tagIncest/TabooShim's My Brother Ch. 02

Shim's My Brother Ch. 02

byGeorgette Glass©

Chapter 2 – Third Party

“Its okay, Lupe; It’s just me and Kevin. We’re getting to know each other better.”

Kevin was huddled up against the headboard with his legs drawn tightly up against his chest. His boobs were totally covered. He looked terrified.

“You both no clothes on,” Lupe stammered. “Maybe you want me come back later.”

“No Lupe, you need to stay and talk to us. Kevin doesn’t know about us, and how you took care of me when I was pregnant. He needs to know now.”

I proceeded to explain to Kevin how Lupe was a companion and at one point a lover while I was in my last tri-mester. I told him how she introduced me to all female sex, and how we satisfied each other in this manner up until my last week as a blimp. She may be my mom’s “domestic”, but she is my friend – a true intimate friend.

“So you see, Kevin,” I continued, “I can’t lose a true friend just because you and I have risen to a new level in our relationship. I want all three of us to be our own little private family. I know for a fact that Lupe loves sex so she will fit right in to our trio. Right, Lupe?”

“I not speak much English, but if Patsy tell you I like to fuck she speaks the truth. My people are hot-blooded, and I am plenty hot.”

Kevin was still speechless, but he was trying to embrace the spirit of the moment. Here is an extremely attractive Hispanic who has just told him she loves to fuck – both men and women – and that she and my sister are on most intimate terms. The big problem now is the problem Kevin has had all along. He has tits like a woman, and they might be bigger than Lupe’s.

“That all sounds great, Lupe,” Kevin said nervously, “but Patsy and I had a deal.”

“Wait a minute, Kevin,” I said cutting into their conversation. “Our deal still stands, and you should know that. I just want Lupe to be part of our fun and games club, and in order for this to happen she has to know our secret.”

“Well, I guess in that case we’ll have to make an exception, but let’s not let this get out of hand.”

“Can I tell her?” I asked like a pre-teen with the world’s biggest secret..

“Why should I care?” Kevin said with a shrug.

“Lupe, we are going to be best friends, right?”

“If you say so,” she mumbled.

“Okay then. Take off your clothes.”

Lupe looked at Patsy with understandable confusion. Then she noticed again that Patsy and Kevin both were butt naked. It occurred to her that she was to literally join the party so she needed to dress for the occasion. Her uniform was a snap on and a pop off.

Lupe was petite and had a very shapely body. She showed no modesty as she placed her clothes on a chair against the wall. She stood there looking lovely in all of her nakedness when I spoke up again.

“Lupe, Kevin has breasts just like you and me. Show her, Kevin.”

Slowly Kevin lowered his legs and revealed his bosom. He braced himself for the laughter he expected to follow.

“You bigger than me, Kevin. Maybe we can touch each other?”

“Sure,” Kevin said as he scooted over to the edge of the bed. “Feel.”

“You too,” Lupe insisted. She was right. Kevin was bigger. He was also getting bigger in another area as they fondled each other. “You feel just like me. I like that. I want to feel that, too,” she said quite matter-of-factly as she pointed to his rising tool. “I want to kiss your breasts, and I want to suck your cock.”

“Lupe is going to fit in quite nicely,” Kevin said addressing his remark to me as I looked on with obvious amusement. “I won’t get any milk from her jugs, but I’ll certainly have a great time trying.”

“Jugs,” Lupe asked. “I don’t have jugs.” She pouted her lips.

“Don’t worry about it, Hon,” I said. “That’s what gringo guys call a woman’s tits sometimes.”

“I like hooters better,” Lupe said with a big smile.

“Hooters it is then,” Kevin said as he took the nipple offered him by his new Latin lover.

I wasn’t about to be left out, so I sat down on the bed beside Kevin and fondled his rigid pole. Then I reached out and traced my fingers softly along Lupe’s slit. Being true to her ancestry, Lupe’s snatch was saturated with her arousal juices. The time was right.

I eased Lupe closer to the bed. She was close enough that she had to spread her legs to straddled Kevin’s lower limbs. He was deeply engrossed with the titty in his mouth when he felt Lupe’s warm, wet vagina slide down around his cock. She didn’t stop until her buttocks rested on his upper thighs.

This was Kevin’s first experience with actual coupling, and the fire was racing through his body. He switched breasts, and tried very hard to get the whole thing in his mouth. The warm, wet pussy was sliding slowly up and down his shaft. The newness of the event caused him to orgasm almost immediately. He was embarrassed.

“Don’t worry if you come fast, Kevin,” Lupe said soothingly, “that just mean you like Lupe’s pussy very much. We will do more better later.”

Lupe looked over at me. I had been watching the whole time. She rolled over on her back alongside Kevin, and spread her legs.

“Big brother makes me all ready to go. You come make me go, okay?"

She spread the lips of her already wet pussy with her two index fingers and looked seductively at me. “Hungry or horny?” she asked with a wicked smile.

I was comfortable with this situation so I had no problem settling in between Lupe’s legs and zeroing in on her inviting snatch. Once the girls were connected satisfactorily, Kevin realized that Lupe had reached over with a free hand and was fondling one of his girl tits. Then he felt his sister playing with his cock. He felt great, and he reached over and caressed one of Lupe’s breasts. This was to become know as team effort for this trio.

Lupe was correct when she told me she was ready to go. It didn’t take long at all for the Latino to squirm, squeal and squirt. I continued lapping until I was sure she was done, and I also stroked my brother’s cock until it was rock hard.

“Now Kevin is ready,” Lupe said as she rose and sat back on her lower legs, “you fuck him.” Lupe had seemed to have become unchallenged leader for this session. That is until now. I wasn’t sure if Kevin and I were ready for actual fucking. After all, we are brother and sister and all that goes with it.

“He’s my brother.” I said to Lupe.

“So?” Lupe said cocking an eyebrow.

“I’m not sure it is right,” I added.

“He already sucked your boobie; he licked your pussy; and you suck his cock. Right?”

“Well, yes,” I said tentatively.

“Fuck him,” Lupe said adamantly.

“Is it okay with you?” I asked Kevin.

“What do you think?” he asked as he held his rigid cock in his hand.

“You lie here,” Lupe told Kevin. “You,” directing her next remarks to me, “get on top and fuck him good.”

When we did as we were instructed, we quite naturally settled down to some very arousing coupling. Lupe straddled Kevin’s face and lowered her pussy into place. Kevin’s tongue and hands sprang into action. The girls were facing each other, and began fondling each others breasts as well as Kevin’s. The girls were also, as they had done so many times on other occasions, playing with each other’s clits to enhance arousal.

What appeared to be a rehearsed encountered was actually a first time event for all three involved. Now the three naked bodies were lounging on my king-sized bed and casually fondling each other’s assets. Kevin was in the process of getting noticeably hard again, and Lupe was watching his erection with wide-eyed interest. Then I sprang to a straight up sitting position.

“Brother dear,” she purred, “It’s time to milk the cow again.”

“I want to help, too,” Lupe said excitedly.

“Really?” I asked with obvious surprise.

“I never milk anything before,” she explained, “and I know I will like sucking on your breast for milk instead of just for fun.” Her winning smile was broad and beautiful.

“But remember, slut,” I said jokingly, “don’t mess with Kevin until he is done.”

“I mess with you; not Kevin.” Another big smile as she positioned herself. Kevin eased me back to lie down on the bed as he cupped my swollen breast in his hands and plugged in his human suction pump. It was much better than the one the doctor provided.

Lupe was securely fastened to my other breasts, and I was experiencing a very rare sensation. I had never had anyone give so much pleasure to both of my breast at one time. Once at a slumber party during the usual frolicking sessions, two girls were sucking on my breasts at the same time, but it was never like this. Lupe was giving excellent attention to my breast and steadying it with one hand. Her other hand had found my pussy hole and was exploring gently as she nursed.

Kevin noticed our exploits while he was diligently draining my udder so he casually found Lupe’s pussy with a free hand and began his own expedition. Lupe liked his new venture. She sucked more vigorously on my tit, and she also became more energetic at my crotch. I worked a hand through the tangle of arms until I found Kevin’s pecker. God, it was as hard as a rock.

Kevin and Lupe finished draining my breasts of their accumulation of mother’s milk almost at the same time. All three of us were hotter than firecrackers from all of the intimacy. I was still holding Kevin’s cock, and my milk maids were both embedded finger deep in a pussy.

“Somebody needs to fuck me bad,” Lupe panted. “Finger is good first, but now I need cock.”

Everyone seemed to understand her feelings. We were all horny as Hell, and ready to go for the big “O” one more time. Before our day had ended Kevin had fucked both girls, he had sucked both girls, and he had fondled our breasts like a baker kneading dough. The dough he was kneading was much softer, and it wasn’t the dough that had a tendency to rise.

One of us girls would caress Kevin’s girl tits while the other sucked his cock. Then we would switch and do the same thing again. Lupe taught Kevin to French kiss an asshole, and then she made him practice on me and her until the two of us were satisfied that he was proficient at the art. He watched as we performed female 69 shenanigans on each other, and then we invited him to do the same with each of us.

We had created a sexual Utopia today, and it was just the beginning. We had every right to be lounging after a very active day between each other’s legs and elsewhere so why shouldn’t we lay back and gloat over our accomplishments. Then Lupe had a stroke of conscientiousness. She sat up in the bed and bared her soul.

“Today,” she started, “you and Kevin give me your big secret when you didn’t have to do that. I am glad very much that you did. Now I think it is only fair that I tell you my big secret so we be just the same. Okay?”

“And what big secret do you have that I don’t know about, Sweetie?’ I asked because I didn’t think she and I had any secrets. I know we had nothing to hide about our relationship. We were so careful that we even kept it out of the neighborhood gossip column. The column’s name was Katherine, and she lived next door to us on the East.

“What is it, Lupe?” Kevin asked with unshielded interest as he rose up on his elbow. “You’re not married, are you?”

“No, no. I not married, but I have other lovers besides you two.”

“Who?” Kevin and I queried almost in unison. “Do you have someone back home?”

“No,” she said almost meekly, “my lovers are in same house as this one.”

“How is that possible?” Kevin asked.

“Hard for me to explain,” Lupe said obviously struggling for the right words. “When I come to work I have long talk with mama and papa. Mama made me promise to make sex with papa because she not want to get pregnant again.”

“Hasn’t she ever heard of the pill?” I asked curiously.

“Doctor tell her she can’t do pill. Very bad for her,” Lupe explained.

“So Mom can’t have sex with Pop so she hires you to fuck him when he wants it. Right?”

“Something like that,” Lupe mumbles.

“And what does dear old Mom do when her hormones act up?”

“I do mama too,” the Latino said.

“Good God girl. They didn’t hire a housekeeper; they hired a live in lover.”

“They pay me very good, and I like making sex with both of them,” Lupe confessed. At first I make woman love to your mama, and I make sucking love to your papa. But he have such nice penis we soon go from sucking to fucking. We do both most times. He is very good, and he have very nice cock.”

“This is un-fucking-believable,” Kevin exclaimed. “Mom and Dad having the same mistress, and everybody knows about it.” He paused for a moment, and then, “That’s great.”

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll wear out you pussy, girl?”

“Oh no,” Lupe answered very quickly. “Only papa, and now Kevin, fuck my pussy. Then everybody lick and kiss it and that makes it better. I like very much. All family like Lupe’s pussy. That make me very happy,” she said as she beamed from ear to ear.

Lupe went on to explain that mom and pop were careful to schedule their trysts where they did not conflict with each others needs, and they were especially careful not to be caught by us kids. They were indeed successful at the latter endeavor.

“Well, Lupe,” I said finally after she explained all of this, “tell me truthfully who you like having sex with the most.”

“That’s very easy,” Lupe said without hesitation, “I like all family for sex. Papa have very big cock, and he last long time. I have two maybe three orgasms when we have sex. Mama is very best at woman sex. She have a tongue maybe longer than Kevin’s, and she know just what to do with it. She give many orgasm each time, also. You, Patsy, are a wonderful lover. We have good time even with your big belly. Then we add Kevin, and now we have everything. We have your big breasts, and Kevin’s nice breast; we have your very nice pussy, and Kevin’s very nice cock and tongue. We have everything, but most of all with you and Kevin we have playtime. I like playtime.”

“And let’s not forget our little Latin lover, the hottest pussy in town. If I had her sexual appetite, I would be dead and in my grave by age 30, no doubt.” Kevin said that with reverence as well as with a lot of pride in having Lupe as a sex partner and a friend.

“I just hope we can keep things going this nicely for a long time,” I said wistfully. “There for a while I thought my lot in life was to become a Nun or something. Now I have a sex life much better than anyone else that I know of, present company excepted naturally.” We all three got a laugh out of my ending, but I meant every word.

“Maybe we can do more better,” Lupe mumble as she sat on the bed deep in thought. “Maybe if everybody know the truth, everybody fuck together and have big fun.”

The room was silent, but all three minds were buzzing with possibilities.

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