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She Takes Charge


It started innocently enough but then again don't most stories? I was sitting at my computer casually surfing the net, and when you have high speed Internet basically means I was looking at porn. In my house the computer is in the bedroom because that's the best place for it. I had probably been looking at various pictures, videos and stories for about half an hour before I came across a story that really got my cock nice and hard. It was at this point that I decided since my wife wasn't home, and wasn't due back for hours from work that I would take matters into my own hands, as it were. I had removed my clothes and was casually stroking my hard-on when I heard a perturbed "ahem". Needless to say I was slightly caught off guard.

I looked toward the bedroom door and saw my wife standing with her arms crossed and giving me a look that said I had some explaining to do. At the moment all I could stammer out was a very weak, "I didn't think you'd be home so soon."

Now after this my recollection of events becomes oddly crystallised and somewhat fuzzy at the same time. My wife walked over to the computer, looked at the screen and said, "I see you've been doing a little reading. Well, let's see what's got you all hot and bothered."

With that she grabbed a hold of my cock with her hand and gently pulled me out of the computer chair. She then told me that I should stand just to her left where she could keep an eye me. I was a little confused by this situation because Lynn never really had taken control of our bedroom in this manner before, but I was willing to let her just so I wouldn't have to try to explain my situation.

The first thing that she did was pull up a short video I had been watching. The video was about two minutes long and featured a three-way lesbian scene with a strap-on dildo. Lynn watched this video and stroked my re-hardening cock but remained silent other than an occasional "hmm" or "oh".

Next, she switched back to the story I had been reading. She looked me in the eye and sternly asked how much of the story I had read. I was leaning over to grab the mouse and show her on the screen where I had stopped reading when I was stopped by a quick but firm squeeze to my cock. I was quickly learning that the next while would b very different from other nights in our house.

Lynn looked at me again and repeated her question more firmly, "I said how much of this story have you read?"

I replied that I wasn't sure but thought I was about three quarters of the way through. Lynn said that was fine and I should continue to stand beside her while she read the story.

The story I had been reading was about a husband that had been having sex with his wife's best friend. However, the wife and the best friend had been having sex behind the husband's back. Finally, the wife and the friend decided to pull a fast one on the husband by having the wife catch him in the act with the best friend before joining in. I hadn't quite gotten to the final scene with the three-way yet.

Lynn took her time reading the story even though I know she is a fast reader. The whole time she was reading I standing at her side and she was stroking my rock hard cock. I was leaking precum like crazy because I was so turned on and curious about what would happen next.

Lynn continued stroking my cock, rubbing the precum up and down my shaft, under to my balls and finally she started to use one of her fingers to toy with my asshole. She kept this up the entire time she was reading, make it almost like it was an idle, insignificant thing for her.

When she finished the story she looked at me and asked how long I had been jerking off in front of the computer. I replied that I had been on the computer for about half an hour. She pondered this for a moment before looking at me and said, "Good. You should have lots of cum built up in that cock of yours then. I expect you to keep yourself nice and hard for the next hour and you are not to cum until I let you."

By now I was still confused by the situation but even more willing to let this continue because it was beginning to excite me tremendously and it seemed to me that Lynn was getting turned on by this situation as well.

With her hand still stroking my cock Lynn stood and told me a story of her own. She said that she has been keeping tabs on the different stories, movies and pictures that I have been looking at lately and decided that it was time she brought my focus back where it belonged, her pussy.

Lynn gave her first true order of the night, it was short, simple, to the point and carried a lot of force behind it, "Undress me."

I must have been slow complying with her command because my cock was given another firm squeeze. This one was a little stronger than the last one, another trend that would continue through the rest of the night. I started first with her blouse and casually tossed it on the computer chair. Another squeeze, "That's not the way I expect my clothes to be treated."

I gingerly walked to the closet and retrieved a hanger for her blouse. After properly hanging that piece of clothing I tackled her skirt. Once it was removed I hung it beside the blouse, after all I was no dummy. Next came her stalkings, which folded together and placed in the appropriate dresser drawer. Then her bra was removed and put away.

As I was reaching for her panties I felt a fourth squeeze, "No, not yet. We'll have to see if you deserve it."

With that she walked over to the bed, leading me by my cock, and sat down. She gently but firmly pulled me down to her so that I was lying across her lap with my hardness between her thighs and my ass was exposed to her glowing eyes.

Lynn began to rub my ass gently and spoke softly but firmly, "Will, I don't mind that you watch and read porn on the computer, but you must understand that I have desires too. I also need to feel the deliciousness of orgasmic release the same as you."

I was listening intently to Lynn's words because she was punctuating the occasional word with a firm squeeze of her thighs that went directly to my erect shaft that she had trapped.

"First I am going to administer a firm spanking of a number that you are to establish. By the time that has been completed I will have come up with a further idea of how the night shall progress."

Still stroking my ass and toying my asshole she gave me the first set of rules. "I'm going to think of a number between zero and fifty. You are to select a number also between zero and fifty. The number of spankings you are to receive will be determined by the difference between the two numbers. You have one minute to pick your number."

I saw my predicament quickly, if I were to pick a high number of forty and Lynn picked a low number of five I would receive thirty five swats to my tender bottom. By my logic I would have to pick twenty-five there by guaranteeing the maximum number of spankings would be twenty-five.

I was about to reveal my number when I felt one of Lynn's fingers push its way into my ass. This caused my cock to grow even more as she attempted to find my prostate. I closed my eyes and was being swept into a glorious trance when I felt her thighs squeeze my cock and her finger slide out of my ass at the same time. All she said was, "Now," but I knew what she wanted to hear.

I cleared my throat and said, "Twenty-five."

Lynn looked at me and let out a small laugh, "So predictable Will. I knew you'd try to use logic, that's why I choose zero. If you'd had some balls you'd have picked a better number and gotten less." To emphasise this statement she gave my balls a long hard squeeze.

"I will go easy on you. You will receive ten on each buttock and the last five will come down the middle. However, I don't want to listen to you yelp, so down on your knees. Now!"

I stood slowly and knelt in front of my wife.

"You may now remove my panties, but you may only use your mouth."

I looked up at Lynn and contemplated this chore. After very little consideration I decided the easiest way to tackle this job was straight on. Removing her panties proved easier than I first thought. I grabbed first once side then the other in my teeth and was able to pull them off fairly quickly.

After I completed this task I looked at Lynn will still holding her panties in my teeth.

"That's a good look for you," she said. Lynn grabbed the panties, balled them up and stuffed them into my mouth. "New get back on my lap as you were before."

As I climbed back onto Lynn's lap and positioned my still aching cock between her thighs I noticed that her panties were damp with her pussy juice. Since I was face down on the bed and a little of the panties were sticking out from my mouth I could both taste and smell how turned on she was. As soon as Lynn seemed satisfied with my position she began.

SMACK! "One."

THWACK! "Two."

SLAP! "Three."

With every strike Lynn administered she would squeeze her legs together as to emphasise that she was in control.


Lynn then did something I wasn't expecting, she began to rub and caress my ass. Then she slipped a finger in my ass and began to gently fuck my asshole.

WHACK! "Six."

She continued this procedure, stopping every five spankings to tease my asshole before starting again. When she had finished the twenty strokes and began to finger my asshole again I couldn't wonder how the final five would go. As Lynn removed her finger I mentally braced myself, what would she do?

For the last five strokes Lynn used a combination backhand whip down and struck my asshole. The combination seemed less painful than the previous strikes and combined with the squeezing of Lynn's legs I was leaking a lot of pre-cum.

"Now let's see how we've managed," was all Lynn said. "Stand and let me see your ass." I stood slowly and turned my back to her. She ran her hands over my ass, down between my buttocks, across my sensitive asshole, cupped my balls and began stroking my cock as she reached between my legs. "Yes, very nice indeed."

Suddenly Lynn pulled back her hand and I uttered a quiet moan. Before I had time to recover I heard my next order, two simple words, "Bend over." As I bent at the waist it must have given Lynn the view she desired because I heard her gasp lightly.

I felt Lynn's hands roam over my ass, her fingers continued to play with my cock, balls and toy at the entrance to my asshole.

Next I heard Lynn's command that I reach back and hold my ass cheeks as far apart as I was able to. As I was holding my ass cheeks apart Lynn reached between my legs with one hand and began to stroke my cock, while gently squeezing my balls with the other.

Just I was beginning to relax and enjoy her manipulation Lynn stopped completely and removed her hands. Fearful of what was to come next I stayed perfectly still.

Suddenly I felt Lynn's tongue probing at my asshole. She continued to lap and lick my hole until I was barely able to stand. Every time I was close to cumming Lynn wound stop everything and squeeze my balls until the feeling passed.

This process continued for what seemed like a very long time to me. I wasn't sure to expect next as Lynn asked me to stand up. Looking at the clock I saw only about ten minutes had passed and I realised I was in more trouble then I thought.

Lynn's next order was less cryptic, "Fetch some of your ties from the closet and bring the computer chair to the side of the bed."

Once I gathered the ties and moved the chair I stood beside the bed awaiting Lynn's next order while she idly played with pussy looking at me with bad intentions.

My cock bobbed up and down in tune with my pulse as I watch Lynn play with her pussy. Suddenly Lynn snapped her fingers and commanded, "Knee!"

I looked at Lynn quizzically but complied quickly. She stood, walked past me to our 'special box'. When she returned she placed one of our dildos and a small vibrator down in front of me. she then moved the chair so that it was behind me with its back to mine. Taking my hands she tied them together to the chair back.

Lynn moved in front of me and sat on the bed. She removed her panties from my mouth and draped them across my cock, then issued a simple command, "These are not to hit the floor."

Next, she put the bottom of the dildo in my mouth and instructed me to hold it there. Lynn got up on the bed and knelt facing away from me. She glanced behind her, took hold of the dildo with one hand and guided it into her pussy.

Slowly Lynn began to rock back and forth on the dildo, taking more and more on each stroke until she was taking it all deep inside her pussy. And I had a front row seat.

With each stroke I could see her pussy getting wetter, I could feel her juices dripping down my chin as Lynn continued to fuck herself. I could tell Lynn was getting more and more turned on. Each down thrust would push my nose deeper into her asshole.

After a little while I began to feel the vibrator. Lynn had turned it on and started to rub it across her clit. Lynn bucked hard and faster on the dildo, making louder and louder noises.

Just when I thought that Lynn was going to climax right in my face she slowed her pace and withdrew her self from the dildo.

I didn't dare move as Lynn set up the next even of the evening, but I did glance down to make sure her panties hadn't hit the floor.

Lynn got up off the bed and untied my arms. She removed the dildo from my mouth, took the panties off my cock and wiped my chin. She then stuffed those same panties back in my mouth.

As I tasted Lynn's pussy juices for the first time she issued her next order. Motioning to the chair she said, "Sit."

Lynn positioned my ass so that it was just barely in contact with the chair. She then brought my legs back and secured my ankles to the backs of the legs of the chair. Next Lynn tied my arms to the chair arms. As a final touch she loosely looped one final tie around my next and secured it to the back of the chair. Unable to move I watched as Lynn strutted around the chair and looked over her handy work.

Leaning forward Lynn braced herself on the bed and began to rub her pussy up and down on my still rock hard cock. Unable to move or speak I could only moan in pleasure, or was it pain, wishing I could bury my cock deep in her pussy.

Finally satisfied with how lubed up my cock was Lynn grabbed a firm hold of my cock and ever so slowly seated herself upon my cock.

The heat radiating from Lynn's pussy was incredible, in all the time we'd been having sex I had never felt anything like it.

As before with the dildo Lynn began slowly and began to pick up speed. I was straining not to cum because I didn't want to disobey Lynn after lasting this long.

Just then I heard and felt the buzz of the vibrator around the base of my cock and balls. Lynn was running the vibrator over her clit, down my cock, across my balls and against my taint. I growled in pleasure as Lynn continued this torture.

Lynn must have sensed that I was nearing my limit because she moved the vibrator and concentrated on her clit. I began to feel her pussy spasm and the walls of her pussy clamped down my cock.

I didn't think I could hold back any longer when I heard Lynn scream out as her orgasm racked her body, "OOH YES! DO IT NOW! CUM DEEP IN MY PUSSY! OH GAWD YES! CUM IN ME!"

My orgasm over took my body, starting in my toes I could feel it course out of my body. I'm sure my eyes were open but everything around me started to fade away as I felt my balls and cock clench over and over as I spurted my cum deep into Lynn's pulsing pussy.

When I started to return to my senses Lynn was still slumped over the bed and my softening cock was still buried in her pussy.

That's when Lynn pulled the last trick her bag. She got off my cock, walked behind the chair, grabbed the back of the chair and slowly let it tip to the ground so I was now lying on my back. Next she removed her panties from my mouth, then knelt over my face.

As I starred up as her dripping pussy Lynn issued her last command, "Clean my up."

I began to take deep licks into her pussy as Lynn ground herself on my face. I swallowed the best I could but I had cum so much that most of our juices ended up dripped down the sides of my face.

After several minutes Lynn seemed satisfied, stood up, and turned to face me. She looked me in the eye as she knelt by my head. Then Lynn smiled as she began to lick and kiss my face to clean up all that I had missed.

When she was done Lynn tipped the chair back up and untied me. She came back around to the front of the chair, sat in my lap, gave me a big hug and whispered, "I love you."

That was the last straw for me, I picked Lynn up in a big bear hug, swung both of us around in a circle while screaming, "I love you too!"

Since that day our sex life has changed in some subtle and some non-subtle ways. Now we take turns 'controlling' the bed, but we also seem to 'catch' each other naked sitting at the computer looking at Internet porn every once in while. ;)

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