Shelly Caught on My Cam


Jason's hands were still on her hips as he helped her ride up and down on his cock. She appeared to be comfortable now with his size and was taking longer and more forceful thrusts down onto him. Her hands were on her thighs for leverage and she was bobbing her ass steadily now. Her head had dropped down, her chin near her chest, she appeared to be watching her hungry quim as she proudly rode Jason's great member, stroke after stroke after stroke. Her tempo soon increased in both speed and intent. She was fucking his cock now like a woman possessed. Hard and fast she rode him for a couple of minutes, her head thrown back as she savoured him completely filling her.

Shelly slowed her thrusts, likely to prevent her own orgasm, then leaned forward raising herself slowly to her feet. I saw her reluctantly withdraw from Jason, his cock slowly slipping out of her wet cleft . She had to raise up a long way before he was completely out of her. She half turned to him and I saw her lips move as she said something to him. Jason rose off of the sofa as well. Shelly now replaced Jason on the sofa except she positioned herself on her hands and knees. Well one knee, anyway. She placed her hands on the armrest and one knee on the sofa. Her other foot was still on the floor when Jason slid in behind her. He too put one knee on the sofa and one foot on the floor and his hands were on her waist as he drew himself close to her.

With a side view I now had a full appreciation of the enormity of Jason's meat. If I hadn't seen Shelly take it all inside of her I wouldn't have believed it, but as big as it was, it couldn't feel better to him than mine did to me right now.

Jason snuggled in behind her and Shelly visibly stretched her ass back to meet him. He moved toward her, holding his cock in one hand, he guided it toward her like a lance. He stopped coming forward as the tip of his cock touched her slit. She leaned back further until his probing member split her lips. Shelly's pussy must have been now accustomed to Jason's size. She held firm as Jason almost viciously shot his hips forward instantly burying his monster inside her to the hilt. Her mouth opened in a cry of pleasure that I wish I could have heard.

My cock was oozing precum steadily now and with its lubrication mixed with my own saliva I was getting closer and closer to cumming. Watching my wife throw her ass back against Jason as he fucked her pussy hard was far more exciting than I could have imagined.

Shelly was firmly grasping the arm of the sofa to brace against Jason's thrusts as he rammed his huge prize into her over and over. I knew Shelly. She loved it hard like this, and Jason was giving it to her like I only wished I could.

Shelly raised her head and as she threw it back I saw the expression on her face. I felt my cock jump in my hand as I shot my first wad of cum. Shelly was deep, deep in orgasm. I could see her quiver as she tried to control her motions while she bucked hard against Jason's member. I shot rope after rope of sperm onto my desk, my keyboard and myself as I watched my wife cum long and hard. Jason held up his pace for Shelly as she rode him through her orgasm then as her gyrations subsided he pushed hard and deep into her. He grabbed her hips and as he forced himself as deep into her as he could I saw his body twitch as he pumped his cum into my wife. His orgasm set Shelly off again. She immediately began to push and convulse against him as he splashed her womb with his seed.

Jason dropped his head down on Shelly's back as his orgasm subsided. Shelly too was justifiably exhausted from her own orgasms and she dropped easily down onto the sofa. As she fell away from Jason his cock lazily popped out of her and I saw a gush of their juices ooze from her pussy to drip onto my sofa.

The mess they had made on my furniture was as bad as the mess I had made myself on my desk and keyboard. I sat now in my own ejaculate watching my wife relax in the afterglow of the sex she had just had with another man. I was surprised to find myself not mad or jealous. I was in fact still aroused, my still solidly erect cock a testament to the fact. I wonder what Shelly would think if she knew that I was aroused by her fucking other men. Would she let me watch her do it live

Shelly, I saw, had still not had enough of Jason's huge cock. She had already recovered from her orgasm and had taken Jason's meat in her mouth.

Now, I thought, is the time to find out what she'd think of being watched. I knew I could sneak in the house without her hearing me.... I began to clean up my mess so I could head home to watch my wife and her lover...

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matt's buddy

I see matt moreau has a new buddy.
Oh well, in a way i am happy. If not for husband's like you i might be concerned about the married pussy i am nailing

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