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She's in Charge


"Oh, God, please, I can't take anymore!" I begged. I was tied tightly to the four corners of the bed, so escape was no option. My naked body glistened with sweat from her tortuous ministrations, and my chest heaved as I panted in desperation. "Please! I'm begging you! Please!" She knelt next to me on the bed, looking considerably less frayed than I felt. She wore a red latex corset, her breasts looking like they intended to break free at any moment. Her nipples were just out of sight, barely contained by the slick material. The matching skirt was tiny, and her long luscious legs were wrapped in black fishnets. Her pale skin was a sharp contrast to the crimson red and the black netting. Her face, like an angel, was slightly heart happed, her lips red and full. Hair so blond that it was nearly silver cascaded around her like a halo, crashing down her back and around her bare shoulders.

My wife looked at me and grinned, my throbbing cock clutched firmly in her unmoving hand, the look in her eyes mischievous. She held a finger against my lips in a shushing motion, never letting go of my swollen member with her other hand. She leaned forward, her hair tickling my chest tantalizingly, and her lips brushed my ear. "Baby," she whispered, her tone filled with lust, "You wanted this. And I'm just getting started."

I had created a monster, and I was her plaything.


We had been together for nearly ten years, Natalie and I, and we were both in our late twenties. Sex had always been a pretty regular thing for us; three or four times a week. Nothing that I would have considered kinky, although I suppose Natalie might disagree. A few toys here and there, some very light spur of the moment bondage.

Being a man, in this age, I was of course extremely familiar with porn on the net, in all its flavors and varieties. Somewhere along the line a couple years ago, I developed an interest in bondage. I wasn't sure at the time what it was that drew me to it, but I never expected it to go anywhere beyond fantasy. Sure, she let me tie her up and do a bit of light petting; snap a couple pictures. She didn't really like the feeling of being tied up, so sex was ruled out. After a couple tries, there was such a list of things I wasn't allowed to do with her restrained, that I was kind of losing interest, outside of fantasy.

But somewhere along the line, my thinking changed. Maybe she could tie me up. I certainly wasn't nervous about what she would do to me. I trusted her completely. Maybe the reversal of roles could be fun. So I approached her, and mentioned that it might be fun if she was the one on top.

"So you want me to tie you up and have sex with you?" She asked.

I nodded. "Sure. You can do whatever you want."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Tease me or something. Make me pleasure you; make sure you get off before I do. Whatever you want, I guess." I grinned, and jokingly added "Make me your sex slave."

She thought about it for a minute. I was getting turned on more and more by the idea, just thinking of the possibilities. I wouldn't exactly say she was shy in bed, but she certainly wasn't the adventurous one; so I was surprised when she at last said "Sure, I could try that."

We decided to wait till Saturday, so we would have plenty of time to play. Well, that week was torture, waiting for the weekend to arrive. To make matters worse, she had decided to enact a no sex rule until Saturday. By the time Friday arrived, my mind was anywhere but on my work, and I was out of my mind with impatience. Friday night I barely slept, so excited for the morning. And I think Natalie knew it. All week, even though I was cut off, she kept brushing against me innocently; just a bit of breast here, or a hip there. She seemed to change in front of me more than usual, and she kept calling me in to chat while she bathed, and it always seemed to be at the exact time she was soaping up her breasts or between her legs. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but I caught one or two mirthful smiles throughout the week. She was teasing me!

Saturday morning, I awoke with a low moan. Natalie was underneath the sheet, and my cock was in her mouth. I lifted the sheet, and she let it pop out of her mouth. "Good morning," she said with a smile. She immediately went back to sucking on my member, twirling her tongue around the head and slurping away noisily.

"Good morning," I answered. "I thought we had some errands to run?"

She let my cock slip free again, but her hands were massaging me gently. She was gently fondling my balls with one hand, while her other slowly moved up and down my shaft. "We do," she grinned. Her mouth fell on me again, devouring my head. I groaned. She kept licking and sucking the head while her hands worked over the shaft and balls, and she gradually increased the pace. My balls were just drawing tight against me when she released all contact suddenly. She jumped out of bed, and looked down at me, giggling at my horrified expression. "Well, get out of bed lazybones, we have to get going!" She darted into the bathroom before I could object, and I heard the shower turn on.

I glanced down at my dick. It was sticking straight up, quivering slightly. I had been so close to cumming! I couldn't believe she would leave me like this! I gingerly touched myself, and considered finishing myself off. Somehow, it felt like that would be cheating, and I left it alone. I felt incredibly horny, and my balls were a bit achy, but I think I enjoyed the feeling.

I got up, and went downstairs to make breakfast. Natalie joined me, and I noticed she kept smiling at me through the meal. At one point, I thought I caught her with her hand between her legs. When I opened my mouth to say something, she arched an eyebrow at me, and I fell silent. She giggled again, and moved to clean up the dishes as I headed up for my shower.

We had some shopping to do; time flew by, and dragged slowly at the same time. Natalie kept whispering in my ear, promising an amazing afternoon. She told me how excited she was, and she couldn't wait to tie me down and have her way with me. My cock was throbbing in my pants, and I doubt it had a chance to grow soft all morning. In the car on the way home, she idly reached over, and fondled me through me jeans. By the time we got home and put everything away, I was ready to blow. We rushed upstairs to the bedroom.

"Strip," she ordered me. "And lay down on the bed. I need to freshen up." She slipped away into the bathroom.

I was naked in about two seconds. I lay down on my back in the center of the bed and waited; my hard cock was stiff as a pole, and I noticed a bead of precum drip free, a sure sign of my excitement. She left me waiting a good ten minutes, but when she returned, the wait was worth it. It seemed my dear wife had done some shopping during the week.

"Hello, slave," she said in a husky voice. I didn't think it was possible, but I felt myself grow even harder.

She stood tall in a pair of red heels. My gaze took her all in, moving upwards; black fishnets; a short red skirt, just barley long enough to cover her butt cheeks; a matching red latex corset, drawn tight, cupping her bulging breasts. She had put on a bit of makeup, red lipstick and some dark eyeliner. She wore a beaming smile, her blonde hair cascading down around her. In her hand, she held a leather riding crop.

"On your knees, slave," she commanded.

I rushed to obey, turning so that my rear was facing her. My cock felt heavy dangling between my legs. "Yes, ma'am" I answered with a smile.

She pointed at my erection. "You have been naughty, I see. I don't recall giving you permission for that. Can't you control yourself?"

"Sorry," I mumbled. "I guess I can't."

She grinned. "Well, slave, I guess I will have to punish you."

We had never played with spanking before. I had never really thought about it either. But after the first few light taps on my ass, I knew I was a fan. I felt a sticky thread of precum against my leg as my dick waggled back and forth after another blow. She paused in her attack, and reached out to grab my cock. She stroked it slowly, downwards and away from my body as if she were milking me. "So hard," she murmured. "I still did not give you permission for this, slave. Naughty, naughty." She let go, and swatted my ass again, this time hard enough that I flinched. "Hmm, I think you are enjoying this a bit too much." Five or six quick hard strikes on my cheeks actually made me gasp out loud. "Do you like getting spanked, slave?"

"I guess so," I murmured.

She struck again, landing a solid blow that really hurt, and I cried out. "What kind of answer is that, slave?" She said sternly, her dominating tone turning me on. "I said, do you like getting spanked, slave?"

"Yes, ma'am!" I cried out as she struck again, a little lighter this time. I heard her giggling behind me.

"Get on your back," she ordered, and I scrambled to obey. She set the crop down next to me, and moved to one corner of the bed. She produced some rope, and proceeded to tie my wrist to the corner of the bed. She moved around me, and repeated the procedure for all my limbs, until I was sure I could not escape even if I wanted to.

She settled herself on the bed next to me, and smiled down at me. "That's better, slave. Now you are mine."

She reached over and grabbed the lube from the night stand. She opened it, and poured a generous amount onto my cock and balls. She took my cock in hand, and started slowly stroking it, from base to tip, up and down. It felt wonderful. All my nerves were firing, and I could feel the pleasure rush through my whole body. She increased the pace a bit. "You like it when I tease you, don't you slave?" She asked. I nodded, my eyes closed as I let the feelings envelop me.

She let go with a giggle, and my eyes shot open as I felt her move about on the bed. "Mmmm," she purred. "I know I love teasing you. It gets me hot, makes me wet." She unzipped her skirt, and tossed it aside. She positioned herself between my legs, sitting with her legs spread so I could see her beautiful shaved pussy, glistening with moisture; her legs, she draped over mine, and she sat back leaning on her elbow. "I'm afraid I can't wait for you," she smiled. "And I don't think I can help myself any longer."

She touched herself, rubbing a hand over her pussy slowly, and a sigh escaped her lips. I groaned, staring at her most intimate place, as if willing it to come closer. She closed her eyes, and let her hand explore her nethers. Her palm was rubbing her clit in circular motions, while her fingers danced a little lower. Her aroma was intoxicating, and I wanted nothing more at that moment than to be able to dive right in, but my bindings prevented it. She curled one finger, and pushed it in slowly, moaning as she did. I whimpered a bit in response. I wanted her SO bad.

Another finger slipped in, and she began moving them in and out steadily, her palm still keeping pressure on her button. She was moaning with each thrust, her cries growing a little higher. Her hips moved upwards to meet her fingers, and her pace gradually increased.

When her orgasm hit, she suddenly went quiet; her back arched, her fingers now plunging in and out furiously. Small splashes of her cum rained down on the sheet, and her motions made slurpy squishy noises that were driving me mad. At last she cried out, and her legs clamped together with her hand trapped between. I thought I might cry.

She stayed still for long moments, and then let her legs fall open again. She nudged my aching balls with her foot, and grinned at me, her face flushed from her orgasm. "Awww, poor baby needs some attention too."

I nodded, and made a sound somewhere between a grunt and a groan, in agreement.

She pressed my balls against me with her foot, not hard enough to cause discomfort, and I moaned. She pushed my cock so it lay against my belly, and rubbed her foot up and down its length. I wasn't overly fond of feet, and was miles away from any kind of foot fetish, but the feeling against my cock was heavenly. I let me head fall back and moaned as she fondled me with her toes.

As suddenly as she started, she stopped again. She sat forward, and took me in her hands; one hand gently held my balls, gently squeezing; the other hand firmly took my cock, and she started stroking faster and faster. "I bet you're ready to cum, slave," she commented, and I groaned in response. She switched tactics, her hand cupping the head of my penis; it danced on my most sensitive organ, gently grinding, slipping around in the lube. She took her other hand from my balls, and began stroking, even as her other continued to massage my head. My orgasm rushed towards me like a truck, and she let go with a laugh. "No!" I cried out, my hips rising rapidly, thrusting my cock uselessly into the air, desperate for that final contact that would push me over the edge.

And Natalie laughed at me. "Aww, slave, you look so cute when you're desperate. But I'm still not done. You can cum when I'm good and ready, and not before!"

She crawled up the bed, careful to avoid my cock. Her breasts dragged along my body as she went, and I felt like screaming in desperation. When she reached my face, she leaned down and kissed me deeply. I moaned into her mouth as hers attacked mine with wild passion. Our tongues entangled, and she nibbled at my lips almost hard enough to hurt. The whole time, I was painfully aware of her breasts pressed against my chest, still trapped in their latex confines. She pulled away; "That was nice."

She stood up next to the bed, and started walking slowly around me. Her hand trailed across my body, over my chest, down my stomach. Her fingernails scratched at me lightly. She squeezed one of my nipples hard enough to make me wince. When she had travelled all the way around, she climbed back onto the bed, next to my head. She stood above me, her feet to either side of my head, swaying slowly side to side, her pussy waving above me tantalizing. I groaned, knowing there was no way I could reach it. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees over my face. I felt like cheering.

If I pulled on my bonds and stuck my neck out as far as I could, my tongue could just reach her pussy. I licked it tentatively, and she sighed in appreciation. Slowly, she lowered herself until she was sitting on my face. "You know what to do," she ordered, though I could barely hear her with my head between her wonderful thighs. Her pussy pressed against me, and she started to grind against me. I stuck out my tongue, and let her ride me. Above, I heard her cries, louder than last time. She fucked my face frantically, my tongue was going numb and my jaw hurt, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. Her thighs abruptly clamped tight on my face, and her pussy slammed down on me hard, cutting off all light, sound, and air. I felt as much as heard her orgasm for the second time, her cries much louder than last time. I felt like I was drowning in her fluids, and I lapped away at as much as I could get, loving the sweet flavor.

Eventually, she flopped forward, her pussy leaving my face a sopping mess. She leaned over me, giving me a fantastic view of her glowing pussy and tight puckered asshole. She reached out, and I moaned as she again stroked my cock. Slowly, agonizing slowly, she moved her hand up and down me. The head of my cock was throbbing as if it had a heartbeat of its own.

She let go, and slithered down my body. She rose up on her knees, and lifted her leg; she was positioning herself over my desperate cock. "pleasepleasepleaseplease" I begged nearly incoherently. She looked back at me over her shoulder, and threw me a knowing smile. She lowered herself onto me. My head penetrated her, just an inch or so, and she pulled off again! "Noooo!" I cried.

"Does the slave want to feel my pussy?" She asked with a smile in her tone.

"God yeeeeeeeess!" I moaned.

Again, she let the head slip in, and I raised my hips trying to push it in further. She pulled away again, and I thought I would die. "Don't move slave, or no pussy for you!" I whimpered, but she lowered herself back onto my cocks head. She stopped, holding it just inside her. I stayed perfectly still; afraid she would pull away again. I felt my thighs twitching, my body shaking, and I knew she felt it too when she laughed. Suddenly, she slammed down onto me; my cock thrust up into her, our crotches slamming together. I cried out with pure pleasure, perhaps the greatest I had ever felt, as at last I felt my cock embraced in that hot, wet tunnel, gripped tightly.

Slowly at first, she started to grind against me, leaning forward so I could still see her ass. My cock moved inside her slowly, and I started to shake my head frantically side to side. It was almost more pleasure than I could stand; after all the teasing, my cock felt more sensitive than it had ever been before. Each movement of her hips caused such intense pleasure it felt only a short step away from plain. I felt my orgasm coming, slowly, building. It seemed to start in my fingers and toes, moving down my limbs towards my body; when it reached my cock, I knew I would explode like never before. Time seemed to slow down at its approach. I wanted to cum like I had never wanted anything before. And... It... Was... Coming....

She jumped off of me, and I screamed in horror. "So close!" I cried. One more second and I would have cum! One more damn second! Oh god, my balls were throbbing, and I could feel cum boiling around at the base of my penis, ready to make that last journey up the shaft. I actually thought I might cry, and Natalie's laughing as she stood next to me did not help.

"Oh, God, please, I can't take anymore!" I begged. I was still tied tightly to the four corners of the bed, so escape was no option. My naked body glistened with sweat from her tortuous ministrations, and my chest heaved as I panted in desperation. "Please! I'm begging you! Please!" She knelt next to me on the bed, looking considerably less frayed than I felt.

My wife looked at me and grinned, my throbbing cock clutched firmly in her unmoving hand, the look in her eyes mischievous. She held a finger against my lips in a shushing motion, never letting go of my swollen member with her other hand. She leaned forward, her hair tickling my chest tantalizingly, and her lips brushed my ear. "Baby," she whispered, her tone filled with lust, "You wanted this. And I'm just getting started."

"Please," I whimpered. "Please."

She smiled again. She let go of my cock, and took hold of her corset. She pulled down, and her breasts popped free. Her nipples were hard, and she squeezed them lightly with her fingers. She hefted her breasts, cradled them; caressed them. She leaned forward, and let them hang over my face. I watched them bob and sway above me like I was in trance. She lowered them, crushing them into my face. I kissed them frantically, desperate. I thought I might be losing my mind.

"Poor baby," she whispered. "I thought you loved being teased by me?" I didn't answer. I did love being teased. But I needed to come so bad. The feeling had me confused and unable to think straight, let alone speak. I whimpered again instead. "You made me feel so good slave, and I am so hot seeing you like this. Do you think you deserve to cum, now, baby?" All I could see were her breasts, as she swished them back and forth over my face.

"Please." Barely a whisper. I could not muster anything else.

A hand on my cock. I could not even hope anymore. I was sure it was another tease, more torture. She said she was just getting started. I let the feeling of pleasure take me as the hand began to move, slowly, not trying to guess when it would stop. It squeezed tightly, and I squirmed beneath her. Her hand moved again, a little faster. Already, I could again feel my orgasm approaching. She moved her hand faster, and my hips lifted off the bed. I felt my balls drawing tight, and tightly closed my eyes, waiting for her to stop. She didn't. She increased her pace again, and whispered, "Cum for me, baby".

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