tagMatureShaving Her

Shaving Her


Last week something happened that I had only dreamed of before. It started out as a normal weekend, but by Sunday, I would come to realize the true beauty of an older woman.

I like to consider myself a "normal" guy. I get laid as often as possible, and I am 100% sexual. Girls my age are beautiful, and their young hard bodies are hard to give up.

But there's just something different about a woman who's pushing 30. A woman whose body doesn't look like it's been in every porno. An older woman has something about her and that something is truly amazing.

My next door neighbor happens to be one of these beautiful older women. She and I developed a strong friendship after her husband left her.

My neighbor, Tanya, was 6', with dirty blonde hair, and extremely beautiful legs. She was 28, which made her about 10 years older than I am. And oh my god, her chest!! I can recall many nights when I laid in my bed dreaming of just sucking her nipples. Her body was amazing. A nice round ass that just begged to be squeezed. What was her husband thinking?

The court decided that their kids would be better off with him since his job paid extremely well. She tried as often as possible not to break down and cry, but sometimes it was all I could do to offer her a shoulder to cry on. We rented movies and went out on our little "dates" quite often. She seemed to be happy just to have someone.

On this particular Friday, we did the usual--a few beers, pizza, and a sappy movie. She invited me to come over and swim the next day, and me being the young stud that I am, quickly responded with an "Oh most definitely." I never turn down the opportunity to show off my body. I showed up at her house around noon on Saturday and let myself in, as I usually do. She came out of the bathroom in her modest yet sexy two-piece. This is what happened from there:

"I have a little problem..." she started.

Looking over her body, "Not from where I'm standing" I thought to myself.

She explained, "I haven't shaved my bikini line in quite a while, well, ever since the divorce. I never have been too good with razors, so I..."

I interrupted her before she could finish. "I'm great with razors!" I blurted out, noticing the light brown hair coming out from the sides of her bikini line.

"Well, I don't know..."

"If you start to feel uncomfortable, I'll stop," I assured her.

"Oh what the hell. Just promise you won't cut me!" With that, she went to the bathroom to get the razor and shaving cream. I suggested a towel and a bowl of water to rinse the razor in. She came back, hands full.

"Where should we do this"? she asked.

"The bed is probably the best place. It allows more access," I said, trying not to sound too suggestive.

"Then the bed it is," she said and headed for her room.

"It will be easier for me if you lay down and spread your legs," I explained.

"Oh I bet it would," she laughed.

She laid down spread her legs with just enough room for me work with. She jumped a little when my hand rubbed the shaving cream on her bikini line.

"Sorry," she said. "It's been a while since I've been touched down there." I didn't reply.

Within a few swipes with the razor, her bikini line was clean. I wiped the towel along the edge of her bikini, my knuckles slightly touched her pussy, and I could see her blush.

I was getting a little bolder now. "Have you ever been shaved completely?" I asked.

She shook her head, "No."

"You mean to tell me your ex husband never shaved you?" I asked unbelievingly.

"He hardly ever went down there with his hand, let alone a razor! Anyway, why do you ask?"

"I don't know...I was just wondering...no reason," I lied.

"Will you shave all of me?" she asked.

"There is a god," I thought to myself. "Yeah, sure...umm...no problem," I stammered.

She slid her bikini down to her ankles, and tossed it on the bed next to her. There I was. Face to face with the most beautiful thing I ever saw in all my 19 years.

I could just barely make out her lips through her light brown hair. The room was silent and I tried to think about anything other than sex to try and keep my cock tame. I filled my hand with shaving cream and applied it evenly on her warm mound.

I was at work with the razor again. My hand brushed against her clit as I shaved around her folds. She was completely bald now. I offered her the towel as she stood up.

"You may want to take a shower now to rinse all of the hair and shaving cream off," I explained.

"Good idea," she said and walked out of the room. I could hear the water running and all I could think about is that beautiful naked pussy.

I could hear rain on the roof as walked back into her room.

"Oh damn it, I really wanted to swim," she said. "I guess we'll have to improvise."

She had an evil grin that made my cock stir with desire. "We took a huge step in our friendship don't you think," she asked.

"Yeah I think so. But you don't know how much I enjoyed that," I said, picturing in my mind her now completely bald pussy.

"Oh did you," she asked. "You know that I haven't even dated since the divorce. I mean, I've had offers, but I just didn't feel up to it. God I haven't had sex in a year and a half," she said shaking her head.

I stood up and walked over to her. I held her face with my hands and our lips met. She was tense at first, but then started kissing back. I reached under the towel and gently squeezed her soft round ass.

She let out a sigh as I pressed my hard cock into her. She reached down and gripped it through my shorts. Her towel fell to the floor and my eyes gazed upon her huge breasts. Her nipples were hard from the shower. She leaned in to kiss me again and I gently massaged her large yet firm breasts. My dreams were finally coming true.

"You've seen me, now I want to see you," she said.

She slid my shorts to the floor, and her eyes stared with hunger at my throbbing cock. She got down on her knees and licked the head. My cock twitched with desire.

"It's been so long since I've seen a hard cock," she said looking at me with her beautiful eyes.

She greedily took the head into her mouth and I let out a deep moan as cupped my balls.

She stood up and led me to the bed, pulling me on top of her. My throbbing cock rubbed against her smoothness. I kissed her nipples and licked my way down to her pussy. She smelled deeply sweet, and I could feel the heat rising from her.

I licked from the top of her pussy, and lingered on her hardening clit, down to her swollen lips. I ate her pussy like I've never eaten a pussy before. I hungrily sucked her clit as her body began to convulse on the verge of orgasm.

"Oh my god Justin, I'm going to cum!!!" she screamed.

My tongue made tiny circles around and over her clit. "Oh fuck yes I'm cumming!!!" she screamed.

Her back arched and her legs wrapped around my neck. "How was that,?" I asked.

"God Justin I've never cum like that!" "Now it's your turn." She straddled me and my cock slid into her intense heat.

"OOHhhhh yes!!!" she moaned, rocking back and forth until she came again, then again. She rocked back and forth until she came again, and again, her tits bouncing around like crazy.

"I want to fuck you from behind," I said as she rode me. My cock came out of her with a loud slurp, her pussy dripping with her cum. She got on all fours and I shoved my cock into her. I reached around and massaged her clit while I pumped into her. I could feel her tight pussy sucking on my cock. I pounded her wetness until she came, screaming in ecstasy. I fucked her hard until I couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh I'm cumming!!!" I said as my cock burst inside of her. I took my dripping member out of her and we fell to the bed, exhausted.

"Is sex really supposed to be that good?" she asked.

I just smiled at her, "Ready for more?"

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