tagLoving WivesShe Doesn't Know That I Know... 01

She Doesn't Know That I Know... 01


After reading the email on her phone, I was numb... did I just read that? I read it again and noticed there was an attachment so I opened it. The image opened quickly without re-downloading since it simply loaded from the phones cache. That told me she had already looked at it on her phone. The clear image was my loving wife of over 25 years and mother of our two grown children... Her wide green eyes were looking directly at the camera. She was on her knees, naked with the cameraman's hard dick in her mouth and both of her hands holding other men's cocks on each side of her face, one of them was black and it was fucking enormous! She had an all too familiar wicked grin on her face as if she were in mid-laugh when the pic was taken...

Sorry, I have gotten ahead of myself, let me go back to the beginning...

My wife Melissa and I are both in our early 50's and our 2 kids are successfully out of College and the house and in the early years of their careers. We own a small wealth management firm that Melissa runs from an office in our home after her almost two decade career with one of the top firms in the country. She got tired of making a bunch of assholes in New York a ton of money and went out on her own.

I'm Nick. I have been a Database Manager for a major Insurance company for about twenty-five years now. Both of us are very tech savvy. We brought up our kids in a nice home on a few acres in the country about 20 miles from the city and my office is only about a 25 minute commute on the Interstate.

Melissa and I went to different Colleges in different States and we met a few years later in a bar one night in our mid 20's after our "formative years". I was a party animal back in the day and it seemed that I spilled more pot on my couch in a weekend than most of my friends would smoke in a semester.

I had a fake ID when I was 19 and since I was a regular at a certain bar, I actually started working there as a part-time bartender while I was still not able to drink legally. I was on the five year plan at school and graduated with a lackluster 2.55 GPA with a degree in management information systems. 2.55 also seemed to be my average blood alcohol level way back then.

The best time in my sexual life was while working at that bar. It was the 1980's and we were all young, dumb and full of... enthusiasm... The bar was an alternative rock music club near campus so it drew in the music, theater and crazy ass art school crowd from my State University. Times were sexy and easy back then and being a fairly good looking, personable guy, I got laid a lot!

Most of the girls I knew at the bar and on campus had a certain morally casual attitude. It was a badge of honor to fuck on the pool tables for a few of the waitresses and they didn't care who with. I had quite a few 3 sums and more-sums back then in the bar after hours.

I had even attended a few house parties that were hosted by a local swingers group who were regular patrons of that bar. The swinger parties had at the time, what I had considered to be "older women". They were in their 30's and 40's and their husbands sometimes liked to watch their wives in the company of several horny college guys at the same time.

The final house party I attended before moving away after graduation and entering the real world, was the birthday party of one of those wives. Her husband decided to give her a gang-bang for her present. I recall 7 couples and about 10 extra guys like me. The 30-something housewife was pounded by all the husbands and us "stunt-cocks" for about 5 hours straight. All the other wives watched, partied, took Polaroids and fluffed all us dudes. Ahhh... good times for a 23 year old... But that's a different story.

Melissa is one of the smartest people I have ever met. I was 26 and she was 25 when we met one night at a nightclub in this city. She had just transferred to this city to open up a local office for a national financial services firm. I had moved here a few months earlier to work in the database department for an insurance company. We were both new to the area and seemed to have a lot in common. We were married less than a year after we met.

She has one of those personalities that people just open up to. I am still amazed at how a total stranger will just tell her their life story while we are waiting in the grocery store checkout line. She has the perfect personality for sales. That's why she is so successful in financial planning and wealth management. People just trust her immediately the moment they meet her.

About five years after we were married, by chance I met one of her guy friends from her College. We were sitting in a restaurant when some guy yelled out from a couple of tables away "Easy Lissa". He came over to our table seeming really excited and reached out to hug her. I could tell that she was obviously uncomfortable and she did her best to be as cold to him as possible. His demeanor changed after he saw me or perhaps mine and her wedding rings and seemed to take it down a few notches while my wife introduced me to him as her husband.

I don't even remember his name since it was so many years ago. She did a good job of making him sound like an insignificant acquaintance from her College days. A friend of a friend. He soon went back to his table of friends after exchanging business cards with us and we finished our meal and left to go get the twins from the sitter.

On the way home, I asked her about the way he called her "Easy Lissa" and she said "that stupid nickname was given to me by my roommate Becky, I didn't date much and she called me that just to tease me and her circle of friends picked it up. He was one of her friends. It was kind of an opposite thing, like calling a fat guy 'Slim' or a tall guy 'Shorty'. Becky used to torment me...you know how it is..." Hmm... good enough answer I suppose...

I never told her to this day about my crazy times in my early 20's before we met and she never talked much of her college days either. We both knew we weren't virgins when we met so she never asked, I never asked...

We always had a pretty good sex life throughout our over 2 and a half decades of marriage but being the dog that I have always been... I have strayed. I continue to stray to this day. The past 10 years or so I have had a fuckbuddy relationship with a few of the married women at work. I prefer married women who wish to stay married because of the no-strings-attached aspect on both sides. No drama, no late night phone calls, no muss, no fuss. Just some good noontime sex a couple of times a month during long lunches. Don't get me wrong... I love my wife dearly, I'm just a shameless flirt and enjoy a little strange trim every now and then. My early adult years taught me that it was easy to separate love from sex.

"Honey can you text my sister for me? Just text her that we will be a little late" she said while finishing her makeup in the master bathroom.

I picked up her smart-phone and pressed the side button. The security screen appeared. "What's the security code sweetheart?" At my suggestion a few years ago, I told her that she should password protect her phone and computers just in case she lost the phone or someone broke into the house and stole the computers. Way too much client financial information. She did exactly that and I never knew the passwords for anything including her desktop in her office upstairs.

"1214" she yelled from upstairs.

"RUNNG L8 C U SOON" I texted to her sister. Except for business matters, Melissa has no concept of time. I think that's one of the reasons she likes to work out of the house. If she tells someone she will meet them at a restaurant at 7pm, that means she will leave the house at exactly that time. Her family and I simply just call it "Melissa Time". If you don't expect her to be a half hour late, then that's your problem.

"OK NP" was her sister's text reply a minute later.

After dinner and drinks with one of her sisters that night, she turned in early after drinking quite a bit of wine. I watched TV for a half hour or so and headed to the kitchen to set the coffeemaker for tomorrow morning. I noticed her phone on its charger sitting on the counter-top. "1214" and I was in. I was just being nosey. She had her business email, her yahoo and her gmail synched to the phone.

When she first started her business, I built her a web site with an email account with her "company name dot com" as an address. I was still the admin of that and already had that password and it was of no interest to me. She had a Yahoo email account for many years and when we got our first Android phones a few years ago, we both signed up for gmail.

I went to her Yahoo inbox first. About 10 unread emails that I didn't want to open because she could tell later if I did. Scrolling down the inbox, I noticed quite a lot of spam in the list of email subject lines, not uncommon. Amazon confirmations, LLBean 20% off sales, some porn spam like "H O t Y u ng GU rls" and "Puzzy Ma jik". I know what porn spam looks like because I've signed up for a few porn sites through the years and still get my anonymous email address inundated with that crap.

I opened the Spam folder because it had over 300. All porn spam.... "why is her account getting so much of this porn spam?" I asked myself. Now for the Sent folder. I pressed the touchscreen on an email subject line dated just a few days ago that read, "Re, Fw, Re, Re Hey" I opened it up and scrolled down to the end of the email thread and read it upwards to get the full context.

To Melissa From Jimmy

Subject Hey

Can you do next Tuesday at 10am then? I can get Tim and maybe Paul this time.

Usual place?

To Jimmy From Melissa

Subject Re; Hey

Sounds good! Hope Paul can make it. Haven't seen him in ages.


To Melissa From Jimmy

Subject Re; Re; Hey

Paul said he can definitely make it this time. We'll leave here around 7am and be at the Denny's next to the Hotel around 9.

See you there!

To Jimmy, Tim, Paul From Melissa

Subject Fw, Re, Re Hey


Can't wait for tomorrow. Better eat a good breakfast guys, you'll need your strength! ;)


To Melissa From Paul

Subject Re, Fw, Re, Re Hey


Thanks for yesterday, it took me back to those crazy days so many years ago. I will try to make it out there more often with the guys. I always have a great time with you and your friends. Tim says the video will be at the same file-sharing URL with the same PW as the others plus the date. As usual, for our eyes only. We all know the rules. Kisses (Attachment)

To Paul From Melissa

Paul you know you have always rocked my world! Yesterday was no exception. You'll have to get away more often for a visit. Thanks again for referring the business to me too. See you soon.


I was numb... did I just read that? I read it again and noticed there was an attachment so I opened it. The image opened quickly without re-downloading since it simply loaded from the phones cache. That told me she had already looked at it on her phone. The image was my loving wife of over 20 years and mother of our two grown children... Her wide green eyes were looking directly at the camera. She was on her knees, naked with the cameraman's hard dick in her mouth and both of her hands each holding other mens cocks on either side of her face, one of them was black and it was fucking enormous! She had an all too familiar wicked grin on her face as if she were in mid-laugh when the pic was taken.

I felt a tug in my stomach. I felt a little dizzy. I felt like throwing up. I felt betrayed. I felt horrified. I felt repulsed. ...I felt my dick get really hard...

"Nick, Honey?" I heard from the top of the stairs in my wife's tired voice. It snapped me out of my trance, 'she can't see me going through her phone!' I thought in a panic. Spinning to replace it to it's place on the kitchen counter-top, I actually dropped the phone but was quick and lucky enough to catch it before it hit the tile floor.

I croaked out a "Yeah honey" my startled voice sounding like teenager going through puberty.

"Can you put my clothes in the dryer? I washed some whites and forgot to dry them. I have an early meeting in town tomorrow morning..."

I put the phone gingerly back on the marble counter-top, plugged it back into the charger and walked around the corner to see her at the top of the stairs looking lovely in her low cut nightie. Her dark hair, slim legs and large breasts were still a vision of beauty at age 51.

"No problem babe. I'll be up in a minute, go on back to bed. Love you."

"Love you too" she said walking back to the bedroom.

After loading the dryer I went back and piddled around the kitchen for a few minutes. I was thinking if I were going to confront her in a jealous, angry rage... this was the moment. Right now is the exact time I should be shouting at the top of my lungs that she was a whore, a slut, a cheat who had forsaken her marriage vows to go fucking multiple strange men in a cheap hotel. I could prove it. There was an email, a picture and supposedly a video too!

So I took action.

I wiped off the counter-tops with the dishrag, filled and set the coffeemaker, then turned off the TV and the downstairs lights. My erection and I walked up the steps and lay down in bed next to my sleeping wife.

I'm a pretty smart guy. I analyze things for a living. People bring me problems and I gather data and arrange it to find solutions. I lay in the bed next to my wife thinking that I have no idea who she is. She has this secret other life that up until tonight, I didn't know anything about.

I lay there and stared up into the darkness for what seemed like hours thinking of the other men, how long this has been going on, was that the first and only time? Who the fuck are these guys? What about disease?... I need to talk to Amy and ask her advice, we are having lunch tomorrow.

Amy and I are close. We were what you would call "work spouses" about 10 years ago. She was in a financial department that my data department feeds multiple daily reports, so we worked together a lot professionally.

Amy and I hit it off right away back then and had a strong sexual attraction for each other. I took her out to lunch on several occasions and our regular lunches and flirting soon turned into heavy petting and then regular sex. She has a taste for anal sex that she discovered with a couple of boyfriends while she was in college. Her husbands sexual appetite is quite vanilla and has never even tried anal sex with her since they were married. I have a thing for seeing my load swallowed inside a pretty ladies mouth and my Melissa has always been a spitter. We both had something to offer each other and we have been discrete fuckbuddies ever since.

We have both since worked our way up to management of our respective departments. She now has 3 children with her husband and I think that our relationship actually helped her and her husband Allen stay together all these years.

Over the years Amy has even steered other women in the company my way and we have had a few FFM three-way's with a couple of her lady pals during our "lunches". She is my closest friend and I know that we can tell each other everything.

We were at a table on the patio outside of our favorite Mexican restaurant after I told her exactly how and what I found on Melissa's phone the night before. She listened to me with a concerned look on her face.

"How long has that bitch been cheating on me? Who the fuck are those guys? My wife is a fucking gang-bang slut! What am I going to do?" I asked with my elbows on the table and my hands on the sides of my face.

"Wow..." she leaned back in her chair shaking her head.

"I know... I can't fucking believe she would do this to me" I replied.

"I didn't say 'Wow' because of her, you stupid fuck. I said it because I had no idea, after all the years I've known you, that you are such an asshole!"


"Look dumbass, you said that event happened last Tuesday, maybe around noon?" she leaned forward and growled at me so the ladies at the next table wouldn't hear "where the fuck were you? Let me refresh your memory Nick! About that exact same time, that exact same day, you had your dick buried balls deep in my ass you fucking hypocrite! Let me also remind you that I had to brush out your dried cum from my hair before I could go back to the office... again!" She stood up picking her keys out of her purse. "and another thing, with your newly found backbone of morality... are you gonna tell my husband that I have been a cheating, slutty whore for the past 10 years too? Well if you do, make sure you include the fact that it's been you that I have been cheating with."

I was stunned, I felt like my best friend just kicked me in the balls. I had honestly expected some sympathy.

She looked at me with a disappointed expression while putting on her sunglasses. "I thought I knew you Nick. We have talked for years about how much you love your wife and family and about my love for my husband and kids as well as our need for a little extra on the side that we just don't get at home. Are you telling me now that it was all bullshit?"

"Well, no... I..." I stammered sheepishly.

"We've got the best of both worlds sweetie." she said much more softly "We have our families at home and we also get what we need in excitement and variety. You don't think she deserves that too?"

"Umm..., I guess that I..."

"I've got work to do back at the office. When you pull your head out of your ass Nick..., let's do lunch again."

She turned and left me there to contemplate the obvious truths she had just painfully laid out in front of me. I went inside and paid the bill, walked to the parking lot, sat in my car and realized that Amy was right. I was a hypocritical dickhead. It was hard to accept that I am angry because I caught my beautiful wife doing exactly what I have been doing regularly for years.

I think human brains must be hard-wired for jealousy. It may be our survival instinct to immediately react that way. Cave men must have protected their territory from rivals who compete for food, water, breeding rights and other resources. We have evolved to protect and control those around us even though we may be doing whatever it is we are telling them not to do.

I worked though my day at the office and actually felt much better. I was absolutely right about talking this over with Amy. She made it clear what my path of action should be.


Doing nothing about it was the choice I made and I really did feel better. I didn't have to pretend to "act normal" around Melissa while I was furthering some complex master plan for revenge. I love her, she loves me. I just accidentally discovered that she also enjoys occasionally having sex with other people.

I messaged Amy on the company system just before the end of the day.

"Thanks for lunch today. My eyes have seen the light :)"

She replied, "Good call, my eyes would like to see a certain video ;) "

She was right again... I would love to see that video too. How many other videos are there? How do I get access to Melissa's phone again?

When I got home I kissed Melissa and told her that I loved her. I noticed her curly dark hair was still a little damp from a recent shower. She works out of her office in our house and often starts her day immediately after rolling out of bed in the morning. Sometimes she doesn't get a shower till later in the day, so her being freshly showered when I got home from work wasn't very unusual. "she did say she had a meeting in town this morning, didn't she?" I thought to myself. "Hmm..."

We had an average evening with dinner, then a walk with the dogs around our property then we watched some TV. She changed into one of her comfy nightgowns and she sat leaning against me in my bathrobe on the couch while she sipped a glass of wine. I had the image in my mind of her looking up into the camera as she entertained those three gentleman. I just had to pull my robe open.

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