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Shattered Crystal



1. WARING: If you do not enjoy cuckolding or revenge stories do not waste your time reading this story or submitting feedback to the author.

2. This is a work of complete fiction. It's not a biographical event

3. This is the 3rd story in what I originally thought would be a trilogy exploring the same situation; i.e., a man deeply in love with his wife, without any warning, discovers he has become a cuckolded. In each story the wife loves her husband, does not want him to embarrass him, nor does she want to leave him. In my first story for Literotica, the husband tried to accommodate her needs. The reviewers were not impressed. The second was about a man who demanded retribution, but did not seek a violent solution. The reviewers were a bit kinder to this offering. Which leads us to this story, the 3rd one.

4. This story will not provide a deep insight into why the wife would make a cuckold of him. But you will learn as much as the husband does and in the same manner.

5. I hope you enjoy it.


Sitting on my back porch listening to the waves rolling onto the beach and watching the orange sun getting dangerously close to the ocean, I smile a contented smile. "Contented," I thought to myself, "does not mean happy." The noise of my wife finishing up in the kitchen interrupts my thoughts. A moment later she glides through the door and sits down beside me. I give her what I hope is romantic smile and hand her a glass of white wine. "Another beautiful way to end the day," I say, smiling at her and then turning back towards the coming sunset.

"Yes," she purrs, "it is beautiful and so relaxing." As she leans into me and I wrap my right arm around her pulling her even closer. Absent mindedly, I lean over and kiss her softly on the top of her head. Then I whisper "Let's just take a few moments of quiet to savor this living art." Turning back towards the sunset I feel her nod in agreement.

As soon as the reddening orb catches my eye, I am jumped upon by memories. Memories that unmercifully return me to...

36 Years Ago


I am attending my grandparents 50th Anniversary. They were married one month after being introduced and if 50-years of togetherness provide any evidence, they had made the right choice. This memory stays with me because at some point I was alone with my grandfather and I asked him how he knew that grandma was the one he should marry. Most men would have provided a 13-year old boy with a simple but humorous reply. But on that day, my grandfather answered the real question, the one I hadn't asked. In a deep voice lacking any condescension, he spoke, "Jake, don't worry boy. Your time will come soon enough as it does for all good men. When you are ready you will find her and when you do, there will be no doubt. You know that you and she are meant to be together. Just as knew when I met your grandmother."

15 Years Ago


It was now apparent that my OB-GYN practice was going to grow very large and profitable. My two partners and I had started our practice 3-years earlier with the intention of providing our services in fast growing but underserved community. Now in its third year, the practice was generating income greater than our needs and its growth showed no sign of slowing.

On a typical weekday, I saw patients from 8:00 a.m. through 11:30 a.m. Lunch was usually combined with a business or sales meeting. Following lunch, I would spend the rest of my day with patients and paper work. Since this was just another workday, my receptionist had scheduled a lunch meeting with the new GSK sales rep. I remember heading towards the reception area that day and wondering if this would be a wasted hour of my life. I stopped wondering when I stepped into the reception area and was introduced to Samantha. She extended her hand and as mine came in contact with hers, as I looked into her bright blue eyes, my whole body seemed to come alive, almost electric. At that moment, I understood completely what my grandfather had tried to tell me so many years earlier. At that moment, I knew that I would marry this woman and that we would happily spend our lives together.

Apparently Samantha must have felt the same way, because 6-months later, we flew to Las Vegas and with friends and family looking on, exchanged our wedding vows in Wynn's chapel. The honeymoon that followed was how I always imagined one should be. It was filled with Tahitian islands, warm crystal water, love, smiles and hot sticky sex. Lots of hot sticky sex!

Neither Samantha nor I came to our wedding bed a virgin. During my college and residency years I had more partners than you could count with your fingers and toes. By their varied actions and reactions I was always lead to believe that I gave pleasure in at least the same measure as I received it. Samantha however was a new experience for me. She seemed to instinctively know how to rock my world and what she didn't know she was more than willing to learn. As for me, I know memory is a tricky thing, but I swear as much as I enjoyed all the orgasms she gave me, I enjoyed every one I gave her even more.

I would like to say that the love, smiles and hot sticky sex never stopped. But the truth is, though the practice was on solid ground after 4-years, maintaining its growth consumed a great deal of time. So it wasn't a surprise that after returning from our honeymoon, we were soon lucky to find one night a month were we could go out without having to worry about getting paged or having to be up early the next day. This is not to say that there wasn't a lot of hot sticky sex, because there was. It just never seemed to be as much as we both craved.

Yet, even though we never had enough time with each other, the next 5-years with Samantha were the happiest of my life. Every morning looking at her asleep or awake, made for a happier day. Her smiles seemed to caress me with soft warmth. Every time she kissed me, I had the urge to make love to her. I still get an erection when I think of those days; especially those days when Samantha would unexpectedly pop into the office just to suck my cock. Thinking back now, there was one day that sticks out. Samantha had made a mid-afternoon appointment under the name Cindy Dennis. Unsuspectingly, I walked into the examination room and found her lying on the exam table, naked, legs wide and with her feet in the stirrups. As I closed the door, I could hear the nurses starting to giggle.

Pointing at her pussy, which was slowly dripping big dollops of her creamy nectar onto the paper sheeting, she said "Doctor, I feel funny down there?" After a heart beat or two of shock, I decided to see where this was going, "Well," looking at the fake patient folder, "Ms. Dennis, exactly what does feeling funny mean?" Smiling she started moving a long finger up and down her slit. "Doctor, my vagina is wet all the time; it is so wet my panties are always sticking to me. Can you help me?"

I replied in my most professional voice, "I am sure we can help, but first let's get you checked out." With that I reached for the blood pressure cuff, but before I can start wrapping it around her arm she grabs my lab coat's lapels and pulls my mouth to hers. Then she whispers into my ear, "Doc, you have other patients waiting, so if you want to heal me, make me cum now."

Breaking her embrace, I kiss each breast and told her that, "I am just conducting a routine breast exam, everything tastes... uhmmm... feels right." Then after moving down between the stirrups I make a big show of unzipping my pants and pulling out my throbbing hard cock. I even rub it up and down her slit, taking too brief a moment to grind it against her clit. She begins to moans softly and when she does I surprise her by quickly dropping to my knees and bringing my lips to hers. I spent the next 4-5 minutes using everything I had ever learned about the female anatomy, women and Samantha. It must have worked because not only did she come quickly, but her body shook so hard I cut the inside of my lip on my own teeth. When she finally caught her breath, she asked why I had chosen to go down on her instead of fucking her. I told her the truth, "Because I love you." Although the hardness of my cock was almost painful, her smile was all the reward I needed. As she started getting dressed, she made me promise that next time I would fuck her. It was a very easy promise to make and an even easier one to keep. My memory of this unexpected tryst ends as I leave the examination room to a rowdy ovation by my partners and the entire nursing staff. Embarrassing as hell? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!

My memories from those days are filled with many moments like that. Samantha was always inventive and fun and always wanted to please me. I did my best to reciprocate though my career and practice did place restraints upon me. Still I believe Samantha was as happy with me as I was with her. She was the one person in the world who I trusted completely, with my life, my love and my heart.

12 Years Ago


It was a Thursday night and we had just finished a late dinner. After refilling my coffee cup, Samantha walked off towards the bedroom. A moment later she returned and placed a gift wrapped box in front of me, saying, "Something for you to wear on Saturday." Opening the box I looked at her and asked, "Where are we going?" She waited to reply until I had uncovered a new short sleeve polo shirt, before saying, "We are not going anywhere, but you on the other hand are going to the golf course."

Samantha then proceeded to tell me I was starting to look pale and needed to get some sun. So she had scheduled a tee time for Saturday and arranged for three of my friends to fill out the foursome. In response, I kissed her softly and told her that "I loved her." Smiling she answered, "I know."

Friday I called Gil, one of the friends included in Saturday's foursome. I called him just be sure to confirm his attendance. During the brief discussion he assured me that he would not miss a chance to play the Copperhead course at Innisbrook. After telling him I was looking forward to it, I got off the phone and dialed Samantha.

When she picked up I asked, "Sam, is there something about this weekend's golf outing you forgot to tell me?" She quickly replied, "No, why do you ask?" "Well, I just got off the phone with Gil and he seems to think we are playing at Innisbrook tomorrow." Her reaction surprised me as she said, "Shit, I am going to kill Gil for ruining my surprise."

"What surprise is that?" I asked.

"Babe, I wanted to surprise you with a guy's weekend. All you do is work, and when you are not working you are with me. Please don't take this wrong, I love you with all my heart Jake, but you haven't spent any time with your friends in the last 6-months and that's not good. So I arranged this golf outing. A limo is picking all of you up tomorrow and taking you to the resort. I've got tee times for you tomorrow afternoon and Sunday morning. After your Sunday round, the limo will bring you back home to me."

At that moment, I remember thinking that I didn't want to play any golf with my friends, I just wanted to spend time making loving to my wife. However, that would not have been fair to Gil and the others, nor would it show any appreciation for my wife's thoughtful gift. So I said, "I love you Samantha and it's a wonderful surprise. Thank you. I promise I will show how much I appreciate it when I get back Sunday."

Samantha chuckled and said, "No you won't silly, you are on call starting Sunday night so won't have any time for me until Tuesday night. And then you will be too tired to do anything but sleep."

Dam, she was right, "Yeah, I did forget."

I heard her chuckle softly and I swear I could feel her smile through the phone, "That's okay honey, providing you promise to show me your appreciation Wednesday night. By then I am going to be desperate for you to show me, if you know what I mean." I smiled at hearing those words and told her, "I know exactly what you mean. I promise, Wednesday night."

Before the sun came up Saturday, I had gotten out of bed, showered, dressed and prepared to play my first round of golf in 2-years. I had just finished a glass of orange juice when my cell phone started to vibrate. Glancing at the screen the text message indicated that the limo was now outside my door. I walked back in the bedroom and took a moment to look at Samantha lying in bed. God, she was so beautiful. I bent down and kissed her cheek. Opening her eyes she asked, "Leaving already?" Kissing her a second time, "Yeah, the limo with the guys is outside. They're waiting for me, so I gotta go. Are you going to be okay without me?"

Grinning she sat up and said, "Heck yeah, Janet and I are going to spend this weekend shopping and getting spa treatments. I'll be fine. You just go and enjoy your friends, the sunshine and the golf. I love you and I promise I will be here when you get back." I mouthed the words "I love you," she smiled and I turned towards the front door.

Fifteen minutes later as I sat in the limo listening to Gil tell his story about how he had met Tiger Woods in a local strip club; I realized that I had left my golf shoes back at the house. After a 5-minute discussion during which my friends lambasted me, the limo turned around and headed home.

Assuming my wife had gone back to bed; I entered the house as quietly as possible and picked up my shoes from the floor of guest room closet. As I headed back towards the front door, I heard my wife talking to someone on the phone. Realizing she was now awake, I put down the golf shoes and walked towards the bedroom to give her another kiss.

Five feet from the bedroom door I froze, when I heard my wife say, "God Janet you were so right, getting fucked by a 10" cock is unbelievable." I heard it, but it couldn't be true, could it? I moved closer and listened even more intently. But of course, all I could hear was her side of the discussion.

Phone Call


"When I first saw it hard, I couldn't believe it. It was massive."

"Yes, you were right, once I saw it; I just had to touch it to see if it was real."

"Hell yes, it was real. It was real warm, it was real veined and it was real hard."

"Yes, you were right on that too, Marcus really does know how to lick pussy. He will never be as good as my Jake, but he was good enough to make me cum and get me ready for that monster of his."

"How did it feel?" With a soft laugh she continued, "It hurt like a son of a bitch, at least at first. I must have asked him to stop at least 10 times in the first 5-minutes. God it hurt, but you know it also felt good. You know what I'm talking about. You feel like you're being ripped open, you can feel the tearing, you know you must be bleeding, but at the same time you are feeling so... good... and hungry... hungry for more."

"I know that now, but didn't then. Yes, eventually, I could feel Marcus balls lying against my ass and realized his pelvis was pushing against mine. Up until then I had kept my eyes closed like a virgin trying to deal with the pain. Finally I opened them and found myself staring right into his eyes. He just smiled at me and said, "I knew your white pussy could take it all."

"Same with me, he started moving slowly and at some point I started asking him to fuck me, fuck me hard. He did, and towards the end I am pretty sure that I stopped asking and simply begged him to fuck me forever."

"Did I cum? Janet, I swear to God if I came once I came 50 times. To be honest I don't remember how many times I came. I just remember thinking that I never wanted Marcus to stop fucking me, that I would do anything if he would just keep moving that big dick in and out of me."

"Yeah you're right there. It was way too late, so I had to get my ass home before Jake came back to an empty house."

"No, Jake doesn't have a clue. It would destroy him if he ever found out and if it didn't; I think it would kill me knowing I had hurt him like that."

"Luckily, he came in late after a hard 48-hour rotation and was totally exhausted. So he just took a brief shower and after a quick kiss and cuddle went to sleep. I was also lucky that his schedule kept him busy for a few days, because it took me that long before I could walk without any pain. And I swear it took 3-days before my pussy felt normal."

"No! Never! Why would you ever think that?

"Janet, I love Jake, with all my heart. I would rather stay with him and never have another orgasm as long as I live than have the best sex in the world and be without him."

"Yes, I am serious."

"Why did I do it? You know why, you sneaky bitch. I tried it because for the last year you have been telling me how dam good he is. What a big dick he has. That every woman deserves to be well fucked at least once."

"That's right, dam you, I did it out of curiosity."

"Oh you know about that? Did he tell you?"

"That prick. Yes, I am seeing him again this morning. He's coming over to spend the entire day fucking me. Since this is the very last time, I want him to do it right."

"Yes, last time. After today I will never see him again. I love Jake and won't risk losing him for a hard dick."

"Jake is away until tomorrow night. I arranged a golf outing for him and told him he needed to spend some time with his friends. I tried to arrange this so we both could enjoy this weekend and be ready to fuck each other when it was over."

Laughing, "Fuck you too. Listen I do have a question for you. I was being serious earlier when I said it took 3-days for my pussy to return to normal after Marcus fucked me. Is it possible that he could permanently stretch me out? If so, I might have to cancel today's play date."

"Okay, you're sure?"

"Well, since Marcus has been fucking you for over a year and you are telling me that Sam has never commented or noticed anything different I'll take your word for it."

"Okay, I have go now too. I'll talk to you tomorrow, after Marcus leaves."

This will always be a surreal memory. I doubt if this entire discussion took more than 2-minutes, yet every time I recall it, it feels like an hour. These 2-minutes and how I responded to them would turn out to be the most crucial moment of my entire life. It's funny how you are never prepared for these moments when they come, but they always arrive.



As I listened to Samantha talking to Janet reality slammed into my consciousness. In those two minutes, I realized so many things. I realized that the woman I loved was betraying me with another man; I sensed the cracks forming and racing through my heart. I realized she was giving her pussy to another man simply because he had bigger dick than me; I could feel the cracks propagating faster, growing wider and in greater numbers. I lost hope in the future. After all, I can learn, I can change what I do, how I do it and when I do it. But I can't make myself taller or my dick bigger. I realized that Janet and Marcus would always know that Samantha preferred his dick over mine. My face burned with shame and humiliation; I felt chips beginning to fleck from the edges of my heart. Finally, I realized that my loving wife hadn't really arranged my weekend getaway because she loved me, but because she needed me out of the house so her lover could fuck her in our bed. Our Fucking Bed! I felt my heart shatter like a dropped crystal. What had been beautiful, precious and more valuable than my life, was now only razor sharp shards and slivers scattered dangerously over my life.

I can still hear my internal screams, "How could someone I love so much, humiliate me and denigrate me so completely? How? Why?"

Brreeeeep..... Brreeeeep...

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