tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Wouldn't Date Him

She Wouldn't Date Him


"Hello, Sarah".

The voice startled Sarah; she turned towards the direction the voice came from. "Who is it, where are you?"

"You know me, Sarah. And I'm right here."

The Voice stepped out of the shadows and into Sarah's sight.

"What are you doing here?" Sarah recognized one of the men with whom she worked. He had asked her out several times and she turned him down each time. Not that she didn't like him. He was pretty nice, and certainly handsome. It was just that he was...a man.

"Oh, Sarah, my dear. You talk too much, did you know that? I heard you talking to Amanda about fantasies. All I had to do was look you up in the company directory, and here I am."

"Wayne, what do you want? Why are you here?"

"To help you fulfill some of your fantasies, Sarah. To give you pleasure."

"No....Wayne, I want you to leave...NOW! If you go now, I won't say anything to the boss about this. But if you don't go, I will. He wouldn't look too kindly on one of his employees stalking another."

"But I'm not stalking you, Sarah. I'm here for you....to give to you. You see, you always turn me down when I ask you out, but I don't hold a grudge. Quite the opposite. I will take this opportunity to be with you. And you will enjoy my visit."

"Look, Wayne", Sarah says as she tries to step away from him. "I don't have anything against you personally. I just haven't been going out with....men...lately....."

"I know, Sarah, I know. But it is such a waste of good pussy to give it to women."

Wayne walks towards Sarah and blocks her exit from the porch. "Open the door, Sarah."

Sarah fumbles with the keys as she tries to find the key to the front door. Finally she finds the right key and puts it in the lock. She trembles as the door opens.

"Go on in, honey. Turn on a light so I can see you."

Sarah goes to turn on a lamp. As she does so, she looks around the room to see if there is anything she can use as a weapon. Damn. Nothing. No heavy knick knacks, nothing.

"Now, my sweet. Take off your shoes and get comfy, and I'll do the same."

"Look, Wayne....tell you what....I'll go out with you...on a real date, ok? Just please..leave. Now."

Shaking his head, "No, Sarah...too late for that. Now...take off your shoes, as I did."

Sarah removes her shoes and pulls her legs up under her on the sofa. She watches with widening eyes as Wayne starts to unbutton his shirt and then his jeans. 'Oh, dear God', she thinks. 'This can't be happening.'

"Come on, Sarah, I don't want to be underdressed for the occasion", he chuckles at his own joke. Sarah dosn't think it is funny. "Now Sarah. Do it."

Sarah reaches for the hem of her top and pulls it over her head, and holds it to her chest. "No, throw it over there, on that chair." Sarah complies, not knowing what else to do.

"Move your arms...don't try to cover yourself. There...that's better" he says as she puts her arms down and her hands in her lap."

"Now, my sweet....stand up and remove your pants. Yes, Sarah...do it.....NOW!"

Startled by his loud command, Sarah unbuckles her pants and pushes them down to her ankles and steps out of them. She throws them over with her shirt. "There....now stand straight. Let me see you. Yes....very nice. Ok....now the bra and panties."

Becoming resigned to her fate, Sarah complies. She is standing in front of him, nude, trying cover herself with her hands.

"Now....there will be no more hiding yourself from me tonight. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Wayne. I understand."

Wayne removes his clothing, including his jockey shorts and tosses them over near Sarah's clothing.

"Ok, let's go get your toys."

"What toys? I don't know what you're talking about," Sarah says, trying to derail his plans. No such luck.

"Oh, come now, dear one. I said I heard you talking to Amanda. I know you have....special toys you play with when you have a 'friend' over. I want you to share them with me."

Sarah sighs and walks toward her bedroom; Wayne follows.

Going to her dresser, Sarah removes a box. Wayne takes it from her and looks inside. "Ahhh....yes. Just as you told Amanda. This is going to be a fun evening, Sarah." Wayne smiles and licks his lips.

He leads her back to the living room. "Bend over that chair. Put your knees on the seat and hold on to the back. Yes, just like that. Now.....let's see how this switch feels." Wayne gently rubs her butt then steps back and administers the first swat with the switch. Sarah flinches. She is determined not to enjoy this. Just get it over with. Wayne gives her a few more swats then stops to admire the thin red lines that appear on Sarah's ass. He rubs her marks lightly, then slips his hand down between her thighs. Not wet yet.

"Sarah, I know that this is a turn-on for you. Unless you were lying to Amanda, hmmm?"

"Just do what you are going to do and leave." Sarah spits out between clenched teeth.

"Now Sarah...is that any way to act? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Ok...lie down on the sofa. Throw your left leg over the back of the sofa. Yes, and put your right leg down, with your foot on the floor."

Sarah does as Wayne has ordered her, feeling humiliated in this spread position.

"Put your arms together, over your head, dear one. I'll try not to cut the circulation off when I tie them."

Wayne ties Sarah's hands together over her head, then ties the rope to a leg of the couch. He then goes down and squats on the floor, beside her. He enjoys what he sees: Sarah virtually spread-eagle, at his disposal. Yes, this is going to be nice. Very nice.

Sarah flinches as Wayne touches her belly. He leans down and flicks a nipple with his tongue. "Ahh....Sarah...you don't know how many times I've fantasized about this," Wayne tells her as he continues to flick first one nipple then the other. He stops to suck on one and hears Sarah's sharp intake of breath. He sucks harder, drawing more of her breast into his mouth.

Sarah moans. Damn him. He kneads the other breast with one hand as he sucks on the first one. His other hand slips down to her hairless mound. He cups her with his hand and Sarah squirms.

"Feel good, Sweet? Yeah...I think it does." He goes back to her breasts, with one hand still on her cunt, his middle finger slipping down between the lips. Yes...moisture...she is enjoying it. He smiles.

Wayne leaves her breasts and goes to kneel between her spread thighs. He can almost taste her already, just from smelling her aroma. "No, Wayne...please....let's just forget this. I won't say anything...just please don't do this."

"What's wrong, Sarah? A man's tongue isn't good enough for your sweet pussy? Only another woman's will do? Well, you'll get this man's tongue. Right...now" he says as he lowers his mouth to her lower lips. Sarah jerks as his skin meets skin. Wayne opens his mouth and places it over her cunt and sucks. Sarah takes in a deep breath and holds it. She won't enjoy it. Think of something else. Anything other than that.....oh god that tongue slipping between her lips. "Sarah, I don't know why you are so resistant to this; I know that you have fantasies of being raped. Well, love, here is your fantasy come true. Except this isn't a violent, stranger rape. No, I wouldn't even call it 'rape' at all. How about 'a forced seduction'? I like the ring of that." He lowers his mouth back to her pussy and begins to slowly lick, from top to bottom and back again. She tasted so good to him.

"Oh dear lord no....." Sarah moans as her head begins to rock from side to side on the couch. 'This can't feel good', she thinks. While she can still think.

Wayne's tongue has begun making all kinds of swirls on her pussy. Oh, heavens...that feels *so* good, Sarah thinks. What IS he doing with his tongue?

As if he read her mind, Wayne tells her that he is writing the alphabet with his tongue. She is beginning to feel too good. She doesn't want to give him the satisfaction of having an orgasm. She may not have a choice in the matter.

Wayne zeroes in on her clit, alternately licking and sucking, as Sarah's cunt begins to twitch. Her head is pushing down into the couch as she tries to fight her impending orgasm. She tries to close her legs, but Wayne has them held apart with his hands. She is immobile as he sucks and licks. Her pussy is throbbing; she feels the inside of her cunt begin to spasm. Sarah clasps her hands together over her head as best she can. "Oh dear god..no....."nooooo" she wails as her orgasm overtakes her. Wayne continues his ministrations as she thrashes about on the couch. Finally he stops, leans back and looks at her, licking his lips and smiling. Sarah is lying there, breathing hard, trying to slow her breath and heartrate. God, where did he learn that?

Finally her breathing slows enough for her to be able to speak. "Damn you Wayne...did you get what you came for? Please go."

"Why, Sarah. Is that any way to talk to the man who just made you....cuuum?", he draws the word out.

Sarah tries to get her breathing back under control. "Ok...what more do you want?"

"Honey pie, we've got the whole night ahead of us. Don't rush it!"

Wayne goes up to the head of the sofa and rubs his hard cock as Sarah watches, wondering what he is going to do. But she knows. She groans as he straddles her chest and places the tip of his cock on her lips.

"Just one word of warning, my dear.....bite me and you WILL regret it. Savvy?" Sarah nods her head in understanding.

"Now....open a bit...yes, there's the good girl. Ahhh......" Wayne sighs as the head of his cock slips between her wet lips. He begins to thrust slowly as she licks the head with her tongue.

"Yes, soo good. So very good." He leans his head back as he enjoys the sensation of having his cock sucked by Sarah as he fucks her mouth.

"Suck harder. Yeah....that's it." His thrusts increase as his cock hardens more, and thickens. Sarah opens her mouth wider to accomodate the bulk of his cock. She wonders if she will choke.

"Oh yeeesss....oh dear god yes..." Wayne moans and holds Sarah's head as he fucks her mouth in earnest. He knew that it would be good with her. Ah, this is so very good. He is so close to orgasm. He closes his eyes, head thrown back, and holds her face tightly to his crotch. One final deep thrust and he begins to spurt into her mouth.

"Swallow it, Sarah. All of it", he gasps out as his orgasm winds down. She swallows his cum as he pulls out of her mouth.

"Damn, woman. That was nice. Very nice."

He lays down on the floor beside the couch as he comes down from his orgasmic high, breathing hard.

When he recovers sufficiently, he raises up and unties the rope from the leg of the sofa, and unties her hands.

Sarah rubs and shakes her arms and hands to restore circulation. She glares at Wayne. "I hope you're happy," she says. "You damn near made my hands turn blue by tying me that way."

"Oh, honey....it was worth it. Don't you think?" Sarah says nothing, just glares at him.

"Ok....time for more fun." Wayne goes back to Sarah's box of toys and removes a slim dildo and a tube of lube.

"No, Wayne....not on your life." Sarah sits up on the sofa and wraps her arms around her legs.

Wayne turns to Sarah and smiles. "Oh yeah...get on your knees on the floor, Sweet, and stick that pretty ass up in the air."

Sarah remains seated. Wayne stops smiling and gets a paddle. He hits the outside of her thigh with the paddle. "I said do it."

Sarah recoils when the paddle hits her thighs and looks up at Wayne as if it was the first time she had seen him. Slowly she begins to slide down to the floor, on her knees, leaning her head on the sofa.

Wayne sits down beside her and spreads her ass cheeks with his hands and rubs her. He goes down between her thighs and brings up her juices and rubs them on her asshole. He gets some lube on his finger and slowly begins to work on her. He rubs around the rim until she begins to relax, then sticks the very tip of his index finger into her. Sarah tightens up then begins to relax. She knows that if he is intent on doing this, she is better off to relax and go with the flow. Besides...she doesn't want to admit it, even to herself, but it feels good. Too good.

Wayne gently works more of his finger into her ass, pulling out and pushing in slowly, deeper each time. Finally, he is in deep enough. He pulls out and lubes up the dildo. He places it against her hole and leans down to lick and kiss her butt cheek as the dildo starts to slowly work into her. Sarah tries to relax as the plastic toy invades her body. Wayne's licking of her ass helps. She signs and let's her body relax onto the sofa.

Wayne increases the pace as Sarah's body begins to accept more and more of the dildo. He notices that Sarah is starting to move, ever so slightly, back toward the dildo. He smiles as he kisses her butt cheek. Yes, this is good.

Sarah moans as her body begins to betray her once again. As determined as she is not to enjoy this, her body has other ideas. She arches her back and thrusts back onto the dildo. Wayne reaches down and rubs her pussy with his free hand.

"Ohhh......yes.....oh god yes..." Sarah moans as Wayne rubs her clit. He continues to fuck her ass with the dildo, and Sarah bucks back into the dildo more and more. Her orgasm is approaching. She moans non-stop as the feelings overwhelm her once again. She is thrown over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

She relaxes down into the sofa again and breathes hard. Wayne removes the dildo slowly and Sarah shudders involuntarily. Oh, so good. Damn him.

Wayne puts his arm around Sarah and leans down near her face. He smiles at her sweat-drenched face and hair. She looks at him, still refusing to give him the satisfaction of admitting that she has been feeling so good. He knows without her saying, by the betrayal of her body and her moans. Still, she refuses to tell him in words.

On a deep sigh, Sarah asks him, "What next, Wayne? Or am I fortunate enough for you to be finished with me?" Sarah suddenly realizes that she hopes he is not through with her. She wants to feel his cock in her. Deep and hard in her. 'Oh damn...what is wrong with me?', she thinks. 'He's gotten me hornier than a bitch in heat, that's what', she replies to herself. 'Great...now I'm not only talking to myself, but I'm answering myself, too.'

"Ok, sweet one. Off to bed with you", she hears Wayne say, interrupting her reverie.

"You..you're leaving now?"

Wayne chuckles. "No, dear one, I will be joining you in your bed."

Sarah glares at him, but inwardly rejoices. She gets up slowly and carefully, and walks into her bedroom.

"Excuse me, please? I have to use the restroom."

"Ok, just leave the door open so I will know if you try to sneak out the window."

"Where will I go with no clothes on, Wayne?", she asks with derision in her voice.

"Well, just go on...and leave the door open anyway."

Sarah uses the restroom and washes her face and hands. She returns to the bedroom but Wayne ushers her back into the bathroom. "I want to be able to keep an eye on you while I take my turn in there now." Wayne washes his hands and takes Sarah by the elbow and walks her back to her bed. He pulls back the covers and motions for Sarah to lie down.

"Haven't you had enough, Wayne? You've had your revenge, if that what this is."

Wayne chuckles, shaking his head as if in disbelief. "Sarah, Sarah...This isn't 'revenge'. This is just a way to give you the pleasure which you have been denying yourself by turning me down and sharing your gorgeous body with women. Now lie down."

"How do you know what I find pleasurable, Wayne?" Sarah spat out his name with venom in her voice.

"Lie down....NOW!", Wayne orders; Sarah complies, a bit frightened when he uses that tone. Then more softly, "I know, Sarah, I know, because I've just given it to you. No, don't try to deny that you enjoyed what I've done for you so far." Wayne sits down on the bed next to Sarah and begins to gently rub her bare belly. Sarah squirms a bit, but tries to pretend it is out of disdain.

"If I have responded with apparent enjoyment to anything you have done TO me", says Sarah, emphasizing "to", "it is just biology, pure and simple. I'm certainly NOT enjoying this...this...outrageous activity."

"My dear, I don't believe for one minute that "just biology" is the cause of your orgasms. You can say that all you want, but I know the difference. Now, just lie back and let me see how much more pleasure I can provide to you."

Wayne stretched out beside Sarah, with his head in his left hand, supported by his elbow. He looked down at Sarah and thought what a delight she was. And for tonight, she was his. With his right hand, Wayne caressed Sarah's face...her cheeks, nose, lips, then down to her throat as he leaned down to kiss her lips. The kiss began gently as he moved his lips over Sarah's. She held her lips tightly closed.

Moving his right hand down to her breast, Wayne began to gently massage one breast. He continued to move his lips over hers, then traced them with the tip of his tongue. Sarah opened her eyes and stared at him for a moment, then closed them again. Damn she wanted him to fuck her...but there was no way on this earth she would let him know that.

Sarah opened her lips to say something and Wayne took advantage of the opening to slip his tongue inside her mouth. Sarah opened her eyes again to protest, but she was beginning to succumb to the kneading of her breasts, and the feeling of his tongue teasing her own.

Wayne smiled down at Sarah as her eyes drifted closed, her thoughts remaining unspoken. Sarah sighed and relaxed. Damn! 'I guess the old adage is true...if you can't fight 'em...', she thought.

"That's my girl", Wayne cooed to her as he sensed her relaxation. "Just lie there and let Wayne soothe what ails you."

Not quite ready to totally give in, Sarah replied tartly, "The only thing that ails me is you, Wayne. I've just decided to let you do what you want so this will be over as soon as possible." To herself, Sarah said, 'damn...just hurry and fuck me, you idiot!'.

Wayne's tongue resumed its tour of Sarah's mouth, tracing out the contours of her palate, her teeth, the insides of her cheeks. Sarah let her tongue do a little dance with Wayne's tongue.

The massaging of her breasts had hardened Sarah's nipples to little rocks and the surface of her areola was pebbled. Wayne bent down to lick at each nipple in turn. He licked around first one and then the other, taking in the areola with each lick, with Sarah's sighs as his reward.

Raising up, Wayne took both her arms and held them over Sarah's head. He then resumed his laving of her nipples. He knew that this was a special turn-on for Sarah, as it was one of the things he had heard her tell Amanda. She had said that there was just something so exciting about having her arms raised up while her breasts were being sucked and licked. Especially when they were being held up, or tied above her head.

Sarah sighed as Wayne suckled her breasts, drawing a nipple into his mouth, sucking harder, then more lightly, back and forth. It was maddening! Her nipples were so hard they felt like they would explode. A moan escaped Sarah's lips and Wayne smiled again.

"Mmmmm...your breasts...so nice, Sarah. So wonderfully nice." Wayne made a noise that vibrated on her breasts and Sarah gasped. He knew that she was not going to give him any trouble now. He had her right where he wanted her.

Sarah was moaning almost continually now, as Wayne continued his loving assault on her senses and her breasts.

Finally he released her arms and moved his mouth downward. He licked her abdomen on his way down, pausing at her belly button. Sarah tried to stifle a giggle as his tongue delved into the small pit.

"Ticklish, are you, my dear?" Wayne continued his way down her belly, branching off to one side just before he reached the point where the soft bed of hair would have been, had she not shaved it off. 'Pity', thought Wayne as he observed once again her hairless mound. He had never realized that about himself before now...he was a "hair man".

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