tagLoving WivesShelly & James Ch. 07

Shelly & James Ch. 07


Sam joined me in the kitchen. I was looking at the TV, my wife and Julie asleep but I noticed that their hips were moving slightly and I could still hear a moan once in a while. He smiled and together we made up a breakfast.

After eating, we went into the bedroom and I slipped up on the bed. I reached out and turned that valve on the tube on Julie's clit and removed it. She didn't stir at all. I positioned my head right above her reddened clit and slowly put my lips around it, not quite touching her.

Then on a word from Sam, I closed my lips and began to suck on that long and very sensitive clit. Julie screamed loudly and came so hard that she passed out. Shelly woke up and looked down to see me, her husband, with his head between another woman's legs sucking on her pussy and clit.

I saw anger, then fear, then a mixed bag of emotion running through her eyes. Her body was still in need of orgasm and I was not touching her at all. Julie on the other hand, was coming around again. I held off touching her and waited until she opened her eyes to look at me. When her eyes touched mine, I licked her clit in a long slow smooth motion. She immediately went off again and passed out.

This time, I found my mouth being flooded with her juices. I had to swallow quite a bit and was worried for a minute that it was pee, not her cum juices. Sam must have thought of that just as I raised my head up.

'It's her cum juices James. It's not pee, it's the same stuff that women produce when you hit their G spot. Touch her again and watch her this time. You will get sprayed for sure.'

I turned to see that Julie was coming around again. I waited and when she opened her eyes I took her clit in my mouth and sucked one more time. As she came I pulled back and Sam was proven right. Julie sprayed her juices out in force, covering my face with a fine mist. I put my mouth over her pussy and caught the rest of it. It was kind of sweet yet a hint of saltiness.

Shelly was looking at me with a few tears welling up. I could tell that she was desperate to cum and couldn't understand why I wasn't helping her too. I smiled at her but kept playing with Julie.

I ended up fucking Julie in her pussy rubbing her clit with my fingers every so often. Her orgasm's were intense and caused me to cum inside her twice as I played with her. Sam was filming all again.

After I came the second time he motioned to his watch and told me we had to go. I got up got dressed and then we got our sluts up. The cut-offs he had Shelly wear were tight and cut way high on the side, in the back and a bit in the front. Her ass cheeks hung out, the side cuts going up to the belt hem on the top of the jean.

The strip of cloth the ran between her legs was cut down to a very thin string after it passed the zipper. He had her top so tight that it fit like a second skin over her chest. The material was a thin and stretchy stuff.

Shelly's nipples were visible and hard, her pussy lips just could be seen on each side of the strip in between her legs. She looked like a super slut on the prowl. I wanted to fuck her right there dressed like she was.

Julie was dressed similarly, but her top was a net type of see through material. Her nipples were sticking out of the material and in plain view. We walked them to the car. Shelly came three times on the walk and twice as we drove to the gym.

When we got there Sam had me put the tubes on them and we pumped them both up again. This time he let me run the pump and he also had me run Shelly's until her clit was about two and a half inches long.

We went into the gym building and he led us to the back in a smaller room. There was some different weight benches there and the usual barbells and dumbbells. Two large men came up to us. They looked our sluts over with appreciative looks before talking to Sam.

'These the sluts you have for us?'

'Just the blonde. The other one is his, although if he wants you can have her too. The tubes were just on them by the way. Just so you know.'

'Man, those tubes are the greatest thing I have ever seen. You ought to patent them and sell them. You could make millions off of them. Think of the marriages you could save. Women all over having orgasm's just walking around the store. Man, what a trip.'

'Well, this slut is here and ready now. Give her the full works too. She is ready to pop at the slightest touch. She will be a lot of fun.'

They took my wife and led her over to a bench. There was a bar on it's holder, and having Shelly stand on the bench, her back to the bar, they dropped her cut-offs. The movement of the cloth over the tube caused her to orgasm. She almost fell, but two more men had shown up and caught her.

Still another large man came in and put a padded strip on the bar, fixing it with velcro straps to hold it in position. Then, the two holding her guided her back to sit over the bar, her butt hanging over it quite a ways.

Her pussy and ass were somewhat exposed with her sitting like that. Then, they spread her legs wide, and had her bend over, her head even with her knees. One man straddled the bench, facing her. He was naked, and his cock was rock hard.

As Shelly was leaning over like she was, her face was only a few inches from the head of a very long, very large around cock. He teased her with it, tapping her lips, nose and then hair. Suddenly, he grabbed her head and gently forced his cock into her mouth.

As I watched, he began to piston her head up and down, his hands driving her to take all of him in a few strokes. Her head would be lower than her knees on his downward shove and just above them on his upward one.

I could see Shelly's pussy dripping juices onto the floor behind the bench. I went around in time to see her pussy, wide open and her clit hanging down like a cock. It was still about two inches long. A man stepped up behind her and as I watched, shoved his cock into her pussy.

As he buried himself in her he began to finger her asshole. First one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers all the way into her ass. I couldn't believe it. He was stroking in and out and each time he hit bottom in her his balls would brush her clit.

Each thrust in caused her to orgasm hard. The man in her mouth, well, now it was her throat, was on his feet and literally fucking her hard. In and out, his cock ramming her. Shelly's lips were locked around his cock and once in a while I could see her trying to get her tongue out to lick his balls too. His cock was so big around though, she could only get the tip out just enough to see it.

Shelly's breasts were bouncing and shaking all around as these men jammed her between them. Her whole body was moving back and forth on the bar. The man in her pussy came and pulled out. Another man slipped right into her in one smooth practiced move, her pussy hardly without a cock for a second.

As the gangbang got underway every once in a while, when the cum would get to be too much, I would have Julie step in and lick Shelly clean. I could see that Sam thought that was a great idea. He was filming everything as it went.

Each man that fucked her pussy, and it ended up being all of them, fingered her ass. Their large cocks ramming and pumping their loads deep inside her. The smallest cock I had seen was about eight inches in length. I could see between cocks in her pussy, that her hole was big enough to almost put a hand into.

When the last man finished in her pussy, the first one to have fucked her there came up and shoved his cock right up her asshole. She took it all in one deep thrust and only grimaced a little bit. Pretty soon she was being fucked hard and fast by all of them in her ass. Of course, I had Julie clean out that hole when needed too.

After she had been fucked by all of the men present in her ass, they laid her on her back. As I watched, one man lifted her up and slid under her. His cock fell right into her ass. Another man stepped up and shoved his cock into her pussy.

Together they began to fuck both of her holes in unison. Once they had a real good rhythm down, another man came up to her and stuck his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Then, before I knew what was happening, a fourth man began to pinch and tug on her clit.

Shelly screamed around the cock in her throat, her pussy and ass muscles working those cocks hard. Her body was shaking and twisting around madly. He would tug on her clit then let go. When she would calm down he would tug on her again.

They kept this up the whole time each man there fucked her again. Three at a time with a fourth tugging on her clit every so often. Once they were all drained, Shelly laid there moaning and still twisting around. The last man to play with her clit kept tugging it even though there was nobody in any of her holes.

Shelly kept cumming and cumming each time he tugged. Her clit was still over two inches long too. Sam finally stepped in and stopped him. Not because of her, but because some kind of time limit had been reached.

They all left and Sam turned to me. He had a wad of cash in his hands. Thrusting all of it at me he told me to count it and see how much my slut had just earned for three hours work. Not a wage he told me, but a tip for a job very well done.

I took the money and just put it aside. I hadn't thought that my wife would be getting paid. It was like she had just become a prostitute or something and I had a negative feeling about that. I didn't want her to become a prostitute or anything like that. I just wanted her to be my slut. In my heart there was a big difference. I would be taking the cash, but not saying anything to her about it. Then I would buy her a special gift or something.

Sam looked at me like he understood what I was feeling. We stood and watched as Julie positioned her head under Shelly's pussy and ass and then drank all the cum that she had inside her. I figured that Julie had drank or licked up about a half pint of cum in that three hours. Loving every drop.

As Julie laid there face up under Shelly, I decided to get a piece of her ass. Stepping in close I undid the buttons on her cut-offs and pulled them down. Then I took off that tube. My cock was rock hard as I slid it inside Julie's hot tight and wet pussy. Then, when I got a good motion down, I reached in between us and gripping her clit, began to pull and tug on it gently.

Julie screamed into Shelly's pussy and ass as I forced her to cum hard. Shelly was looking at me and the way I was fucking Julie, our eyes were at the same level and our faces only about a foot apart.

I took Shelly's head in my other hand and as I fucked Julie and stroked her clit into oblivion, I kissed my wife. I could tell that Shelly finally understood about jealousy and had given that up. I was happy, even though I didn't intend to make a steady diet of fucking other women at all.

Julie recovered quickly and then took Shelly's clit in between her lips. Shelly was soon screaming in orgasm as her lips stayed locked on mine. I had pulled my tongue out of her mouth, just in case, and just held my lips on hers.

Shelly began to pass out, and I made sure that she rolled on to her side in a gentle manner. Then, as I had all of Julie available to me, I pressed my chest to hers and began to stroked deeply in and out of her pussy.

My pubic bone was rubbing her clit and Julie just came and came as I rammed into her. Every stroke in she came hard. Her hands were clenched up alongside her body as I pistoned my cock in and out.

Sam caught all of this on film, happy as could be. Later, when looking at the copy of the tapes he made for me, I looked like some kind of stud, fucking them hard and them passing out in orgasm time and time again.

After I came I fell to one side and laid on my back. Shelly had come to and slipped up to lay beside me. Her arm around me. I put my arm around her also. Julie's body was alongside mine on the other side and her head was near my shoulder.

Sam let us rest, leaving the room for a while. I wondered if he was going to be watching us. He seemed to be hooked on video's and watching. I didn't mind since I could relive each time he caught on film.

After a bit, I found Julie stirring, then Shelly. They began to caress and kiss my body and pretty soon, I was getting a great double-blowjob. Shelly on one side of my cock and Julie on the other. Each had a tongue licking my shaft and as they went up, they would kiss each other before going back down to start the trip up again.

Shelly took me into her mouth, down her throat fully, then slowly pulled up and off. Julie followed her doing the same thing. Taking turns they sucked and licked wherever they could get in. I found their bottoms had begun to come around to face me, so I reached between their legs and played with their pussies.

Once, feeling like really getting them going, I grasped their still tender clit's and lightly tugged on them. Each shook and shuddered as they had small orgasm's. I fingered them some more and as they got back into my blowjob and sharing me between them, I would reward each one with a rub or touch of her clit after throating my cock.

Pretty soon they were shaking pretty much all the time as they expected me to touch them. That is when I quit. As they continued sucking me and I didn't touch them, I noticed that their bottoms were getting closer and closer to my head.

Soon I heard them moaning and once, while Julie was on my cock, Shelly started to beg me to do something for her.

'James, please, I need to cum again. Please baby, touch me like you were. Just once? One more time? Oh baby, I'll do anything for you if you do.'

'Anything slut? You'll do anything for me? Be careful what you ask slut, you just may get it.'

'But I need to cum James. Please, I'm begging you. Julie needs to cum too.'

'Touch yourself. Then you can cum.'

'It's not the same as if you do it James. Please? For your slut wife?'

I reached out and lightly took her clit in between my fingers and rolled it around a bit. The whole time Shelly was shaking and orgasming, her breath ragged and hard. Then, feeling a bit sorry for Julie, I did the same for her.

Julie actually screamed as she came while Shelly just shook quietly. I had them orgasming quite readily at this point and Sam walked in.

'Warmed up are they? Ready for my cock now sluts?'

Shelly turned and looked at him as he dropped his pants. Shirtless already, he stepped up and placed the head of his cock on Shelly's lips. She opened her mouth and grabbing his hips, drove him into her mouth of her own volition.

He moaned as he touched the back of her throat. Julie came up behind him and began to lick his ass. I got behind Julie and fingered hers. She reached back with one hand and pulled on a cheek, opening her crack up so I could finger her better.

I fingered and kissed her ass and pussy from behind as she licked Sam's asshole. Shelly was driving her face onto his cock in rapid motion, trying to get his cum to shoot into her mouth. He had his hands in her hair, pulling it way up and then playing with it as he watched my wife face fuck his shaft.

I sat back and then saw his camera sitting on the dresser. Getting up I began to film them. I captured all of his little party with my wife and his slut, well, actually, with our two sluts. I was amazed once again at my wife's abilities with his large cock.

Even though I had seen her with quite a few other large cocks in the last few days, Sam's and the way Shelly attacked him, was amazing to watch. He had instilled in her some kind of a control that she hadn't been able to avoid.

I wasn't jealous of him any more, not even worried. I knew that Shelly loved me still and that Sam was just a cock for her to suck and fuck. I also knew that when the weekend was over she would be leaving with me and come home to be my slut and my wife.

Right now, she was a slut. His slut. As agreed to by her and myself. I was just happy to see that my wife had changed so much for the better over the last week. If you had asked me two weeks ago if my wife would do what she had been doing this week I would have been shocked that it would have even been brought up. Now, it was happening and I was participating and on top of that, it was exciting and fun too.

Julie and Shelly had moved around and they were both sharing his cock now, just like they had mine earlier. I just filmed for the next two hours as he came in their throats, fucked their pussies and then, as he fucked Shelly's asshole hard and fast.

When he did Shelly's ass, he fingered her clit often. Shelly was a pile of quivering flesh after he came inside her and pulled out to have Julie clean him off with her tongue. I filmed and filmed, hoping that my shots came out alright.

After they had all rested from Sam's fun, he got them off to the showers. He came over and thanked me for taking the video's of his time too. I was happy to have been able to do just that anyway.

After our sluts got done with their showers, we took ours. As I stepped out of the shower, I was surprised to see Julie in the room with me. She had a towel in her hands and began to towel me dry. She was thorough and got every bit of water off my body.

'Shelly is helping Sam right now. He has some plans for this evening yet so he wanted me to come tell you and give you a hand too. I am yours for the night. I hope that I am a good slut for you James. I know I want to be.'

'I think you will be a great slut for me Julie. I have no doubt about it. What's his plans for this evening anyway?'

'He'll tell you in a bit. Right now he is getting ready for us to go out to eat.'

'We are going out to eat then? Man, I should have brought a change of clothes. Oh well. I guess these will do.'

'Sam has some clothes you can wear, I think they'll fit you too. Let me go check.'

Julie ran out and I waited for her return. She came back a few minutes later with a bundle of clothes. Trying them on I found them to be a good fit. Since I knew that Sam was a bit bigger than me I was confused.

'He has guests once in a while. He likes to go places that they sometimes have never been, so he began to keep some clothes in their sizes on hand. Just in case. I am glad they fit you so nice too. You know, James, you have a very nice body. Not to big, nice tone, great shape. Do you work out a lot?'

'Yeah, well I do work out, not as much as I used to, but a bit each day. I am glad that my efforts show up. Thank you. You know, Julie, you have one hell of a body too. I mean that too.'

'Slut's have to keep in shape. Part of being a slut you know. Gotta be able to attract the men. Most men want a woman or a slut who has a great body. Thank you for noticing me James.'

We got out in the other room and I saw Sam was dressing Shelly. He was actually putting her clothes on her body. He already had her top on, and I was thrilled with it too. It was an open mesh netting kind of thing with a finer mesh over her breasts. It was a black material that looked silky smooth.

Looking closer I realized that even with the finer mesh over her breasts, I could still see her nipples plainly. The material was shape fitting too, so you could see the entire outline of each breast from where it first left her chest and then the roundness of each globe as they stuck out in front of her.

He was busy pulling her dress up and adjusting it as I took in her top. When he stepped back to look at her I was stunned at how hot she really looked. Her top in that black mesh, her dress was a similar material, small mesh, black and skin-hugging as well. The waist band was a sliver material that shined and reflected brightly. It was about six inches below her belly button.

The bottom hem was not too far from the waistband. As I looked at her I saw that just standing as she was, I could see skin between her legs. I could see her pussy lips! Sam turned her around and as I looked down I was looking at my wife's ass cheeks, sticking out underneath her dress, the swell of her cheeks plainly visible.

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