tagGroup SexSharon's Surprise Ch. 06

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 06


An hour or so later Tom suggested we go for a ride in his boat to a place where we could have a nice casual dinner. "Thought I hate to suggest it because it means Sharon will get dressed and we won't be able to enjoy her fabulous breasts and figure," he said.

"I could use a bite," Bob said. "Let's go, you thinking of that place you went the late time you were here?"

"None other," Tom said, "funky, good food and drink and casual."

"What do you suggest I wear," I asked Tom.

"What you have on is fine with me, but you might cause a riot," he said.

"Something tight," Bob suggested, "we want to show you off to the locals."

"I think I may have a tank top and shorts," I said, "I'll go change and you can tell me if it is ok."

I went below and found a tank top with spaghetti straps and a build in bra for support for the "girls.". My husband always liked it when I wore it and I got lots of attention from others as well. It was tight, low cut, and pushed my boobs together to show lots of cleavage. The shorts were tight enough to show off my shapely ass.

When I came up on deck my outfit was approved by Bob and Tom so we got in the boat and headed down river to the restaurant.

Tom drove, my husband rode up front with Tom, and Bob and I were in the back. I nuzzled against Bob and pushed my tits against him during the ride to the riverside restaurant.

The restaurant was a local favorite and the food wasn't elegant but excellent. I drew quite a lot of stares as we entered the room. We had a drink, ordered dinner, had a couple more with dinner and after and made small talk.

Tom, being the designated driver, didn't drink. We were chatting about all sorts of things when Tom asked, "So, Sharon, just how big are those tits of yours?"

"Don't you remember," I said, "you stared at them most of the afternoon."

"Yes, yes I did," he said, "But I work with numbers, so I need something more than my recollections."

"If you need to know, I am a 36D," I said.

"I would have guessed larger, Double D," Tom said.

"You know what they say," I said, "Any more than a handful is too much."

"I have large hands," Tom said holding out one of his hands.

I took his hand with mine and pulled it to my breast and pushed my tit into his hand. His hand was pressed against my breast and I felt his fingers squeeze me gently. Even through the material of my top I could feel the warmth of his palm and my nipple tingle at his touch. "Yes you do," I said staring directly into Tom's eyes, not pulling away.

"I just know they are gorgeous," Bob said.

"And not a bit of sagging. You are quite a woman, large breasts that are perfect," Tom said, "and you can go braless."

"Yes, I can," I said to Tom, "though if they were bigger they might not be so easy to control."

"You control them quite well," Tom said, "and all of us with them."

I reached up and slowly removed Tom's hand from my breast and smiled.

We had a couple more drinks and chatted more for another hour or so, I kept looking at Tom and he kept looking back at me and starting at my tits. I felt his gaze on me and was getting more and more excited. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or perhaps it was my nature, but I found myself getting aroused.

We left soon after, Tom and my husband in the front of the boat, and Bob and I in the back. As soon as we were under way, Bob moved over and kissed me deeply and passionately. I returned his kiss just as eagerly and passionately. I was tingling with excitement. I felt Bob's hand cup my breast and squeeze. I also felt my nipple harden as his kiss continued.

Bob's hand moved down of my shirt at my waist and slid his hand up under the edge, his hand slid up my belly until I felt his hand cupping my breast under my shirt. He squeezed my tit and brushed his fingers over my nipple as it hardened responding to his touch.

I was getting more and more excited by Bob's attention. I reached out to caress the front of his shorts feeling the heat of his cock through the material. I felt Bob's hand move as it slid down to the hem of my shirt and pulled the material upward until my breasts slipped out, He continued pulling the shirt off over my head and dropped it near the seat.

Tom and my husband were facing forward so neither realized what Bob and I were doing on the seat behind them.

Bob lowered his head and I felt his mouth encircle my hard nipple. He flicked his tongue over my nipple and I shuddered with excitement as I felt his suck eagerly at by tit. His hand was below my breast as he sucked.

My hand went back to the front of Bob's shorts and fumbled with the button and zipper. I reached in to find his thick, hard cock. I wasn't quite fully erect, but getting thicker by the moment. My hand wrapped around the shaft and I stroked him slowly feeling his cock thicken at my touch.

"I want it, I want it," I said to Bob. "You are getting me tonight," I whispered as we approached the Bob's boat. Tom and my husband finally looked back to see me with my hand inside Bob's shorts and my top laying on the bottom of the boat.

I reached down and picked up my top and held it in front of myself coyly as we got onto the larger boat. Tom was standing helping off his boat and onto Bob's.

"What has he got that I don't," Tom asked?

"Tonight, me," I said as I stepped between the boats.

Once on the boat, I went below to get ready for bed. I slipped off my shorts and washed up, brushed my teeth and put on a thin robe. I came back up to find Tom, Bob, and my husband chatting. I walked over to Bob, took his hand and led him to the ladder down to the bedrooms. "Good night," I said, "we'll see you in the morning."

My robe was open and I am sure that Tom knew full well what I had planned for his friend Bob.

Within minutes Bob and I were on the bed, him fingering my cunt and me stroking his cock. I said to Bob, "So, what do you think Tom thinks of this situation? Me down here in bed with you while he and my husband chat upstairs."

"I am sure that like every man, he wishes he was down here with you," Bob said.

With that Bob started fingering me eagerly. I felt myself becoming more and more excited by both Bob's fingering of my pussy, but also by the anticipation I had for the fucking I expected from Bob's beautiful, thick cock. I moaned as his fingers found my clit and started to stroke it.

Each time his fingers passed over my clit I got more wet and excited. After a few minutes I was tingling all over anticipating that beautiful sensation of Bob penetrating me with his thick, uncircumcised cock.

My pussy tingled as Bob withdrew his fingers and moved to a kneeling position on the bed between my legs. His hand, like before, went to my belly. His other hand clutched his hard, thick cock and he moved its head over my cunt lips.

I opened my legs and felt the head of his dick burrow itself between my labia. He slid it up and down just inside me, and it felt wonderful. "Don't tease me Bob," I said. "You know I want you in me."

"Oh, but it is ok for you to tease me," he said.

"Please Bob, just fuck me," I said looking up at him. I started to clamp down around his dick but he slid it out.

"Come on baby, beg me," he said.

"Please Bob, please put it back in," I panted.

Slowly he inserted the head again and pushed himself all the way into my eager, wet cunt. I gasped with pleasure feeling his cock fill me and gripped the length of his shaft with my vagina. He lay inside me for a few moments then fully withdrew his cock again. I clamped around the shaft trying to stop him from withdrawing and begged again, "Please, please Bob, I want you in me. Please fuck me, make me come, fill my cunt with your jism, use me for your pleasure," I said.

He rubbed his cock over my cunt lips again. I sensed something different happening. Usually Bob is eager to fuck me and enjoy that pleasure we give to each other. This time he seemed to be toying with me.

"Don't play games Bob," I said. "You know how much you like fucking me, what are you waiting for?"

He didn't say a word but pushed his cock back into me fully with one vigorous thrust. Again he filled me fully, but didn't move. I lay there panting with excitement from the fullness of is thick cock filling my cunt.

He stayed fully in me, my hands gripped at his body, "Fuck me, fuck me please. I need you to fuck me. Please Bob, please," I said.

Again he withdrew and kneeled over me, his cock in his hand glistening with my natural lubricant from my excited pussy.

I moved my hips to him, hoping I could get him back inside my eager cunt and fuck myself on his dick if needed. He moves slightly back to keep me under his control. Again he excited my cunt with the head of his cock by rubbing the head up and down through the folds of my labia.

"Oh, God, I can't take it anymore, please Bob, please, please fuck me. I need it so badly, put your cock in me and fuck me," is said loudly.

Again, he inserted himself deep and I clutched at his shaft with my slippery vagina. Again, as quickly as he inserted himself into me, he withdrew again.

"Oh, God, why are you doing this to me. Don't you want to fuck me? Please Bob, please, I'll do anything you want, but please fuck me," I said, again loudly.

He kneeled there above me, his cock glistening and thick, "Anything," he said?

"Yes, yes, whatever you want. I just need to feel you fucking me. What do you want? You want to come in my mouth again? You want to fuck my ass? You know I love the way you fuck me, so yes, yes, whatever you want I'll do it," I begged.

"Anything at all," he asked again?

"I've told you already, yes, anything you want, just please put that beautiful cock of yours back inside me. I ache for the pleasure you give me. I cannot think of other men since I have known you, I want the pleasure you give me and am willing to do anything," I said.

He pushed his cock back into me and again was still. I savored the sensation of his thick cock stretching me wide. The volume of his cock filled me completely and I purred with pleasure enjoying the sensation if him in me.

Again he withdrew completely; I looked up at him my eyes begging him not to stop. "Please Bob, what can I do to convince you how much I need your cock," I asked.

"Here is what you have to do," Bob said with a determined look o his face, "I want you to fuck Tom."

I was shocked at his proposal, "You know I usually am the one who makes the choice as to who I fuck, and I have told you so before," I said.

Bob moved forward and inserted himself again into me as I rolled my hips back to accept his penetration. Again, he entered me completely, waited a few seconds, and slowly took it away.

"I know, but I feel that I might have you at a slight disadvantage now," Bob said. "The shoe is on the other foot now, I have something you want and am going to tease you until you do what I want."

"No Bob, please don't ask me to do that," I said, "we have something special, we know how to please each other more completely than anyone has before. You know I'm the best fuck you've ever had, why would you want to ask me something like that."

"I am not asking," Bob said.

I was shocked at his reply. Seems my infatuation with the sex Bob and I have had was purely one sided. "So if I don't fuck your friend, what then," I asked?

Bob took his cock in his hand and hefted it and moved closer and wiped the liquid from his cock onto my belly just above my cunt. "Then Sharon won't be getting any more of this," he said.

"No Bob, please don't put me in this situation," I begged. "We have something special, or I thought we did, please don't treat me like a slut."

"You are a slut, I know it, Tom knows it, your husband knows it, and deep down you know it," he said.

He quickly moved forward and shoved his cock roughly into my cunt. I gripped it as tight as I could and moaned with pleasure. He fucked me vigorously for a few seconds then withdrew again. "If you want more, then do the fuck what I tell you," he said.

I lay there on the bed, my legs spread as Bob left the room. I had no idea as to what was going to happen next.

As I lay there I ran my fingers over my excited cunt. It made me tingle with excitement as my mind raced ahead as to what would happen next. I ached for the fucking I needed and in my mind, only Bob could give me.

A few minutes later Bob returned to the cabin. "Get up, we're having a party up on deck," he said.

"What kind of party," I said.

"We are having a party up on the deck," he said again. "What part of that didn't you understand?"

"Ok, ok," I said, "I understand." "Do you have any condoms? I ain't fucking your friend without one."

"That isn't for you to decide now is it," he said.

He got up and went into the head and came out with a couple of condoms. Showing them to me he said, "Ok? Now get up there."

I got out of the bed and looked into the mirror and fluffed my hair before heading up on deck.

On the sunning forward deck Bob, or someone, had laid out several cushions. As I approached I saw that Bob had thrown on a pair of shorts, but that Tom and my husband were still dressed. Even with all my sexual bravado, I felt a little foolish being nude while they were dressed.

"Ok, let's get this party started," Bob said as he saw me.

"Tom, you're the guest," Bob said, "You get to go first." "That's ok with you, right," he said to my husband who only nodded.

Tom looked a bit flustered; perhaps the idea of fucking a woman he had met only hours earlier with his friend and the woman's husband watching was a bit overwhelming.

"Come on Tom," Bob said, "don't be shy. Sharon, help him get undressed and ready."

I walked to Tom and kissed him passionately grinding my pussy against the front of his pants and my tits against his chest. After a few moments I stepped back and started unbuttoning Tom's shirt. Once he had the shirt off, I unbuttoned his shorts and slid the zipper down.

His shorts dropped to the deck and I reached my hand into his boxers to find his cock. He was starting to get excited so I wrapped my hand around his dick and squeezed. I kept my hand on his prick and slowly kneeled in front of him. With my other hand I helped Tom slide his boxers off.

His cock was about the same size as my husband's and he was hard very soon after I wrapped my hand around his dick. I stroked his dick slowly and though about what I was going to do. I pushed his cock against his belly and started tonguing his ball sack. He moaned loudly as I licked at his balls. I stopped for a moment and said, "Like that do you?"

"Oh yes, I like that," Tom said.

I went back to tonguing his balls and took them in my other hand and cupped them in my palm. I squeezed them gently as I moved his cock back down and engulfed it quickly with my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes, he moved his hands to my head and started fucking my mouth.

"Slow down Tom, she'll suck your balls dry if you get too excited," Bob said, "save some for that nice tight, smooth pussy."

I slowed my pace on sucking Tom's dick, knowing full well that Bob didn't want him coming in my mouth. Tom's hands moved down to cup my tits and I could feel my nipples harden.

After a few more minutes I heard Bob say, "Ok, that's enough of that. You want some pussy, right Tom?"

Tom mumbled something and stepped back expectedly. I lay back and slowly spread my legs so that he could see what he was going to get. I reached down between my legs and brazenly opened my pussy for him.

"What the fuck you waiting for Tom," Bob asked? "She's ready for you to fuck her, aren't you Sharon?"

I played along with Bob's lead and said, "Oh yes Tom, I am so ready." "Bring your dick over here and fuck my cunt. Come on baby fill me with your dick, I think I can take it, but go slow, please." Tom needed no encouragement; he knelt down between my legs. I reached out and took his prick in my hand to guide it to my cunt. "Wait, Tom, you need to use a condom, can't be too safe these days," I said.

He pulled back looking slightly dejected. "It's still great," Bob said to him, handing him the condom.

Tom quickly opened the condom and rolled it onto his shaft. I turned my head and winked at Bob while Tom was putting on the condom. Bob knew exactly what my plan was for Tom.

Again Tom knelt between my legs. I lifted my hips slightly and guided Tom's prick between the swollen lips of my vagina. His cock was hard and slid in easily. "Slow down a bit Tom, let me get used to this cock of yours," I said.

Tom pushed himself deep into me as he could go and I felt his balls against me. He moaned at the sensation of penetrating me and I let out a little gasp of pleasure. This cock felt pretty good as well.

"Slowly," I said, "I'm not used to you as yet." Tom followed my instruction and slowly slid his cock deep into my tingling cunt and then slowly back out. "Oh, God, you are thick," I said to Tom, "it feels so good."

Tom started picking up speed and moaned, "This cunt is so tight," as he fucked me.

"Oh, yes, yes, fuck me Tom, give me all that beautiful cock of yours," I moaned loudly as Tom plunged deep into me with each stroke. I clamped down with my vagina tightly to caress his shaft. After a few minutes, I looked up at Tom and said, "Tom, you have to stop, please stop. Take it out."

Tom looked dumbfounded but slowly stopped his thrusts and slowly pulled out of me. He knelt there not knowing what to do next. Slowly I reached for his slick cock, wrapped my hand around the shaft and stroked him slowly until the condom slipped off his cock. I reached back for his cock and guided him back to my aching cunt, "Now Tom, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep. Fill me, fuck me, come in my cunt. Empty your balls, Tom, fuck me," I screamed.

Tom never hesitated; he plunged in and out of me. I could tell the sensation of his bare cock in my hot, moist pussy would shorten the time he would last before shooting his load. Moments later I heard him groan and felt the first of his spurts of his sperm deep inside me. I clamped down tight with my cunt, "don't pull out Tom, I want you to come in me. Give it to me baby, empty those beautiful balls in my cunt. I want you to enjoy fucking me as much as I have enjoyed you fucking me," I said looking up at Tom as his face contorted with pleasure.

Several more spurts of Tom's jism filled my cunt before he collapsed on my chest exhausted and completely drained. I lay under him and wrapped my legs around him, holding him until I felt his slick cock deflate and slip out of my cunt.

"Damn," was all that Tom said.

As Tom got off me, I noticed that my husband was standing nearby. He was naked and his cock was hard and in his hand.

He moved to me, kneeled down and said, "Roll over; I want to fuck you from behind."

I rolled over got up on my hands and knees and spread my legs. He moved in behind me and guided his cock along my oozing cunt. I gasped as he shoved his dick deep into me forcefully. He slid all the way in on his first thrust and I could feel his cock forcing Tom's jism out of me. It made a squishy sound as he grasped my hips and started thrusting deeply in and out of my pussy.

His cock was soon slick with the warm come oozing from me. I soon felt the warmth of come running down the inside of my thigh. I felt like a slut in a gang bang video.

My husband soon was slowing his pace down, pushing himself deep into my cunt and pulling my hips back against himself for deeper penetration, then pulling his dick completely out of my pussy before thrusting himself back into me. After several moments I lowered my head to the mat leaving just my ass up for my husband. His thrusts caused my tits to sway up and down with each vigorous thrust.

Moments later, I felt myself approaching my climax. I was getting closer with each thrust of his dick. But, before I could get to my climax, he pulled his cock out of me and started rubbing it against my ass. He glided his slick cock along the crack of my ass for a few moments, then he changed position and I felt the head of his cock push against my asshole. Before I could squirm away, the head of his cock penetrated my ass and he buried his cock into my ass. His cock twitched and I felt warmth fill my ass as his cock exploded shooting jet after jet of his sperm deep into my ass.

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