tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Let Herself Go "Four" Him

She Let Herself Go "Four" Him


Author's Note: For those not familiar with this series I offer a brief background. Quint and Alissa met 10 months ago online. Alissa is a divorced mother of three and her children are with their father for the summer. Quint is a young man of 25 and single. They are living out fantasies they had during phone sex, web cam viewing, and cybersex. This is one of those phone fantasies, made real for Alissa and Quint. ~ Red


Alissa lay in bed, snuggled warmly against Quint, her thoughts focused on the past two days. Her memories surfaced, recalling how she felt when she saw him for the first time in the Gallery and how his touch excited her beyond reason. They had lived out many of their phone fantasies. They had enjoyed the fast, raw passion against the door; a heat of the moment fuck. They had loved in the shower, played in a restaurant and screwed in the parking lot where a couple had watched. The latter was last night and today they were going to live out another fantasy.

Quint had told her to call him Sir today and that meant they would be enjoying the one desire that had ignited them both so many months ago. She smiled at the thought and slipped from the bed.

There were things she wanted to do, before the day officially began.

She quickly dressed and slipped on a jacket over her blouse and tugged on her short skirt. She discarded the thought of wearing the panties, remembering Quint's requests from two days ago. The thought of wearing a bra was also tossed away; she pulled on a jacket, hoping it would keep her modestly covered.

A bakery was around the corner, so she left Quint a note and headed out. Her mind took her back to the first phone call. They had talked for hours. He'd made her come several times and when the sun rose they finally said their goodbyes. Ten months later she was in his city, not regretting this step in her life.

"Anything else?" the attendant behind the counter asked.

Alissa shook herself out of her revelry. "Oh, no, sorry. That'll be all." She handed the girl her money, took her change and slipped it back into her wallet. The morning light hit her as soon as she walked out and she breathed in the air and welcomed the sun. Her mind traveled back to Quint and she wondered if he'd still be in bed when she returned.

There was no warning, no sound of alarm, no click of shoes on the pavement to alert Alissa to the surprise grip on her arm that jerked her into an alley and forced her chest up against a rough brick wall.

She started to scream, but the low growl of "shut up bitch" filled her senses. Her heart raced and her head pounded from the unexpected shock of being dragged off the sidewalk in broad daylight. Didn't anyone see her? Hadn't there been someone around? She opened her mouth to yell, not wanting to let the inevitable happen. The attacker's hand grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the wall. "You scream and I'll really make this hard on you."

Alissa swallowed and felt a hot tear trickle down her cheek. She whimpered. One hand stayed in her hair, the other reached around and hiked up her skirt. "Oh, good girl," the whispered growl moved over her ear. The sound of "good girl" gave Alissa pause and she took a deep breath. She felt the grip on her hair tighten and the voice spoke again.

"I bet you're a wet slut, aren't you. Walking around with no panties, just waiting to get fucked. Well, good thing I found you, ain't it."

She felt his hand move across her ass and then down the crack, where he toyed with her anal opening. "You want it up the ass, slut?" the voice growled. He slapped one cheek and then the next. "You're such a dirty whore."

Alissa felt the stinging slap and gasped at the outrage that poured through her, then his words of whore, brought a blush to her cheeks. Quint called her a whore whenever they had their online fantasies, he called her a slut too, but this wasn't an online fantasy, this was real life, this was happening in the back alley of some bakery. "Don't do this," she whimpered.

"What? Don't fuck you? You don't want it. Let's see," he whispered against her ear. "Let's see what a dirty slut you really are."

She felt his fingers move over to her pussy and slide easily inside. She whimpered. "Fucking slut, you want this don't you? You've been waiting for this one haven't you? Waiting for some guy to grab you, hike your skirt up and fuck that wet cunt."

His breath ran over her skin and Alissa felt her body quicken in response. She chewed on her lip, trying to will herself to not react. Quint's words kept coming back to her over the phone. He asked her once about raping her. Her fingers curled into fists and she fought the mental images of their monthly phone calls.

The man drove two fingers into her sex and began to pump in and out of her. "You're gonna come on my cock. You're gonna love being fucked, by some asshole you don't even know."

She whimpered and felt her pussy tighten on his fingers and her ass voluntarily shove back against him. A moan escaped her as she felt his cock rub against her cheeks.

"Yeah, baby, you feel it, don't you. Stay put," he told her and pushed her deeper against the wall.

Alissa stood there, full of a mixture of shock, indecision, doubt, disbelief and an underlying hint of desire. She heard the scraping sound of his zipper and she jerked toward the opening of the alley. He anticipated her actions and slammed her back into the wall. "Look slut, it's going to happen. Just like you want it too. I'm gonna fuck your pussy and you'll come all over it, because you're a bitch in heat. Walking around with no panties."

"Don't, please, don't do this," Alissa cried out and she took a deep breath. Again he slammed her face into the brick wall and she felt the blood from her lips fall onto her chin. This was no fantasy world that Quint and her had created in her mind, this was the real thing and she suddenly felt her stomach curl in anticipation for what was going to happen. A new sense of urgency washed through her and she began to struggle.

The man laughed and twisted her arm back, almost bending it at an angle that left Alissa frozen in place. Again she met the brick wall and this time her eyes began to roll back in their sockets. "Oh no, you don't, you stay awake."

Alissa heard the voice and she swore for a moment it sounded like Quint, but she shook off the notion. Quint was back at the house, sleeping or at least showering. This wasn't a phone call fuck; this wasn't Quint. His voice poured over her though, words that Quint had used to help her reach the mind-blowing climaxes. She could almost feel him now, as if it were his voice in her ear. The voice wasn't Quint's, she told herself as her sex begin to ache from the past memories of her phone lover's words.

She felt the warm cock slide into her pussy and she closed her eyes on the invasion. Her slippery sex was still warm from the initial thrill that the phone fantasy idea had caused, now though as her body responded to the plundering of the man's cock, her eyes shed silent tears.

"Fuckin' cunt, your so tight. So hot. You like being raped don't you," he growled into her ear, spitting in her hair as he spoke.

Alissa felt his fingers move from her hair to her breasts. The brick wall had been her shield, but now he wedged his hand between them and started to twist her tit. His fingers dug into her skin and she felt the heat of his sex colliding with hers. Her pussy muscles tightened and she felt her body trembling with lust.

She knew it was going to happen. She could feel it building up inside her.

"That's it bitch, take it all, take it like you know you want to. You want me fucking you, just like this. Come on you whore, you fucking cunt. I'm gonna come all over your ass, bitch. You come for me Alissa, you wanted this fantasy, now do it."

Quint dropped the voice he'd perfected for a role of a street gang member that he'd used in acting class last year. He saw Alissa's body stiffen and pulled his cock from her pussy, coating her round ass with his come. He shot his seed all over her, watching the pools of creamy ink slide down the crack of her ass. Whether she came or not wasn't his concern, but he knew she had been close. He shoved his fingers into her pussy and began to work the walls with rough scrapes until she coated him with her honey. When he was done he pulled his hand out and smoothed down her skirt.

He kept her pinned to the wall and pressed his head on her shoulder. "God baby, it was powerful, just like in our fantasies. I can't wait till we get home and you can finish living out the last one. This one was hot."

"We need to go," Alissa whispered and Quint agreed. He took her hand and turned her around.

"Damn, babe, I really messed you up. You were fighting hard though, just like in our phone calls. You're good babe, you'll make a great pet this weekend, hell I may keep you collared for the next seven weeks. Remember that fantasy about keeping you locked in the closet and only letting you out so I could fuck you?"

He saw her eyes grow wide and he chuckled. "Come on babe, it wouldn't be that bad. I'd feed ya. Let's get you home and cleaned up. When I saw you climb out of bed, I watched and then read your letter. I knew this was the perfect time to live out our other fantasy."

Quint pulled his shirt off and dabbed at Alissa's bloody lip and puffy eyes. He looked over the knots on her forehead and sighed. "Next time babe, don't fight so much. . .then again it did make me hard, a lot harder than those phone rapes ever did."

"Can we go now?" she whispered.

"Yeah, we better. I sure am glad no one heard us. We'd have been screwed then. Ending up in jail was never one of your fantasies was it?" Quint asked and then tucked her against him. He had her keep her head down, as they walked the blocks needed to reach his home.

Once there he shut the door behind her and swatted her ass. "Go get cleaned up. Your collar is on the bed. I'll be in to put it on you in an hour."

To be concluded in She Let Herself Go Free. . .

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