tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShipwreck Ch. 03

Shipwreck Ch. 03


Ruby's belly and breasts continued to swell as her pregnancy progressed, and both of the other girls were fascinated by the changes in her body, making any excuse to rub her belly and even feel her heavy, swollen tits. Although Sara continued to insist she didn't want to risk me getting her pregnant while we were on the island, you could see the envy, tinged with a little lust, when she touched her friend's pregnant body.

So it came as no surprise when, after two months of Davi shooting his massive loads all over every part of her body, one night Siobhan wrapped her long legs around her lover and made sure he couldn't pull out if he wanted to. "I want to feel your cum inside me," she moaned. "Fill me up with a big load of sperm." She knew full well Davi spoke no English, so it had to be for Ruby's benefit, or mine and Sara's. Or maybe she just lost control with that big cock buried deep inside of her.

Whatever the case, she soon got her wish, as Davi fucked her pussy raw before filling it with a copious load of sperm. When it was clear to him that she didn't object to being filled up with cum, he went right to work giving her more. Five times that night, he shot his load directly into her fertile womb. By the last time, she could barely stay awake, but she still murmured, "more... more... don't stop..."

For two weeks afterwards, Ruby had to be content with her fingers, as Davi focused on getting every drop of sperm his balls could produce as deep inside of Siobhan as possible. Once it was clear she wanted his baby — or didn't mind getting pregnant, at any rate — he was a man on a mission. And it was very quickly mission accomplished, as she missed her next period, and as far as I know didn't have another one as long as we were on that island.

I though, once the deed was one, Ruby would reclaim her man, but from that night forth, the two pregnant castaways took turns getting their pussies pounded night and day. Most nights, they both shared his bed and took turns riding his massive cock. Sometimes one girl would be too stretched out and sore and would take the night off, or Davi would pick one girl or the other to fuck all night long. But whatever happened, his tireless tool never disappointed — it seemed that, no matter how many times he had fucked, the Brazilian could always find some more sperm to add to either of the two wombs he had already impregnated.

Davi was basically the luckiest man on Earth. But I still thought of myself as the second-luckiest. I had two pregnant beauties walking around naked all day, every day. My gorgeous fianceé and I were fucking far more than we ever had in our old life, and island life seemed to agree with her. Sara was already trim and athletic to begin with, but between working on the island and swimming constantly, her lithe, muscular body never failed to arouse me any time I saw it. Which was often, as she hadn't worn a stitch of clothing for six months at this point. The constant sun and exercise had given her black skin an extra lustre, and what had already been a sexy body had become my idea of pure perfection.

The only thing that was missing, as far as I was concerned, was a sexy bulge in her tummy. Siobhan was showing nicely after only two months, and by that point Ruby's belly was ready to burst, and her boobs weren't far behind. As good as sex was with Sara, I fantasized about sucking milk from those big, brown titties, while rubbing my cock all over that pregnant belly of hers. Once I was able to have the same fantasies about Siobhan, it was only natural that I wanted Sara in the club too. But she always demurred, saying either she wasn't ready, or to wait until we were rescued. At that point, I didn't care if we ever left the island, but she was still hopeful.

Then Ruby had her baby. And everything changed again. The delivery went smoothly — again, I'm an optician, but I still knew enough to be able to hand Ruby a healthy baby girl, as Davi looked on, beaming. Her round, fleshy tits produced enough milk to feed a litter of babies, and little Joy was rarely far from her mother's breast, so she grew up strong right away. And Ruby had the rest of us to wait on her hand and foot while she recovered from childbirth, so mother and daughter couldn't have been happier.

The problem was Davi. With Ruby out of commission, he was focusing all of his considerable sexual energy on Siobhan. Which the Irish girl loved, for the first few days. She was instantly smitten with Ruby's baby, which just made her all the more excited about the one growing in her own belly. And that in turn made her all the more eager for the cock that had put it there.

But every woman has her limits. One particularly long night, Davi pounded her pregnant cunt from sundown to sunup, not sleeping more than half an hour before mounting her again. She could barely walk, even after sleeping it off, and that night when he came for her, she refused him.

Since the second night on the island, Davi hadn't been without a partner, and neither of his women had ever refused his cock. But Siobhan was sore and exhausted, and her eyes pleaded with him for a break. He stood over her, naked in the moonlight, erect cock jutting out from between his muscular legs, but he made no move towards her. He looked around the tent, unsure of what to do next, and his eyes met Sara. She did nothing to hide the fact that she was staring openly at his body, his mammoth cock in particular. He met her eyes, and for a long moment, they gazed at each other, until Ruby broke the silence with four fateful words.

"You want a turn?"

She nodded mutely, never taking her eyes from his. She stood up, and before she took a step towards him, she looked back at me. I know I should have stopped her, said know, taken her arm, something. Even now I wonder why I didn't at least say something. But I just looked her in the eyes, trying to read her thoughts. She gave me a pleading look, glancing over her shoulder at Davi and his waiting, rock-hard erection. I don't know why I did what I did. Maybe there had been so much sexual tension building up, with her watching him fuck every night. Maybe it was because Davi had taken the other two girls so often that it just seemed natural. Maybe it was because, after watching the other two getting fucked over and over again, and never failing to be incredibly aroused by it, I knew deep down how intensely erotic it would be to watch this muscular, well-hung stud taking my woman and fucking her deeper than I ever could.

I guess I'm still not exactly sure what my reasons were. But I stared into her eyes, and I very gently nodded my assent. I could see her tremble, as she took her first step across the sand towards him. There was a bright full moon that night, so I could see the beads of sweat running down her flawless black skin, as she walked away from me. Davi didn't make a move until she had crossed the shelter, and then reached a hand out and cupped her warm, waiting pussy in one hand. No kiss, no embrace — this was the first real physical contact the two of them had had. He slid two fingers inside of her, and it was clear how wet she already was. He used those fingers to pull her towards him, until her breasts were mashed up against his well-muscled chest. Her arms held him tight, one hand on his ass, and the other raking across his back. He placed his free hand on the back of her neck and kissed her, forcefully, tongue invading her willing mouth as his hand started to rub up and down against her slit, pushing two fingers in and out of her.

He broke the kiss, and a string of saliva ran down her cheek. She made no move to brush it away, instead moaning as his fingers pistoned in and out of her. He kissed her neck this time, and she cried out as he pushed four fingers inside of her, getting her ready for the real stretching out still to come. He moved his mouth to her breast, and she held his head there as he sucked on a dark brown nipple. She let out a yelp as he bit down on her breast, like a stallion marking his mare. He bit hard enough that the teeth marks were there for days afterward, but if anything, it turned her on even more, as she started bucking her hips against his hand.

He lowered her onto her back, legs spread, knees in the air, his fingers still inside of her, and I could see her chest heaving as she lay there, breathlessly awaiting penetration by his massive tool. But first, he kissed her again, hardly letting her come up for air, as he started ramming his hand into her cunt, harder than before. She cried out, "Oh God!" the second his tongue left her mouth, and she screamed out loud when he bit her other breast. She moaned as he started sucking her other nipple. "Please. I need it." However bad his English was, there was no mistake what it was she needed. "I need your cock inside me."

She looked over at me after she said that, maybe worried at my reaction. But my hand was stroking my dick, which she surely took as a sign of encouragement. She grabbed his cock with one hand, and started guiding it towards her waiting sex. But Davi made it clear he was in charge. He grabbed her by the wrist, and with one hand, pinned both of her hands above her head. He kept fucking her with four fingers, sucking on her gorgeous tits, while she cried out, "Don't tease me! Please! Please fuck me!"

I should have been horrified — the woman who had promised to be mine forever was begging, literally begging for another man's cock. I should have been, but I wasn't. My dick was as hard as iron, watching her lithe brown body heaving with pent-up desire. Finally, he decided she had suffered enough. He slid his fingers out of her wet snatch, and immediately lined his cock head up with her slit. She gasped as he pushed the bulbous head between the folds of her labia. As much as she must have been stretched out after having four fingers probing her roughly, Davi's cockhead was even thicker, and she gasped as he worked it inside her.

"So big," she murmered. "So gooood..." I was past being jealous or hurt, all I could think about was how erotic the whole thing was. A beautiful woman was aching to be bred by a monstrous cock. Nothing else mattered, even the fact that it was my woman, and another man's cock.

She gritted her teeth as he worked a few more inches into her, and as he did, he took a finger, still dripping wet with her arousal, and gently slid it into her asshole. As he finger-fucked her ass, he started slowly fucking his cock in and out of her, not yet going any deeper than a few inches. She started moaning for him to go deeper, to give her more, but he never went more than halfway in. He was sliding two fingers in and out of her asshole now, while gently fucking her with the front half of his cock. Her body started to tense, and her cries echoed across the island as she had her first orgasm of the night.

I saw the unbridled lust on her face, and knew that Davi had won her over completely. And I realized something else. Even though his cock was only halfway in her, he was already as deep as I would ever go. From here on in, every inch would be virgin territory.

And now, Davi was ready to stake his claim. I knew from experience that Sara's pussy would be soaking wet after coming down from such a powerful orgasm. But it still took some effort on both of their parts to push his cock deeper inside of her. Davi fucked her with slow, powerful strokes, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer and urging him on. She was crying out with every stroke, and every few minutes, he'd be an inch deeper. Finally she screamed out, and he stopped, all only an inch or two of his cock still visible.

She looked right at me. "His cock is touching my cervix. No man has ever been this deep inside of me. It feels so fucking good right now. No one has ever fucked me like this. I don't ever want this feeling to end." Davi held still, pinning her down with 9 inches of cock buried deep inside her abdomen, and let her say her peace. "His cock is stretching me out so much. It's so fucking good. I won't even be able to feel your little dick after this."

Her words cut through me like a knife, but as she said them, my cock started spurting, sending drops of warm, sticky seed running over my fingers and down to my balls. Sara looked me in the eye. "Looks like he's enjoying this too." She was addressing Davi, but her words were clearly meant for me. "I guess we should give him a show. Let's see if you can get the rest of that monster into me." I glanced over at Ruby and Siobhan, and they both had shiteating grins on their faces. Both of them had been in Sara's position many, many times before, so they knew exactly what she was feeling. And I suspected they were enjoying my humiliation as well.

For a good fifteen minutes, that big brown cock pounded into Sara's dripping wet snatch, and she screamed her head off as he battered her cervix again and again. Eventually, she must have stretched out to accommodate him fully, because her cries subsided and I saw that he was balls deep inside of her. Before they had started fucking, he was right above her and his cock extended further than her bellybutton, so I could only imagine what it was doing to her insides right now.

Whatever it was doing, she loved it. Almost as soon as the onslaught on her cervix ended, she was bucking and writhing in another orgasm. She was drenched in sweat, and her dark skin was luminous in the moonlight. I had never seen her look an beautiful as she did right then, lying in the sand with another man's cock buried twice as deep inside of her as mine would ever go.

For another half hour at least, he pounded her ass into the sand. She had given up on shouting encouragement or taunting me, just moaning and crying and making the wordless noises that accompany the kind of raw fucking she was getting. Finally, Davi's muscles started to tense up, and he withdrew his mighty cock in one long stroke, as it shot thick ropes of sticky, white cum all over her. I counted nine spurts, each one containing more sperm that I could produce on my best day. Sara was utterly coated, with white lines crisscrossing her belly from her breasts all the way to her thighs. The contrast of the creamy, white sperm against her dark skin was incredibly erotic. I always enjoyed that sight when it was my own cum, but there was just so much more of it, which made it that much hotter.

"Don't stop," she said weakly. Davi had released her hands, and one trailed through the pool of cum on her stomach, as the other rubbed his seed over one of her breasts. "Oh God. I need more," she murmered. Ruby said something to Davi in Portuguese, and he smiled. He flipped her over onto her hands and knees, and slid his entire length into her in one smooth stroke. He hadn't even gone soft, and he was already hard at work fucking her again!

As always, he lasted longer the second time. He fucked her doggy style for ages, until after her second orgasm, he rolled onto his side and they spooned, with his cock buried deep inside of her, as one of her hands lazily rubbed her clit, and one of his manhandled her breasts while the other played with the sperm that still coated her belly. They were facing me, so I had a view of the whole thing, which I'm sure wasn't an accident.

I watched his cock slowly slide in and out of her until she brought herself to another orgasm. He'd pull out about four inches, and I remember thinking that even then she had more cock inside of her than she'd ever gotten from me. Sometimes she'd reach down and caress his balls, sometimes she'd squeeze one of her own nipples. Sometimes she'd coat a few fingers in the sperm that still covered her stomach and slowly suck her fingers clean. As she did all of it, she watched me watching her. I was hard as a rock again, and there was no way I could hide from her how excited I was by the whole scene.

"I hope you're enjoying this," she said in a sultry voice as his cock lazily sawed in and out of her, "because I'm going to keep fucking him. A lot." With that she rolled onto her stomach, pulling him on top of her. He took that as a signal to pick up the pace, and he grabbed her hips, and started thrusting his cock as deep inside of her as it would go. What did she mean by a lot? Clearly they had some more fucking to do tonight. But as much as I couldn't deny I was enjoying the show, I thought it would be a one-time thing. Was she going to be back in his arms tomorrow night? And the next?

I got no answer from her, as she had turned her head away, whimpering softly as Davi pounded away at her well-worn snatch. He kept at it, never slackening the pace, until she was screaming with yet another orgasm. He didn't give her a chance to catch her breath afterwards. In fact, he started fucking her harder, grabbing her hips and pulling her roughly against his oncoming thrusts. Every so often, he'd slap her ass, hard, or he'd grab onto her dreads and pull her head back. She'd cry out, but the her voice had more pleasure in it than pain. Finally, he pulled out, and shot spurt after spurt of creamy white sperm, until her back was as coated as her front had been. My own dick and my right hand were both covered as well, as I had had another orgasm watching them.

He lay down next to her, satisfied for the moment, but Sara wasn't done. She knelt over him and started cleaning his cock with her tongue. He stayed soft while she licked the residual sperm off the head, then took as much of it in her mouth as she could. Even soft, it was big enough that she had to ease into deep throating him. Satisfied Davi's cock was clean, she started tonguing his balls, as one hand gently stroked his cock. She had her ass to me while she did this, and I could see rivulets of white sperm running across her dark brown ass, and streaming down the backs of her legs.

Eventually, Davi's cock was standing at attention once again, and Sara mounted him, savoring every inch as she slowly lowered herself onto his massive member, stopping periodically to rub her clit, or to open her pussy wider by pulling her legs further apart. Eventually, he was balls deep inside of her again, and this time he just lay back and enjoyed it, as she rocked her hips back and forth, occasionally lifting up her ass so she could feel a few inches slide out of her and then back in again.

This went on for ages. Occasionally, she'd rub herself to another orgasm, but neither of them seemed in any hurry to finish. They just enjoyed their two bodies joined together, and I knew without a doubt that what I had been in denial about all year was true: she had been fantasizing about Davi's big cock the whole time, and now that it was lodged deep inside of her, she had every intention of keeping it there.

Again, I should have been horrified that she was so eager to fuck another man, but I found my dick standing at attention once again. Back in our ordinary lives, Sara had been a classy, sophisticated woman, and here she was, a cummy mess, crying out in rapture as she fucked a man she had barely spoken to while three others watched. It was the sluttiest, nastiest sight I had ever seen, and far from being shocked or ashamed, I had never been more aroused, and I had never been more in love with her. I know that sounds crazy. But nothing in the world excited me more than seeing Sara hot and bothered, and I had never seen her hotter than she was that night. So I felt myself mentally egging her on, and I shot a third load of cum onto the sand while watching her ride Davi's big cock to another orgasm.

Eventually, I fell asleep, while the two of them continued to fuck. When I awoke, she was laying next to me again. My morning erection quickly found a home between two red, puffy cunt lips, and looking down at her toned, brown body, covered in sperm, sand and love bites, I didn't last more than a minute before I pulled out and added to the mess on her stomach. She kissed me as passionately as she ever had in all our years together. We didn't say a word, but we didn't have to. My fucking her said it all — I had forgiven her for fucking Davi. Hell, she could see from my own multiple orgasms that I enjoyed the show. I figured that, now that she had had her chance to play around, the sex we had that night would be wild.

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