tagLoving WivesShe Couldn't Help Herself

She Couldn't Help Herself


On our wedding night I knew my wife would one day cuckold me. In spite of her religious upbringing she couldn't contain her rapture when I took her virginity. She HAD to have sex after that.

My wife never wears sexy clothes. She is good looking. She has a nice body which no one but me ever sees. And she loves sex. When we're behind closed doors she can't control her desires. However, she only wants to have sex in the missionary position.

I, on the other hand, enjoy sex in all its' forms. I want to have all her holes; pussy, mouth, and ass. Oral and anal are out of the question. Even having her on top is something she won't allow. And I'm sure the furthest thing from her mind was letting me watch another man fuck her. My one greatest fantasy beyond anything else was to watch someone else drive her wild; fuck her silly; make her scream in orgasm.

Talking about it wasn't even to be considered. She wouldn't even talk about sex while we were having sex. If I tried to bring it up any other time she would simply grab me and pull me down on top of her and we would fuck.

But, after six months of marriage I knew just how to go about fulfilling my desire and turning my wife into a slut.

It was really quite easy. I started working late. I wouldn't get home from the office until 9 or 10 and then I was too tired to fuck. All the extra work was helping my career at the same time it was frustrating my wife.

Our sex life quickly declined from 7 days a week to just on the weekend. And as little as possible then.

My hours didn't stop my wife from trying. When I walked in the door at home she would be all over me, kissing me and rubbing my cock. I found that I had to jack-off during the day and then stop a few blocks from home and do it again. Otherwise I couldn't stop my dick from getting hard.

Late one afternoon about 3 months after I put my plan into effect my boss called me into his office. He thanked me for all the extra work I had been doing and assured me it hadn't gone unnoticed by the right people. He left no doubt that I was in line for the next promotion.

Then he asked me if there was any trouble in my home life. "Your work is really appreciated, but you're a newlywed. Is there a problem at home that is causing you to stay away? We don't want your work to break up your marriage."

I hesitantly confided that my wife was insatiable. That if I gave her all the sex she wanted I would not be able to do any work. I looked away from him and said, "Maybe she needs more than one man. I've heard about women like that. I love my wife completely and if that is how she is I guess I'll just have to live with it. I would never leave her, no matter what."

After a protracted silence my boss asked, "Do you think it would help if an older and more experienced person talked with her?"

"I don't know but I'm ready to try anything."

"Would you like me to try talking with her?" I looked up faster than he expected and saw the gleam in his eyes.

I had a hard time concealing my smile, "Oh, sir, I couldn't ask you to do something like that."

"Don't be ridiculous. If you think it might help I'd be more than happy to try."

We agreed there was no since in wasting time and he was going to visit her the next night. The next morning I told my wife that I was going to get off on time that night and would be home by 6. I could see she was already getting turned on, thinking of the sex she would be enjoying that evening.

I was nervous all day and didn't get much work accomplished. At 5 my boss stuck his head in and said he was off to my house. He asked me how long I was going to wait before gong home. I thanked him for trying to help out and I assured him I wouldn't be home before 9 and he should take all the time he needed.

My boss was hardly out of the building before I was in the men's room jacking off while I thought of him fucking my wife.

I went back to my desk, but I couldn't sit still. I roamed all over the office building for over two hours, wondering all the time if my bride was cuckolding me at that very moment.

When I couldn't take the suspense any longer I ran to my car and headed home. I neared my house at 8:30 and saw my boss's car was in the driveway. My cock got hard again and I drove on by. I parked several doors down the street where I could keep an eye on my house.

I jacked off again while I sat there watching the front of my house and my boss's car sitting in the driveway.

When 9 o'clock came and went and his car was still there I didn't know what to do. If I went in and interrupted them it might screw up all my plans. On the other hand if all they were doing was talking maybe they were waiting for me.

Finally at 9:15 my boss came out of the house and the way he was hurrying I knew he was trying to get away before I got home. I don't think he was fully dressed when he jumped into his car and took off.

I started my car and as soon as he turned the first corner I raced back to my house. I was hurrying home just as fast as he had hurried away. My wife wasn't in the living room and I headed for the bedroom as fast as I could without running.

When I walked in my wife was just heading for the bathroom. I grabbed her and kissed her and tried to pull her to bed. If the overpowering smell of sex hadn't given them away, the fact that she actually resisted me did.

Even as I got weak in the knees and a quesay feeling in my stomach realizing I really was a cuckold, my cock jerked in excitement.

I pulled my wife down on the bed and pushed her robe open. She was struggling to get away from me, but I could tell she was getting excited too. I got my hand between her legs and felt her sopping cunt. She let out a gasp when I shoved a finger into her squishy pussy.

I got my pants opened and moved between her now unresisting legs. I couldn't hold back and rammed my cock into her freshly fucked hole. She screamed in orgasm as I slammed into her pelvic bone. I started fucking her like a crazed rabbit. She didn't stop cumming until my cock burst, spewing my hot load deep in her already cum filled cunt.

After we had calmed down a little she got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I lay there smiling at the success of my plan. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would be watching.

The next day at work my boss called me in and asked what time I'd got home last night. I told him 9:30 and he suggested he might "talk" with my wife again that night if it was OK. I told him I thought his "talk" had done some good and said I would stay away again until 9.

I decided then that I didn't want to wait any longer before I saw my wife getting fucked by my boss so I planned to leave work right after he did. I thought I could get a look through the bedroom window if I was careful.

I gave my boss a 5-minute head start and then left work. I parked my car at a local convenience store and walked the two blocks to my house.

As I approached I saw my boss's car in the driveway again. I started moving carefully around my house and stopped when I heard voices coming from the living room.

The only window to the living room is in front of the house so I couldn't see them, but I could hear them from the dining room window.

"You want me to fuck you don't you?"

"Please don't say that."

"You want me to leave?" Silence "Well, do you want me to leave?"

I could barely hear my wife's "No."

"Last night was the last night you get everything your way."

"I don't want to do that." What was she talking about?

"You're sitting there with a dripping cunt and you can't wait to have me fill it with my cock."

"Please don't talk like that."

"Last chance. Do you want me to fuck you?"

Once again I had a hard time hearing my wife's response. "Yes"

"Then get on your fucking knees and suck me, slut."

My god! This was better than I could have ever hoped for. He wasn't satisfied with fucking my bride he was going to turn her into a cocksucker too. I strained to hear what was happening but there weren't any sounds reaching me.

Then I began to hear my wife moaning. "That's it slut. Suck it. Yeah, slut you like sucking cock. Your husband is going to be glad I'm training you. Aaahhh! That's it! Here's your first taste of cum."

"Swallow slut. Don't waste that precious juice."

I found I had my cock in my hand and was cumming at the same time as my bride got her first taste of cum, another man's.

Then it got very quiet. My wife's moaning had stopped and my boss wasn't saying a word. I practically had my head through the window trying to hear them when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I don't know how I managed to keep from jumping out of my skin.

I spun around and there was my boss. He was smiling broadly at me. "Was I right?"


"Are you glad I'm training her?"

I nodded dumbly.

"Come on in and you can watch while I use her body for my pleasure and have her begging for more. I think that's what you want, isn't it?"

I just nodded again and followed him back inside.

My wife turned crimson when she saw me following my boss into the room.

"I told you he'd be glad I'm training you. Now give him a thank you kiss."

She didn't look at me as she got up off her knees and walked up to me. She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

"That's sweet. Now give him a real kiss and let him taste my cum in you cocksucking mouth."

My wife hesitantly kissed my lips and when I didn't resist she kissed harder and then pushed her tongue into my mouth.

That night was only the first of many, many nights to come. I lick my wife's ass and pussy clean after my boss fills them with his fertile sperm. Some times I even help her lick his cock clean. I've found I like the taste of his cum as much as she does.

My wife and I are both looking forward to next weekend when my boss will be bringing some friends with him.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/14/18

Hey, there is a reason why he's the boss

He's the alpha male. Women respond to them. Because you love your wife and have never forced her to do anything for you, it's difficult to "change horses in midstream," as it were. If you want to loosenmore...

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by Anonymous05/12/18

Just An Observation

You don't have to marry a woman when all you want to do is suck your boss's cock, eat his cum and let him hammer your asshole, faggot! No wonder she's crawling the walls, the poor thing. Gays can be so,more...

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by Anonymous03/06/18

Born Cuck!

This asshole can't even handle his wife....and then turns into a homo cuckie. But boys and girls....he will get that promotion! This guy is such a loser that I'll bet he can't dance either! LOL

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by Anonymous08/31/17

I really, really liked his story

and the people with all the negative comments can't hide the fact that they are into porn or they would not read Literotica Stories. You should read only YOUR kind of stories: gay - lesbian - incest -more...

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by Anonymous08/15/17

great story would love to have a boss like that

that was a great story and has me very hard

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