tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 15B

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 15B


Original Story: Scipio/ Scipio555

Continuation: RogueAlan

Chapter 15, continued.

Greetings, gang... this one is short... hopefully advances the story while still getting some sex in. First an explanation... had a question about where is chapter 15... All of this IS chapter 15... When it was running as long as it was, figured I should get what I had out, and continue... but all of this, with 2 more parts, is chapter 15. Then 16 should be shorter, but I always start out saying that.

Had some constructive criticism, which I do try to listen to... I'd always been warned in comp class not to have someone 'speak' in the middle of a paragraph... to start dialogue in new paragraphs... had not considered that the way I have been doing it leaves readers trying to catch up with who is talking and who is reacting... hope this reads more smoothly.

As to concerns we've 'been there, done that'... sex is sex... & while we've been to some of the places in the last chapter and this segment too, hopefully there are some new variations on the theme... given the topic and the continuation, though, there will be some repetition, and I suspect 'fast forwarding' through the sex would not be well received... After all, this is supposed to leave you wanting to find that nearest 'special someone.' Hopefully, knowing that there are some new twists and venues coming will satisfy for now. I once thought the author of the Longarm westerns was ridiculous for describing the hero in the same set of paragraphs early in each story. Can see now that as you progress, even regular readers would like a catch up now and then, and a listing of the characters and their traits is not acceptable on the site as a function of space not devoted to story.

Finally, to regulars, hope this shorter turn around works for everyone... and S, good catch, but I won't tell... you'll have to wait a chapter or two... As to inquiries about Sharon's friends from home in the last chapter, and the professor she compromised, as well as the other 'dangling threads,' that have not been addressed recently, I'll say it again.... Sit down at the keyboard... bang out what you think would happen (trust me, it's kind of fun). Post it up... I look forward to reading it. And I promise I am not losing those threads. This is not Lost or Homeland... I reserve the right to end any particular storyline or character, and trust that we can create new characters you'll like... then again, there's no pay off in this beyond a story that I can read a bit of, then go looking for my special someone. And if there haven't been 'spin offs' we'll get back to several of them...

As to the inaccuracies in editing... spell check misses words, and sadly because I am reading what I wrote, I miss things, too... the 'factual' inaccuracies compared to prior chapters are sometimes more problematic... I didn't write it the way I wrote it back 3 years ago. I've gotten past that, considering telling the story is the focus, not turning this into the next '50 Shades' (which I understand took some major revising.

For now, enjoy... and for the trolls, don't bother... you won't like it... I won't care about your outrage or the fact that you can't read the story type or know what to expect after 14 chapters.


Chapter 15B: Ornaments

Sharon Sobel turned a slow circle, looking at herself in her bedroom mirror. She paused, amazed at the changes in just a semester. Her skin was a deep gold tan from head to toe-- no tan lines for the married mother of two. Her blonde hair, which she had dyed regularly in varying shades, was an almost platinum, streaked with darker blonde, and was longer than she had worn it in years.

Pausing, the middle aged housewife eyed the sharply defined vee of pubic hair-- dyed to match-- the chevron pointing directly at her clit. She shuddered slightly as just thinking about her clit triggered the familiar pang of excitement or need... she was not sure which. She remembered worrying that Chris, her husband would be shocked by the bodyscaping, and was still amazed that instead the various changes had served to turn him on. She wondered if he thought she was painstakingly maintaining the thin wings of hair with a razor, and what he would say if when he asked she admitted it was permanent, thanks to laser treatments.

She brushed her hair back, eyes moving over the reflection of the left high ear piercing. The BZ logo was prominent, but she rarely considered that body art, as it was usually hidden by her hair. When she had her hair tied up to keep it out of the way while she was working there was never time to look at herself in the mirror. The jewelry matched the ring piercing her left nipple. The lower ring kept that nipple partially hard all the time, the quarter-size areola slightly darker, as when she was aroused. She watched her skin flush slightly as she admitted to herself she usually was a little aroused, any more... a major change compared to the prim, prudish wife who had come to school four months earlier.

Her skin was taut, muscles visible over her flat abdomen and sides and in her arms and thighs as she turned again in front of the full length mirror, but she was unhappy at the sag in her breasts, which was definitely worse than it had been the previous summer. She had not thought about it, until Go had commented as he had left her apartment Monday morning. She was not eating differently... she had barely been eating throughout the semester, so she had no explanation. She did worry that the frat members would not be happy with the change, and had started trying to eat more fatty foods, hoping to stop the change. Why would any woman want to trade muscles for big breasts?

At least the flat stomach showed off her third piercing... a navel ring with the matching BZ logo inscribed, in a free swinging bauble, as well as the top retention bead. Teasing her fake nails-- another change she had never done before-- over the beads, she bit her lip, admitting that her tummy looked amazing. Almost as good as that Elizabeth Hasselbeck woman on 'the View.'

She turned away from the mirror, eyeing the BZ Bitch tattoo in black, white, and red at the small of her back. The small flags below it, BB and BMM were awards from a party early in the semester, and she was proud of them, even though she knew Chris would have a stroke if he ever learned what she had done to earn them. She lifted her left leg with the ease of a the dancer she had become, eyeing the ring of what she had once thought were leaves inked into her skin. Having seen the frat's depiction of mistletoe, she had realized during the last weekend before school what it was she wore in her skin while showering between 'guests' in her apartment: a series of black cocks, demonstrating in yet another way what she had become. Part of her was ashamed at it-- knew having it was wrong-- but she felt the stirring that began whenever she considered her friends at the BZ frat, and could not bring herself to call what had happened wrong... She would never have believed she could be such a slut, but could not deny it as she considered how she had spent the weekend in her condo unit before Winter Break began.

Chris should not be too angry, she tried to convince herself-- she had learned to give head good enough to win the 'Best Blow' tattoo, and he had definitely benefited from that skill. And her husband had not had to pay for as much, since her status as the 'Best Money Maker' had funded the things she had done during school. Even so, she knew she would never tell her family how she had spent the semester... or how she realized she would be spending the next semester, and however long the BZ wanted to use her.

Eyeing the 36D-27-34 figure she had been more than a little proud of upon entering college, the married coed frowned, guessing she was barely a C cup. Her eyes moved down... a six pack was not worth losing her breasts, she huffed, her gaze coming to rest on her clit. She had never heard about a clit getting bigger because of overuse. She giggled, imagining that if it was true for cock size men all over the world would endlessly abuse themselves. Even so, she was a little embarrassed... her clit was simply huge... the bead poked proudly from the hood where it had once hidden almost all of the time, and the hood seemed heavier... or longer... and the skin darker than she remembered it being.

Without thinking about it, she moved a hand down, pressing along the sides of the hood, hips undulating autonomously at the pleasure that caused. She was tempted to stand there and masturbate... She had not gone 12 hours without a cock for most of a week, and was feeling she thought understandably horny.

"Shar?" Sharon jumped at Kelly's call, embarrassed, and whirled, verifying that the door to her room was locked. She hurried to put on her clothes, ignoring the clothes filling the drawers of her dresser for the familiar BZ thong, school mascot sweatpants and hoodie, sans bra.

"Just a minute, Kelly." She slipped into the converse flats she had in her closet, glad for the more comfortable shoes compared to the heels she usually wore at school. Her fellow BZ Sister and dancer at Go's had asked to join her for Christmas and Sharon had agreed without hesitation. She had not even asked if the younger woman's family would not miss her, relieved at the prospect of having the petite brunette around if she said or did something that made Chris suspicious.

Not that he had seemed to wonder about any of the new changes. She hoped that would be true of the latest, as she grabbed her small handbag, aware of the new body jewelry nestled inside. She came out into the hall to find Kelly and Cathy waiting for her. Her daughter was practically hopping up and down, she was so excited. She reminded Sharon of the four year old daughter desperate to have her ears pierced.

"Took you long enough," Kelly teased, "Just to wear what you arrived in."

"These are different," Sharon argued, "It's the mascot, not just the initials." The younger women laughed, and together they headed to the stairs and out to Sharon's Range Rover.

"Can I drive?" Catherine asked. Sharon shrugged, actually glad to have someone offer. She was more than a little tired after the weekend, but was not about to explain to her oldest child that having fucked strangers for forty straight hours she would have rather go the next day. In truth, she did not remember agreeing to let Cathy get her navel pierced, but it was not a big deal, and it was almost Christmas, after all. She did not argue when Kelly climbed into the passenger seat, slipping into the back of her own car, trying not to let on that to her it still smelled of the sex she and Go had enjoyed in the backseat when he had driven her to Kelly's to pick it up Sunday after 2AM. After endless hours putting out to men too excited at being with her to think about getting her off, much less lasting long enough to do the job, having the big club owner's cock buried had been her only focus, overriding any concern about someone seeing then in the parking lot behind Kelly's dorm.

"No way! I get to drive!" Scott bounded out of the kitchen, his jacket flapping behind him, breath visible in the cold. "Were you going without me?"

"Mom, you should get this detailed," Catherine said, grudgingly giving up the driver's seat and climbing in back with Sharon. Scott jumped in, deftly adjusting the mirrors before backing down the long drive faster than Sharon thought was safe. "It smells like you left some Chinese take out in it," her daughter wrinkled her nose. Sharon blushed but nodded.

"I did," she said, "I almost couldn't drive when I got in this morning." Kelly giggled, and Sharon knew why... Her young lover had been awake and had planned to drive the Range Rover over to Sharon's to ask if she could be a part of the Sobel family Christmas; she had seen the whole thing, though to hear her description on the ride home, everyone on the backside of the dorm had to have known what was happening, since Sharon screams for Go to 'keep fucking her' had been echoing through the quad.

"I told your mother she shouldn't eat in the car," Kelly quipped, "They have some big egg rolls... you could choke, eating and driving." Sharon kicked the back of Kelly's seat and the youngsters laughed. "So where are we going?" Kelly asked Cathy, "I've got a tongue ring I think I want to add to my collection." When Cathy did not ask what other piercing Kelly had, Sharon belatedly realized her daughter had likely seen her lover's bilateral nipple piercing. She wondered if Catherine knew she had a nipple piercing, too, but was not about to ask, watching as Scott scrutinized Kelly from his position in the driver's seat. She could tell he knew what tongue studs were good for.

"I asked around," Cathy explained, heading out of the neighborhood, "Lots of the girls have been to Irizumi, and others went to Fine Line, but Scott and T suggested another place that's cheaper and does better work, so I figured if both are the case, it's hard not to go there."

"Scott suggested... You have a tattoo?" Sharon was a little surprised Chris had not at least mentioned it in an email or a phone call. Scott shrugged, the back of his neck turning red with embarrassment.

"He has a tribal thing on his arm," Cathy explained, "He just got it. Dad wasn't happy, but T said it looks tough, so Scott's happy, right?" Scott used the power switch to push the seat back against his sister, who yelped before Sharon told them both to quit it.. Their antics distracted her from asking who T was; she assumed it was some girl in Catherine's class that Scott had a crush on... it would not have been the first time for that.

"I hope it's where you can hide it," Sharon said, then shook her head, amazed that her children were old enough to be getting piercings and tattoos. Before they were to the highway, the motion of the car and her fatigue, aided by the kids babbling about things she did not understand got the better of her.

"Here we are," Sharon sat up, fighting disorientation and a simultaneous sickening familiarity. She saw the sign over the entrance to the long low mall building, "Metro North."

"What?" Her voice was more sharp than she intended. Kelly cast her an apologetic look and shrugged. "What are we doing here, guys?" Sharon tried to sound more calm than she felt. This was where she had gone with Dave. She could not imagine why her daughter would be here.

"Chill, mom," Cathy rolled her eyes. Scott turned the Rover off.

"Jeez, mom," he frowned, "Are you really that prejudiced?" Sharon gasped. Kelly snorted.

"Trust, me, Cat, your mom's probably one of the least prejudiced women in the world." Sharon was glad her kids did not pursue the issue. She nodded.

"I just meant... I mean, you mentioned Fine Line and what was the other... Irizumi? Aren't they closer to home?" Scott nodded, pointing to the small free standing building away from the mall, close to where they had parked. Sharon almost flinched, realizing they were barely 100 feet from the shop where Donnie had screwed her while applying the tattoos and giving her the piercings. She hated the pang of arousal she felt. She was glad she did not have to speak at the moment.

"That's where we're going," Cathy said, releasing her belt buckle, "It's cheap and they do great work, right Scott?" Her younger child nodded enthusiastically. Sharon managed a nod, becoming more focused in getting into the shop ahead of her kids; if Donnie said something that made them suspicious...

"Hey, let's go inside for awhile, first," Scott said, jogging away from the Tattoo parlor toward the mall entrance. Cathy shrugged and followed. Kelly caught Sharon's arm as her son used the key fob to lock the car. He shook his head, heading back. "Wow mom," Sharon paused, newly anxious, wondering what she had done. "You're getting the Rover blinged out all right."

"What?" she stammered. He shrugged.

"Well, that steering wheel is an upgrade... and you had new speakers put in with an in dash DVD player... The chrome plate ring is new... Those are those hi definition argon lights... the seat covers are new. The handles and the mud flaps are chromed out... The rear view mirrors are chromed out. Hell, did you put underglow on it?" Sharon managed a nervous laugh.

"Hon, I just told the guys at the frat my car looked like I was a soccer mom... They had some ideas so Kelly wouldn't be embarrassed driving it around, that's all." She hoped there was not a disc of her putting out to the BZ members or some stranger in the player, and made a mental note to check as soon as she could.

Kelly still had her arm, and the addled housewife and mother followed her kids into the mall, thankful at least they were not near the shop where she had received the laser treatments. By the time they caught up to the kids, Sharon was shocked to see Scott standing in the entrance to Foot Locker, doing some multi part handshake with a clerk with whom she was intimately familiar. Trevor 'Zeke' Storm put his arm around Scott, and the two moved farther into the store as Cathy followed behind. The big senior football star turned back, looping his free arm around Sharon's daughter. Sharon felt her heart begin to hammer, and she nearly rushed forward, but even as she did, part of her wondered if she was jealous. She and Kelly entered the store still 20 feet behind the kids, unnoticed by the trio.

"... here to see me?" Sharon heard Zeke ask her kids.

"Cat's getting a navel ring," Scott answered, and Sharon could not miss the way her daughter blushed, "So we brought mom and Kelly along," he looked back, finding them approaching, "Here they are." Zeke released his hold on Sharon's son, turning, to offer her what could only be called a leer, his muscular arm still draped around her daughter's shoulders. Sharon noticed the way Cathy's attention was totally on the big senior.

"So we meet again," he winked, and Sharon felt herself flush. It was a struggle not to put a hand over her crotch, her clit was thrumming so strongly. She cleared her throat.

"What's that?" she frowned, as if thinking, "Oh yes, at that football game." Zeke was unfazed.

"Thought you'd remember," he chuckled, "Didn't Scott say you're going to school, too?" Sharon swallowed and nodded.

"That's right... I'm over at State."

"A freshman in the flesh," he smiled again, "I'll be there next year... Can't wait to see what life's like after college." Cathy nodded, her eyes still on the tall football player. "So, are you getting something pierced today, too?"

"Uhm," Sharon swallowed, "I hadn't thought about it," she lied, licked her dry lips.

"Tongue." Zeke said with a nod.

"Excuse me?" Sharon wondered if somehow he knew what she had received as her Christmas gift.

"Well, you're a freshman at college... I hear all the girls are getting tongue piercings nowadays... Your hubby will love it," he winked at Cathy, "Doesn't that sound like the gift that keep giving?" Cathy nodded again, blushing. Sharon glanced at Kelly, who was close enough to watch, but was pretending to eye the shoes Scott was looking at. "Anyway, I was just... oh, I almost forgot," Zeke clapped himself on the forehead, "Hold on," he went through the back 'employee's only' door, returning after a minute with a handful of 5x7 brightly colored cards. He handed several of each to Scott, Cathy, and Kelly. "We have these gift certificates that are good anyplace in the mall," he explained, "They're for special customers, which is what you are as far as I'm concerned, right? The kids nodded, beaming at their windfall. Catching Cathy's hand, he added, "There's a Victoria's Secret Pink store just down the way, if you're looking for something special for our date." Cathy's blush deepened, and Sharon wondered for a moment if he was just teasing, but then her daughter nodded. Scott had heard and was obviously all right with it, too. "Purple's my favorite color," Zeke told Cathy, who nodded again, "We'll see how well you can take care of your steady man." Giggling, Cathy caught Kelly's hand and Sharon watched as her daughter eagerly pulled her lover toward the distant VS sign. Scott slapped Zeke on the shoulder, and told them he was heading to Game Stop, but would be back shortly.

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