tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShelly Goes to Strip Club

Shelly Goes to Strip Club


This takes place about four weeks after our last gathering. Our lives seem to go back to normal as we would still meet at Jerry and Katie's on Friday evenings. Our conversations went back to sports, the news and repairs that we had to do around our homes. The girls spend their evenings watching a program on the television or discussing some subject that came up from a talk show. For some reason, I think we basically have gotten the sexual curiosities cured from our minds.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and the weather was very nice, so Shelly and me decide to go for a ride. After a few hours, we found a nice place to have dinner. We ordered our meals, and for some strange reason it felt like we were just dating again. This really made for an enjoyable evening. After we finished our meals we got back into our car and drove home.

As we were driving home we passed a bar that had a sign in the parking lot that advertised "live dancers Thursdays through Saturday -- nine till one -- closed Mondays and Sundays."

After seeing that sign Shelly laughed under her breath a little bit. I looked over at her and said "what?"

"Well, you know, I still have the desire to do that."

I was somewhat amazed that she still wanted to go through with this fantasy. She really hasn't talked about it the past month, and I figured that she no longer want to go through with this.

As we were driving home, I said there "why don't you talk to Misty, and asked her about that place she was talking about."

Shelly turned and looked at me and said "would you be really okay with this? I mean, this is a real fantasy for me to do this."

"I told you before that I would support you when you wanted to do a group sex, so I will support you doing this."

Later that evening, when we got home, I began to wonder what it would be like sitting in the audience watching Shelly stripping down front of strangers on stage. I have to admit that this would be somewhat erotic since I enjoyed the site of watching her having sex with Jerry. Ron and Bruce.

After the kids went to bed, and Shelly and I retired to the bedroom. I asked her how she felt about doing this. She looked over at me and said, " I am really excited about doing this. I thought it was exciting when we were doing the group sex, and I was naked with the rest of group. But the thought of getting nude in front of strangers really turns me on. Why, don't you want me to try this?"

"No, no. I think that this would really be exciting for both of. When we did that night with our friends at but it was great watching you doing what you were doing and this would be a step up from that."

Shelly then said that she would talk to Misty can see about that establishment that had amateur night's.

The following Wednesday, after I came home from work and ate dinner, the kids took off to hang with her friends over at Ron and Mandy's place. The doorbell rang, and there was Bruce and Misty. As they both walked in, Misty goes "what's up guys?"

Shelly goes, "well, remember when you said you knew of a club did some exotic dancing? Well, I was just kind of interested of what or when they have the amateur night that you talked about. Like, what is all involved, and do you need to wear stripper close or something?"

"Well, first things first you have to call the place and make arrangements for the night that they have amateur's onstage. It's usually on a Thursday if I remember correctly." Misty then began rummaging through her purse and she pulled out a card. "Here's the number and address for the club. One thing great about this place that it would take a few hours to get there so you really should not have to worry about any locals from here being there. They allow amateurs to strip down as far as they want, and they do not really push anybody go any further than they want to. Although they do encourage the contestants to go all the way, it is not a requirement."

With that Shelly looked at me and said "well Jim, I am going to do this." She picked up the phone and dial the number that was on the card. After a few moments we could hear her talking to someone asking about the amateur night. You can hear somebody talking to her telling her that it was next Thursdays from now. Shelly looked at me and sort of gave me a look as if this was okay. I shook my head and smiled, and she got back to the person on the phone and said, that would be okay. The phone conversation went on for about five minutes with them asking some basic questions and Shelly giving them the answers. She also wrote a few things down on paper. At the end. You could hear her saying. We'll see you next Thursday.

As Shelly hung up the phone. I could see the excitement in her eyes. She then asked Misty what should she where for this?

Misty replied "you are probably better just wearing comfortable close that you can take off very easily. One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of amateurs make is wearing clothes that are very tight or that they can't remove easily."

At that, I looked at Misty and asked her "what kind of people go and do this?"

"Oh, you would be surprised at all the different ages of people that do this. Most of the people to go ahead and do this just basically want to see what it is like to be a stripper. Most of them just do it just for the excitement and thrills. There is some girls that want to see if they could do it before trying to be an exotic dancer for money. With the amateur night, you will even see women getting up on the stage, then they lose their nerve and not take off too much. One thing great about this place is when this happens, they do not allow the audience to taunt the person."

We asked Misty and Bruce, if they would go along with us, but they said to do their work schedule, they would not be able to make it.

While that we contain and we talked to Bruce and Mandy to see if it be okay if they would take the kids on that Thursday. They are okay with this, but Bruce had to admit that he would really like to see this happen.

As each day went by, Shelly was getting more excited every day. That Tuesday before the amateur night, she was picking out picking out different outfits to wear. I reminded her, what Mist said about wearing clothes that were comfortable and easy to get out of.

When Thursday arrived, we both only worked till noon , to get ready to drive to this club. We figured it was going to take at least three hours to get there and we were told that the contestants had to be there by eight o'clock to go over some rules and Shelly had to sign a release. So we left early that afternoon and took our time driving there. It seemed that as we got closer Shelly was getting more excited. As we pulled up into the parking lot, where the club was at,there were just a few cars there. We got out and walked up to the door and there was a very large gentleman standing there. He asked us who we were and we gave him our names. With that, he told us to walk in and talk to Frank at the bar.

As we walked up to the bar, I was somewhat amazed that this place look pretty well upscaled. I really didn't know what to expect when we came into this place. The walked over to Frank and told him, who we were and why we were here. He pulled the sheet up and said yes. You were on the list. He pulled out a paper and asked Shelly to sign this. He said, this is just a release so his establishment cannot be held responsible for any videos or pictures that are taken during the show. He explained that they do not permit the general public to bring in any type of recording devices but this is not a guarantee. He also told Shelly, that she stripped down as far as she wants to go. That this meant she could if she wanted to go completely nude. The only thing she was not permit it to do was leave the stage naked or do anything that was considered as sexual stimulation. He also said there is an area that is sectioned off for the contestants and their friends. With that he gave her a number, which was fourteen and said, one of the attendant will get you when it is your turn to go on stage.

With that we each got a drink and headed out to the contestants area. There were a few other people out there. We sat down at a table with another couple that looked like they were in their late 20s or maybe early 30s. As we began talking to them, they stated that their names are Darla and Tom. We struck up a conversation and Shelly asked why they were there?

Tom looked at us and said "Darla has always had a fantasy of being nude in front of people. She always wanted to do something in public, but I always managed to talk her out of it. I mean, I kind of think that it is exciting, but I don't want her to get in trouble with the law. When I heard about this place. I told her that she can do this."

"I always thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but I never got the chance to do something in front of anybody. I just think it would be so thrilling to know that there are going to be strangers watching me."

Tom looked over at Shelly and said "is this the first time, you are doing this?"

"Well, yes this would be the first time that I would be trying this. Me and my husband with a few of our friends did some group sex so, they saw me but, I never got seen by strangers."

Tom had a look of disbelief on his face. Darla looked at both of us and said" that must have been so exciting. Didn't it bother either of you?"

Shelly then stated them that this was actually her idea. She also told them that she thought I was going to have some regrets on doing that. She also explained that it did work out pretty well for everyone and that this was the next stage of her sexual evolution.

We asked Darla what her number was and it was eleven. So she would be going on before Shelly. As we were talking we did notice that the club was filling up with people. I was somewhat surprised that there were such a large turnout being that this was a Thursday's night. The lights began to dim down in the general public area.

Frank then got up on stage and goes "welcome everyone to Frank's amateur night. We seventeen ladies who want to get up on stage tonight and entertaining everyone. So let's get the show started and have our first contestant come up on stage. She's a nineteen-year-old in college, and here to make her depute appearance on our stage. Ladies and gentlemen, contestant number one."

As the first contestant onto the stage it looked as she was trying to be an exotic dancer. As the music played she quickly took off her top and about 30 seconds later she had her shorts off. She just dancing there in a small bikini top and G. string.

Frank came out onto the side of the stage with a microphone in his hand. He then says "let's make some noise if you want to see more ."

As the music volume increased the ground began to cheer for her to keep going. She went over to the poll began to swing herself around it. She then went back to dancing and pulled her top completely off. With that the audience began to cheer louder. Approximately 30 seconds later, she started working G. string loose and let it fall to the floor. For about another two minutes till the music ended she was completely nude.

As she was leaving the stage. I could see one of the attendant going over to the table to escort the next contestant up onto the stage. As this was going on, I looked over at Shelly asked her how she was still feeling about this? She just looked over at me and smiled. I figured she was still pretty relaxed and still on board with this.

As the next four contestants was up on stage and did her show, all basically stripped down till they were nude. As contestant number five left the stage, I could see one of the attendant going over to a table with four young ladies sitting there. As he went to escort her to the stage, you could see that she was very nervous and it looked as if she didn't want to go through with it. I could see the other three talking to her, trying to coax her to go through with it. The handler went to her and said "this is your last chance." You could hear the young ladies telling her that she promised to go through with it. Just as the handler was getting ready to move on the next contestant, she finally stood up and began walking with him to the stage.

As Frank introduced her as contestant number six, you could see by the look on her face that she was petrified to do this. As the music began to play, she was dancing somewhat clumsily. At one point, she almost tripped went she danced little too close to the poll. It was roughly around two minutes of music playing and she still haven't stripped off any clothing. Frank then got on to the side stage and asking the audience to give her some encouragement. As audience began chanting for her to take it off, she then slowly began to unbutton her shirt. She would pull one site at a time over to slightly flash her bra but then would just cover herself back up. After around three more minutes, they ended the music and Frank thanked her for her performance.

As she made her way back to the table, you could see that her friends were somewhat disappointed that she didn't go through with. It did make me somewhat curious of what this whole situation was about. Was this a bet that was lost or was this some kind of initiation?

Just then my attention was drawn back to the stage, when Frank began announcing contestant number seven. As she walked onto the stage, it appeared that she was in her 40s. This somewhat surprised just me a little, because I thought that Shelly would've been older contestant since everyone so far looked to be in their 20s. I did become somewhat intrigued with her upcoming performance, as I somewhat imagine Mandy being up on stage.

As the music played she was reluctantly dancing in place and you could see that she kept looking out to the table, where she was seated. I could see a gentleman sitting there and watching her. She had somewhat of a serious expression on her face, as if she was doing this not of her own free will, but as someone being submissive to the will of another. As she slowly took off piece of clothing, you could see him motioning with his hand for her to do more. When the final article of clothing came off, you could see him standing and clapping his hands in a non-appreciative way.

The next contestant went up onto the stage, I could hear Tom asking Darla if she was enjoying the show. She nodded her head yes, and she held up two fingers, noting that she would be going up soon. I asked Shelly if she still on track to doing this and she responded with a smile. Even though we just met Darla that evening, you could tell that she couldn't wait to get up there. You could see that she was studying each contestant and the audience reactions.

When contestant number ten went up on stage, I could see Darla's eyes lighting up since she knew that she would be getting escorted next. This contestant looked to be totally embarrassed to be up on stage. As the music started to play, you could see her laughing and covering her face as if this was going to hide her. The audience seemed to really like this as they would keep coaxing her to take her clothes off. At one point, she did, eventually pull her top off, exposing her bare chest. You could see her laughing and holding one arm crossed her breast. The crowd began to chant "show us more." Even Frank, at one point, encourage the audience to keep on coaxing her to strip.

As she tried to shield her breast with her arm, she began working her jeans loose with her free hand. When she finally got them loosen, she wiggled till they dropped the floor. As she worked her feet out of her pants, she started to lose her balance and with that trying not to fall, she fully exposed her boobs. As she gained equilibrium, she realized that she was showing her breast to everyone.

The audience began cheering her on to take panties off. The more they chanted, the more that she was laughing from embarrassment. She did at one point turned around and began to slide her panties down, exposing her ass to the audience. She then pulled her panties back up, turning around laughing from embarrassment. By then the music ended and she left the stage.

As one of the attendant came closer to our table, you could see Darla's eyes lighting up. When he came to the table and asked her if she was ready, she immediately said yes and jumped up. As they walked away, Tom said, "well this is what she's been waiting for".

As Darla walked up onto the stage, Frank asked if she was ready for this? You could hear her say "I. been waiting all evening or this". With that Frank pointed to the DJ and walked off the stage.

She was wearing a one-piece wraparound dress, which she quickly unbuttoned and let fall to the floor. She really was dancing, but walking around in some time skipping crossed the stage. She grabbed pole and skipped around it twice. She then got herself back to the center of the stage, she reached around and quickly unsnapped her bra. She grabbed it up in one hand and raised in the overhead swinging around. This could have been any more than 45 seconds, and all she was wearing was her panties.

Although the audience was watching her, you could tell that they were somewhat disappointed since all she was basically doing was taking off her clothes.

When she tossed her bra down onto the stage, she then grabbed her panties and pulled them right down. She pulled one foot out, and with the other she kicked it to the side. You see in her eyes that she totally excited being nude in front of everybody. From there, all she basically did was skip around the stage.

When the music ended, Frank came out and said "let's give number eleven around of applause." Darla was the only one that they only played one song for.

A few minutes later, after she got dressed, and the attendant escort her back to our table. She wrapped her arms around Tom and said to him. "Thank you honey for letting me to this."

She then started telling us that after all the girls have been on stage. That they were going to let any of the women who wanted to come back on the stage for a second round as a group. You could tell by the look in her eyes that she wanted to go up again. Without her even asking, Tom just shook his head, and said okay.

As next woman was heading toward stage, I looked over at Shelly and for the first time that evening, she started to look nervous. I asked her if she was all right and she nodded yes. She ordered another glass of wine, and she leaned over towards Darla. They were talking to each other, but the music up loud I couldn't hear what they were saying. I can only imagine that she was asking Darla how the experience was.

It seemed now it time was really moving fast as I noticed that it was contestant thirteen on the stage. I leaned over to Shelly and said "you're next."

When the second song ended, I could see on the attendant heading towards our table. Shelly grabbed my hand and I could feel her shaking. I looked over at her and asked if she was okay. I quickly said to her that if she doesn't want to do this, that would be okay. She just smiled and winked at me. She then stood up and walked with the attendant towards stage.

As Frank announced contestant fourteen, Shelly walked out onto the stage. He asked her if she was ready and she nodded yes. With that pointed to the DJ and music began to play.

The first song playing, Shelly was just standing there looking around the audience. You could hear some people up front, telling her to start dancing. I was getting a little worried as I thought maybe she was having stage fright and would just stand there. About 30 seconds into the song, she started to move around a little. The audience started chanting to take it off. With that she looked towards our table, so I stood up and he her a thumbs up. With that same she started to relax and get into the dancing mood.

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