tagLoving WivesShelly & James Ch. 03

Shelly & James Ch. 03


In the evening at dinner John showed up. We ate together and as we finished up Shelly invited him to our room. I was a tiny bit surprised, but not against his being with us. I had figured that she would want to spend the time with just me.

We got to the room and John produced a bottle of wine. We got some glasses and then sat and talked for a bit. The wine went very fast. I looked at Shelly and John and realized that we were probably going to be in sexual overdrive again tonight.

After thinking about it for a bit I decided that more wine was needed. Saying so, I got up and put on my coat. Shelly came up to me with a questioning look.

‘James, are you ok?’

‘Yes. I just thought we needed more wine. I’ll go get some at that liquor store down the street and be right back. Should only take a few minutes.’

‘I was wondering if I could . . . I mean I would like to . . .’

‘You want to have John again? That’s ok. I expected that since you invited him to our room. I am a bit surprised since I thought that you would want to spend the night with just me. That, and the fact you are still a bit sore aren’t you?’

‘Sore? Not really. I feel pretty good actually. If you want we can call it a night and send John off to wherever. If you want it to be just you and me I won’t mind at all.’

‘Oh Shelly, I’m just being a bit selfish. You go ahead and start with John while I go get some wine. It’ll be all right. You deserve some hot sex if you are up to it and we will have many other days to ourselves.’

‘Are you sure James? Really sure? I don’t want you hurt or angry with me.’

‘Shelly, this last day has taught me to share you, to enjoy you, and to let you have fun. I have had as much fun as you even if just watching. I am sure. I’ll be right back.’

I left her with a lingering kiss. Her arms slid from my body as I stepped away, she didn’t quite want to let go at the moment. I smiled as the door closed and she smiled back.

I walked to the liquor store and found out that it was a bit more than a couple of blocks. It took me about forty-five minutes to get back to the room. As I walked in I was greeted to the sight of my wife naked on her back as a naked John laid between her legs.

They were far into a fuck session. Shelly was moaning and begging John to ram her hard and fast. John was working to comply with her wishes. I stood there, watching his cock go in and out of her pussy.

I put the bottles of wine down and turned to watch. I thought of the camera in the car and ran out and grabbed it. Coming back into the room I saw them still fucking in the same position. I got around them so I could see John’s cock entering Shelly’s pussy. Getting in close as I could I began to take pictures.

I moved around some more and got some great pics of Shelly’s face contorted with lust and pleasure as John’s large cock rammed her. Her nipples so hard, so inviting to my lips, but I only took pictures.

Soon Shelly came and came hard. As she was in the midst of her orgasm I got a few great shots of her face, tongue between her lips, a flush of red beginning to show. John started to cum about a few seconds after Shelly and I even took a picture of his face too.

I went back around and got more photos of where they were joined. AS John pulled out I got several perfect shots of her pussy wide open and cum starting to run out of her. John got off and Shelly laid there, legs spread and arms out. I took shots of her from several directions, stopping only when she opened her eyes and beckoned me to her.

I got undressed and got on the bed with my wife. My fingers went inside her hot and extremely wet pussy. I got a glob of cum on two of my fingers and then place them in her mouth. Shelly sucked them clean with a relish.

I did it again and she moaned as she licked them clean. I went for a third time, and she began to push on my head. Her hands were guiding me down to her pussy. When I realized what she intended me to do I hesitated for an instant.

I wasn’t sure about going down on her just after her having had sex with another man. She cried out in need, a mewling whine. I hesitated no longer. With her hands still on my head I slipped my tongue along her opening. She almost screamed as my tongue touched her.

I began to lick and then suck on her pussy, taking in both of their combined cum. I licked and swallowed, keeping my face right in her crotch. I concentrated on her clit, and let my fingers explore her ass and pussy.

She came as I licked her. Her hands holding me tightly into her pussy. Her juices covering my face. Right after she came down I went back to her opening and scooped up a large load of cum that had begun to run out of her. Keeping it in my mouth I moved up and put my face over hers.

Shelly opened her mouth in readiness to kiss me. I placed my mouth over hers and opened it. All the cum I had held in it ran out to go into her mouth. I saw her eyes open as she realized what I had just done.

My tongue followed that cum and she feverishly began to suck on it. It was almost like my tongue had become a small cock. Her hands were around my back, holding me tight. I felt her legs go up and encircle my butt, her heels pressing in.

My cock had been hard and since it was right at her opening, I slipped it inside of her. The heat in her pussy was incredible as I began to stroke in and out of her. John got up on the bed and as out kiss broke, he stuck his cock into her mouth.

Inches from my eyes I watched as Shelly began to suck his large cock with renewed enthusiasm. Being so close to her and watching her suck another man’s cock drove me to cum way too quickly.

As I shot off in her pussy, John had begun to fuck her mouth harder. I slipped back a bit so I could take in the whole picture, and remembering the camera, I got off of Shelly and grabbed the camera.

I got in close and took several shots of her taking John’s cock fully to it’s base. Her eyes open looking at me as the flash went off. He had taken her nipples in his fingers and was pinching, tugging, and pulling on them.

I got it all on the camera. Soon he tensed up and began to cum. He pulled out of her mouth, jacking on his cock as Shelly laid there mouth wide open, waiting for his load to spurt out. Just as the first of his cum shot out I got the camera going. I captured his cum in midair, landing on her tongue, on her cheeks, on her nose, in her mouth.

I also got a terrific shot of the white load in her mouth, just before she closed and swallowed. She smiled at me and then taking John by his cock, led him to the bathroom. I followed and watched as they took a shower together.

I got some pictures of their shower, especially when Shelly got on her knees and sucked him hard. Several of her with one leg on the tub side, as he slid his cock into her pussy, and then a bunch of them as she spread her ass cheeks wide and bent over, taking his cock into her asshole.

After that session they crashed on the bed and fell asleep. I looked over the pics I had and thanked the Gods that I had splurged when buying this digital camera like I had. It had just paid for itself many times over.

I let them sleep. Taking a shower after a bit and then getting dressed. John stirred to life first. He got up and went to the bathroom, after a bit began taking a shower. Shelly slept for a longer time. John came out and we quietly had a conversation.

He was just about to say goodbye when Shelly woke up. She got up and came over to sit on his knee as we visited a bit more. Her hands were on his shoulders and she gave him several deep kisses.

Shelly said her goodbyes to him and then went in to shower. John and I made arrangements to meet the next time he was in town. We both wanted to play with Shelly some more. He kept telling me how beautiful and great Shelly was and how I was so lucky to have her as my wife.

I just agreed, because I knew he was right. I did have a great wife that was very beautiful and sexy. I was lucky that she had chosen me over any other man. I was very lucky that she loved me too.

John left but before he did, we had a date for in a month or so to meet and have some more fun. He loved the idea of fucking a married man’s wife in front of him. He also loved the way Shelly fucked and sucked him too.

I sat in the room waiting for Shelly to come out. It was getting to be later in the afternoon and we had the whole night ahead of us yet. I planned on going out to eat and then coming back to play or just talk, whatever Shelly wanted to do.

Shelly came out and asked me what I wanted to do. I told her my thoughts and she agreed. We went out to eat. Shelly was forced to wear the only dress she had. Since John had modified it, I had a hard time concentrating on dinner.

Shelly got lots of attention and I overheard a couple of women refer to her as a cheap slut. They were old biddies though so I didn’t say anything to them. After all, if they only knew what we had done last night, well, Shelly was a slut.

After dinner, we walked to the motel. Shelly holding my hand and keeping close to me. I put an arm around her, and lightly stroked her side as we walked. By the time we got back to the room, Shelly was hot to trot. She slipped away from me and turned to face me. Her hands went to opposite shoulders and pushed the straps of her dress down.

She let her arms fall to her sides and the dress fell to a puddle on the floor. She then took her hands and began to fondle her breasts and pussy. I got undressed as she worked us both up. After I was naked, I stepped in close to her and my hands began to do the work of hers. Her hands began to work over my body.

We stood there touching and caressing each other for a few minutes. Then, she turned her back to me and pulled my arms around her. Her head turned up and her hands took my head, guiding me to her lips.

We kissed, her tongue out and inside my mouth. Her breasts were firm and warm in my hands as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. She moaned, making my spine tingle. Her lips never left mine.

She dropped her hands down and soon I felt them caressing my cock and balls. Then she broke our kiss and led me to the easy chair in the room. Guiding me to sit in it, Shelly knelt in between my legs and began to slowly and lovingly lick my cock.

‘I want you to sit there and watch me James. Look at your wife as she sucks your cock. Keep your eyes on mine as I bring you pleasure. This isn’t sex for the sake of sex. This is sex because I love you and want to give you the greatest pleasure I can.’

‘Oh honey. I know you love me.’

‘Just look into my eyes as I suck your cock James. I want you to shoot your cum down my throat. I want you to feed me your sweet cum. I want you to look at me as I swallow your gift. I want you to know that while I may suck other men’s cocks, yours is the only one I love. You are the only man I love. I’m doing this because I love only you James, no matter what may happen in our future, I love only you.’

With those words Shelly began to suck and lick my cock like never before. I watched her, sucking and licking me, her eyes never leaving mine. Her hands were caressing me all over as she made love to my shaft.

She took me fully into her throat, and then would slowly, so exquisitely slowly, draw off of my shaft. Her eyes never leaving mine. Her lips crushing on my pubic bone as she bottomed out on me, her hands caressing me.

She took a finger and began to push it into my asshole. That caused me to throb and get closer to cumming. I could see in her eyes that she was serious about my watching her swallow my cum too. She would lightly pinch my nipple with her free hand if I closed my eyes involuntarily or if I looked elsewhere for even a second.

Her mouth began to travel faster up and down my shaft. Her lips tightened up on my shaft as she really began to finger my ass. I felt the stirring of my orgasm approaching and looking into her eyes I told her she was about to make me cum.

‘Shelly, you are about to get a mouthful honey. You have me very close. I am going to cum very soon now. God . . . mmmmm . . . you are so good. I love this.’

Shelly was going crazy on my shaft now. Her head was almost a blur of motion. I could still see that her eyes were on mine. Suddenly, she pressed hard into my asshole with her finger and on a downstroke I began to cum.

Shelly held her head down over my cock as I began to shoot off. It was hard for me to keep my eyes open, but I managed to do just that. I looked into my wife’s eyes as my cum shot into her mouth.

This whole act was so sexy, so hot. I came about as hard as I ever had. Shelly kept her mouth locked on my shaft until I finished cumming. Then, pulling off carefully, she moved to get her face closer to mine. Then, as I looked at her she opened her mouth.

I could see all of my cum on her tongue and in her mouth. She hadn’t swallowed it, she had held it. Then as I looked at her she swallowed in one long slow motion. Her eyes on mine even though I was looking at her face and throat.

The way she acted and the way she looked at that moment, well, I never got soft in the least. My cock was raging hard still. Her hands went around my shaft and she began to stroke me. I moved a bit and gathered her into my lap.

Straddling my legs she lowered her pussy down and took my still hard tool into her depths. Her lips closed with mine and we began to tongue each other as she rocked on my shaft. I had her nipples in my fingers, tweaking them and caressing as she really began to shove her pussy on me.

Soon, I felt her tighten up and her orgasm traveled over her. I held her close to me and our lips stayed together. I then, and only then noticed that her eyes were on me as she rolled into a hard orgasm.

We sat there afterwards, my cock in her pussy, still hard since I hadn’t cum yet, and held each other. Shelly looked into my eyes some more, a sexy and almost wanton look of desire. She raised up and taking my cock in her hand, guided me back inside her. I soon felt the confines of her very tight ass. She was lowering down and taking my cock into her ass.

I held still as she got me all worked inside her. Then, eyes on mine, she licked her lips.

‘Ummmm . . .baby, you feel so good in my mouth, down my throat, deep in my pussy, and especially in my ass. You fill me back there. I love having your cock in any of my holes. Fuck me. Take my asshole. Make me your bitch. Mmmmm . . . so good . . . you feel so good in my ass. . . . oh James . . . I love having you fuck my ass.’

Her words were causing me to drive into her as she rocked on my hard shaft. She was acting like a true slut at this moment and I was loving it. Just as little as three days ago this would never have been happening. Shelly would have been quietly fucking my cock, probably in her pussy, after a bit of oral stimulation. Now she was fucking me and telling me how good I felt in her asshole and how much she loved my fucking her. Her new persona was driving me to the brink of cumming again already.

Her hips were slamming into me as my cock bottomed out in her ass. Her tight, hot ass. Her hands went to he nipples and pinched them as she began to literally bounce on my lap. Her long hair was flying out and covering her face and front as she got wilder and wilder.

I could see that her words and actions not only turned me on but really had gotten her going too. I put my hands on her ass and my fingers went to where my cock entered her tightness. I marveled at the change in her over the last twenty-four hours.

I started to cum. My cum boiled up and as I began to shoot, Shelly pulled off of my lap and with her eyes back on mine, she took my cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck on it, taking all my cum and swallowing it as I watched.

Afterwards we laid on the bed side by side and just looked at each other as we caressed and held different parts of our bodies. I was looking at her when she began to talk to me seriously.

‘I love you James. What we just did, I did because I do love you. I consider it to be loving sex. I want you to always remember that no matter what you may see me do or hear me say while I am with another man, that it is you I truly love. I will only make love with you James. Only you.’

‘I know you love me Shelly. I love you too, the same way. You are my everything.’

‘I just wanted you to know this now James. Next weekend . . . well, that man may push things a bit harder than we have gone. You have to understand that no matter what, I love you and cherish you. I am not sure what he will want or make me do. It is possible that he could drive me to say things that . . . well, in the right time and place, I would mean for that moment only. Just like when he got us to promise him that I would be his slut. It will not change how I truly feel about you James.’

‘I am a bit worried about this coming Friday Shelly. We don’t know what to expect or what he may want you to do.’

‘That’s why I am so excited in some ways James. The not knowing of what he is going to make me do as his slut. He promised not to hurt me and he is letting you be there. I have found that when a stranger takes control of me it . . . well . . . makes me feel like I am being a slut because I have no choice in the matter. It’s the control and the letting go too.’

‘Just don’t let go too far Shelly. I really love the new you, but I still want you to be my wife from now till, well, death do us part. Just don’t want that death do us part any time soon.’

I think that while he may push me farther, I don’t think he will let me get hurt. Especially with you right there. I can’t wait to be his slut. After this weekend I want to be someone else’s slut too.’

Surprised at her words I was trying to figure out who’s slut she wanted to be. The only name that came to mind was John. I looked at my wife wondering how long I was going to have to share her. For the rest of our marriage? I hadn’t counted on doing this very often nor with so many others.

‘I have to ask you Shelly, who’s slut do you want to be from now on? John’s?’

‘No silly. YOURS. I am going to be your slut from now on. Only your’s James. That is what I have deep down always wanted. To have you treat me like a first-class slut. To order me to do nasty, slutty things to whoever you wanted, however you wanted, whenever you wanted. Yours and yours alone.’

‘Mine? You want to be my slut? All the time? Just part time?’

‘Always and all the time. You don’t have to share me with others to treat me like a slut James. It can even be just you and me from now on with nobody else invited in with us. I just want to be your slut always.’

‘But I thought that you didn’t want me to think you were a slut. You said that the other night remember?’

‘Oh, that. What I was afraid of was that you would see me being a slut and want nothing to do with me James. I was afraid you would divorce me for acting like a slut. I love you too much to want to lose you like that. I was very afraid to really let loose and lose you.’

‘Oh. I see now. Well, I can tell you that would never have happened Shelly. Never in a million years. Well, as long as you loved and cared for me and wanted to have me sexually still too.’

‘I know that now James, but last week, well, neither of us knew the depths of our . . . sexual desires. Matter of fact, we are still going to be finding them out for a while yet I think.’

‘I want you to know right now that if you ever want to quit being a slut or change how we do things that I will listen to you and we can work things out so that it all benefits us as much as possible.’

‘I wanted to tell you that same thing too James. I don’t want you to feel that you can’t slow me down or change something that may bother you. I want to please you, as well as have fun too. But not at the cost of either of us having to feel left out or neglected.’

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