.

While they were dancing, the waiter came over and told me it was last call because it was snowing very hard outside. I ordered the girls two more drinks each. The song finished and the girls returned to the table. Of course the downed their drinks in minutes. I told them about the snow. Cindy hates driving in the snow, she said. No problem Karen told her. Why don't you spend the night at our house and Bob can drive us back to the store in the morning to get your car. After all, the store was closed on Sundays. We can put you up in our guess room for the night and have some more drinks when we get home. Of course Cindy said yes.

We started off for our house. I was driving and Karen was sitting next to me. Karen's hand was on my lap as I was driving. We had about a 40 minute drive before we got to our house. Half way to our house, I looked over to Cindy. I guess she had one to many drinks. Because she was out cold. Karen caught me staring at Cindy. You like her, don't you, she asked. And before I could even answer, Karen started rubbing my cock thru my jeans. Of course it was rock hard within seconds.

You want to fuck her, don't you. I just smiled and said nothing. But she knew by how hard my cock was. To my surprise, Karen unzipped my jeans and pulled my rock hard cock out of jeans and started stroking it hard and fast. With her other hand she placed it on Cindy's leg. Slowly she started raising Cindy's dress. You like her legs don't you. I said yes. Then Karen got bold and moved her hand up Cindy's dress and started playing with her tits. You like me playing with her tits, don't you she asked. God yes, I answered.

Karen knew that I was hotter than hell right now. A few minutes later we were pulling into our drive way. Karen said tonight is going to be fun. I got out of the car and went over to the other side and opened the car door. Cindy was still out cold. Karen had gotten out on my side and was now beside me. Together we helped Cindy out of the car and into our house. We took her up stairs and started for the guest bedroom. But Karen stopped me. Lets let her sleep in our bed tonight, she said with a smile on her face.

Once in our bedroom, we laid Cindy on the bed. Cindy was out cold. Karen rolled her over and unzipped her dress. Together we eased Cindy out of her dress and stockings. We pulled her up onto the bed. God , did she ever look good laying there naked except her panties. Karen started undressing next to her side of the bed. I started doing the same. Karen slipped into the bed and no sooner than she did, Karen's hand went right for Cindy's firm tit. To my surprise, Karen lowered her mouth right to Cindy's tit and took Cindy's nipple right into her waiting mouth.

My cock was rock hard at the sight of this. I went around to Karen's side of the bed and just stood there and watched. I couldn't believe what I was seeing here. Karen was sucking on her tit like crazy. As she did, one of her hands worked its way down to Cindy's panties. Karen's hand slipped inside and soon her fingers were rubbing Cindy's clit as Karen kept on sucking hard on Cindy's tit.

I knew that Cindy was drunk. But I noticed her back slowly arching up and down. She may of been drunk, but her body was enjoying what it was feeling. Karen stopped sucking on Cindy's tits and reached down and eased Cindy's black panties off all the way off. Cindy has her pussy shaved bare. God did it look great too. No sooner than Cindy's panties were off. Karen eased her way down and soon she was between Cindy's legs.

I watched as Karen lowered her face right into Cindy bald pussy. No sooner then she did, Cindy back arched like wild. Cindy was moaning in seconds. Like I said earlier, Cindy had broke up with her hubby a while ago. So I guess it has been a while since she had sex. Karen was going to town on her pussy. Cindy was moaning louder and louder. Then it happened. Cindy must of thought that she was dreaming. She called out her hubbys name and reached down and pulled Karen's face deeper into her pussy. Lick me faster she moaned out loud.

I couldn't take it any more. I sat on the side of the bed and lowered my lips to her hard nipple. I was sucking like a new born baby. Karen could see what I was doing. This caused Karen to lick even faster. Cindy's moans were louder now and she was arching her bed in pure pleasure. I knew she was ready to cum any minute now. Sure enough Cindy started to cum like crazy. Her body tightening up like mad.

Karen looked up at me and told me to trade places with her. I placed myself between Cindy legs. Karen help to guide my rock hard cock into Cindy's pussy. Inch by inch it went inside of her wet and very hot pussy until it was all the way inside of her. I just held still. I sure as hell didn't want to wake Cindy up. I could feel Cindy arching her back some. Then to my surprise, Cindy's legs wrapped around me and pulled me deeper inside of her wet pussy. Cindy let out this loud moan.

I became bold now. Softly I asked Cindy in her sleep if she really wanted this. God yes, fuck me baby, fuck me she answered. When Karen and I have sex, I often talk to her about another couple joining us and it excites the hell out of her. So I thought I would try it on Cindy. Cindy do you want to try something different tonight I asked her. God, anything she answered. I then asked her if she has ever slept with another lady. No she answered. But I have thought about it. If another lady was here now, would you let her sit on your face and would you lick her pussy?

God, yes, I want it bad she said. With that I started fucking her pussy harder and harder now.

Karen had worked her way up on the bed and put herself over Cindy's face. Karen pussy was just inches away from Cindy's mouth now. Slowly Karen lowered her pussy to Cindy's mouths. Once there, Cindy's started sucking and licking Karen pussy like a pro. Karen reached down and started pinching Cindy's nipples. This caused Cindy to buck like crazy. I had no idea if she was awake or not. I just knew that I was really close to coming now.

I pushed harder and harder. With each push, I knew how close I was. In seconds I was shooting my hot cum deep into her bosses wet pussy. God, what a feeling that was. I eased myself off of Cindy and laid on the side of her. No sooner than I did, Karen got into a 69 with Cindy. They were both licking and sucking away like mad. I could hear Karen sucking my cum out of Cindy's pussy. Cindy was moaning like crazy. And so was Karen. Within seconds they were both cumming like crazy.

Once they were done cumming. Karen rolled off of Cindy. And that's when we found out that Cindy was wide awake now. After she caught her breath, she smile at Karen. God lady, you have the sweet tasting pussy. Thank you very much for tonight she told Karen. Cindy smiled. Can I ask a favor, Cindy said. Sure anything Karen told her. Can I fuck Bob one more time. Karen told her to ask me.

But before she could ask. Cindy was on top of me and reach for my cock. Using one hand, she put the head of my cock at her pussy and slowly lowered herself down onto it. What was a semi soft cock soon turned rock hard again. Cindy lowered her lips to mine and we kissed wildly. I reached up and played with her tits. Karen, not one to be left out of the action. She lowered her pussy to my face. Now I had her boss on my cock and Karen's sweet pussy on my face. Karen and Cindy met and were hugging now. Karen became bold and started kissing Cindy's neck. Then their lips meet and they go wild kissing each other. This drove Cindy wild and she really started riding my hard cock.

I wasn't far from cumming for the second time in her bosses pussy. But before I could, Cindy stopped. No its not fair she said. Karen trade places with me. They both got up and trade places. Karen's pussy was on fire as she lowered it onto my waiting cock. Cindy did not get onto my face like I thought she would. Instead she got behind Karen and me. Cindy lowered herself and started licking Karen's asshole and back side. This drives Karen mad.

Then I could feel Cindy's hand on my balls. Then Cindy lowered her lips and toung to my asshole. God, it felt great too. I could feel her licking my asshole and it was like she was trying to force her toung into my asshole. Cindy has one of her fingers deep inside of Karen asshole now. Karen loves her deep played with. Within seconds, Karen was cumming like crazy. I couldn't hold back any more. I shot my load deep inside of Karen's hot pussy. No sooner than I did, Karen eased herself off of me and Cindy's mouth went right for my cock. God, your cock taste so good.

Karen was just laying next to me now as Cindy suck on my hard rock. I didn't know how much more my cock could take tonight. I told Cindy, relax, you are here for the whole night. Saying that, Cindy made her way up next to me. There I laid with two knock ladies on each side of me. Talk about being in heaven. But what happened next really surprised me.

Karen started telling Cindy how we share ourselve with other couples. Cindy couldn't believe it at first. But then Karen asked her if she would like to move out of her place and to move in with us rent free. Cindy had the biggest smile on her face. Will sex be like this every night, Cindy asked. No, it could be better if we include you in with our swapping with other couples. God, yes she said real fast. They both started hugging me. We all ladi there and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to Karen sucking on my nipples and to Cindy sucking on my hard cock. But then I was really surprised to look over to our door and to see Karen sister standing there watching us. As Debbie stood her watching, she had her own hand down her pants playing with her clit. Debbie saw that I had noticed her and she slowly made her way over to our bed undressing on her way. Debbie got onto the bed and lowered her face to my mouth. Debbie is Karen's younger sister and her pussy taste so sweet. Karen stopped sucking my nipple and went after her sisters nipples. Once cindy noticed, Cindy stopped sucking my cock and went to work on Debbies niplles as well.As Cindy did, she lowered her pussy onto my hard cock.

We were going at it like crazy. Then everthing stopped. Karen and Cindy got into a 69 and Debbie got onto my hard cock and was riding like crazy. I could hear Karen and Cindy monaing like crazy. Debbie was watching her big sister eating out her boss. And it must of been driving Debbie crazy with lust. Because she was riding my cock hard and fast. Within seconds I was shooting my hot cum deep into Karen's sisters wet pussy. Once I came into Debbies pussy, she rolled off of me and joined her sister and Cindy.

I don't know what happened next, but I must of feel asleep watching them. But what happened later on that night was even more wild.

But then again that is my next story..

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