tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Fucked Him!

She Fucked Him!


Let me preface this story with a little history. My wife and I had experimented with some threesomes and swinging but had stopped because she started feeling uncomfortable with it. One of the people we had had a threesome with was my best friend Steve, who turned out to be pretty well hung.One night when we were playing I had fallen asleep and my wife sucked him off and fucked him while I slept.

We had moved out of state and hadn't been home for a long time and we planned our summer vacation to travel back home and see some old friends and family. We had planned a big cookout and one of people we had invited was Steve. As the party went on and got later, and the crowd thinned out, we were sitting and joking and laughing, with a lot of sexual innuendo going around. Feeling the need to relieve myself, I walked to the house, only to find the bathroom occuppied. I made my way back outside and behind and old barn on the property, next to an old window opening. As I let go, I heard voices from the barn and peeked in to see my wife, Steve and her friend smoking a joint. My wife asked if anyone had seen me, and her friend replied she saw me walking toward the house, or stumbling, was more like it. My wife laughed and said I had probably fallen asleep. I immediatelt thought of the last time I had left her alone with Steve and fallen asleep, but she had been adamant about no fooling around with others. As I was going to make my way around the front of the barn, I heard my wife's friend say she would be right back. That left Steve and my wife alone. I decided to lay back in my hiding spot and see what would happen. As her friend left Steve looked at Karen and smiled and then said what I had been thinking, you remember what happened the last time you and I were alone and T fell asleep, Kar?,

She laughed and said yea, I kind of remember. Steve looked at her, and she told him, no way, I told you, we don't play anymore. Steve then told her that she had given him the best blowjob he had ever had and many nights he had jerked off thinking of her sucking his cock.

She seemed to like that comment, but told him to keep dreaming. But I could tell he was halfway there and she was thinking about it. Steve rolled another joint and Karen moved closer to him. As they smoked he leaned against an old work bench and then she leaned into him, so they were spooning standing up. This was getting interesting and I changed my position to be able to see better. Steve began to stroke her side and back and she moaned softly, but after a few minutes told him they should stop. He responded by wrapping his arms around her and not doing anyhting else.

What happened next shocked me, only because I thought they were done. She then turned to face him and asked if he really jerked off to her. When he said yes, she said well maybe she could refresh his memory. How is that, he asked. She then offered a blow job only, no fucking. He agreed and they moved closer to the back of the barn towards the shadows. Steve once again leaned into the shelf and she leaned into him, facing him this time. They began to kiss softly and he began to caress her. She responded by moaning softly and rubbing his chest.

After a few minutes she reached down into his pants and found her prize. He groaned as she took his cock in her hands and then commented how she had forgotten how big it was. After a few more minutes of kissing Steve pushed on her head and she dropped to her knees. She undid his pants and pulled them down. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock flopped out and hit her right in the face. She giggled and then kissed the head as she took it in both hands and stroked it. It was big enough that even with both hands on it, the head and about three inches still showed and this was the part she began sucking. She really worked him over, licking his shaft and balls and then sucking him as deep as she could go. I could hear her slurping and moaning on his cock and he was panting hard. At one point she took his cock as deep as she could and the opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and licked his balls.She reached down and was fingering herself while she sucked him. He groaned that he was about to cum and she moved off his cock and stroked him. He began to spurt and she directed his load onto her tongue and tits. After he was done she put her tongue on his cock head and licked him clean.

After they cooled down a minute she asked if he had anything she could clean up with. They lookd around but couldn't find anything so she decided to use her underwear. She stood and dropped her shorts, then quickly removed her panties. Steve took the opportunity to touch her pussy, but she playfully slapped his hand away and said bj only, remember. He responded by saying he always wanted to leave a lady pleased and wanted to make sure she got off. She laughed it off but didn't slap his hand away when he reached for her pussy again, instead she placed her hands on the bench, stretched out her arms and spread her legs. Her back was arched slightly and her ass stuck out. Steve moved over and lighty brushed her pussy, then began rubbing her clit. She began gyrating her hips and panting loudly. He leaned over and kissed her clit, then sucked it into his mouth, causing her to moan loudly. After a few minutes I was sure she was ready to come when I heard her moan out, fuck me. Steve didn't waste a minute but moved into position behnind her and grabbed her hips. She arched her back more and he pushed his cock against her lips. She pushed back and greedily engulfed his cock into her pussy. She let out a loud moan. Steve pushed in further until his balls rested against her clit. He wrapped his arms around her stomach and pulled back more. She began gyrating her hips and dropped her head down, panting and breathing heavy as she moaned how deep it was and how good it felt. She then got really vocal and began to tell him to fuck her deep. Between moans she was saying it felt so good and she loved his big cock. She told him she had fantasized about him fucking her again too. Something she said then rocked me for a minute. She said how he had fucked her so good that one night and she had never forgotten it.

That one struck me funny because after that night when they had confessed about playing while I slept and I pressed her for details, she had always said that she felt really uncomfortable during the whole thing.

Aafter a few minutes of his fucking her, she moaned that she was cumming. He responded that he was getting ready to cum too. She told him to cum deep in her pussy and he then grabbed her hips, pulled himself to the hilt and groaned loudly as he dumped his load inside her. She responded by gyrating her hips and moaning loadly that she was cumming.

They pulled apart and cleaned up quickly, she used her panties to wipe him off and herself off,then placed them in her pocket and walked out. He waited a few minutes and then left too.

All this time I had been stroking my cock and had cum all over the barn. I made sure there were no visible signs on me and made my way back to the party by a different route.

I met up my wife and she asked where I had been. I smiled and asked if I had missed any fun. She said yea tell ya later.

Later that night she related her story to me, and I admitted I had seen the whole thing. We had incredible sex and went to bed.

One thing I did ask her was about the first night she had fucked Steve and the different version she had told me. She said she had gotten scared because he had rocked her with his big cock ansd she became like a nympho. She had told me before that they had done it quick and fast and only for a few minutes, but really he had fucked her for three hours, and had even slid the head in her ass and cum. She was afraid because she liked it so much and didn't want to tell me.

All I can say is I love my slut wife.

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by Anonymous12/27/17

LIKE! Gave it a 4.4/5.0 (88%). Also i fully agree with anon 08/16/13 "Fucked up on NJ" -

I gave my wife a hall pass & regretted it. However what did not kill me made me stronger. I now love my wife more than i ever & she turns me on more than ever.
The reason i gave her the hall pass was imore...

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