"Shh, you go over there."

"Get her hands."

She stirred in her sleep, turning on her side and stretching her legs in the sleeping bag. In the next moment her hands were roughly pulled above her head and a hand put over her mouth. Her eyes flew open and she stared at the men around her. Her muffled questions were lost as she tried to figure out why Tom was holding her hands above her head and Dan had his hand over her mouth. Shaun knelt by her feet while Matt and Jay were on either side of her.

Shaun smiled and unzipped the sleeping bag from around her. "We're not going to hurt you. It's just a big of an initiation." He tugged down her pajama pants and panties. Frightened, she kicked away from his and tried to scoot away, moving up into Tom's lap who was behind her. Dan's hand slipped from her mouth.

"What are you doing?" she gasped. She didn't dare scream for help, the boys were sleeping outside in another tent.

Shaun grabbed for her feet and pulled her back into a horizontal position. Dan clamped his hand back over his mouth and Jay moved away looking for something. "No moms are usually welcomed in the pack. But we like you. This is the only way to accept you."

She protested again, the words not understandable with Dan covering her mouth. In the dim light of the lantern in the corner, she could see his pants around his knees and his hard cock out. As Shaun spread her legs, her muscles strained as she try to free her hands or move away from him.

"She shaves, nice," Jay said returning to the group with bandanas in his hand. The other guys murmured their agreement.

Shaun positioned himself between her legs and tried to push forward. She screamed in protest, the sound barely audible. She had to find a better way to get their attention. She licked Dan's hand and then lightly bit it with her teeth. Surprised he pulled away and she took a deep breath. "I'm not wet, uh, some foreplay?"

The guys laughed. "Even when being raped, she has to have control," Shaun said with a smirk. "But Jay's still tying the bandanas on you." Tom held her hands together and Jay knotted one around her wrists. Tom kept her hands in his still, sitting right behind her head. Jay waded another bandana into a ball and jammed it into her mouth before wrapping one around her head.

"Blind fold?" Jay asked.

"Nah, let her watch," Shaun said. He had stopped trying to force his dick into her and was lightly rubbing her clit. She squirmed.

Matt lifted her shirt to reveal her breasts. "Beautiful. The young ones are so much nicer." She knew she was at least five years younger than Matt, more than fifteen from Dan's age. After admiring her, Matt put his head down over her chest and sucked her nipple into her mouth. She couldn't help groaning in pleasure and the men all chuckled.

"Ah well, it's alright if she enjoys it a bit."

"Better than tears and blood." She felt light-headed at his words.

Shaun's finger found her hole and pushed in. He laughed and she felt her face turn red. Matt's expert suckling on her breasts was making her wet. Jay fondled the other breast, lightly pinching the nipple into a stiff peak. She squirmed under all their attention. Tom gently stroked the hair on her head and she looked up. His eyes held pity for her and as her body betrayed her, she felt like crying.

Shaun pushed her knees up and legs apart. He stroked his cock a few times with his hand before pushing into her.

"Rrrgh," she complained as his hard dick stretched her open. There was still enough fear in her to keep her pussy from being as wet as it normally would be. Matt and Jay had pulled away from her breasts to allow Shaun more room to push inside her. She glanced to her side and Dan had his cock out and was stroking it as he watched Shaun fuck her.

"Cum inside or not?" Shaun asked, panting as he fold his tempo. She didn't like his weight on her and the way he was pushing her down on the hard ground.

"Go ahead," Dan said. He stood and seemed to be next in line.

"Her breasts are awesome," Matt said and squeezed them in his hands. She involuntarily tensed and the extra tightness pushed Shaun over the edge. He groaned and leaned into her as he came.

"I bet she'd be quiet if I wanted a blow job," Jay said looking at her face. She wasn't sure if she should agree or not so she held still. The immediate shock of the men around her was wearing off and she couldn't believe they were using her like this.

Shaun pulled out with a sigh and sat back away from her. She clamped her legs closed and the men laughed. She could feel Shaun's cum dripping out of her.

"Help me flip her over. Have you seen her ass in a pair of jeans?" They murmured their agreement at her fine rear end. She protested by shaking her head but they ignored her. Jay and Matt easily flipped her over onto her knees with her ass up in the air and her chest against the ground. Her arms were still stretched out over her head. Tom let her rest her head in his lap, she turned her face away from his crotch and squeezed her eyes shut.

Hands rubbed her ass, she guessed Dan's but didn't want to look. He pulled her butt cheeks apart and she squirmed, not enjoying feeling so exposed. He took his time looking at her and she wished he would hurry up and get his turn over with. He slapped her ass and she jumped and sobbed softly in Tom's lap. Dan finally pushed his cock into her and she almost sighed in relief. The sooner this was over, the better.

He wasn't very big, she was relieved to learn. This position left her feeling too vulnerable. He put his hands on her hips and began pistoning in and out, his balls hitting her upper thighs. Shaun's cum lubed her and made Dan's fast fucking less painful that it could have been. He made obscene sounds as he came, she was glad when he was done with her. He patted her ass as he pulled out. "Ah, that was fucking great."

"Jay, you next?" Shaun asked, appearing on at her side. His hands caressed her ass before his finger dipped into her pussy. She suddenly realized that they might have more than one go each at her, this could last all night. His finger flicked over her clit, causing her to jump. Tom put his hand on her back as if to calm her.

"I think I want a blow job. You're up, Matt."


She closed her eyes. She liked Matt. She had liked most of them although Shaun and Dan had always made her a bit uneasy. Tom and Jay, she had thought were her friends.

"Hey, it'll be alright." Matt said touching her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. "On your back, okay?" She nodded and he assisted her in rolling over. Tom tucked a pillow under her head and held her hands in his own. Matt moved between her legs and leaned over her, kissing her ear. "I'd like you to enjoy this if you can," he whispered. She looked into his eyes and nodded. Satisfied, he moved back down her body, taking a moment to kiss and fondle her breasts again. Closing her eyes and trying not to think about exactly what was happening to her, she sighed as his mouth pleasured her sensitive breasts. If she had to be truthful, she has always wondered what he would be like to fuck Matt. She could possibly enjoy him.

He spread her legs and hooked her knees over his shoulders, lifting her ass off the ground. She stared at him as he adjusted himself to enter her. He moved his hands to her hips and pushed into her. The different angle hit all her G spot and she found herself panting against the gag as he stroked in and out. She felt flush all over and her nipples tighten on the own. Matt noticed her increased wetness and smiled, enjoying her desire for him. "Good girl," he encouraged and speed up his fucking.

She came. She knew she shouldn't but Matt's dick felt so good in her pussy. She thrashed her head from side to side and gripped Tom's hands tightly. She moaned and groaned, the loud sounds understandable through the cloth. Matt kept up his speed through her orgasm, prolonging it. As she began to come down, he finished, letting her legs fall to his sides and he collapsed on top of her. He placed kisses on her face and whispered into her ear, "You are fucking amazing, thank you."

Shaun laughed and ruined her mood. "I knew the little slut could like it. No one dresses like she does and shaves her pussy without enjoying sex." She frowned at him but Matt stayed over her, almost as if protecting her from Shaun.

"My turn," Jay said, nudging Matt out of the way. Matt reluctantly left her and she shivered as his body heat left her. Jay moved into her view. He untied the bandana from her mouth and took out the ball of cloth. She stuck her tongue out, her mouth felt dry. "Don't scream," he warned. "You wouldn't want to scare the boys." She nodded even though she could speak again.

Tom let go of her hands. "I don't want to be that close to your dick," he said as he moved away. She almost asked him to stay. His constant touch through all to this so far had been comforting.

"On your hands and knees," Jay ordered and pulled his dick out of his pants. He stood over her, waiting for her to move into position. She rolled onto her stomach and worked her way up into the way he wanted, a little wobbly as her hands were still tied together.

"No teeth," he warned as he held his cock close to her face.

"I know."

He stroked himself with his hand and she tried to work some spit into her mouth. "Do you swallow?"

She frowned. "Actually, yes," she answered honestly. She heard Shaun laugh behind her.

Jay grinned. "I wouldn't have expected any less of you." She opened her mouth and he guided the head into her. Might as well get it over with, she decided.

She took him into her mouth as far as she could, testing her gag reflex. Her tongue rubbed the underside, moistening it. Jay groaned. "Oh god, she's good." She felt the veins in his dick throb. He wasn't going to last long, she thought. His wife must not give blowjobs if he was reacting so strongly to only being in her mouth before she had begun to do anything. Instead of just getting it over with, she changed her mind and wanted to give him the best blowjob of his life. She let the head of his cock bump the back of her throat while swallowing to keep herself from choking on him.

"Aaiii," he said trying to pull himself out. She kept the suction on and gently put her teeth around the head to keep him in. His body shook as he tried to keep the control that she was quickly taking away from him. His hand went to the back of her head even though she had no intention of letting go. Her tongue swirled over the head before she moved forward to begin taking him all back into her mouth. She sucked and licked and even moaned a little over his cock. She had to admit he did have a nice dick for blowjobs, straight, not too long, and thick enough to fill her mouth. She sucked a little harder and pulled him to the back of her throat again, her nose bumping his lower belly. He groaned and his hand clenched her hair. She felt his dick throb again as he spurted his cum into her mouth. She swallowed quickly to avoid gagging, the extra suction causing him to hunch over her in pleasure.

Jay sat down in front of her, pulling his cock out of her mouth with a little pop. He shuddered and she couldn't help grinning.

"Jay," Shaun teased.

"Damn," was all he could say in response.

"Tom, your turn," Shaun said.

She put her ass down, sitting on her feet. She blushed as she realized what a show she had just given to the other guys. Her hands were tied in front of her and her shirt was still above her breasts.

"Nah, you know I never go for these things." She couldn't meet Tom's eyes even though she knew he was watching her.

"Suit yourself," Shaun answered. He patted the top of her head and she wrinkled her nose. "We'll be back. And don't you dare tell your husband because I'll tell him how much you enjoyed sucking off Jay. And how you came when Matt fucked you."

She frowned, losing the glow of her orgasm and blowjob. She let Matt help her to her feet. He hugged her, her hands trapped between their bodies. Matt's mouth was on her ear, whispering, "Don't worry about him, he won't hurt you or say anything to your husband." He pulled back and looked into her eyes. "You did like it a little bit, right?"

She blushed. She had just technically been gang raped by a bunch of guys and still... "I came with you," she admitted.

"I know, I liked that." He kissed the top of her head.

"Enough," Dan said. "We should get back to our tents."

Jay struggled to his feet, still not completely recovered from the blowjob. He pinched her nipple, getting her attention. "Damn, woman," he said, the awe evident in his voice. She grinned, he wasn't so bad when she knew he was putty in her mouth.

Shaun, Dan, Matt, and Jay left the tent, leaving Tom standing beside her. "Here," he said as he took her wrists into his hands. He untied the bandana and she rubbed her skin. He pulled her shirt back down over her breasts, his knuckles rubbing her sensitive nipples and making them stick out through the thin material. "Your pants," he said looking over her shoulder.

Instead of picking up the rest of her clothing and putting it on, she put her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you," she said, leaning her head against his chest. Unsure how to respond, he put his arms around her, his hands just above her ass as if trying not to touch her. "Can you stay?" She had to admit she was slightly worried that even though Matt assured her Shaun wouldn't hurt her, she didn't want Shaun sneaking back in without the other's knowledge. As odd as it seemed, she actually felt safer with the whole group fucking her rather than Shaun or Dan being alone with her.

Tom seemed to understand and answered, "Of course." He pulled out of the embrace and began straightening her sleep bag.

"I only have the one," she said motioning to the bag. "Could you sleep in it with me?" She wasn't feeling shy at all even though she was still naked from the waist down. Tom had just seen her fuck four other guys, there wasn't much room left for modesty now.

"Your pants?" he repeated. He sat down the edge of her bed roll.

"I, uh," she didn't know how to state that she'd like to fuck him. What if he really didn't want her? She suspected he did desire her but didn't want to do her with the others present. She sunk to her knees in front of him and put her hands in his crotch. She was very pleased to find him hard and ready for her.

"Hey, we don't need to..."

She kissed the words out of his mouth. His dick said otherwise. "I want to," she said firmly. He let her push him onto his back and undo his pants. His cock sprung free, she wrapped both hands around it and stroked up. His groan made her pussy tingle.

"I'm on top," she stated and Tom didn't seem to mind. He pulled the pillow under his head and put his hands on her hips, guiding her over him. She straddled his stomach, his dick just below her ass. She lifted her shirt back over her breasts and leaned over his face. "Please suck them," she said.

He took one nipple into her mouth and did as he was told. The pulling from his mouth felt like a shock straight to her pussy. She gasped and moaned as he gently bit down on her breast. He took the other in his mouth and her pussy was on fire. "I have to have you in me," she groaned. He replaced his mouth with his hands on her breasts and let her scoot down his body so his dick brushed the inside of her thigh. She used her hand to guide him into her pussy and almost screamed as she sank down on his hard cock. His hand went to her mouth to shush her.

"You feel so good," she groaned when he was finally completely inside of her. She licked his fingers over her mouth playfully.

"You liked sucking Jay's cock, didn't you?" he asked, his tone making her feel naughty.

"Yes," she moaned and ground her clit down on him. One of his hand squeezing her breast and she yelped happily. His hand went back over her mouth.

"I'll have to find the gag if you aren't quiet," he warned softly. "Or this might work." He put his index finger into her moaning open mouth. "Suck it. Suck it like you did Jay's dick."

She squirmed over him, his words making her feel very hot. He noticed the effect his orders had on her and put his free hand on her ass to hold her down on his cock. He pushed up, trying to get a little control on the way she was riding him. The extra deep penetration went into her a little more than was comfortable and she held still. She continued sucking on his finger.

"Good girl," he said praising her. He slapped her ass, the sting and sound causing her to jump. "Or should I say bad girl? You really are the slut that Shaun said you were." She moaned around his finger, madly rubbing her clit against him.

He slapped her ass again. "Dan loves your ass. He might fuck you up your butt next time. And you'll like it. Sluty girl." She nodded and the wild look in her eyes told him how much she wanted it.

"And cumming with Matt fucking your pussy. You shouldn't cum when you are being raped." He whispered the last words and she blushed at her wantonness. "You want to cum right now, don't you?"

She nodded and sucked his finger harder. "Please," she begged. She rolled her hips over his cock, her breasts bouncing.

"Cum slut, cum all over my cock."

She moaned in pleasure and began furiously fucking herself with his cock as he laid there and let her. He grinned as she threw her head back, her nipples stiff and her pussy dripping wet. "I'm cumming," she moaned. He took his finger out of her mouth and held her hips. "Oh, oh, aah!" She shuddered and laid down on his chest as the aftershocks pulsed through her body. She made soft mewing sounds against him and curled up as tightly as she could.

Tom spread his fingers over her ass cheeks and held her. A few pumps into her soaking hot pussy and he found his release. She softly moaned as she felt his cock spurt more cum into her.

"Hey," he said after a few moments. He wondered if she had fallen asleep on him. He kissed her face. She stirred in his arms and he gently rolled them to their sides. His softening dick slide out of her and she made weak protesting sounds. He unwrapped himself from her and tucked her back into her sleeping bag. "Sleep tight."

"Mm, night Tom. Thank you."

He chuckled and fixed his pants. "Good girl." He gave her one more kiss on her forehead and she sighed in her sleep.

The guys were waiting outside the tent. "Damn, I'm playing the sensitive guy next time," Shaun said slapping Tom on the back.

Tom laughed. "Works every time."

"I'm fucking her in the ass," Dan said.

"Her blowjobs..." Jay shook his head, still surprised at how quickly she had gotten him off.

"Let her sleep," Matt said. "She's going to have another long night tomorrow."

The guys agreed and went their own tents, looking forward to more fun with their newest little slut again tomorrow.

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