tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Needed An X-Ray

She Needed An X-Ray


This happened several years ago. I was married to my first wife, Sharon. She was just 20 at the time, a tiny woman, only 4' 10" tall. But what the Lord had shorted her in height, he more than made up for up top, she weighed just 93 pounds, but wore a size 34 C bra!

I just loved the way she looked, tiny waist, tiny hips, not a mark of flaw anywhere on her body, and without a bra on her breasts stood straight out, no hint of sag.

One day we were working outside the house, she tripped and took a tumble. In short order she had a pain in her hip, that progressed into her legs.

I thought it best to see a Doctor, so I drove her over to a local clinic. The Doctor, a nice fellow about 50, looked her over a bit, and told us he would need some x-Rays.

The X-ray clinic was a separate building across the street, by the time we walked over there, Sharon mentioned that the pain was going away, and that maybe we should just go home.

I would have none of that, so we stepped into the office.

The X-ray tech came out, I was a little surprised, he was a nice looking young man around 25 or so, I had expected a nurse. He fiddled with some papers the Doctor had sent over, then told us to come on into the back. I hesitated, but he told me it was OK, there was just the 3 of us there, so we stepped into the X-ray room. He told Sharon to remove her clothing, and gave her a gown to slip on. Sharon was wearing a slipover dress, and panties, that was it except for her shoes. Sharon pulled her dress over her head, the X-ray tech looked at her for a moment, his jaw almost dropped at the sight of her breasts. Then he said "Excuse me" and stepped out of the room.

Sharon looked at me and said, "These too?" Pointing at her panties. I wasn't sure, so I said, "Yes, probably", so she slipped them off and donned the gown.

The gown was one of those horrible flowered things, just a wraparound, with just a couple of ties. She put it on, open towards the front, quickly found it would barely wrap around her breasts, but tied it loosely.

The Tech stepped back in, looked her up and down, then he told her that she didn't need to remove her undergarments, said "Oh well, no matter", and asked her to step up to the screen on the wall. As he lifted her arms into position, the tie came undone, but he just had her press her breasts against the screen. He had me step behind the window, took a couple of pictures, then had her turn sideways, and hold her arms over her head. Here was the two of us standing looking at my pretty wife, blushing bright red, stark naked from head to toe except for the gown over her shoulders, which left her front completely bare!

I noticed the Tech was starting to take his sweet time, he stepped out a couple of times to "adjust" Sharon's position, he even reached down and placed his hand on the inside of her left leg and pressed it closer to the screen.

Then he had her get up on the table, and lie flat on her back as he positioned the equipment.

Sharon was laying with her feet facing us, the gown would no way stay over her, we both had a clear view of her pubic region. I was flushed and getting a hardon at the idea of this man looking at my naked wife, it was obvious that he was enjoying this, too. I was sure when he stepped out from behind the screen and did some more "adjustments", but had taken no X-rays!

He asked Sharon where she had pain, she told him in her back and down her legs, then he asked her if she had any pain in her pubic region, she said yes. It hit me that her nipples were hard as a rock, she was enjoying this, too!

The tech said he better have a nurse come in, he made a quick phone call. In just a few minutes another young man in a lab coat came in, introduced himself as Tom, and asked Sharon a few questions.

I was standing behind the X-ray window, the Tech was standing by the table on one side, and Tom was standing by the other. He reached out, felt around her hips a bit, lifted slightly, and asked her if it hurt. She told him no, he put his hand on the inside of her leg, probed a bit, then said, "Spread your legs, please!"

Sharon complied, opening her legs about 6 inches. "Wider, please", Tom said, so she opened up all the way.

Tom pressed his fingers alongside Sharon's pussy, asked her if it hurt, she said no. He took a hold of her pussy lips, rolled them gently in his fingers, and asked her if she felt any numbness. Again she said no. By now I was busting my jeans, as I watched him manipulate Sharon's pussy right in front of me. Then he told her he would need to do a quick check inside, and to take a deep breath, and relax!

He then ran two fingers of his right hand inside, felt around, pressed deeper, I saw Sharon's hips come up to meet his hand, she couldn't help it. He pressed all the way in, clear to his knuckles, and turned his fingers upwards towards her navel. I could see clearly as he stroked her gently, asking her if she felt the sensations normally. She managed to stammer a reply, then he removed his hand. He reached up with two fingers of his left hand, and pulled back her clitoral hood, reached up with his thumb and index finger of his right hand, and gently rolled her clit, against asking if the sensation was normal.

This was too much, she exploded into Orgasm, head thrown back as wave after wave hit her. He kept the gentle motion as she thrashed through her climax.

I just stood there in shock, completely aroused at the sight I had just witnessed!

Tom gave her a few gentle rubs on her legs, and said, "Everything seems to be in fine working order!", turning to me with a smile.

Sharon got dressed, and as we were leaving, the Tech smiled at me and said to come back anytime!

As we left, I noticed a linen delivery Van parked by the building. I glanced over, and there was Tom, rolling one of the bins with towels and lab coats out to the van, the company logo on his shirt. He saw us, smiled, and gave us a wave. Sharon gasped, looked at me, I said, "That was hot!" "Yes", she replied, giggling. "That guy just finger-fucked me right in front of you! She looked at the bulge in my pants, reached down and rubbed my rock hard erection, and said, "Take me home and fuck me!"

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