tagInterracial LoveSheila Pays the Tab

Sheila Pays the Tab


Author's Note: This is just another white wife cuckolds her husband with a well endowed black man. So if you're looking for an original story... Sorry. I wrote it because I found the idea titillating. While I wrote it, it turned me on and so does re-reading it. It's the first time I've written anything from the woman's perspective (as if I have a clue about that). But it did enable me to write about what I 'hope' the woman might have felt.


"Come on Sheila," said my husband, "just for me okay?"

"Mark I can't wear that outfit out. Everyone will think that I'm a total slut."

He got a huge grin on his face. "I know, but you won't be coming home with anyone else and I will be so turned on."

"No Mark I can't do it."

"Alright listen. You know that puppy that you've been begging to get?"

"Yes, but what does that have to do with this?"

"I'll get that puppy for you if you do this for me." I shook my head no and rolled my eyes. "I'll..." I could tell that his mind was racing for something that would change my mind. "I'll buy you a new car."

This made me pause. My car seemed to always be on its last legs and I've been warning him that it wasn't going to last much longer. But my husband just keeps tinkering with it; keeping it running. I hate that car.

He could see my indecision. "Come on a puppy and a new car for just one night of fun."

"It will be fun for you," I retorted.

"You'll have fun too. And honey I'll protect you if anyone tries to get too fresh."

"Okay, show me what else you bought and I'll decide." You should have seen the gleam in his eyes. You would have thought that he'd won the lottery. He'd already shown me the short, you have no idea how short, black skirt and nearly transparent black blouse which had caused my initial reaction.

He opened the big shopping bag and pulled out a pair of black platform high heel boots. I picked them up and made a face. The platforms were at least two inches high and since I was five foot nine they would make me as tall as he was. I let out an exasperated sigh. "I'll probably break a leg," I thought to myself. "What else do you have in the bag?" I asked.

He pulled out a choker necklace studded with faux diamonds. "Won't this look great around your neck?" I nodded "sure". Next he pulled out long strand diamond earrings.

"Those are pretty," I admitted.

"And finally," he said as he pulled out a package of nylons.

"Those are fishnet."

"I know," he grinned as he handed me the package.

I looked at the black fishnet pantyhose package and realized that they had their own garter belt. There was an elastic strap at the waist and then four fishnet strands that went down to the stockings. I looked at him with my mouth half opened. I would be pretty much exposed from my upper thighs to my panties.

"Think about that new car and puppy," he added quickly.

"Okay." I let out a resigned sigh. I did have a pair of black panties that would look good underneath this outfit if I had to bend over or anything.

"Now if I get you a new car and puppy you promise you'd wear this outfit to a club with me?"

"Umm, sure," I said.

"Promise?" he asked emphatically.

"Yes I promise." Then added, "Where are you planning on taking me? We can't go anywhere where we might know somebody."

"I know," he said. "Berkley told me about a cool nightclub."

"Berkley? Isn't he..."

Before I could finish Mark cut in, "Yep that's him."

"I don't know Mark. From what you tell me he's a little wild."

"Oh they're just guy stories."

To get ready for our evening, I took a shower first. Mark asked me to put my long blond hair up so that the necklace and earrings would show. As I was applying he insisted that I put on silver eye shadow and use much more eyeliner that I normally would use. He handed me the tube of my reddest lipstick which made my face look pale.

He handed me the package with the fishnet stockings. "These next," he said. I took the package. Figuring that I could wear my panties over them I opened the package curled up the stocking's leg and slid my right foot in. Thankfully, the mesh was tight and my toes didn't poke through. I pulled the stocking up to my knee and the slid the left foot in and slid that side up. Standing, I slid them up until the belt piece was around my waist.

Mark was watching me hungrily as I pulled on the stockings. I felt totally exposed. My butt was bare and of course nothing covered my front. I posed provocatively. "Are you sure that you want to go out tonight?"

"Why don't you put on the rest and then I'll decide."

I started to put on a black bra and he stopped me. "What?" I asked.

"No bra," he said.

"Mark I have to wear a bra. You can see right through this blouse."

"I know and you're sweet C cups will look wonderful underneath."

"Come on Mark. Be reasonable."

"Sheila you promised to wear the outfit I got you." He paused. "Did you see a bra?"

I looked at him askance.

"Remember, new car and puppy," he added.

Reluctantly I picked up the blouse and put it on. The silky fabric brushed my nipples and I could feel them harden from the friction. I shivered. "Mark if we see anyone we know..." I let the rest hang unsaid.

He handed me the black skirt. I started to put it aside and reached for my panties.

"No panties," he said.


"No panties Sheila, you promised."

I was about to tell him to just forget it when he asked, "Would you like to get that little convertible that you think is so sexy?" He looked me in the eye and he could tell that I was tempted.

He picked up the skirt and held it out to me. Resigned, I took it from him and stepped into it. It was so tight that I could barely get it on, much less zip it up. "Well how do I look?" I asked turning around. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My nipples and brown areola were clearly visible under the blouse; in fact so was everything above the waist. I cupped my breasts just to tease my husband and looked at my reflection in the mirror. The skirt just barely covered the tops of the stockings. If I bent over at all anyone would be able to see my naked ass.

"Good enough to eat," he finally replied, his voice husky.

"You know we could just stay here and I could seduce you," I suggested in my most alluring voice.

"Oh I can wait," he said. "I'll be so turned on watching other guys drooling over you that I won't be able to wait to bring you home." He added, "And I'll be the only one to know that you don't have on panties. It's making me hot just thinking about it."

I pulled on the boots. They came up to mid-calf and were as tight as the skirt. I finally got them zipped up and hoped that they wouldn't cut off my circulation.

We arrived at the club in a taxi. At least I didn't have to walk a block downtown dressed like this. Mark led me up to the back of the line to get into the club and for the first time I noticed that except for a few white women, everyone else in line was black.

"Mark," I whispered into his ear, "this is a black club."

"Well Berkley is black. Why are you surprised?"

At first no one noticed us, but as we slowly made our way to the front, several turned and looked at my chest. I felt my face getting flush as I tried to act casual. When we got to the front of the line the doorman took one look at me, then my chest, grinned and then moved the velvet rope to let us in.

The club was elegant and extremely crowded but Berkley was apparently watching for our arrival because he showed up at my elbow in a few minutes. He appraised my outfit and then gave Mark a high-five. "Hey big dog," he grinned. "I didn't know that your wife was so hot," he said to my husband.

Mark grinned proudly. "Sheila you remember Berkley."

"Hey babe," said Berkley letting his eyes slowly move up and down my body before he leaned forward and kissed my cheek while letting his hand 'inadvertently' brush my breast. Mark beamed.

Berkley led us to a table in the back where two other black guys and their dates were already drinking. One of the other women was white, but neither she nor any of the other women seemed pleased to have us join them. The men smiled at me with lots of white teeth as they made room at the table.

Berkley grandly ordered drinks all around. After my second drink I was starting to have more fun. The music was really good and I loved to dance. Mark took me out for the first dance and then Berkley asked me when we got back to the table. I wasn't too keen on being with him, but Mark answered for me. "She's all yours Berk."

I'm a very good dancer and Berkley was enjoying watching me gyrate around as I tried to stay out of his grasp. One time I made the mistake of turning my back on him and lifting my arms while I danced and he quickly stepped up to me and cupped my breasts while he tried to grind his groin into my butt.

I broke away before the song was over and headed back to our table not caring if he followed or not. During the evening both of the other guys asked me to dance as well, but at least they were much more gentlemanly about it and were content to stare at my tits while I danced.

A couple of hours passed and everyone at the table was pretty drunk. I was ready to leave, but I couldn't get Mark to go. Finally I took his hand and pulled him out onto the dance floor. "This is the last dance," I said and he finally agreed. When the dance ended we headed back through the packed floor but when we got to our table there was no one else there.

"Maybe they went to the restroom?" said Mark.

"I don't care," I said. "Let's go."

Just then the barmaid came up and said, "Your bill sir," and handed the bill to Mark.

"Ah, oh, thanks," said Mark. He turned to me. "Where are Berkley and his friends?"

"I don't know dear," I said sweetly. "Looks like your friend skipped out and stuck you with the bill."

"Boy, wait till I see him again," said her husband. "JESUS CHRIST!"

"What?" I look around and saw several patrons staring at us. I looked at Mark. His face was white. "What?" I hissed.

"Jesus, the bill is for twelve hundred and eighty-seven dollars."

"What? Give me that you've got to be kidding."

"Miss, miss," called my husband to the barmaid.

She walked over and smiled with beautiful white teeth. "Yes sir, is there something wrong?"

"This bill, its, its ridiculous."

"Well you and your friends were ordering top shelf sir. Some of the drinks were fifty dollars each."

I thought that Mark was going to faint. He reached into his wallet, pulled out our credit card and handed it to the waitress. We both sat there silently until she returned.

"Sir, do you have another card?"

"Another card? Why?"

"Well this one's been denied."

Magically a big black man appeared at the barmaid's side. "Sir, you and the lady need to come with me," he said. I guessed that he was the bouncer and he had at least eighty pounds on my husband.

We were led into a back office that was as elegant as the club. An incredibly good looking black man was sitting behind a large cherry wood desk. He directed us to chairs in front. His bouncer stood behind my husband and after we sat the man behind the desk said, "My name is Stevens Mr. Thomas. I own this club and I understand that you can't cover your tab."

"There must be some mistake," said Mark shakily. "I'm sure that the credit card company has made a mistake."

"Well that doesn't get me my twelve hundred dollars," he replied.

"We can get you the money tomorrow when the bank is open," I interjected.

"And you are?"

"I'm his wife," I said frostily.

"Oh, I see. I thought maybe you were... Well anyway, tomorrow won't do."

"And why not?" I asked testily.

"Because I say so. You know I could have the two of you arrested." He got up from his chair and walked around the desk and sat on the top facing us. "You know when I first saw you on our security monitors Mrs. Thomas I thought that you were a hooker." He smiled and continued, "You're so incredibly beautiful that I figured that your date must be very wealthy to afford you."

I sat silently, fuming as he continued, "I'm considering offering an opportunity to, how should I say, an opportunity to work off this tab." He just kept staring at me with a smile on his lips.

"You don't mean washing dishes do you?" I asked knowing the answer.

"This is ridiculous," said my husband. "Come on dear, let's go." He started to get up but the big bouncer put his hand on Mark's shoulder and pushed him back into the chair.

I suddenly felt hot. This wasn't going well and the boss just kept staring at me expectantly. Sweat broke out on my upper lip. "Mr. Stevens I'm sure that we can work this out satisfactorily," I said.

"I hope so Mrs. Thomas because I'd hate to see you two spending a night in jail. Perhaps your husband would like to leave with Charles and you and I can come up with a solution."

"I will not leave," said my husband and he tried to stand, again unsuccessfully due to the big man behind him.

"Very well, stay and watch," said Stevens. "For starters Mrs. Thomas I want you to suck my cock."

"This is outrageous," raged my husband. But the bouncer had his hand on Mark's shoulder and he squeezed. "Owww, oww that hurts," exclaimed Mark.

Stevens ignored him and stood up, right in front of me. "Well? Shall I call the police?" he asked politely.

I looked down at his crotch and I thought that a blow job for twelve hundred dollars seemed like a fair trade. I reached up and unzipped his pants.

Mark exclaimed, "Sheila!" and then said "Owww, oww" as the bouncer tightened his grip.

I reached into the slit of his boxers and grasped his soft cock. Even without seeing it I could tell that it was bigger than Mark's. I pulled his cock out. It was limp in my hand but obviously bigger than anything I'd ever had in my mouth before. I know it sounds trite, but his soft black tool look enticing encircled by my white fingers. It was hot in my hand and I felt a little tingling in my groin.

"Sheila," whispered my husband.

Leaning forward I took him into my mouth. Because he was soft I took the whole thing in my mouth. I smelled a very musky odor when my nose came in contact with his groin.

I looked up at Stevens and saw a big smile on his face as his cock grew thicker and longer. I kept the whole thing in my mouth until it grew too long and I had to bring my head back. He was now semi-erect and when I moved my head forward his cock slid into my throat but I was still able to take his entire length. Twice more I slid it out and back in before it became too firm and I could no longer swallow it all.

I let it slide out of my mouth so I could take a deep breath and now fully erect, it pointed at my face. I could see that it was probably at least eight inches long and thicker than Mark's. It was circumcised and the one eyed snake was already dripping pre-cum. I felt my heart beating harder in my chest.

I moved a curl of my blond hair from in front of my face, leaned forward and licked the pre-cum off the soft, black, velvety tip. I think I heard my husband whimper as I started stroking him and bobbing my head up and down. His rod was as hard as a broom handle, no more like a steel rod; but it was hot in my hand and I could barely get my fingers around its girth. I was having a little problem breathing around it and I let it slide out.

Stevens was still smiling at me and as I looked at the big black member pointing at my face I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel in my pussy and I felt myself getting wet down there.

I must have smiled inadvertently because he said, "I'll bet that it's bigger than your husband's isn't it Mrs. Thomas?" I just leaned my head forward and took his black rod between my red lips.

I must have sucked and stroked him for at least twenty minutes before he put his hands on the back of my head and groaned. His cock seemed to thicken in my mouth and I pushed my head as far forward as I could, forcing his cock down my throat.

"Oh yes," he groaned, pulling my head toward him a little further.

I couldn't believe out much I had down my throat when he groaned again and flexed his hips toward me. His cock seemed to have grown impossibly large and I knew that I couldn't keep it down my throat for long when my fingers felt a surge travel through his cock and his sperm exploded down my throat. I couldn't help it; I gagged and white cum boiled out of my mouth. I pulled back and swallowed, then pushed forward the same time he pushed his hips forward and another gusher went into my throat. I was able to handle this one better and I kept sucking and swallowing until I felt his body relax.

I kept him in my mouth for a few more minutes while his body shook with several small orgasmic spurts. I kept expecting him to start getting soft because that's what happens to Mark afterwards, but Richards was still iron hard as I looked down my nose and watched his black cock slide out between my lips.

I used my fingers to wipe his cum from around my mouth and my chin and then licked them. The sour, salty taste of his cum was somehow pleasant on my tongue as I licked my fingers clean. He smiled widely as he watched me; obviously pleased with the job I had done. I noticed that some had dripped onto my blouse and I wiped that off with my fingers and transferred the white goo to my tongue like it was nectar.

"Jesus Sheila!" said my husband.

I looked up at Richards smiling face. He had his eyes closed. "Well Mr. Richards, are we even?" I asked.

He looked down at me smiling. "Sweetheart, no blow job in the world, even as one as great as that one is worth twelve hundred dollars."

He took my shoulders and lifted me up until I was standing, facing him. Slowly he unbuttoned my blouse; pushed the sides away and palmed my breasts in his big black hands. I felt, and he no doubt did too, my nipples harden under his palms. Then he leaned his head down and kissed me. His tongue probed between my lips and I opened them wide and slid my tongue into his mouth. My pussy felt soaking wet and I felt my labia swelling between my legs.

I kept my eyes closed while we kissed and felt his fingers unzip my skirt. It was so tight on my hips that he had to use two hands to peel it off my butt until it finally slid to the floor around my ankles; all while keeping our lips locked together.

I knew that the bouncer and my husband had a clear view of my naked ass, but it didn't seem to matter to me. I was only aware of the handsome black man kissing me. He grasped both of my pale butt cheeks in his black hands and became aware that I had on no panties. "Nice," he murmured, squeezing my ass.

Keeping one hand on my butt, he kissed me and fondled my breast with the other. He pinched my nipple and I looked down and watched his black fingers softly rubbed the hard knob on my breast. It felt like my pussy was almost dripping when he dropped his right hand from my breast and slid it between my legs. I could feel the heat from his hand as it slid down to my shaved pussy and I spread my legs a little.

My face grew hot and I shuddered when his fingers caressed my outer labia. His finger slid between the lips and I moaned. "You're all hot for me aren't you my little slut?" I moaned again as his black fingers softly penetrated between my swollen pink lips.

I thought that I could hear my husband breathing deeply, but I paid no attention as Stevens' black finger entered my pink love canal. He slid a finger from his left hand into the crack of my ass. His finger found the bud of my butthole and I shuddered while the fingers on his right hand slid in and out of my wet vagina, massaging my clitoris. He smothered my moan with his mouth and I shuddered again, my toes tingling as I climaxed against his hand.

When he felt me relax he lifted his hands to my face and gently slid wet fingers between my lips to let me taste my sex on his fingers. I looked at his handsome face and then without speaking he moved me back one step. I looked down at his black cock, still hard as a telephone pole. He reached down and undid his belt and pants and together we pushed his pants down around his knees. I wanted to kneel down and take that black hard thing back in my mouth again, but he had other ideas. He maneuvered me around him and bent me over his desk. I stretched out my arms and grasped the other side of the desk, the hard wood cold against my breasts and stomach. I presented my backside to him; now anxious to feel his black cock inside of me.

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