tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe's Yours To Use

She's Yours To Use


I was sitting in my chair with a glass of wine going over my files. I usually train slaves or subs to be more receptive to their masters. This latest request piqued my interest. The cover letter said only, 'I want you to roughly rape my girl'.

I opened the folder and saw her photo and thought "damn", what a beauty. Reading her information I saw that she was 26 years old, Brazillian/Italian heritage, 5'5 and 120 pounds. It seemed she was basically being a smart ass to her man. Looking back at her photo I saw long wavy dark brown hair surrounding a very pretty tan face. Big dark eyes, high cheekbones and the full lips made this proposition a definate thing I wanted to do.

The preliminaries were made and I was waiting for her a few days later. All my toys were layed out on my special desk. I was'nt sure if she knew what was in store for her but that did'nt matter. I heard the doorbell and went and opened the door.

The she stood in a dark skirt that went to her knees with a tan blouse. Her shapely legs ended in a pair of cute little boots.

"Yes may I help you" I asked.

I stand six foot tall and weigh 200, dark hair and eyes. I looked down at her.

"Are you Louis?" she asked.

"You must be Rita" I answered.

She looked wary as I opened the door for her. Her picture paled in comparison to her beauty in person. She had a natural sexy way about her that made me think how good today would be. She slowly walking in and immedietely saw the riding crop and rope on the desk.

"Whats going on here?" she nervously asked.

I held up a picture of her master and said "do you know who this is?"

With a shaking voice she said that yes her boyfriend told her to come to me for some tips on relationships and that she should trust me. I just shook my head and laughed and tossed the picture down.

"Your here today to be used, fucked, raped... whatever... by me" I told her.

Her eyes grew wide and she made a bolt for the door. I grabbed her arm and yanked her back and roughly threw her to the floor. She landed with on her side causing her skirt to ride up, letting me see her black thong underwear.

"Please no, this is not....." she cried.

"Shut up!" I barked. I advanced on her and she scuttled back on her butt. The look of fear on her face was lovely as her eyes darted around looking for a way to escape. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her thick hair. I twisted my hand as I lifted her to her feet.


Her face was screwed up in pain and she started to hit me with her little fist. I let go of her hair and slapped her hard across the face.

Slap! Her head rocked back and she looked stunned. I pushed her back to the desk. I reached out and ripped open her blouse, sending buttons flying all over the place. Her full breast swayed in her cream colored bra. Roughly I ripped her blouse off of her. Her arms flaying as she pleaded with me to stop.

Slap! Again her face felt my sting. I tore off her bra, she tried to cover up her tits with her arms. Perfect breasts, with medium brown nipples made me growl.I pushed her arms away and grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed hard. I pinched and pulled and pushed her backwards over the desk. Her feet were kicking as I stepped between her legs. I leaned over her, pinning her with my weight.

My large desk had restraints attached and I fastened each wrist to them until her arms were above her.

"Please no, don't do this!" she pleaded, openly crying now.

I pulled on her nipples, twisting. My cock was rock hard and I'm sure she felt it through her skirt. I leaned down and tasted her nipples. Taking them in my mouth, sucking,,nibbling. She was starting to scream, obviously not having that good of a time.

"No you bastard, no no..."

Slap! Her cheek was bright red after all the slaps. I stood up and watched her. Her face was one of fear and anger. I put my fingers in the waistband of her skirt. One brutal yank and her skirt was off of her. She was bucking and pulling on her bonds. I stood back and watched her. Her lovely legs were hanging down, the little boots kicking. She closed her legs together, whimpering.

I began to undress, kicking off my boots.

"Please Louis..this is a mistake" she said with a shaky voice as she watched me undress. I took my shirt off.

"My boyfriend would'nt...."

"Ha, what will happen today was ordered by your boyfriend" I said.

I started to pull off my jeans. Soon she saw my rock hard cock. Seven inches and very thick with a big pink head.

"Oh God no, please don't do this"

"Open your legs girl" I told her.

Crying she turned her head away, her chest heaving, causing her breast to rise up and down. I did notice her nipples were erect. As I walked to her with my bobbing hard on she kicked at me.

"Stay away from me!" she hissed.

I picked up the riding crop and brought it down on her thigh.

Whack! She screamed, twisting.


Whack! The other thigh, a redness appeared.

As her eyes closed I grabbed an ankle and fastened it to the leg of the desk. Her eyes flew open and she tried to kick me again. I caught her ankle and wrestled it into the restraint. Still she bucked and twisted, I loved it. I opened a drawer and pulled out a sharp pair of scissors.

"Careful with that bucking girl, you'll get cut" I said.

I then started to cut away her thong, snip snip, and finally she was naked, Except for the cute boots of course. Obviously she had just been to the barber as there was'nt a bit of hair on her beautiful pussy. Seeing her layed back, arms above her head, her legs hanging down and spread, tied, her face contorted, made my cock twitch.

I got right down close to her pussy. I leaned in and inhaled...snniifffff.

"You smell lovely my toy"

"I wonder how you taste" I smiled.

"No no no...." she cried

I gave her pussy a long slow lick from the bottom to the top. Her pelvis quivered and I heard a sharp intake of breath from her. Again, a long slow lick, lick a big cat lapping. Another lick,,with a swirl at her clit. Her head was shaking from side to side.

"No no no please.....no"

I plunged my tounge deep inside her! I attacked her pussy with my mouth. Munching away at her love lips. Spearing her pussy with my tounge. Flicking, swirling at her clit.

She was bucking at me, twisting, her arms and legs pulling at the restraints.

"Aaaaah...ooooh..nnoooooo" she moaned.

Her eyes were shut tightly, she could'nt withstand the assault on her pussy. Which was now starting to moisten up for me

I quickly stood and leaned over her and roughly pressed my lips on hers. My hard shaft pressing against her mound. She felt my slick mouth, tasting
herself. Her eyes snapped open.


I stood up and began to rub my cock head, up and down her slit. Her puss was wet now and I worked the head in just a bit. She looked me right in the eye.

"Please don't do this" she said very seriously.

I smiled at her. Then, as hard as I could, I thrust deep into her pussy. Sliding all seven inches in.

"Umph" I grunted.

"Aaaahhmmmmppph" she screamed incoherantly.

She started to buck and twist again. She whimpered and started to cry. With my cock buried I looked down at her. Her pussy was nice and tight, wet and smooth. I patted her hips. She tried to twist me out of her, but I held her close.

"How does that feel toy?" I asked.

"You bastard" she cried.

I pulled my cock back...out. Then I slide it back in. Seven thick inches stretching her little pussy.
She could'nt help responding, her body betraying her. I started to speed up, thrusting faster. As I progressed I started to be rougher. Thrusting as hard as I could. Trying to hurt this cunt. I pinched her nipples, slapped at her breasts.

I saw her white knuckles in the restrainsts. Her head going fron side to side. Her hips starting to move with me.

"Ung..Ung..Ung!" she responded with each thrust.

I really leaned into it now. Ramming her poor soft pussy. Her whimpers and cries filled the room.
A fucking blur.

Wham! I punched her ribs.

"Ooof" she cried in surprised pain.

I pulled my cock out of her so wet pussy. Her eyes fluttered open. She looked so lovely, tied, fucked and confused.

I bent down and untied her ankles. Her legs flopped like they were asleep. I lifted her around the middle and spun her over on her tummy.

"Ahhhh" she softly said. Her head pressed to her now crossed arms. Her knees bent, not supporting her legs.

I patted her ass, slowly spreading her butt cheeks.

"One other place to go my love"

She came to attention quickly. Her head snapped up and looked around at me. She straightened up her legs.

"No!" a real look of fear in her face.

"No no..you are too big to go back there" she cried.

"I've never......" she hesitated.

"Oh a virgin back here yes?" I asked.

Quickly she tried to kick me again. Growling I stepped to the side. I picked up the crop and layed into her ass and gave her ten good hard ones.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Red welts coming to the surface.

"Aaaahhhhhhh" she screamed in pain. Her ass jumping.

"Do as I say or you'll get twenty more, do you understand?!"

She just lay there whimpering, the sheen of sweat on her tan skin looking just wonderful.

Whack! "Answer me!"

"Yes.. whatever" she said as she sobbed.

"Spread your legs" I ordered in a stern voice.

Whimpering she spread her legs. The vision of her perfect brown legs, her round ass, her tied hands made me feel mean.

I came up behind her with a small bottle of oil.
I spread some right on her little puckered hole.
She jumped and I immedietely slapped her welted ass.

"Oh..ouch..damn you!" she weakly said.

I lathered up my thick seven inches. I rubbed at her tight little hole. She just moaned. I placed my cock at her opening and felt her tense. Without ceremony I just started pushing.

Her head came up, her eyes wide.

"No no t-t-t-to big!"

The head popped in, so tight, her anus squeezed me like a vice. Her head started to thrash from side to side, her hips twisting.

"O please, please no no no" she cried.

"Grrrr" animal sounds coming from me.

I worked my cock into her tight butt. Two inches, her fingers flexed and unflexed. Three inches in,,her boots scrapping on the floor. Pushing, pulling back a bit.

I watched her so tight butt stretch to accomidate me. I thrust! Five inches in her tight ass.

"Oh God, God, God.....oh no" she moaned.

Her back arched, her ribs showing. I pushed, worked my cock from side to side. One last thrust and I was buried in that perfect round tan ass.

She was breathing heavily, trying to just maintain. It was like an obscene hook inside her.

I pulled back all the way. Her back arched and she hissed in pain. Then I thrust! All the way back in.

"Oh noooooooo" she whimpered

She was making little crying animal sounds as I fucked her ass. Long strokes in, slow pulls back.
So tight, so lewd, I loved the control I had over her. I slapped her ribs. I reached up and grabbed her long dark hair.

Asd I fucked her ass I yanked back on her hair. Both hands in her hair like a bridle. Ramming her little tight ass. She started to move with me. Pushing back at my thrusts.

"Aaaah,aaaaaahaaaah,aaaahhh..yes yes" she cried.

"My little ass whore" I said through gritted teeth.

Ramming her ass as hard as I could now, shaking the desk, bruising her thighs. She was beside herself, thrusting back at me. Pulling back on her hair I fucked this girl as hard and strong as I could.

She was screaming openly now, bucking against me, he back arched.

Without warning I exploded inside her!

Grunting, bucking like an animal I slapped and hit her as I came. Pouring my cum deep in her ass.
She screamed and tried to avoid my blows. She collapsed on the desk.

I was still thrusting into her now loose ass, my cock softening up. She seemed unconscious as she lay over the desk. I reached and unfastened her hands. My cock slipped out of her ass.

I lifted her up and carried her to a couch,,where we flopped down.

"Now you will mind your master more in the future won't you?" I said.

"What master?" she laughed weakly.

"Huh" I looked at her.

"I'm a good actress don't you think?" she said.

Confused now I just looked at her. Cum was leaking out of her ass onto my thigh. She stroked my cock.

"I sent you that order, I don't have a boyfriend or master." she said with a smile on her lips.

"Well how........." I started.

"Remember the little Filipino you trained?" she asked.

I just looked at her.

"She's my best friend and told me what happen to her by you."

She leaned up and kissed me, spreading her legs over my thigh, her pussy rubbing me.

"I hope your not mad I set this up,,I just did'nt have a master to have send me to you." she said.

"You don't have a master?" I asked.

I pulled her close and kissed her. Stroking her long hair and pulling on a nipple.

"Well you do now."

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