tagBDSMSherri's Descent Ch. 01

Sherri's Descent Ch. 01


Sherri was on her knees looking up at the very last person she ever wanted to give oral sex. His strong hands squeezed her head, holding it in place. His long, thick penis jutted past her lips as his testicles pumped semen into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out with sperm that she didn't want to swallow and her distraught mind wandered back to the situation that brought her to this terrible moment.


She sat at her computer screen waiting for her instructions. She had done as the email from Lord Royal had instructed and was sitting primly in her office chair with her web cam up and running and her speakers and mike adjusted as per his instructions. Sherri had found Lord Royal through a message board on an adult website that specialized in the deviant side of sexual behavior. Following her divorce from an abusive prick of a husband and six years of go nowhere relationships she had taken to visiting website that catered to the bondage scene. It wasn't just curiosity that led here there. At work and in her private life as a single mother she was a control freak, micromanaging every aspect of her law office as a paralegal and doting too much on her son. Secretly though she wished to relinquish that control sometime, to ease a little while and let someone else make the decisions once in a while. That way the consequences of those decisions—such as choosing to date a succession of married or otherwise attached men—would not be hers.

And so with no actual experience in the dominant/submissive world she cast herself on the waves of worldwide web and was quickly snatched up by someone who immediately took control and granted her a trial period as one of his "online toys". She had no idea what aspect of the bondage life she might like and no real concept of what it actually entailed, but she was ready to try it out...or so she thought.

She sat in front of her camera for a quarter of an hour past the time she was supposed to be in position. Her computer screen was blank but she knew Lord Royal was watching her, testing her to make sure that she would keep her position until otherwise directed. Her neck was starting to smart from keeping her head down but other than that she was fine. She was ready to begin and eager to proof herself to the man who might become her master.

Still the sudden sound of a deep mail voice caused her to jump.

"Out of the chair and on your knees!"

Sherri slid to her knees so fast her chair rolled backward and hit the door to her bedroom. She wasn't worried about her son hearing anything. He was out with his grandparents. His eighteenth birthday was in a few days but they were going to be out of town and wanted to celebrate with him early. She was supposed to be there but begged off sick to make her appointment with Lord Royal.

"So you think you're ready to become one of my toys, do you?"

"Y-yes, sir." Sherri kept her head bowed and her hands in her lap.

"What makes you think I would want you?"

The question flummoxed her. She had no experience and she some part of her that usually stayed hidden said that she had no value. Her cheeks went cold and her pulse quickened. Surely he wouldn't reject her. She was offering herself to him sight unseen, exposing the most vulnerable, best hidden side of her being. She didn't know how to answer him and was afraid not to. "I...I....I....", was all she could say.

A long silence let her know that her failed attempt at a reply was not received well.

"Stand up."

Sherrie stood, worried that she was about to be dismissed.

"The information I have about you says that you are forty-one. Is that correct?"

"Yes, sir." Well past her prime, she thought. And several pounds overweight. But not too old or fat, she hoped.

"Strip in this order: shoes, socks, pants, blouse, bra and then panties. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Then do it."

Sherri was all too aware that her butt was too big and her breasts were too small, not to mention her thick thighs and chubby middle. She knew that she was middle-aged and saggy but she was hoping that her vulnerable openness, her willingness to be used would make up for physical shortcomings. Still her heart pounded as she stripped off in the order she was told. She stood in a pile of her clothes naked and scared, waiting for her next set of order, hoping that they would come and not a dismissal.

The first part of Lord Royal's response was a long sigh. "Not good", he said. "I hope that you're malleable enough to make this worth my time."

"I am, sir. I-"

"Shut up! You will not speak unless asked! Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir!" Oh, my god! I screwed up already! Sherri started to quiver but stopped. She remained still and waited.

Lord Royal sighed again. "Before we go any further you have to do something about that unsightly clump of hair between your legs. Go shave your pubic hair into a landing strip. I want it three inches above your clit and one inch wide. Go!"

Sherri headed for her bathroom at double pace but then faltered and raced into the kitchen. She fished a ruler out of the junk drawer and ran to her bathroom to run some water in the tub. She lathered her pussy with shaving cream, but was too busy trying to get the measurements right and do a proper job that she had no time to enjoy the feel of her hands on a pussy made slippery by the water and shaving cream. She dried off her groin and zipped back to the blank computer screen. She resumed her submissive stance and hoped that she had not disappointed Lord Royal.

"Adequate", he said after a lengthy pause. "Now turn around so I can see your fat ass."

She did as ordered.

"Hm. Turn back around. Get that office chair and sit in it. Spread your legs. Further. All the way. Put your legs on the arms of the chair and spread that pussy. Get them up there!"

Sherri struggled to get her legs up and onto the arms of the chair. Neither the chair of her body was made for that position. Still she tried and Lord Royal cajoled her. Finally she made it by raising up and straddling the chair. Her butt was off the cushion though and Lord Royal was having none of that.

"Lower your ass", he told her. "Ease your weight down. It's painful but it won't kill you. Do it."

Sherri grimaced as she did as told. Her thighs were stretched as tight as bow strings—aching bow strings—and her lower back radiated pain. Her pussy though was fully open and presented to her web cam. Lord Royal had an excellent view of her most intimate place.

"You'll get used to the position. Now stay there until I say otherwise."

Sweat ran down Sherri's cheeks and neck. It trickled over her chest, shining on her small sagging breasts. Her legs shook and pain distorted her face. Time dragged on. Five minutes, ten, twenty, an hour. She couldn't see her bedside clock and lost all of time sitting there, perched on the arms of the chair, fighting the pain of the awkward position.

"Ease yourself out of the chair", Lord Royal said after an eternity. Sherri complied, gasping as new pain raced all over her throbbing muscles. "Go into the bathroom and get that ruler you used earlier."

Sherri's legs were shaky but she hurried to do as told.

"Put it on the seat of the chair. Now back into the chair spread open all the way."

She had to resist groaning as she climbed back into the chair. It was easier this time but far from easy. When her pussy was fully exposed Lord Royal ordered her to reach down and pick up the ruler. At his direction she measured her newly trimmed pubic hair. When she was done though and her job pronounced adequate he did not tell her to put down the ruler. Instead he instructed her to take her left breast in her left hand. "Place the flat of the ruler on the nipple", he told her.

Sherri heart sped up as she realized what was about to happen, what the man she wanted to call master was going to make her do. She knew that pain was always to be expected in the life style but nothing could prepare her to the terror of waiting for it.

"Hold the ruler a foot and a half out", Lord Royal said. "A little farther. There, that's it. Remember the position. You will always recover the ruler to that distance. Am I understood?"

"Y-yes, sir."

Oh shit, am I really going to do this? She asked herself. It's going to hurt like hell!

"You will strike when I say and you will strike hard or you will do it again and again until you get it right. Am I understood?"

"Yes, sir." Sherri\s wilted in the chair, knowing she would do as she was told.

"You will strike each and every time I count out a number." He paused, letting his words sink in and then much too soon for Sherri he called out: "One!"

Her hand flashed forward as if of its own accord and the pain came as a shock that drove the air from Sherri's lungs. Her nipple felt like it was plunged into a fire. Her hand however did not spring back to the prescribed position and Lord Royal called her on.

"Do it again! One!"

She whacked her tit again, nearly crying out.

"Do it right or we'll never get off this number! One!"

Sherri clamped her teeth over her bottom lip and slapped her nipple again, drawing the ruler out to the proper position.

"That's better. Two!"





Sherri squeezed her eyes shut and stifled a scream. She faltered in the rhythm of tit spanking that she had fallen into though and got caught.

"Pay attention! Four!"

How she made it to ten she didn't know but she made it and knew he would stop then. She almost cried when he called out: "Eleven!"

She broke at thirteen, crying out and sniffling back tears and waiting for fourteen. It didn't come. Instead he told her to release her pain wracked breast and take up the other one. Here we go again! She stiffened up and waited for the command to start abusing that breast. When it came she whacked her nipple with the ruler and returned to the proper position immediately and did better this time. She only had to repeat five and nine. Lord Royal didn't stop her at thirteen though. He continued on until both breasts had received an equal amount of painful slaps with the ruler.

Sherri slumped as much as her stretched open position would allow and hoped that Lord Royal would tell her to put down the ruler. She wondered what she should do with it now. It was the same ruler that her son had used in grade school but she had just used it torment her bare breasts. She could never let him or any one use it for its intended purpose now. She couldn't! How could she see it in someone else's hands after what she had done with it. Or might yet do with it. Who could tell what perversions Lord Royal had in store for her. She felt a strange quivering in her chest at the thought.

Where did that come from? She searched her feelings. Was that a trill of excitement at the idea of using an everyday object in a perverse fashion? Her potential master disrupted her exhausted reverie.

"Pay attention!"

Sherri straightened as much as she could.

"Lay the ruler along that worthless slit between your legs!"

Oh, sweet mother of pearl! Sherri's heart actually skipped a beat as she did as bid. She tensed like never before.

"Draw it out to the prescribed distance."

Sherri did so and froze, already feeling the pain.

Lord Royal kept her like that, stock still and anxious with anticipation for long moments and then he said: "Not tonight."

Sherri wasn't sure she should believe her ears. Had he granted her a reprieve? And was she a little—the tiniest, tiniest bit—disappointed that he had?

"Drop the ruler. I want to see you cum."

Those words shook Sherri more than the possibility of pain. She hated the idea of masturbating in front of anyone. She masturbated of course just not with anyone watching. It was a private thing for her, perhaps the most private thing. Still, she was trying to prove of Lord Royal that she was fit to be his slave.

Slave. How could she ever even think that word about herself?

Yet when Lord Royal instructed her to rub her tender vaginal lips she did that and more. She plunged her fingers into herself at his command and squeezed her clit with her other hand. Having him watch her gave her an added, unexpected thrill and soon she was lost in the build up to one of the best orgasm she could remember having in a long time. She threw her head back and bucked her hips up. She hit an explosive climax and sent an arc of fluid spurting out of her vagina. It nicked the edge of her keyboard platform and soaked into the carpet.

Her second and third squirts were less spectacular and her fourth was a trickle that formed a puddle around her butt cheeks, leaving a wet spot on her chair's cushion. Played out by the mix of pain and pleasure Sherri went limp. Her hands dangled over her thighs and the smell of her orgasm permeated the room. She hoped her son wouldn't come home early and catch the smell of his mom's sex play in the air.

Across the electronic airways came a grumbling sound from Lord Royal. Sherri tensed again, hoping for an arrangement for a second meeting but fearing the worst. She strained her ears waiting for his response.

"Tomorrow after work you will go by the adult store on Poplar. Do you know the one?"

"Yes, sir." Her nerves eased up. This sounded good. He was sending her on an errand.

"You will go there and ask for a store clerk named Monica. She will have a package for you. Buy it from her and follow her instructions as if they came from me. And then tomorrow night at ten sharp you will be in this chair naked and spread as you are now. The items from the package are to be spread out on your bed. Failure to follow even the smallest detail of these instructions will result in the termination of our game. Am I understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now get up and bow to me. That's it. On your knees, head to the floor. Stay like that for a full count of one hundred before returning to your normal, boring vanilla life."

Sherri stayed bent over, her face pressed to the carpet, smelling her musky after sex scent for several seconds after she reached one hundred, just in case Lord Royal was still watching.

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