tagBDSMShe Crawls Ch. 04

She Crawls Ch. 04



Alex looked down at the woman sucking his dick and smiled. He'd know soon whether to schedule another session for next week. Because at this point, a woman either understood and enjoyed what was to come, or felt far too uncomfortable to ever enjoy it. The latter never came back for another session.

He pushed her head away, though pleased by the tightness he felt in his balls. "It's time for you to learn some more manners, cunt." She waited expectantly at his feet. Good. He had a feeling already that she'd make it through this part.

"You're about to learn a number of positions, which you'll use to please me whenever I want. You'll take these positions as soon as I give you an order to, without question. No matter where we are, no matter who's around, you'll do exactly as I say.

"Each position has a name and a gesture. You'll learn each name and each gesture, and respond to them immediately. If I think you're going too slow, you'll automatically get ten punishment points. If you don't respond...well, let's just say there are worse punishments than getting spanked on the butt."

He ordered her into the bedroom, telling her to strip completely naked and sit on the bed. He tucked his hard member back in his shorts. He liked this part; liked the drama, liked the intensity, liked the possibilities. Now he was truly making her his own.

"Your first position is called The Position, because its the most common one I'll order you to take. Think of it as the "ready" position. It's my way to getting you ready to show me everything you have. First step: kneel on the bed. Next, prop your ass back on your heels, and spread your legs open so they form a ninety degree angle. Next, put your hands behind your back, with your right hand cradling your left, and both hands between the heels of your feet. Nice. Now, straighten your back, but keep your head tilted slightly down, in a manner of submission."

He examined her from all angles, pleased with the way the arch of her back pushed her tits forward, almost begging him to suck on them. Her stretched legs gave him good access to her wet pussy, and forced the lips apart just enough to beckon him in. Granted, it wasn't a very comfortable position for her, but he didn't care about comfort. He cared about access, and in the past this position had proven to be very accommodating.

He made a gesture with his hand -- his pinky and ring finger rolled into his palm, his index and middle fingers half bent over and spread apart. "This is the sign I'll use when I want you in the position. You'll take this position whenever and wherever I tell you to. Even if we're outside this room, even if we're in the middle of the mall. You'll obey me or pay the consequences."

Crouching beside her, he allowed his hands to roam all over her body. He enjoyed feeling the smooth curves of her buttocks, the underlying muscles of her thighs, the soft turn of her neck. He reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy, pleased that she didn't shy away at all. Then he faced her, deliberately took a handful of each breast, and squeezed...hard.

"Who owns you?" he demanded of her.

"You own me, sir," she answered properly, shocked at the sudden turn of events, her voice mixed with fear and pain.

Unmoved by her concern, he ordered her to a new position, "On your back, cunt. That's right, I'll bet you're real familiar with this one. I'll bet you'll spread your legs for anyone just to get your way. That's how it is with cunts like you.

"Only this time you'll do it my way. Legs spread wide so I have a good view of that pussy. Bend your legs and put your feet flat on the bed. Now put your hands behind your neck, so your tits are nice and open for me."

He watched as she complied, warning her to keep her eyes open unless he said otherwise. "This position is called On Your Back." He held his hand out, turning it so the palm faced upward. "This is how I'll tell you to do it. If you see this, don't make me wait, or you'll be sorry."

He pulled his hard rod out of his boxers and swung astride her, so his cock rested on her face. Holding his cock in his hand, he slapped her lips, nose, chin and neck with his cock, hard enough to occasionally redden her skin.

"Who owns you, cunt?" he thundered.

"You own me, sir," she answered meekly, as though confused by his apparent cruelty.

Now for one of his favorites. "Roll over on your hands and knees, cunt. I wanna see that ass high in the air and begging to be fucked!"

He directed her to lean forward on her forearms, to spread her legs slightly, to keep her head up, and to push her ass to the sky. With her body finally in the right position, he paused to admire the view. Her fully distended pussy peeked out from between her legs, while her puckered anal opening was shiny with sweat. Around front, her tits hung down deliciously, with just enough sway in them to be exciting.

"This is called Hand and Knees, and this," he made a crab-like gesture, "is the symbol you'll watch for. You'll get very used to this position," he said, as he knelt behind her and shoved his cock in her waiting hole. "Cuz I'm gonna take you like a dog until your learn who your master is."

He grabbed a shock of her hair and yanked it back. "Who owns you, bitch?" he sneered at her.

"You own me, sir," she replied, not so meekly now.

In the next position, she stood before him with her hands behind her back and her legs slightly spread. When he pulled on her pubic hairs and called for her obedience, he thought he heard a touch of pleasure in her reply. In the final position, bent over at the waist, he allowed himself some pleasure by eating her out for a minute or two, much like he had in the beginning of the session. Prior to demanding obedience this time, he spanked her butt several times, just for the opportunity to see her tits shudder from each blow.

Finally, he ordered her back on her back. "There's variations to every position, of course, which you'll learn as we go along." He pulled up a chair. "Right now, I want to watch you masturbate. So get your hands down between your legs and show me what you can do."


Melissa watched him watching her. Her fingers were buried deep inside of her, pumping in and out as she finger-fucked herself. His cruelty had heightened her senses, turned her on in a way that would've shamed her before tonight. When he'd twisted her breasts, she'd been shocked at first. But then she had wanted him to continue, to twist and pull them. The pain had added a delicious edge to the pleasure. And she wanted more.

She felt herself building to an orgasm. Should I continue? Or will he stop me right when I get to the edge? His eyes betrayed nothing. She let herself go full out, just as she had earlier in the week, when the anticipation of this night had almost made her crazy. With one hand she pulled and stretched the full lips around her pussy. With the other she found her clit and began lightly rubbing it.

He seemed to devour all of her with his gaze. All at once she realized how she must look, her fingers frantically working at her cunt, watched out in the open by a complete stranger. She began to moan and writhe, but still he made no move to stop her. She could see his hard cock poking from the top of his shorts, and felt an incredible urge to beg to be fucked. The very thought caused waves of pleasure to pulse from her pussy. Her tits ached for a strong hand.

He still sat unmoving, not indicating that he would stop her. He could stop me, she realized. And I'd have to stop because he said so. Because he's in charge. Because he owns me. That thought sent her over the edge. She moaned and panted audibly. So, so, so, so good. Oh, god, the pressure and pleasure flowed out in waves. She felt free...really free. She opened her eyes. Still he sat and watched.

She continued to rub herself, though the orgasm had taken nearly all her strength from her. Would he have her keep doing this for the rest of the night? All she really wanted, right now, was to go to the bathroom.

"OK," he said, "that's enough. Before we do anything else, I think it's time for a pee-pee break."

My god, he can read my mind, she marveled. But wait? He'd said pee-pee. Grown men didn't talk that way. He meant PP. Punishment points. How many did she have? Seven, she thought. Or eight. No, seven.

At his command she dropped to her forearms and knees on the floor, her butt canted high in the air. She felt a sharp tug on her hair and he directed her to put her hands flat on the floor. This, he explained, was the proper spanking position. She searched her memory. How many? Seven? Or eight?

"So cunt, how many swats do you have coming your way?" he demanded of her, his hand slowly caressing her butt.

"Nine!" she fairly shouted, deciding to err on the side of caution.

She felt him squeeze her butt painfully. "No, cunt, nine is how many you'd be getting if you could remember to give me the respect I deserve. But since you can't remember to call me Sir, we'll be adding a few more, and give you twelve to help jump-start your brain. Now, how many are you getting???"

"Spank me twelve times, sir!" she nearly cried to him. Twelve! And her bladder was already close to bursting!

Thwack! The sound echoed through the room like a shot, and the pain in her butt felt just like a shot. Thwack! She tried to focus on counting down, but she could feel the heat quickly spreading over her entire ass. Thwack! His hand hit her on the backs of her thighs, and the heat shot up into her pussy, where she could imagine it turning her wetness into pure steam. Thwack! The sensation bit deeper into her skin. Thwack! She bit her lip to keep from crying out. Thwack! His palm caught her ass cheek square, nearly toppling her onto the floor.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Three in succession brought ragged gasps from her. He paused to squeeze both sides of her ass, then...thwack! On the right side. Thwack! On the left. Another pause, while she clamped her eyes shut to keep the tears from flowing. Thwack! Harder than the rest, it caused her whole body to jerk forward, the sting shooting through her like lightning.

He pulled her head onto his lap and stroked her face, wiping the tears from her eyes. It stung so much! She opened her eyes to see his cock just an inch from her nose. His aroma penetrated her dismay. She wanted to gobble him up, to show him that she'd learned her lesson, that she would remember everything. But she knew enough not to do it without permission, though she wanted him inside her cunt so bad it was making her crazy.

"Time for a potty break," he announced, to her great pleasure. "Take five minutes, do your duty, and clean yourself up." As she started to rise he said, "No. From now on, your mode of transportation is to crawl. So crawl on into the bathroom. And make sure you leave the door open."

Crawl? And leave the door open! She thought about using the "Blazer" word to call a halt to this. But really, what more harm did it do? She crawled all the way into the bathroom, the tile cooling her hands and knees. The chill of the toilet seat even felt good enough against her hot butt that she hardly even noticed the loud splash of her bladder emptying.

Melissa closed her eyes and leaned back against the slick porcelain tank. The spanking didn't turn her on so much as it gave everything else a certain edge and urgency. The positions...those made her feel like a kept woman. She was now totally at his mercy, and quite frankly, happy for it. Even more strangely, she felt that she really wanted to please him, to show that she was worthy of his attention and all his hard work with her. If only she could remember to call him Sir.

She jumped as her high heels clattered to the floor. "Put these on, wash your face, and get your jacket on," he ordered, smiling as she instinctively and unnecessarily tried to cover her nakedness. Had he been there long enough to watch her pee?

He stood behind her as she washed up, her image reflected repeatedly in the many mirrors. For some reason she felt more exposed than when she'd spread her legs for his inspection. After slipping the jacket on, she checked herself in the mirror. The front cut far enough down that most of her breasts were exposed. The bottom edge ended just below her crotch, and looking at the back she could see just the very bottom of her ass.

He held out the room key and an ice bucket. "I want you to go get some ice. The machine is three rooms down and to the right. You'll probably want to hurry." He leered at her, and she could feel a blush warming her face. Go out like this? If anyone saw her like this, she'd die of embarrasment!

He propelled her out the door, which shut with a definite finality. At least it was dark out. She walked quickly down to the ice machine, noting that nobody seemed to be in the room next to theirs. Naturally, to get the ice she'd have to bend down. She tried to squat down, but that just caused her coat to ride up and expose her butt. Bending over did the same thing. This was taking too much time! Finally, she just squatted there, pushing the button several times to get enough ice.

She stood and spun, planning to head back to the room, but instead nearly fell into an older man. Had he seen her? If not, he was certainly seeing enough now. She gave him a stupid grin and quickly walked back to the room, feeling his eyes drill into her back. He had seen a lot of her skin. A small thrill rippled through her. She'd done it.


Alex could tell by the wild look in Melissa's eyes that his student had been seen in her revealing outfit. Most importantly, he could tell that the brief encounter had thrilled her, had opened her to the possibilities.

It was getting on towards the end of the evening, and he had just one more objective to reach. Fortunately, it was one that he always took a great deal of pleasure in achieving. He motioned with his fingers. After only a brief hesitation, Melissa dropped to the floor on her hands and knees, her sport coat provacatively revealing her very bare ass. Alex paused for a moment to admire it yet again. From this angle he couldn't see the full pussy lips between her legs. Instead, he could see only the voluptuous curves and deep valley of her ass. The darkened circle of her anus lay hidden in the shadows, and for a moment he was tempted to demonstrate his newly won mastery by taking her there.

But, no. That would have to wait for another session, as he sensed her objections would be more psychological than physical. He stripped his boxers off, leaving himself fully nude for the first time in the whole evening. Kneeling behind her he ran his fingers across her soft skin, making her moan in anticipation. He noted that she kept her head down and never tried to look back; the perfect exhibition of his previous orders. He found the inside of her cunt soaking wet and hot. Just for fun, he lubed his index finger with her juices and began to probe the entrance to her anus.

"Stay still," he ordered as she leaned away. Her hole there was clenched tight as a safe; he could only comfortably slide his finger in up to the first knuckle. From the way her whole body had tensed, he suspected she'd probably never had anal sex. Sometime soon, he promised himself, she'd be begging for it.

Holding her hip with one hand, he used his other to direct his cock to the outside of her juicy hole. He liked to torture himself this way...teasing himself right up to the edge. He could never understand why more couples didn't stage elaborate foreplay. He felt the most memorable thing about sex was the anticipation of it. The actual event never took very long, and every orgasm usually felt the same as the last one. Looking on his many sexual encounters, in the most exciting and memorable ones he'd whipped himself and his partner into a sexual frenzy long before a cock touched a cunt.

He plunged his cock into her, thrusting hard enough to rock her entire body forward. Like fleshy shock absorbers, her arms and legs thrust back against him, until his next thrust crashed into and crushed her beautiful ass. He reached forward and under until her found her swaying tits, pulling them firmly back everytime he jolted her forward. She moaned and growled at the double assault, her body breaking out into an instant sweat.

Alex focused on the feel of her tits in his hands. Their fullness fit his palms perfectly, nestling in as though they'd grown just for him. Gravity and blood distended the aureolas, creating a blind man's message that read "Fuck me." Her nipples felt as hard as pebbles, and he loved how every twist and pull reverberated through her body, evident as vibrations deep within her cunt.

He wanted to suck her tits so badly his jaw ached. Fortunately, as master he was allowed to do anything he wanted. With a slap on the butt he pulled out of her and lay face up on the floor. At his command she knelt on all fours above him, her head facing his legs and feet, her tits positioned directly over his mouth. His face wasn't high enough, but that didn't matter. She would have to bend down low enough so that he could get his fill.

"Left one," he said, ordering her to lower her left tit into his mouth. Her skin tasted not unpleasantly of sweat as he ran his tongue over her hard nipple, her erect circle and the smooth adjoining skin. He sucked, gnawed and licked all he liked; her pleasure, or pain, was not an issue. He tried to see how much of her tit he could fit in his mouth...just about half if he forced it in. At his command of "Right one," she shifted to the side, and he attacked that one just as voraciously. Back and forth he went, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, until the urge to fuck her became stronger than the urge to suck her.

Whacking her butt a sound one, he ordered her to crawl farther down his body. Now her head was perfectly positioned above his cock, and he could look straight up into the sopping wet, matted hair around her pussy. He studied it closely as its pungent odor settled down around him. He liked how the lips, when fully engorged, still didn't protrude too far out. He had her hunch down onto his mouth; no need for him to strain his neck. Placing his mouth to her cunt lips, he was able to lap into his mouth a generous amount of her juices. In fact, if he kept his tongue inside her, he could feel rivulets of her juice just sliding down into his mouth.

"Suck me," he ordered, continuing his exploration of her cunt. He knew it wasn't a very comfortable position but didn't care. This was about his pleasure, not hers. Though from her frequent gasps and moans, he figured she was getting more than a small tingle. He barked an order, and she shifted so he could have better access to the top of her cunt. There. He pushed the fold of skin aside with his tongue to reveal the nub of her clit. To his experienced tongue, it felt fully engorged, and even strongly flicking it failed to move it very much.

His ministrations, however, evidently had a strong effect on his student, as she suddenly thrashed about and pulled her cunt from his mouth. "Move again and that's ten points for you!" he yelled at her, forcefully pulling her back down until his teeth mashed against her hole. "Now don't move!" he said into her slit, using his tongue to violently lash her offending clit. She orgasmed against him, her pussy clenching tightly around his tongue, releasing it only after a particularly strong spasm swept through her.

Tiring of his meal, he roughly pushed her off, dragged her to her feet and pulled her to the bedroom. Along the way, though, the urge to fuck her literally overwhelmed him. With a grunt he pushed her against the wall and plunged himself inside her, thrilled by the heated tightness of her box. She instinctively wrapped herself around him, and he could feel all the trappings of civilized sex fall from him. He let the animal in him to the surface, and let his lust for her overwhelm all his senses. All he wanted, his lust-driven goal, was to be inside her and to dominate her.

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