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She Likes It Rough


My husband and I have a great marriage. He takes care of me as I do for him and on occasion I like to give him that little something extra. He didn't know I had rough and wild fantasies since I look like the "girl next door" type. But he on the other hand is just wild in bed. We started out wrestling around one day and he decided he was going to tie me to the bed with a rope and handcuff's. It turned me on brighter than a 100 watt light bulb. I told him he's going to have to try some rough stuff with me during out love making. He just smiled.

He started out romantic, so nice and slow. He removed my clothes a little at a time as I removed his. It was great, then it took a different turn when he said "sit down bitch." My eye's got so big and I couldn't believe my ear's. I thought he was serious at first until I seen his smile. He tied my hand's behind my back and got in front of me. He made me suck on his throbbing hard cock. After a few minute's of doing that he untied my hand's and made me lay down so that he could lick my wet pussy. It only got wetter and wetter with his magical tongue.

Next he made me get on my hand's and knee's while he proceeded to use the whip on my ass. He began to slide his hard cock into my wet pussy and as he did he said "you're my little slut." He pushed my chest into the bed and wrapped his hand's around my neck. It was hard, but not too hard. I never knew I would like it like that, it made even wetter as he took control. Pounding his cock into me was making me scream and moan in pleasure.

With my mind spinning a daze he pushed me away and he laid down. I got on top and began to ride. Here we go with the whip again whipping away at my now pink little ass. After a few whip's he rolled me over and put his hand's around my neck again. He could see the look of enjoyment and excitement on my face and it made him more excited. Upon removing his hand's from my neck I had my knee's at my ear's now so that he could go extremely deep, and boy did he ever. He was moaning in pleasure with every deep thrust he did so I told him "I'm your slut, now say my name."

I decided I wanted a little control so I pushed him off and reached for my vibrator. I began to use it on myself while he watched and stroked his long hard cock. As I began to squirm around he could no longer take watching me so he slid his cock in with the vibrator. It hurt at first, but I put my knee's back up to my ear's and I came so much. We both were having such great pleasure we ended up coming together. I had to change the sheet's I made such a wet mess.

After a few hour's of relaxation on the clean sheet's I began to get horny again. So I grabbed my vibrator and began to move it in and out of my wet pussy. My clit began to swell so he took the invitation to begin sucking and licking on it. I climbed on top of him and stuck my starting to drip pussy in his face while I sucked his cock. He got brave and let me use a finger just on the tip of anus while I was sucking. To his surprise, and mine, he liked it. I've never heard him moan like that before. So he in turn did the same to me while he licked my wet pussy.

Before we knew it we were both squirming and moaning. I began to suck his cock harder and faster and he was tonguing my pussy so hard I started to squirt. I could taste his pre cum and it tasted just as good as he looks. After a few minute's we were both screaming and coming. We continued until we were completely through coming. That was one amazing night of sex between the two of us and we still do different thing's to this day.

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by Anonymous05/21/18

Rough sex wife

My wife responds to rough stripping and mauling of her breasts, nipples, cunt, clit and anus while held down and forced to fuck. She swears,twists and writhes and gets very very wet until she cums inmore...

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